プラネテス 第26話「そして巡り合う日々」

プラネテス 第26話「そして巡り合う日々」/「And the Days We Chance Upon」

HACHI: Hi, Tanabe, how are you? They still have us doing boring training cruises between the earth and the moon. I mean, c’mon already. It’s been six months since we were selected… Well, we’re going out on a seven year journey. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that preparing for it is taking a long time. Oh, and you don’t need to worry so much about our group. Our teamwork is just about perfect. I think we’re all getting along pretty well. Well, except for a certain middle-aged troublemaker with the same last name as me. We’re starting another round of shipboard testing tomorrow, so it’ll be a week before I can mail you again. See ya. Hang in there. Oh, and say hi to Pritch for me.

TANABE: Dear Sempai. You should really try to get along with your father better. Use the seven years to make up for lost time and become closer as father and son. As for me, I’m doing rehab exercises all day, every day. I have that to thank for my steady recovery. The doctors complimented me, saying I was doing really well. I’ve been asking them to let me go back into space, and they say that if I keep this up, they should be able to give me the okay by next month. Sempai, if I do, can we meet up there in space?



ANNOUNCE: Due to the political prisoners and serious criminals housed in this facility, special security measures are in place.

CHENG-SHIN: It’s been a long time.

HACHI: What’s it been? A year?


HACHI: That long, huh?

HACHI: – Cheng-Shin, look, I just wanted to–

CHENG-SHIN: – Wait, let me go first.

HACHI: How come? I started talking first, didn’t I?

CHENG-SHIN: When something like this, the younger person should go first.

HACHI: You’re younger by a couple of months! Besides, didn’t you mean that the older person should go first?

CHENG-SHIN: No. In my family, it’s always the younger person starts.

HACHI: Like I care about that. Anyway, I was the one who started talking first. So you’d better listen good!

WOMAN: What’s going on out there?

MAN: Nothing, ma’am. Just a couple of guys are arguing.

WOMAN: I wish they’d pick a more suitable place for it.

MAN: That’s for sure…

CHENG-SHIN: I’ll listen to you after you get back from Jupiter, then. But you can go first. All right?

HACHI: Okay, then.

CHENG-SHIN: Just make sure that you come back.

HACHI: Count on it.

CHENG-SHIN: Well, it’s time. Excuse me, we’re the one who submitted a visitation request form.

[—Small room—]

MAN: Take a seat, Claire Rondo.

CLAIRE: Yes, sir.

CLAIR: All right. So, what are you two doing here? Visiting hours are almost over.

HACHI: Yeah, well…

CHENG-SHIN: To tell you the truth, I’d planned to come see you a lot sooner than this. But, well…

CLAIRE: I understand. It’s not that easy to get permission to visit. Hachi, you used your pull as a crew member, didn’t you?

HACHI: Well, yeah, sorta… I guess…

CLAIRE: Ironic, isn’t it? Thank to the Von Brown, I’m able to see you. Did you hear the verdict?

HACHI: Yeah. XXX I think that ten years was a bit much, don’t you?

CHENG-SHIN: For one thing, the Von Braun didn’t actually crash into the moon.

CLAIRE: For a terrorist in these time, it’s a pretty light sentence. It was because I told them everything. It just means that I was a small potatoes to them.

CHENG-SHIN: But Fee and the others didn’t say anything, did they? You could’ve denied that you involved any–

CLAIRE: I needed it. I felt like I deserved to be punished. You see, I wanted to become a member of society again. To be seen as a person. I wanted to believe that I really deserved to be here. That’s why I worked so hard at Technora. But it’s like I said to you, Hachi. I couldn’t keep up with a thoroughbred.

HACHI: Right…

CLAIRE: Maybe I just pushed myself too hard. Before I knew it, I couldn’t tell what was what anymore. When Tanabe and I crashed on the moon, I thought to myself, “I’m going to die here." I thought I would’ve been better off if I’d been killed. But in the end… In the end, she chose not to abandon me. If she had used my oxygen, she could easily have saved herself. Her O2 usage was higher than mine because she had been carrying me the whole time. And then, right when I was thinking of taking off my helmet and getting it over with, that’s when I saw the shuttle bus. I wasn’t looking to be rescued. But I couldn’t bring myself to abandon her. I don’t understand why.

CHENG-SHIN: Maybe because you liked her?

CLAIRE: Huh, not likely. I really couldn’t stand her. She [???] on about things she knows nothing about and thinks that anything can be sorted out if you try hard enough. When I was sent to Debris Section and had to work under her–

CHENG-SHIN: You know, Claire, when people make you feel angry or sad, it’s usually because it matters to what they think. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. Face it, if you didn’t care what they thought, you wouldn’t hate them.

CLAIRE: Yeah, well I wouldn’t know about that.

HACHI: Oh, I get it. You were saying, “Don’t you dare die on me! "

CLAIRE: Where do you get that? How does that connect with what I’m saying?

HACHI: Yeah, exactly! Not too long ago, I had this revelation about what space is. I realized that everything in it is connected.

CLAIRE: Everything’s connected?

HACHI: Somewhere deep down, you and Tanabe are connected, too. It’s not just people, either. You’re probably connected to that shuttle bus that found you. And to El Tanika.

CHENG-SHIN: Then we are connected? And Claire is connected, too?

HACHI: Yeah.

CHENG-SHIN: Gee, Hachi, it sounds like you’ve turned into quite a philosopher.

HACHI: Don’t make fun of me. Look, Claire, I’ll be able to make it to Jupiter because I finally realized that.

CLAIRE: Well… Maybe you’re right. Who knows.

HACHI: What’s that?

CLAIRE: It’s El Tanikan. You know, after I finish serving out my sentence, I was thinking that I would start translating first-world books into El Tanikan. Because the thing that El Tanikan needs most is education.

HACHI: That’s great.

CLAIRE: And because I can’t keep my promise to Temara now. I don’t deserve to keep it anymore… I can’t keep it, but…


CLAIRE: But, maybe I still wanna be connected to him.

HACHI: You do, huh? Hang in there. You will.


CHENG-SHIN: So what was that word that you wrote just now?

CLAIRE: “Miig. " It means, “Thank you, and see you again soon. "

[—Meeting room—]

MAN: Hello there. Congratulations. The board of directors has just reached a consensus. We’ve decided that it’s company’s best interest to reinstate you at Technora, Dolf. We place a very high value on those skills you exibited that kept the Jupiter project on track. Now, rather than returning you to your old job, we’ve prepared a VP post for you at the head office. We want you to oversee our new Solar System Deve–

DOLF: When I was transferred from Second Division to Galileo Development, I was told it was a promotion since my title was changing from director to company president. Now, it’s from president to vice president, so doesn’t that really make this change a demotion?

MAN: Oh, just spare us the sarcasm, Dolf. You’ll be a VP of a worldwide company. Being president of a little company like Galileo is nothing in comparison.

DOLF: Parhaps not. I’ll admit that there is no comparison between them. The question is that it’s better to be a pet dog or a lone wolf?

[—Debris Section—]

PHILIPPE: Galileo Development is going independent?

LAVIE: President Dolf turned them down flat when they offered to reinstate him back to Technora.

PHILIPPE: Really?!

YURI: It’s because it looks like the Jupiter project will succeed. If they thought it would fail, they would cut him loose. If it looked to be successful, they would return him to Technora. It sounds like that was what they had in mind all along.

PHILIPPE: Yeah. But what about–Hey, down, boy! This has onions in it! Hands off that, too! For other reasons! Getting back to what I was saying, is it really a good idea to pick a fight with the head office?

YURI: He’s secured Dr. Locksmith’s backing and now has a monopoly on his work. If Technora doesn’t want to lose ground in the space development race, they’ll have no choice but to work with President Dolf.

LAVIE: He told them that he’d early struck a deal with Vega. Remember, they’re the ones who’d been removed from the Jupiter project.

PHILIPPE: Wow, it really was a premeditated crime…

FEE: Hahahaha–

PHILIPPE: – Huh? Did I say something funny?


ANNOUNCE: Mr. McCoy of the Irving funeral, please return to the reception center.

GIGALT: I’ve got one last lesson to teach you. It’s important. Every ship needs a home port. A port that will always be there waiting for them, and will take them in when they finally arrive. Remember that. Well, give my best to Goro. I want you two to try to get along.

GORO: Huh, what an old meddler. We don’t need to worry about two of us. You’re my best buddies.

HACHI: Yeah, we sure are, Daddy!

GORO: Did you just say something weird, boy?

HACHI: But you said that we’re bestest buddies, right Daddy!

GORO: Well, don’t call me that, gee. Just call me “Dad," you got that? It’s just “Dad. "

HACHI: Yeah, sure.

GORO: Goodbye, Gigalt. We won’t be back again for seven years.

HACHI: Sensei, I’ll take a picture of Jupiter with this so I can show you.

GORO: So, what’re you gonna do now, kid? You still have some vacation time, right?

HACHI: I’m gonna visit Seven.

GORO: What’s the point of going there?

HACHI: Tanabe says she’s going up there.

GORO: Ha, she is? She’s well enough to go back into space?

HACHI: Yeah, she’s been working really hard back down on Earth.

[—Moon Surface—]

NONO: Aw, you caught me… Are you from the hospital? Huh? Did I forget my transmitter?

MAN: No, I can hear you.

NONO: Um, could you maybe keep this a secret?

MAN: Sure.

NONO: Thanks a lot! Hey, what’re you doing out here, anyway?

MAN: I’m just cleaning up.

NONO: What?

MAN: There’s a place that everyone’s sullied, and I’m gonna make it pristine again.


[—Moon Surface—]

MAN: Space has just become a place that is monopolized by a handful of powerful countries. We should fix that, shouldn’t we? We should start over from scratch, shouldn’t we? And return all the countries to the way they should be.

NONO: Countries? Oh, I learned all about those. I learned that Earth is divided up into them, is that right?

MAN: Hm?

NONO: Oh, I guess I should explain. I’m a Lunarian! I was born and raised here! So I’ve never seen any of those “country" things myself. I’m kind curious, Mister, where’s your country up there?


NONO: Can you see it from here?

MAN: You’re right…

NONO: Huh?

MAN: You can’t see any of them from out here in space.

NONO: Huh?

MAN: But I still do… You can’t see them, but I still do…


ANNOUNCE: Now opening Bay on access. Weightless conditions are maintained within the station’s port area, so we ask that all our visitors exercise caution while passing through.

HACHI: Tanabe!

TANABE: Oh, Sempai? What? Uh, Sempai?

HACHI: Yeah. I got myself a makeover. Nice, huh?

TANABE: Sempai, that isn’t very flattering on you.

HACHI: Really? I think it makes me look like a playboy.

TANABE: What’re you talking about?

HACHI: C’mon, how about a compliment at least?


MAN: Hey, hurry up and get those containers opened!

KEATH: Right! Sorry about that!

[—Debris Section—]

HACHI: Back on the moon, I happened to ran into Cheng-Shin. And I heard about what happened between you two.


HACHI: So then I… I decked him. Good and hard with a fist like a rock.

TANABE: You should’ve used scissors.

HACHI: To poke his eyes out?!

TANABE: No, not that. A “V" peace sign.

HACHI: Oh, that kind of scissors.

TANABE: Well, let’s just think of what you did as an example of tough love.

HACHI: You mean you’re okay with that?

TANABE: Uh-huh. Sure, there are lots of kinds of love, you know. Excuse us!

LAVIE: Hey! Look! It’s Tanabe!

FEE: Tanabe! So are your legs as good as new now?

TANABE: They’re great.

HACHI: Geez. Would you look at this place, never really changes, does it.

PHILIPPE: It’s been a long time, nice to see you two!

TANABE: Eh? Hi, Chief?

HACHI: Chief, I thought you retired already…

PHILIPPE: Yeah, well, there’s a change in plans.

FEE: Starting this year, the retirement age has been pushed back.

TANABE: No way!

PHILIPPE: It’s true! When I told my wife, she said to work till I die!

HACHI: So, in this case, am I supposed to congratulate him?

TANABE: No, probably not…

YURI: It is good to see the two of you back here.

HACHI: Yeah, but neither one of us works for Technora anymore, remember?

TANABE: It’s good to be back, Yuri.

EDEL: Well, I’ll be damned! It looks like Keith’s tip was right.

HACHI: That you, Edel?

TANABE: Hey, wait. Does that mean it–

EDEL: When my contract came up for renewal, I decided to apply that I was hired as a regular employee. I work in General Affairs Section now.

TANABE: Congratulations, Edel!

EDEL: Oh, thank you a lot. This is for you.

HACHI: What is it?

EDEL: A going-away present. It’s a limited-edition given out to stockholders.

HACHI: Thank you. So, you wanna come with me to Jupiter, Mr. Nora?

PHILIPPE: What the hell?!

EDEL: Oh. those bloat 20 meters in height if fully inflated.

LAVIE: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, Hachi! I made it big, too! I’m not an assistant anymore!

PHILIPPE: You gotta make it stop, Edel!

EDEL: Sorry, sir.

HACHI: Geez, that scared me…

KEITH: See, didn’t I tell you that Hachi was here?

TOMORD: Hey there, celebrity! Make sure you pay back all the money I lent you before you leave for Jupiter!

HACHI: What’re you talking about?

LUCIE: Welcome back, Tanabe!

TANABE: It’s good to be back.

CHAPEAU: When did you get back?

VANLI: You should’ve told us you were coming!

TANABE: Sorry, I wasn’t even sure if I’d get permission to come.

LUCIE: So, how’s it going? Are things okay between you and the celebrity?

TANABE: Um, yeah I guess. That reminds me, how are you and Colin?

LUCIE: We’re making steady progress! Collin is really going gaga over me!

CHAPEAU: Yeah, whatever…

KEITH: Man, you know, this is really pretty amazing…

MAN: Yeah, I guess Hachi’s really gonna get his own spaceship after all.

TOMORD: So pay us back!

HACHI: But The Von Braun isn’t my personal property!

TOMORD: Yeah, you think you’re such a big shot!

MAN: Um… Could I have your autograph here?

PHILIPPE: That’s right! Get an autograph! Hachi, could you put your autograph and a message on that?

HACHI: Oh, no. Not you, too, Chief…

PHILIPPE: Could you? C’mon, please? Look, we already have your picture there and everything!

HACHI: Daaa!

TANABE: It’s his will…

LAVIE: I think you should write, “To all my good friends at Debris Section"!

FEE: After all, you’re a coworker who made it big.

HACHI: Hey, wait a minute!

TOMORD: Hey, now!

HACHI: Hey, stop embarrassing me! That’s my last will up there!

PHILIPPE: But you said that you didn’t need it anymore!

LAVIE: It’s been at the company newsletter!

EDEL: It’s nice that this will go down in history, isn’t it?



CONTROL: DS-12, come in. This is Seven. Establishing datalink via Navstar.

FEE: Datalink confirmed. We will be making orbital plane change using ME to transfer orbit, using OMS through the changeover point. Please verify vector and window datalinks.

TANABE: We actually managed to get on board…

HACHI: Yeah. It was nice of Keith and the guys to get us on.

TANABE: You know, when I hear Fee giving instructions like that, I get the sudden urge to go to the airlock and work.

FEE: So, why don’t you?

TANABE: Pardon?

FEE: We obviously can’t let you collect debris, but I think it’d be okay if we let you go outside.

LAVIE: You two haven’t put on any weight, have you?

PHILIPPE: We have two suits in your old sizes by the airlock.

YURI: You can head out whenever you’re ready. You copy?

TANABE: I copy!

FEE: State vector, update. Transfer into standard transpolar orbit, complete. Please monitor spaceworthiness test flight. CONTROL: DS-12, this is Seven. Transfer into orbit Zulu 1246, 52, 37 confirmed.

HACHI: Are your legs okay?

TANABE: Yes, they’re fine. Wow! That’s amazing!

HACHI: You’ve seen this hundreds of times.

TANABE: Yeah, I know that’s true, but the first time I saw the Earth from space, it was really exciting. And no. w after everything I’ve experienced, it moves me in a different way, you know?

HACHI: Yeah, I think I do.

TANABE: Wow… The aurora’s so pretty… Sempai, I really want to find a way to come up here space again. As a debris hauler.

HACHI: You will. I’m sure of it.

PHILIPPE: What do you suppose those two are talking about out there?

LAVIE: Chief, you shouldn’t do that. It’s not nice to eavesdrop.

PHILIPPE: Yeah, but as their former superiors, it’s our duty to keep them under close supervision.

LAVIE: Duty? Well, if it’s our duty, then we have no choice! Eh… ah…

FEE: You copy?

LAVIE: Yeah, I copy, Fee. That was a bad thing you did, Chief.

PHILIPPE: I’m sorry…

HACHI: Kessuraaa shindoromu. Kessler Syndrome.

TANABE: Mu… Mujuuryou-you jiku-uke. Zero-G ball bearing.

HACHI: Keresu. Ceres.

TANABE: Su? Su… Spin-nuke. Spin release.

HACHI: Keiki hikou. Instrument flight.

TANABE: Uindou ake. Window opener.

HACHI: Kenedii uchuu sentaa. Kennedy Space Center.

TANABE: A? That counts?

HACHI: Yeah.

TANABE: Ananke! Jupiter’s moon.

HACHI: Ke… Ke… Kenban haamonika. Keyboard harmonica.

TANABE: Kami no ke. Hair.

HACHI: Geez, what’s with all the “ke" words?

TANABE: You can’t think of any more, can you?

HACHI: Ke, huh… I’ve got one. Kekkon shiyou. Marry me. That’s “u" to you.


HACHI: I gotcha! You said “umm. “You lose. I win.

[—Hachi’s home—]

MAN: Hey, you’re Kyutaro Hoshino, aren’t you?

MAN: How does it feel to have two members of your family going to Jupiter?

WOMAN: Do you have anything to say to your father and brother?

KYUTARO: Look, I don’t care about any of that. And why don’t you get out of the way.

MAN: Ah, c’mon, [???]!

MAN: Hey, clear the road! Clear the road, people! Stick to the agreement!

HARUKO: Goodness, what an awful ruckus…

KYUTARO: I’m back!

HARUKO: Welcome home. Sounds pretty bad out there.

KYUTARO: We told those guys that we aren’t giving any interviews, so what the hell are they thinking?

HARUKO: You weren’t born yet at the time, so you wouldn’t remember this, but it was exactly the same when your father went to Mars.

MAN: Oh, the crew has just appeared in the access bay of the ship’s centrifugal gravity block! I can see Captain Reny and Commander Weher! Following them are the chosen elite! These men and women who will be aboard mankind’s first manned mission to Jupiter surely have the right stuff! Each small step they take could rightly be said to be a new step in the development of space. And then we turn to the Von Braun,…

KYUTARO: Oh, man, it’s already started! Miss Ai? Hey, Miss Ai! Hurry up! It’s starting!

TANABE: Sure, just a minute.

KYUTARO: C’mon, I said that I’ll take care of that stuff for you!

TANABE: It’s okay, I can handle it fine.

HARUKO: She’s right, you’re worrying way too much.

KYUTARO: Yeah? Who asked you? C’mon, you can sit right here!

TANABE: Okay, okay…

KYUTARO: You, too, Mom! Hurry!

HARUKO: Listen to you, you’re more worked up than just about anyone else.

MAN: … which has met with her fair share of tragedy while undergoing testing. From this day forward, the name of this ship, the culmination of all mankind’s knowledge, will go down in the history books as the ark that carried these great men and women.


TANABE: Look at Hachirota, he’s so nervous…

ALL: Huh?

MAN: Wait, what just happened? Chief Engineer Hoshino seems to have done something to his son, Astronaut Hachirota, but not clear what. Oh, my! The Chief Engineer has just been grabbed by his son…

KYUTARO: Geez, this is an international broadcast! They’re embarrassing us!

TANABE: It’s fine, they’re always like this.

KYUTARO: But we’re talking about the Jupiter! Come in and watch, Mom!

HARUKO: I will when I’m done.

KYUTARO: Look, the damn laundry can wait until tomorrow! Man, oh, man, I guess being the wife of a guy like Dad means putting up with stunts like this.

TANABE: Um… Kyutaro?

KYUTARO: Well, Eh… I know it’s a little late, but are you sure you should let him leave? Mom and Dad are one thing, but you and Hachi are newlyweds.

TANABE: What about it?

KYUTARO: The two of you are gonna be apart for seven whole years. And besides…

TANABE: Besides?

KYUTARO: Well, what if there’s an accident or something?

TANABE: Hachi will be fine. He gave me his word. He promised that he’d come back.

KYUTARO: Huh? Hm, I just don’t get you guys…