プラネテス 第19話「終わりはいつも…」

第19話 “終わりはいつも" / “Endings Are Always…"

MONOLOGUE: It has been a little more than a century since the historical Apollo 11 moon landing. Humanity’s first manned-ship to Jupiter, the Von Braun, is preparing to set sail to the giant gas planet, carrying with it humanity’s hopes and dreams for the future.

[—Debris Section—]

PHILIPPE: It was an international broadcast, right?

LAVIE: Yeah! It was on a network with 612 stations from the Earth to the moon!

FEE: It wasn’t fair, watching it by yourself, Lavie.

LAVIE: Relax, I made sure to record it!

PHILIPPE: Ha, great!! I want to show it to my wife. Yuri, would you mind make it dubbing this for me later?

YURI: Sure. Ogg format, all right?

PHILIPPE: I don’t know anything about that stuff, so I’ll leave it up to you.

NEWS: And now, a latest news on the mine recently discovered in Molniya orbit. INTO is refusing to comment because of the ongoing investigation, but we do have footage that was taken by the crew which retrieved the mine.

LAVIE: Here I come, here I come!

FEE: Calm down, you’ve already seen it.

MAN: How did you know that this piece of debris was, in fact, a mine?

LAVIE: A debris hauler’s intuition. I guess, when you work in this job long enough, it just comes to you.

TANABE: Started off with a big fib, huh?

LAVIE: Call it “putting a spin on our business."

MAN: I see. But you weren’t afraid of the mine?

LAVIE: No. It’s our job to remove all hazards floating in space no matter how dangerous.

FEE: Laying it on thick, aren’t you?

LAVIE: Are you watching, kids? Your daddy kept space safe like always! Khorana, Haal, and Musharraf, your daddy really did it!

ANCHOR: These are also the heroes who not long ago saved ISPV-7 from the Space Defense Front’s terrorist attack.

LAVIE: We’re heroes, huh?

FEE: Wait! How come they’re only showing Lavie?

TANABE: It’s because you used such strong language, stuff like “Death merchants."

LAVIE: That’s right! I was careful and make sure that I wouldn’t violate any broadcast regulations.

FEE: Hey, that’s playing dirty…

YURI: Let’s just say that it had a good result. After all, thanks to this report, I can’t see any way they’d dare try to disband Debris Section now.

LAVIE: Corporate image is very important, you know.

FEE: I guess.

TANABE: Still, it’s hard to be happy about this when we owe it to the likes of people who put the mines there.

PHILIPPE: We shouldn’t complain. Now we can all work together again just like before. Huh? I guess Hachi really did quit Debris Section…


[—Test Site—]

REPORTER: What a day! I am standing here at downtown Lae, Papua New Guinea’s second largest city! Behind me, you can see the #6 crew selection site for the Jovian explorer Von Braun, where so far, there have been some 20,000 applicants! Excluding the crew members and mission specialists who have already been chosen, a mere 18 will be ultimately be selected from this sizable pool! A dizzying 1000-to-1 longshot! Here to challenge this test is Serie Chevalier, once ranked #3 in the world in women’s tennis! She likes to say something toward fans!

SERIE: Hi, I’ll give it my best! Yeah!

MAN: Hey, check it out. It’s Serie!

MAN: It’s strange. Up close, she looks kinda huge.

MAN: Well, she was #3 in the world, after all. I think she’s really cute.

MAN: Maybe I’ll become a fan, too.

HACHI: What’s with them? They aren’t taking this seriously. Well, it’s just a first round, I shouldn’t be surprised.

CHENG-SHIN: Hachimaki?


CHENG-SHIN: Hachimaki!

HACHI: Cheng-Shin? So, you did it! You got picked as an in-house applicant. Way to go!

CHENG-SHIN: Thanks lot, Hachi. I’ve got to say, I was surprised. Hey, you quit awfully suddenly.

HACHI: Yeah.

CHENG-SHIN: When I got back from the moon, they told me you’d already left. Did something happen?

HACHI: Not really. I just… I just felt like it.


CHENG-SHIN: When I heard that you’d quit, I was worried. But I guess it was for the best. I mean, you’ve been sort of gloomy lately.

HACHI: I am… so better after I decided to go for the Von Braun. For that, it was like I had a weight on my shoulders. Do you think maybe I shouldn’t have quit?

CHENG-SHIN: No. It was your choice to make. I won’t criticize you.

HACHI: Thank you. Well, it’s too late to do anything about it now.

CHENG-SHIN: You did talked to Tanabe about it though, didn’t you? Hey, please don’t tell me that you didn’t tell her anything about it.

HACHI: Of course. Tanabe was the first one I told.

CHENG-SHIN: I see. So, you’re keeping in touch with her?

HACHI: Well…

CHENG-SHIN: You aren’t? Hey, that’s not right.

HACHI: I, ah… How should I put it… I just don’t know what to talk to her about right now…

[—Resident Module—]

TANABE: Don’t you think it was stupid for him to quit like that? There was that in-house candidate pool, he could’ve asked for a leave of absence.

LUCIE: So, why did he say he was quitting?


LUCIE: I mean, before diaper man left, did you ask him why, didn’t you?


HACHI: “I’m taking a test for the Von Braun. So I just can’t stay here anymore."

TANABE: “But you can’t quit now, Hachi. We’re finally starting to pull together as a real team!"

HACHI: “I’m sorry. But right now, I can’t have anything else on my mind."

LUCIE: Okay. So, why don’t you just quit?

TANABE: What? Quit the company?

LUCIE: Not the company! I mean, why don’t you just give up on that stupid guy already. Look, what it boils down to is that he chose that spaceship over you.

TANABE: That’s not true!

LUCIE: I think you’re better off concentrating on the company instead of some guy.


LUCIE: I mean really, if he passes the test, he’ll be away for seven whole years. Even the best long-distance relationships have their limits.

TANABE: But Cheng-Shin went down to try out, too, didn’t he?

LUCIE: Yeah… but I’ve given up on him already. I can’t waste my time on a stupid idiot like him. I want somebody who’s more stable and who’d be around. You should give that some serious thought, too.


HACHI: How much was it?

CHENG-SHIN: It’s on me. A farewell present.

HACHI: Gimme the check. I know I owe you some dinners.

CHENG-SHIN: Forget it. The company’s covering my hotel bill.

HACHI: They are? Well, thanks. So, which hotel are you at?

CHENG-SHIN: The Gold Crown.

HACHI: Wow, pretty ritzy. That’s a world-class price.

CHENG-SHIN: How about you? Why don’t you give me your contact information?

HACHI: Um… Well… Uh… I would, but, I can’t remember the name of the hotel.


LOCKSMITH: How do you do? I’m Werner Locksmith.

DOLF: Yes, I’m Dolf Azaria. Actually, sir, this is the fourth time we’ve met.


DOLF: I used to be the director of its Second Division.

LOCKSMITH: Yes, I remember now. Your division ran like clockwork. You could even provide me with extra parts in a day.

DOLF: It was surplus material from our recycling facility. I take that there weren’t quality control issues?

LOCKSMITH: Well, this is wonderful. It’s amazing to me that they sent a talented man like yourself to run a mere cover company. Unless, of course… you were too talented?


POLICE MAN: What the hell are you doing out here?

HACHI: Well, what’s it look like? I am doing camping out.

POLICE MAN: Are you a tourist?

HACHI: I’m here to take the test for the Von Braun.

POLICE MAN: Why aren’t at a hotel?!

HACHI: The preliminary test is gonna take nearly two weeks. I can’t afford to live out of a hotel for that long.

POLICE MAN: There are plenty of cheap apartments if you’re willing to walk a ways.

HACHI: They say they won’t rent to a guy who doesn’t have a job.

POLICE MAN: You’re unemployed, huh? All right, get up.

HACHI: What’s wrong with being unemployed?

POLICE MAN: Nothing. But it’s not good, either. If you’re gonna camp out, go to the Lagash district. It’s a homeless hangout.

HACHI: Homeless?!


KEATH: Geez, what was that jerk Hachimaki thinking anyway? After all the trouble we went through to throw him a party …

MAN: Hey, the guy is just a stupid idiot. He didn’t have to quit the company to take that test.

MAN: Only 18 people are gonna be selected. It’s damn near hopeless.

MAN: He’d have a better chance spending on a long shot to races!

KEATH: And let’s face it. He isn’t cut out for any other work. What do you wanna do? You wanna call him?

MAN: Hahaha, you’re right!

[—Test site—]

DOLF: Good morning to you, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dolf Azaria of Galileo Development. We have been entrusted by INTO with the management and operation of the Von Braun. As such, we will also be overseeing the crew selection testing process. For the next two weeks, we will put all of you gathered here at the #6 testing site through our first round of testing, which will include physical fitness assessments, as well as written tests. A detailed schedule is in your test guides, so please look it over carefully.

HACHI: That’s interesting. The division director was transferred here?

HACHI: Cheng-Shin! Going to get your basic fitness assessment? I need to get checked out, too. C’mon!

CHENG-SHIN: Um… Actually, I’m not. You see, we’re exempt from taking the basic tests.


MAN: It’s just like we’re seeded players. In other words, we get a bye for all the preliminary rounds, and only take the final test. Let’s go. Technora’s PR people are here.

CHENG-SHIN: Yes, sir. Hey, you’ll do fine. A guy like you ace the basic tests.

HACHI: Sure.

MAN: Cheng-Shin!

CHENG-SHIN: Coming, sir! You’ll be sure to call Tanabe, ok? Bye.

MAN: That’s the guy you told me about from Half Section? Looks pretty hopeless to me.

CHENG-SHIN: No, he seems to have made the decision after thinking it over carefully in his own way.


MAN: Do you have a minute? Tell me. Why do you want to get onto the Von Braun?

HACHI: What?

MAN: I’m sorry. The name’s Howard. I’m from Bruder Communications. I’m kinda curious. Did you know that this project’s budget could have saved 40% of the people who starved to death last year? Does humanity really need to try to get to Jupiter when they can’t even take care of itself right down here on Earth? What’s your opinion on that? Do you know how many people were killed in the explosion of the #2 engine? What about the cost of all this in human lives? Do you think it’s right for a few people to drag the human race along all they’re thinking about is themselves? Hey! I’m talking to you!


MAN: I used to have nearly 20 people workin’ for me in the old days…

HACHI: Hey, you okay, old man?

MAN: Hey, buddy, you Chinese, huh?

HACHI: Actually, I’m Japanese.

MAN: Then, you must know Tanaka over at Sunset Lights? Tanaka who used to work for me.

HACHI: I don’t know him. I’m sorry.

MAN: That’s sorry, son of a bitch, the instant I quit the firm that bastard Tanaka’s attitude did a 180. What was I supposed to do! You stole all of my clients!

HACHI: Hey, cut it out!

MAN: Hey, you jerk, I taught you all you know about the job and the ladies! Give’em back!

HACHI: Damn it, I’m not Tanaka!

MAN: You said that now that I wasn’t your boss, I was just another old man! I’m gonna get you, ya little punk!

HACHI: Hey! Stop it!

MAN: Why did ya do that, ya damn Japanese?

MAN: Ah? He’s Japanese?

MAN: Hehehe… Samurai! Samurai! Samurai!

MAN: I bet he’s got money on him!

MAN: Hey! The Japanese guy ran way!



HACHI: Wait a minute! Ease ya! I’m not a mugger!

HAKIM: Hoshino?

HACHI: What? Hakim? What a…

HAKIM: I thought that was you. Guess you’re here for the Von Braun testing, too?

HACHI: You mean, you, too?

HAKIM: Yeah.

HACHI: Why are you out at this hour?

HAKIM: If I ran during the day, I’d only be wasting my strength.

HACHI: Couldn’t you join a gym or something?

HAKIM: No. None of them let unemployed people become members.

HACHI: You, too? Same thing happened to me. Don’t even get me started. You lose your insurance, and banks won’t give you enough money to get buying on. Just 'cause I’m unemployed… Hey, what about the OSA?

HAKIM: I resigned for me.

HACHI: How come?

HAKIM: The Jovian mission isn’t a goal you can reach if you know you have a safety net.

[—Hotel room—]

TANABE: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you when you’re in the middle of such an important test.

CHENG-SHIN: Don’t worry about it. It’s really no big deal. So, is this call what I think it’s about?

TANABE: Yes, is he, Hachimaki, didn’t tell me where I could reach him.

CHENG-SHIN: That jerk… I told that him he should give you a call. I’ll tell him you called when I see him. After all, He did steal you from me. I’ll tell him that he’d better hold on to you.

[—Public Space—]

HACHI: Man, what I do…

CHENG-SHIN: Good morning.

HACHI: Oh, hi! You’re not exempt from today’s tests, are you?

CHENG-SHIN: No. This is the final test of the first round. Will you call in Tanabe?

HACHI: Um… Yeah, but it can wait until afterwards.

CHENG-SHIN: Why wait? I talked to her, and she was really worried about you.

HACHI: No, I’ll call her after the final test is over.

CHENG-SHIN: Yeah, you better!

HACHI: Relax, I will. Anyway, I really can’t split my attention right now.


LOCKSMITH: Well, we’re down to the final test of the preliminary round. The situation is extremely simple. The Von Braun’s life support system has gone offline while in Jupiter orbit near Europa. Your test would be to go EVA and restore all those systems within the time of ten minutes. This is… Ah, oh, gentlemen? We won’t be needing you today.

MAN: But sir, a safety diver always has to…

LOCKSMITH: There won’t be any safety divers in Jupiter orbit.

MAN: Yes, but–

MAN: What if there’s some sort of accident?

LOCKSMITH: I don’t need anyone on my team who would die on Earth. And I want the kind of people who won’t die at Jupiter, either.

MAN: Are you kidding?! You want more people dead?!

LOCKSMITH: I won’t force you to stay if you don’t want to be here. Feel free to leave whenever you like.

MAN: To hell with this! No way am I gonna risk my life on a stupid test!

LOCKSMITH: If anyone else here is afraid, you should feel free to quit right now. We’re going up against Jupiter, after all. Also, to keep the test fair and impartial, we will be closing the shutter. Use the waiting room’s monitor to check the times of the other applicants.

CHENG-SHIN: He’s living up to his reputation as a ruthless man.

HACHI: You think so?


HACHI: Maybe Locksmith is right. Maybe there should be some risk.

DOLF: I want the diver to stand by next to the pool.

LOCKSMITH: Yes. I understand, Mr. President. I was just trying to scare them a bit.

SERIE: Ta-dah! How’s this for a sexy? Just kidding! Actually, I’m waiting my turn to take the dangerous underwater activity test. I guess they’re using this pool to mimic conditions out in space. Whether you’re a navigator or a mission specialist, they make you take–

CHENG-SHIN: Tanabe said that it’s business as usual for Debris Section thanks to that mine recovery piece on the news.


CHENG-SHIN: And she says that Lavie’s kids are celebrities at school.

Huh? It’s over already?

MAN: Hey, who’s that?

SERIE: #246 is done already. Wow, he is extremely fast. And other applicants are still working on their assignments.

MAN: That was fast!

MAN: Who’s #246?

MAN: Isn’t it a new record?

MAN: It’s only been five minutes!

MAN: Aw, man…

MAN: I know we’re not judged by who’s fastest, but with a time like that, geez…

HACHI: It’s Hakim…

CHENG-SHIN: Hey, I recognize him. He is that guy from the OSA? Hm?

ANNOUNCE: Next group. #24, #776, #1043, and #1303, please gather on the test floor.

HACHI: Hey, I’m on.

CHENG-SHIN: Well, looks like we’re in the same group.

HACHI: Yeah.

SERIE: All right! It’s finally time for me to go win my sport on this mission!

ANNOUNCE: Group 12, team B. Vitals check complete. All applicants are clear. Now beginning test.

[—Inside pool—]

ANNOUNCE: Begin test now.

SERIE: Geez, what’s wrong with this thing?

MAN: Hey, do you really think Serie’s gonna do okay? You know, we are not gonna have much of a show if she can’t even pass the preliminary round.

SERIE: My air…! My air’s leaking! Help me! Help!

MAN: Serie! Somebody help me! She’s in trouble!

DOLF: Send the diver.

LOCKSMITH: Determining whether she can recover on her own is part of the test. How’s her remaining air?

MAN: Her right tank is functioning, so she’s still got 20 minutes.

LOCKSMITH: Then let’s just wait a while, shall we?

Could you show me the current data on #1303? He must have noticed the accident, but he’s ignoring her.

CHENG-SHIN: Oh, no! Control, I’m going in to rescue her. Have a med team standing by!

HACHI: This is all I’ve got… I don’t have anything else!


MAN: What are you talking about?! We should get to take this test again! There was an accident! This shouldn’t count!

LOCKSMITH: Now, accidents happen in space, too.

MAN: But–

LOCKSMITH: – It was the first thing I said. I said that this is Jupiter space, and the life support system has gone offline. If you didn’t get the vital system running again, the Von Braun’s entire crew would die by asphyxiation. You understand that the lives of the entire crew are more important than one life, don’t you?

MAN: But this is just a test!

LOCKSMITH: If it were real, you could succeed? Highly unlikely. Look. I don’t need any humanists working aboard my ship. What I need are realists who will keep any losses to the team to a minimum.

MAN: You’re realists? This guy’s an egomaniac! You hear me?!

LOCKSMITH: Egomaniacs are fine by me! I’m an egomaniac, too.



HACHI: What’s up, you’re not gonna watch the selection announcement?

CHENG-SHIN: No need. I failed the underwater test yesterday halfway. Besides, my PR-related work is done, so I’m calling it quits.

HACHI: Wow, you are? That’s too bad.

CHENG-SHIN: Don’t worry about it. I expected that I’d fail from the very beginning.

ANNOUNCE: The applicants who passed the New Guinea preliminary testing will be announced in just a few moments. We ask that all applicants…

HACHI: But that means…

CHENG-SHIN: Hey, it’s starting. Look, Technora gets two slots on this mission.

HACHI: What do you mean two slots?

CHENG-SHIN: It’ll be great publicity for Technora if some of their employees are on board the first manned mission to the Jovian system? They’re also supplying funds and technology for the Von Braun’s construction, so they can force their way on board.

DOLF: Now, the applicants who passed. #23, Jiri Mah Zeagan…

CHENG-SHIN: 25 employee were selected in-house candidates. But, of course, seniority at company counts. It’s just a way it is.

HACHI: If you knew that, why’d you come here?

CHENG-SHIN: 18 people out of 20,000. It’s just hopeless. And, to tell you the truth, I really don’t think I’m up to the challenge yet. I think I’ll stand a good chance for the mission after this one. But I thought I should get a feel for it for when the time comes.

DOLF: #197, Harriet Andersson. #246, Hakim Ashmead.


DOLF: #276…

HACHI: You mean, you took the test just to say you took it?


HACHI: I thought it was fishy, the way you were so concerned about Tanabe and all that stuff. You’re just here for fun like a tourist?! Don’t gimme any of your damn pep talks! I’m not like you! Without the Von Braun, I’ve got absolutely nothing!


HACHI: You can get by fine without the Von Braun, right? You can work as a shuttle pilot or do anything else!

CHENG-SHIN: Hachi,no, I’m no–

HACHI: You can have any woman you want! That’s why you handed Tanabe off to me without a fight.

CHENG-SHIN: What did you say?

HACHI: You’ve always been like that! You’ve already got it all, so you’re not attached to anything! You can throw away money or women if you want! There’s always more where they came from! But I’m not like you! It’s the Von Braun or nothing! I’m not using the company as a safety net! I have to get onto the Von Braun!

CHENG-SHIN: Fine, you say that, but what happens if you don’t make it? How are you gonna make a living? What about Tanabe? Or your parents? How are you gonna explain it?

HACHI: I can’t worry about any of that right now!

CHENG-SHIN: Yeah, well, that’s how children chase after their dreams! But you and I are adults!

HACHI: Hey, don’t you dare talk about dreams to me!

CHENG-SHIN: I’m just saying that you need to think about the people around you! You didn’t go to your farewell party! And when you had Space Loss Disorder, we did you a favor and sent you that care package!

HACHI: You “Did me a favor"? I don’t need friendship shoved down my throat, you jerk! I’m getting onto the Von Braun for myself, nobody else. Don’t use humanity, or the company, or friends, or any of that crap as excuses! You stay here and futz around Earth orbit all you want. Thus, for me, I’m going to Jupiter.

DOLF: #1303, Hachirota Hoshino.