プラネテス 第18話「デブリ課、最後の日」

第18話 “デブリ課、最期の日" / “Debris Section, Last Day"


MAN: Damage resulting from the meltdown of the #2 tandem mirror engine has climbed 800 billion.

WOMAN: There has also been a worsening of our public image. Technora is the key figure in the construction of the Von Braun, after all.


[—Meeting Room—]

MAN: If there is another serious accident, we’ll be looking not only at a setback for the project, but also massive financial settlement payments and a public scandal.

MAN: Which is one of the reasons why we must put some distance between us and the Jupiter development project.

MAN: We need a buffer between us.

MAN: And that is why you have created this company.

MAN: Galileo Development. We’re working through three levels of intermediary companies, so legally speaking, it totally separates.

MAN: I decided to send Dolf Azaria, the Second Division Director that I mentioned the other day to act as representative director of the new company.

MAN: I see. What about the post he’ll be vacating?


[—Control Section—]

NORMAN: My name is Norman Schwimmer, and I’ve been put in charge of Second Division effective immediately. I’m in the insistence of Chairman Joshua, I will be serving as the director of both Second and Third divisions. Now while this may be additional post for me, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a top dog around here starting today. So, I’m gonna be running things just as I see fit from now on. That’s clear? I suggest that you forget everything about how your old director ran the division.



TANABE: We’re gonna be disbanded?!


PHILIPPE: I was just told in person by the new Second Division Direct. He said we’ll be gone by the end of the week. Something about earnings being more important to a company than its image.

LAVIE: He can’t! I mean, what’s gonna happen to us? A transfer? Or even…

EDEL: Fired.

TANABE: They wouldn’t!

PHILIPPE: She might be right. He mentioned downsizing.

LAVIE: No! You’re kidding!

PHILIPPE: It’s true!

LAVIE: Ahuuuu…

FEE: That old bastard still has it in for us over what happened with that test module.

LAVIE: Yeah! And that’s why I was against getting involved! What could you guys have done to us! I have a big family I’m trying to provide for!

TANABE: Um… but I thought you and your wife had split up.

LAVIE: Yeah, but I had seven children with the wife I married! That means child support times seven!

PHILIPPE: But we’re always running deep in the red, and we don’t have any connections at the top that protect us!

FEE: Hey, quit your damn crying! Nobody said we’re gonna be fired!

LAVIE: Yeah! Let’s wine and dine them! We’ll all entertain them to smooth things over and try to get him to forgive us! Right?

EDEL: Sorry, I’m only a temp worker.



TANABE: Sempai! This is terrible! Debris Section is gonna be disbanded!

HACHI: Yeah, I heard you in there.

TANABE: No matter how precious their profits are, don’t you think this is going too far?

HACHI: Yeah, I guess so.

TANABE: If we don’t come up with a way to keep them from disbanding us, we’re gonna–

HACHI: Yeah, I guess… I’m gonna go… get something to eat… I’m really starving.




HAKIM: Aren’t you supposed to be working today? Sorting management orbit paperwork or some such things?

CLAIRE: Playing hooky.


CLAIRE: It’s all right. Anyway, I’ve been taken off all my duties, so I don’t have anything to do.

HAKIM: Why’s that?

CLAIRE: I’ve had one failure after another. Plus, I think I’m a member of the old clique.

HAKIM: Political infighting, huh?

CLAIRE: It all seems so stupid now.

HAKIM: Yeah.

CLAIRE: Maybe I’ll go down to Earth and get married.


CLAIRE: Come on, don’t go silent on me. I was joking.

HAKIM: Claire.


HAKIM: Do you know a country named Mananga?

CLAIRE: An oil-producing country in the Middle East. I’d heard that there’s been constant civil wars there ever since oil stopped being used.

HAKIM: It’s my homeland. Poverty triggered the civil wars, and the government is in a state of chaos. We can’t even hold fair elections without going to INTO for help. That’s what my homeland is like.



MAN: So, you’re taking personal command out here today, ma’am?

FEE: Yeah, 'cause it looks like this is gonna be the last time. It’s sort of a tradition among sailors. Yuri, how’s it look on your end?

YURI: Fine. All green.

FEE: What?

YURI: Are you okay with all of this?

FEE: There’s not much we can do. It’s the boss’ decision. Besides, I can keep collecting debris even if I’m not at Technora.

YURI: So, you’re thinking of changing companies?

FEE: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time in my life I’ve switched companies, and there’s what they did to Dolf.



LAVIE: Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m Lavie!

NORMAN: That was great! Haha! Here is [XXX???]. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long long time! All right, I’ll find you a position of General Affairs, how’s that sound?

LAVIE: Yes, sir! Thank you so much, sir!

NORMAN: It’s good to enjoy nonsense like this every so often.

LAVIE: An astute observation. The last director just wasn’t able to truly enjoy this kind of entertainment.

NORMAN: Dolf has no idea how to use his human resources, keeping a man like you down in Half Section. I want you to handle the entertainment when INTO visits. That could be a manager position in it for you.

LAVIE: Really? You mean, not an assistant manager?

NORMAN: I look forward to seeing you make us so laugh.

LAVIE: Thank you so much, sir! I don’t know what to say. I’ll give it all I’ve got!



TANABE: What the heck are you doing?! Sempai, this is no time to be reading an EVA textbook! Our team is about to be split up! And you were the one who always said that space needed the Debris Se–

HACHI: Hey, give it back!


HACHI: I haven’t read this thing in three years. It’s got a lot of useful information in it.

TANABE: If we get disbanded, making EVAs is gonna be the least of our worries.

HACHI: This isn’t the only place we can do EVA work.

TANABE: And what about debris retrieval?

HACHI: Yeah, that’s nice, I guess.

TANABE: C’mon, Sempai, please… Fine! Suit yourself! I’ll save Debris Section all by myself if I have to!


[—Telephone booth—]

LAVIE: No, honest! It’s the truth! Pretty soon now, Daddy’s gonna be made into a manager!

LAVIE’S SON: That means you’re gonna get paid more?

LAVIE: You bet I am, kid!

LAVIE’S SON: Honest, Dad? Then, would you buy us a game?

LAVIE’S SON: I wanna a soccer ball!

LAVIE’S DOUGHTER: I really want a telescope!

LAVIE’S SON: Telescopes are expensive! If Dad buys a game, we can all play it!

LAVIE: It’s to celebrate Daddy moving up in the world. I’ll buy everything you want!

LAVIE’S DOUGHTER: Hey, if you’ve got a bigger job, Dad, that means you’re gonna pick up bigger de-breeze, right?

LAVIE’S DOUGHTER: Dummy, it’s pronounced “de-bree"!

LAVIE: I’ll be manager of General Affairs Section, so I won’t have to pick up debris ever again.

LAVIE’S DOUGHTER: Then who’s gonna keep space safe?

LAVIE: What?



GIGALT: They’re blowing things out of proportion. I’m not sick enough to be put into the hospital. I can still handle things fine–

HAKIM: There’s no way. Someone who isn’t at 100%, 100% the time might put the entire expedition team in danger.

GIGALT: Hahahaha, I believe I taught you that, didn’t I? Maintaining your physical condition is important part of the job.

HAKIM: I’m sorry if I spoke out of turn, sir.

GIGALT: Ah, forget it. I was just lucky to have such a good pupil.

HAKIM: Sensei…

GIGALT: Yes, Hakim?

HAKIM: I’ve decided to quit the OSA.

GIGALT: Oh, I see… You’re serious about this?




TANABE: Like I said, my rank in the company doesn’t have anything to do with it!

MAN: If you have a complaint, take it to the General Affairs or Personnel.

TANABE: I want to talk to the division director in person!

MAN: In person? While you’re nothing but Half Section scum?

MAN: I swear, what a bunch of nonsense…

TANABE: Hey, wait!

MAN: Give it a rest, hell ya?!


CLAIRE: It’s useless, you know.

TANABE: Huh? And what’s that supposed to mean, huh? Claire?

CLAIRE: For someone at the bottom to defeat someone at the top, regular tactics won’t work.



[—Debris Section—]

PHILIPPE: Is this about right? How’s it look, Edel?

EDEL: Yes, Assistant Chief, if it could go a little to the right.

PHILIPPE: Ok, how about now— Ahhh!

EDEL: – Are you all right?


EDEL: Assistant Chief?

PHILIPPE: I’m sorry… ! I’m sorry that I’m so useless! I can’t protect Debris Section, and I rely on you to do everything for me, Edel. Even if I tried hard, it’s probably too late for me to make any difference…

EDEL: Assistant Chief.

PHILIPPE: What’s everybody gonna do in their old age?



HACHI: Now this is a rare sight. I didn’t expect you to come along on this, Lavie.

LAVIE: Aw, yeah, well, it’s our final mission. That’s part of my duties. Say, Hachimaki… We really are corporate drones, huh?

HACHI: What brought this on?

YURI: Hmm? A distress signal?

FEE: Pass me the coordinates right away. Manager, I’m going to switch jobs. That okay with you?

LAVIE: Sure… So, our last mission will be rescuing a spaceship that’s adrift, huh? A perfect ending for heroes who keep space safe.




LAVIE: Wow, that takes me back away! We were on a work boat like that back when I got my license!

FEE: In other words, it’s a rust bucket that’s over 20 years old, right? Beginning docking sequence. Hachimaki, you stand by in the Fishbone as planned.

HACHI: I copy.

FEE: Yuri and Tanabe, get some oxygen tanks ready. Once I’ve docked, get confirmation of their shipboard status. Especially the pressure.

YURI: I copy.


YURI: Opening hatch.

TANABE: How is it, Yuri?

YURI: Hang on. I am just getting the readings now. Fee, target ship’s pressure and main air circulation are both green. It looks like it is only their flight system that is down. We’re going now.

FEE: Are those survivors?

MAN: I’m charging you for breach of contract and repairs!

MAN: What’re you talking about?! I wasn’t the one who crashed your systems, you xxx idiot! Besides, who told you to get us a clunker like this?!

TANABE: Ah! The unlicensed director!

DIRECTOR: Hm?! Who the hell are you?

TANABE: It’s me! We met on the Luna Ferry!

DIRECTOR: Oh, that girl who had her head in the clouds! You really saved our skins!

FEE: Terrific. Those guys again.

LAVIE: You know them, Fee?

FEE: Something like that. We bumped into them when– Huh?


HACHI: Hey, can I come back in now? It wasn’t any serious trouble, right?

FEE: Hang on, Hachi. There’s some debris out there with a relative velocity of zero. We can’t look this gift horse in the mouth now, can we? Anyway, it’s our last job, isn’t that right?

LAVIE: Sure, why the heck not?


MAN: I’m sorry to trouble you, but I should really check in with my company.

YURI: Oh, sure, no problem. You can go ahead and use the comm system in our residential block.

MAN: Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

MAN: Cut us a deal on the repair costs, okay?

DIRECTOR: Hell I know! Anyway, I sold that movie I shot on the Luna Ferry for a bundle, so I’ve given journalism a try.

TANABE: I knew it, you’re still in it for the money, aren’t you?

DIRECTOR: What? What’re you talking about? I’ll suddenly be happy if I wake up one day poor?

TANABE: I’m just saying that your motives are corrupt!

FEE: We can’t grab it? Why not?!



MAN: We’re saying that we don’t want you to retrieve the debris that you contacted us about!

FEE: Is it on some other company’s retrieval checklist?

MAN: I say again, DS-12 is not to attempt retrieval, will draw from the target, return to base at once. Do you copy that?

FEE: What? At least give me a reason! The jerk hung up on me. What’s with this new Control supervisor they gave us?

MAN: See? I knew it, Director! That’s gotta be a mine!

FEE: What’re you saying?

DIRECTOR: There have been rumors that INTO has been laying mines disguised as debris up here. We came up here to expose the truth about what they’re doing.

TANABE: Do you mean that the debris is some kind of bomb?

DIRECTOR: Well, not exactly. They call it a “passive data mine. " When a ship comes close, it burns out its flight systems.

YURI: Oh! So, that’s what crashed your operating computers.

DIRECTOR: Yeah. It’s listed as debris, but it’s anything but.

TANABE: I can’t believe dangerous things like that are orbiting out here!

FEE: Needless to say, we can’t leave that there.

LAVIE: You aren’t seriously thinking of–

YURI: This is an emergency evacuation orbit used by Russia and the EU.


FEE: If INTO is claiming it’s just debris, then they can’t very well complain if we go and pick it up now, can’t they?

TANABE: Yeah, Fee. You’re right!

LAVIE: Wait! If Control Section says we can’t, then as loyal employees, we–

TANABE: Don’t you get it? Lives are at stake here!

YURI: It probably works by detecting changes in the communications data environment.

FEE: So then, it would react to our Fishbones, too?

YURI: One person will have to go solo in a spacesuit with its face-computer shut off.

TANABE: But we don’t have a lifeline that’ll reach that far!

LAVIE: It’s hopeless! Nobody could pull that off!

HACHI: I can pull that off.

TANABE: Sempai?

LAVIE: Weren’t you listening all, Hachimaki? This is an S-class EVA we’re talking about!

HACHI: That’s why I’m going. I have to be able to handle this…

FEE: I understood.

LAVIE: Fee, no!

HACHI: Tanabe, I want you to prep spare oxygen tanks!

TANABE: Right away!

DIRECTOR: You know, this is gonna make for awesome footage…

LAVIE: But this is Debris Section’s last day. You really don’t have to try so hard…

TANABE: Hey, do you think we can really destroy the mine manually?

YURI: I’ll have him take a connector along. We can feed it all sorts of false data through the Navstar.

LAVIE: Don’t do it!

TANABE: Oh, we’re gonna make it think that it’s floating out there all alone, huh?

LAVIE: I said, don’t!

FEE: If we can manage to fool it, we can close in. Then we just hit it with Toy Box’s arm until it stops working.

LAVIE: Please, don’t do this…

FEE: Hachimaki, did you get all that?

HACHI: Yeah. I just gotta find out where the connecter hooks up. I’m gonna make this plan work…



FEE: Lavie, there’s a lot more to the world than Technora.

LAVIE: Yes! I know that! But… Well… My oldest, Khorana, is really a bright girl, much smarter than me. And I want to send her to a private school if I can. Haal adores space, and he’s been begging me to get a decent telescope. Musharraf is still little, but you can tell he’s got a gift for music, so I want to get him sitar or piano lessons right away. I can’t be with them as their father anymore, so now the only thing I can do is earn money for them. I’m begging you guys! Please, everyone! I can’t afford to be fired!

FEE: Tanabe, get those spare oxygen tanks to him and fast.

TANABE: I-I copy!

LAVIE: Fee, Please!

FEE: Lavie! Technora might be a company, but it isn’t the whole world. Besides, even if Debris Section is going to be disbanded, right here and now, we’re still debris haulers!


[—Control Section—]

WOMAN: Are these the last of the official documents?

PHILIPPE: Yes, I think so…

MAN: Chief! The DS-12 is gonna send out an EVA worker!

MAN: I told you to stop them, didn’t I?! Can’t you even train your men to obey orders?!

PHILIPPE: I’m sorry!

NORMAN: All calm down.

MAN: Yes, sir…

NORMAN: We just need to activate the emergency shutdown system.

PHILIPPE: What? Never heard of it!

NORMAN: I see you don’t follow up on the material we gave you at our general meetings. As part of our anti-terrorism security measures, every one of our ships has been fitted with a device that allows us to shut it down from here.

PHILIPPE: But they’re only trying to pick up a piece of debris, sir!

MAN: We can’t allow that.

PHILIPPE: But, why not?

MAN: Well…

NORMAN: I don’t need to explain myself. All right, now it’s your turn. Activation requires the approval of the division director and the head of the relevant section. You can at least remember your own password, can’t you?



TANABE: Fee, do you think that Sempai’s gonna be okay?

HACHI: An S-class EVA… I have to be able to do at least this much.


[—Control Section—]

MAN: Hurry up, scum, and input your code!

PHILIPPE: I- um… This will shut down Toy Box, won’t it? I mean, this is their last job and all…

NORMAN: Yes, what about it?

PHILIPPE: Um… I… Ah! I’m afraid I forgot it! My password and ID.

MAN: Stop fooling around!

PHIILPPE: I’m so sorry, you see, I’ve always been the forgetful type! Plus, I’m about to retire, and my memory’s getting noticeably worse. Eh, maybe it was my birthday. Or maybe it was my wedding anniversary!



HACHI: My relative velocity’s too– Almost there! Just have to grab on… ! I did it? I–

TANABE: I don’t believe it! Sempai did it!

FEE: I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

DIRECTOR: Hey, that guy’s pretty good!


[—Control Section—]

MAN: You Half Section lowlife! Quit your faking, you’re not fooling anybody!

PHILIPPE: But, I’m telling the truth!

NORMAN: That’s enough.

YURI: Navstar connection status is nominal.

FEE: Okay, it looks like we fooled the mine!

YURI: Center of mass is stable.

FEE: I copy. You can just leave the rest to me.

YURI: It can’t be! Navstar’s denying us access!

LAVIE: But that means we can’t fool the mine!

NORMAN: Give it up, you halfwits. I’ve cut your Navstar all access directly from here. Your little ploy is over. You got that? You’re ordered to leave that orbit immediately. If you don’t, DS-12’s systems might get fried, and you’ll end up dead in space. Of course, maybe it’s already too late.

PHILIPPE: Hey! Wait a minute! What do you mean, dead in space? You aren’t saying that they’re all going to die, are you?!

NORMAN: Let go of me!

PHILIPPE: I’m begging you! Anything but that!

NORMAN: I don’t need trash like Debris Section in my division! Now, get the hell all free!

EDEL: Are you okay?

NORMAN: I swear, give me debris any day. We can recycle debris and make money off it, unlike you people. Right? Junk jockeys becoming debris themselves is poetic justice! Now that I’m division director, things are all different–

PHILIPPE: Even if you don’t think you need us in your division, the rest of the human race needs us!



FEE: We’re on emergency power!

HACHI: What happened? Did the mine get you?!

FEE: Yeah, but communications and life support systems are working.

HACHI: I copy! I’ll check the mine’s systems and try to do something on this end.


[—Control Section—]

MAN: You bastard! How dare you! He’s the division director!

EDEL: My last contract work hours just ended. That means that I’m no longer a temp worker under contract to Technora!

MAN: Hey, Half Section’s gone nuts!

MAN: Somebody! Call security!



PHILIPPE: Murderer! If they don’t go up there pick up debris, space development will stop in its tracks!

MAN: Who do you think you are…

FEE: Oh yeah. That’s telling him, Chief.

EDEL: Keep your hands off! And I’ll sue you for sexual harassment!

TANABE: Hey, that’s Edel.

PHILIPPE: Give me back my people! Fee! Yuri! Hachi! Ai! And Lavie!

MAN: Shut up, you Half Section halfwit!

NORMAN: Hurry up and grab these two! Right here and now, Debris Section is hereby disbanded!

LAVIE’S DOUGHTER: Then, who’s gonna keep space safe? You keep space safe for everyone, don’t you, Dad?

LAVIE’S SON: Everybody says that spaceships can go into space 'cause you pick up debris.

LAVIE’S SON: It’s way cooler to be a debris hauler!

LAVIE: Okay. You got it, kid…


TANABE: Hey! Lavie! Wait! Where are you going?

YURI: Lavie!


PHILIPPE: Please! Stop! I’m ticklish there!

EDEL: So, what’s the matter, you’re holding back because I’m a woman?


HACHI: It’s a military bird. The thing’s built tough.

TANABE: Fee! We’ve only got ten minutes of emergency power left!

YURI: I can’t get the arm to work all, which means we don’t have any way to smash the mine now.

FEE: All right, I get it. I guess that’s it, then…

TANABE: But, Fee… We can’t…

FEE: Ensuring the safety of her crew is part of a captain’s–

TANABE: What was that?! Did you get the arm working?!

YURI: No, that system status still reads down…


MAN: What did you people do this time?!

DIRECTOR: Hey, don’t look at me, xxx! We’ve got our hands full with filming!

FEE: Wait a minute, Lavie is over in the work ship!

TANABE: What? I don’t get it! Their systems are down, too, aren’t they?

YURI: Oh, I see! That ship is well over 20 years old. The arm on it can be operated manually, just like on the old Toy Box!


[—Old Ship—]

LAVIE: Let’s see… It’s in hydraulic mode right now, so I need to return it to neutral, and…

HACHI: Lavie! Over here! Smash it over here! Do it soon, or we’re in serious trouble! Do you read me?! Hey!

LAVIE: That’s it! I’ve got it, Hachi!

NORMAN: No, I don’t think you do, our entertainment boy. If you don’t stop this, you won’t be moving up, you’ll be moving out. Have you forgotten that I said I’d make you manager of General Affairs? The company is all you people have, am I right? If you defy the company and get thrown out, who else is going to give you a place where you can belong?!

LAVIE: I suppose that’s true. As a company man, I understand that. But the place I really belong… Either way, I can’t win, can I? No matter what I do, I’ll… So at least I can… At least Daddy can… At least your Daddy… can be a debris hauler who keeps space safe!



TANABE: He did it!

DIRECTOR: Hmm, nice!

NORMAN: DS-12 is online?!

PHILIPPE: Yeaaah! It a… it finally came back to me. My password, I mean.

LAVIE: Hehehe… I did it now…

YURI: System shutdown of target debris confirmed. That was really nice work, Dad.

FEE: Lavie, I was wrong about you.

LAVIE: Oh, screw it! I’m gonna party tonight! You’re all invited! Got it?!

ALL: We copy!


TANABE: Welcome back!


TANABE: Lately, I had been thinking that you really haven’t been acting like usual yourself, but I see you’re still in there, all right! When the chips were down, you delivered! We were able to shut down the mine because you pulled off your EVA like a seasoned old pro! You’re amazing!

HACHI: You think so? You think I’m amazing?


HACHI: Um… Tanabe.


HACHI: I’m quitting the company.

TANABE: Huh? They’re only disbanding Debris Section. There’re other positions–

HACHI: No, it’s not really about that. It’s just that… I’m done with being a debris hauler.