プラネテス 第24話「愛」

プラネテス 第24話「愛」/「Love」

[—Von Braun—]

GORO: You gotta hold them off until I get the lockout disengaged!

LEONOV: Right!

MAN: The Von Braun will reach the point of no return in approximately 30 minutes from now.

MAN: If she passes that point, she can’t recover!

MAN: Where are the patrol ships?!

MAN: They’re in transit!

MAN: ETA is 47 minutes!

MAN: Why are they even bothering, then?!

MAN: When the Von Braun crashes onto Sea of Tranquility City, 120,000 residents will be wiped out in a second. That will deal the development and exploitation of Space a massive setback. Come, let’s bear witness together. Let’s watch the course of history change.



MAN: We’ve been told that you’ve received warning after warning from the Space Defense Front!

MAN: We shouldn’t have fast-tracked the Chairman’s bill!

MAN: You’re saying that we should give in to the terrorists?!

MAN: What’s wrong with giving concessions —

MAN: Mr. Chairman.


MAN: We’ve just heard that your son Colin is aboard the Von Braun.

CLIFFORD: Don’t waste my time with that news. All the children I had by Milly are nothing but spares.

[—Von Braun—]

COLIN: No way am I gonna die here! I haven’t bled the old man dry yet!

MAN: Are you sure it’s right for us to escape by ourselves?

LOCKSMITH: It’s not a problem. As long as I survive this thing, the Von Braun can always be rebuilt. But, she is my precious child, so I plan to wait until the last minute…

HACHI: You have no idea how happy I am to see you. I knew you come back here eventually.

HAKIM: So don’t talk to me about determination if you can’t back it up by the action.

HACHI: This time, I am gonna back it up. This time, I’m ready…

FEE: Got it! Yuri, we gotta light up the ME before they can stop us!

YURI: Okay. What do you have in mind?

FEE: We’ll use the Toy Box to nudge the Von Braun out.

YURI: But there’s too much mass–

FEE: I know Toy Box can’t do it by herself. But still…

CHENG-SHIN: The point of no return!

MAN: What did you say?

CHENG-SHIN: If we fly at top speed on a parabolic orbit, we’ll end up right under beneath the Von Braun.

MAN: And what do we do then?

CHENG-SHIN: Judging from the communication interference, we should assume that something unusual was happened to the Von Braun! Someone has to get confirmation. And if it comes down to it, we’ll use this to shove her back into lunar orbit.

MAN: Push the Von Braun?! With this one ship?!

CHENG-SHIN: If other ships come, we’ll be able to manage it!

MAN: What if we go and no one else is there? We won’t be able to call anyone for help.

CHENG-SHIN: Whether or not anybody else gets to there doesn’t matter to me! That’s right… I can’t just sit here and do nothing. Because Hachi’s on that ship…

TANABE: They’re all dead… B-But as long as somebody is still alive, I have to try and help…

CLAIRE: I can still…

TANABE: It’s Claire! What are you doing on the Von Braun?! Claire!

CLAIRE: What are you doing here!

TANABE: Oh, Claire! Just try to hold on! This is bad… I have to find an escape capsule.

SDF: I take it that you can see the Von Braun falling from where you are? I hope it is clear to you now that I am a man of my word?

CLIFFORD: Space development is vital for the future of humanity. We have no intention of stopping it now.

SDF: “We have no intention"? It’s a shame that when you say “we," you aren’t including all of the earth’s people. I will issue my demands now.

MAN: How dare you!

CLIFFORD: Let’s hear them.

SDF: It’s really quite simple. Reject the bill that the chairman is proposing. The notion that the bounty of space can be monopolized by the powerful few is a terrible thing.

HAKIM: You’re one of Gigalt Sensei’s students, all right. You make quick decisions.

HACHI: Yeah, and you are the one who betrayed him on deathbed?!

HAKIM: I had the utmost respect for Sensei. Even so…

HACHI: Cut the crap!

HAKIM: That’s no good, Hachi, now you’re just being reckless.

HACHI: You fanatic!

HAKIM: Now, you’re the one that’s the fanatic. You’re obsessed with space. I do what I do because I have an objective.

HACHI: To do what?! Destroy a whole damn city?!

HAKIM: The population of that city is only 120,000 people.

HACHI: “Only"?!

HAKIM: Hoshino, do you have any idea how many people starved to death last year?

HACHI: What’s that got to with anything?

HAKIM: It was five million! Ten million people died from diseases that [burned???] vaccinated against. And hundreds of thousand died in Mananga’s civil war! Is one life worth more than another?! The lives down there in that city were bought at the expense of countless deaths! You think our lives mean nothing? That yours and powerful friends’ lives are precious?!

HACHI: Shut up!

MAN: You’re Chairman Clifford’s son.

COLIN: Ah, yes, that’s right. I’m INTO inspector Colin Clifford. I want you to escort us to a safe location.

MAN: Yes, sir. Up ahead, there’s a–

LUCIE: Let’s get out of here!

COLIN: Lucie!

LUCIE: [How is it that???] I’m still alive…

COLIN: I’m gonna die! It’s all over! Mother, I’m so sorry! I bet I never hurt you, oh, no…

LUCIE: Don’t give up, you idiot! I got a lot to do before I die! Clothes I wanna own! Places I wanna go! All kinds of foods I wanna try!

CLAIRE: Why don’t you… just leave me…

TANABE: I can’t do that. You hide in here for now. I’ll go find you a doctor. We lost pressure!

CLAIRE: They’ve isolated the entire block.

TANABE: Claire! We can’t stay here… Sempai… We’ll see each other again, okay?

FEE: Once we reach the hull, latch on tight with the arm.

YURI: Right. I copy.

FEE: They really are on a direct course for Sea of Tranquility City?

MAN: See, what did I tell you? No one else came!

CHENG-SHIN: That’s maybe true, but the Von Braun is definitely falling! We’ve got to try to nudge their trajectory upwards!

MAN: Moron, they’ve got too much mass!

CHENG-SHIN: It’s probably too late to keep her from crashing. Maybe, we can at least prevent a direct hit, even by just a little!

FEE: We’ve gotta change their trajectory a little to somewhere that’s unpopulated!

MAN: They are almost hit the point of no return. Victory is nearly ours. Humanity came into space too soon!

LOCKSMITH: We gotta go. We just can’t wait any longer.

GORO: It’s no use, it’s too late!

CHENG-SHIN: It’ll be a direct hit!

FEE: Son of a bitch!

GORO: The engine started?

YURI: What?!

FEE: Looks like the Von Braun is–

CHENG-SHIN: She’s… climbing…


ANCHOR: The INTO Supreme Council has rejected the Chairman’s bill, which proposed that lunar resources be distributed according to member contributions, announcing instead that a distribution system based on population would be adopted. This unprecedented announcement on the first day of the meeting runs completely counter to the outcome that was expected. All parties involved are unable to conceal their surprise.

CLIFFORD: We’ve contacted your sponsor and have received confirmation. We will relinquish territorial rights to the island in question.

SDF: You’re a tough man. You brokered a deal in front of 120,000 people.

CLIFFORD: That’s what they mean by “With power comes responsibility. "

[—Von Braun—]

LOCKSMITH: Now that the engines are back up, I guess we can call off our escape.

MAN: Sir?

LOCKSMITH: My guess is that some sort of deal has been struck between INTO and the Space Defense Front. In other words, this war began long ago behind the scenes, and now behind the scenes, this war is ended, too.

MAN: We’ve been abandoned… ? I just can’t believe it. It can’t be…

HAKIM: Always staying on the move, always trying to reach the next horizon is bad for humanity.

HACHI: It’s too late to hit the brakes now… We’re already on the move and never gonna stop!

HAKIM: “Climb the mountain because it’s there," is that what you’re saying to me?! That’s stupid. On that path, you can never rest until you’ve conquered everything? You can never be satisfied? Humanity has to know its limitations!

HACHI: Sorry, pal, but that’s one word that I just never be able to stand!

HAKIM: Yeah, that’s it. Those are the eyes. The eyes of a man who can eliminate anything in his way with as much emotion as swatting a fly. If you manage to pull that trigger, I guarantee you’ll become a new man. You’ll be reborn as an animal who can only move ahead whose brakes are broken.

HACHI: I’m going up against the universe itself. So that all suits me just fine.

HAKIM: Go ahead and shoot, then. And tumble deep into the abyss. And then, you’ll realize that your relationships with Gigalt Sensei and myself were just passing associations that meant nothing to you.

HACHI: Sure, I’ll shoot. I’ll shoot you, and then I’ll–


[—Moon Surface—]

TANABE: Claire, hang in there! The capsule is sending out an auto SOS, so a rescue team from Sea of Tranquility City should come. Long-range comms are out… Mayday! SOS! Do you read me?! OSA! Come in! What do we do? It’s 1200km to the city… Wait, this might work! Claire, hang in there! We’ll be in trouble if we stay here… Even if we sit still, our air tanks will run dry in ten hours. I sent out an SOS, but there’s no telling if it was picked up… I hope that a ship can spot us from orbit, but if we’re gonna increase our chances of surviving all this, we gonna have to get moving, and get moving right now.

[—Von Braun—]

MAN: Don’t open radio channel–

MAN: Maintain radio silence.

CHAD: Dolf! Hang in there, Don’t give up!

MAN: Not a Space Defense Front again!

MAN: Move! You there, stand aside!

[—Moon Surface—]

TANABE: It might be 1/6 G here, but a person still isn’t light and easy to carry, especially one who’s wearing a spacesuit… So, you’ve come to, huh?

CLAIRE: Where are we?

TANABE: We’re on the moon. We escaped the Von Braun in an emergency pod.


TANABE: We made a pretty hard landing then, and the capsule’s transmitter broke from the impact, and there’s no telling if the SOS signals from our spacesuits are getting through. But there’s a manned communications facility 40km to the north, at the edge of Kepler Crator. If we can keep an average pace of 4. 5km an hour, we’ll get there before our oxygen runs out.

CLAIRE: 4. 5km an hour? For nearly ten hours?

TANABE: I was outside for 12 hours once when we were collecting debris in a polar resonance orbit.

CLAIRE: What’re you–

TANABE: Are you okay?

CLAIRE: This isn’t the same as space, where you’re just floating around. You have to factor in the gravity here.

TANABE: Yeah, but it’s only 1/6G

CLAIRE: Idiot! The impact on your legs is still the same. 4. 5km an hour for 10 hours with me on your back? That’s crazy!

TANABE: You know, you really are pretty light, Claire. You’ll have to give me your dieting secrets sometime. It’ll be okay. Sempai always worked me really hard. In fact, compared to when I lived on Earth, I’m a heck of a lot stronger now. Some people get weaker on space, but not me. I’m proud of that!

[—Moon base—]

YURI: I can’t find them.

FEE: Yuri! Over there! You’re one of Tanabe’s friends, right?

YURI: Tanabe was with you, wasn’t she?

FEE: Where is she? Is she injured?

LUCIE: Sorry, I don’t know…

FEE: You don’t know? Don’t tell me you–

LUCIE: I didn’t mean to leave her behind! I had to concentrate on getting away!

[—Moon Surface—]

TANABE: Two more hours… No, don’t think about it. Keep those legs moving… My knees… Why can’t I see it? Where’s Kepler Crater?

CLAIRE: Put me down…


CLAIRE: Put me down.

TANABE: Are you in pain? Just bear with it a bit longer…

CLAIRE: Just put me down and go on without me!

TANABE: What’re you talking about, Claire? If you stayed out here, you’d die of suffocation.

CLAIRE: That’s what I want. I was gonna die here, anyway.

TANABE: It’s too early to give up. That kind of talk isn’t like you, Claire.

CLAIRE: But I haven’t given up. I’ve been ready to die. Since I accepted the Hakim’s invitation.

TANABE: What kind of invitation?

CLAIRE: I coached the Space Defense Front and how to steal the Toy Box, and helped them to do it.


CLAIRE: The plan was to drop the Von Braun onto Sea of Tranquility City. I’m a… Tanabe… I’m a terrorist.

TANABE: Look. Quit trying to test me like that, okay? I won’t fall for lies.

CLAIRE: All right, then what was I doing there on the ship? Fee and Yuri and Hachi, they were all there, too. I wonder how many lunar residents and Technora employees we killed… ? Serves them right! That’s what they get for abandoning me. Go ahead, put me down and leave me, too. I killed nearly every one of the people you care about. I’m a worthless human being. And I don’t deserve to live.

TANABE: No, Claire. You know, I’m not gonna do that.

CLAIRE: 'Cause there’s no love in it? You can’t save anything with love.

TANABE: That’s not true at all. If you have love, then–

CLAIRE: Fine! Then use that love of yours to save us from this mess! Or will love bring a rescue team? Or call up extra air? Or bring Hachi and the others back to life?!

TANABE: I don’t believe that you’re a terrorist, Claire. Or that you killed Fee and Yuri and Sempai, so cut it out. And I don’t believe for an instant that there’s a human being in this world whose life is worthless. Every single life is precious. Every one of them should be cherished! But you’re saying one life is valuable while another isn’t! None of what you’re saying makes any sense to me, Claire! If you’ve committed crimes, then don’t lie yourself to die! Stay alive and repay your debt! All you need is love… With love, you can…

CLAIRE: “You and your love (again)… Your “love" is both shallow and meaningless! Has this “love" of yours ever saved even a single person’s life? Don’t talk to me about love if you can’t back it up with action. "

TANABE: I’m gonna show you what means to have love. It’s not all talk.

CLAIRE: “You know, it’s still not too late. Why don’t you become a nun or something? "

TANABE: It’s not that kind of love. My love is… It’s something different.

CLAIRE: “In the end, you’re just one of the fortunate few."

TANABE: I haven’t been lucky, not by a long shot! It’s people who haven’t been blessed that they need love the most! Once you have love, you see things differently!

MAN: “But, you see, it won’t! A sad, pathetic and worthless life is all that’s waiting for her when she grows up! "

MAN: “And if I didn’t, these miserable people would suddenly become happy? "

MAN: “You told me that you loved me! Were our marriage vows nothing but a bunch of lies?! "

TANABE: If you have love…

NINJA: “It’s embarrassing to say it, but all of here are unemployed. And my wife used to live here with us and act as our girl ninja. Well, she isn’t my wife anymore. "

TANABE: If you have love…

GIGALT: “It’s cancer. This kind of thing happens a lot when you’re out in space a long time."

TANABE: If you have… I love him, but… Why?

HACHI: “You’ll figure it out soon enough. Even if you say you’re gonna make your dreams come true, there’s some things you can do and some things you can’t!"

TANABE: Sempai…

HACHI: “It doesn’t matter what I write. Once I’m dead, it’s all over. And that’s that. "

TANABE: There’s no love!

HACHI: “Yeah. As if something like that could ever bring about peace… "

TANABE: It will! If people love the world and each other, it will! "

HACHI: I have my life. And you have yours, right? " But, how–“All the loneliness! All the pain! All the doubts! All the regrets! You don’t deserve them! No way in hell am I gonna give 'em to you!"

TANABE: You’re wrong! I know that you’re wrong, Sempai! If there’s love, people will–

TANABE: I’m such an idiot… It wasn’t me… I wasn’t the one who saved Sempai… What saved him was– It isn’t me that he’s in love with… What he’s in love with is… What he’s in love with isn’t me.

TANABE: How much longer…? We really should be sending out an SOS, and no matter how weak the signal is– What? My oxygen is low? It’s sooner than I expected. Do I have a leak?! Five more minutes? But I still have 10km to go… ! My air… Somebody, respond! Please help us! We’re gonna die! We’re almost out of air! Anybody! What?! No! I’m down to three minutes? Please, talk to me! You copy?! How can this be happening?! At this rate, we’re gonna… Claire should still have some…

CLAIRE: “I was going to die here anyway." “Just put me down and go on without me! " “But I haven’t given up. I’ve been ready to die. " “I killed nearly every one of the people you care about. I’m a worthless human being. And I don’t deserve to live."

TANABE: Doesn’t deserve to live… Alone, I could make it… If I was… If I was just alone… If I… If I only had this air tank… I can make it!