プラネテス第12話 “ささやかなる願いを”


プラネテス第12話 ”ささやかなる願いを” / Planetes Episode12 “A Modest Request” 英語版スクリプトです。


Opening: Space debris, lose material generated as the result of space development can often pose a serious threat to spacecraft and people who working on them. This is a story of 2075, at time in which this space debris has become a major problem.


[—Moon Base—]

LAVIE: Oh, come on now, can I talk you into going just a little lower? My section doesn’t have much of a budget, you know.

MAN: This is an overhaul we’re talking about. Plus, the replacement parts are all special-order. Why don’t you get rid of this relic and buy a new one?

LAVIE: I just said that we’ve got no budget, didn’t I? Come on, please! I introduce you some great bars! I know a Japanese- style place where…

YURI: Fee? Where are you going?

FEE: I’m gonna head out and have a cigarette.

LAVIE: Hey! Our contract hasn’t finished yet!

FEE: I haven’t had smoke in four days, and this bean counting stuff is your job, Mr. Assistant Manager? So, I’ll leave you to it!




BOMBER: Three… Two… One.


[—Smoking room—]

MAN: Boy, you sure got lucky. There was a real big terrorist bombing here, you know. Huh, it was by those guy who’s been all over at news lately; Those Space Defense Front guys. Uh, I see, you’re smoker, huh? Well, you better be careful. Their favorite stunt lately is planting bombs in the middle of smoking rooms.

FEE: This was the Space Defense Front?


[—debris section—]

NEWS: … the prevailing opinion is that the Space Defense Front behind these multiple …

PHILIPPE: What is this Space Defense Front?

HACHI: It’s those nutcases who say humanity never should have come into space.

PHILIPPE: What good does their saying that now? We’re already here.

HACHI: That’s why they say we should smash everything we’ve put up in space and get out.

PHILIPPE: Well, Do you think that Seven could be a target, too?

HACHI: Beats me. What I really wanna know is, how come we have to clean up after merchandising section when they screwed up their own order?!

PHILIPPE: Quit complaining. We’re significantly in the red again this month, and while Toy Box is in for her annual overhaul, and none of us has anything to do that justify our paychecks.

HACHI: If I knew I’d be stuck doing this, I’d gone to the moon with the others. And where the hell is Tanabe, anyway?!

PHILIPPE: Tanabe took the day off.

HACHI: Yeah? What for?

PHILIPPE: I forget. Edel, what did she take the day off for?

EDEL: It was for a date, I think.


PHILIPPE: Did she really?

EDEL: She asked me a recommend a boutique.

PHILIPPE: A date? With who?

EDEL: Should I’ve gotten confirmation from her?

PHILIPPE: No, if you don’t know, that’s fine. So, I guess, that little Ai is also a woman, eh?


CHENG-SHIN: Even if you ask me to give her back later, I won’t do it.

PHILIPPE: Say, Hachi, do you know who she’s going out with?

HACHI: How should I know that?!

PHILIPPE: A boy that joined up with her? Or maybe she’s been secretly seeing someone ever since she was living on Earth? It couldn’t be an affair,

LUCIE: None of the above is the answer.

HACHI: Oh, you’re, Tanabe’s friend. Um… I think…

LUCIE: My name is Lucie Ascam, Mr. Hoshino. I know it’s kind of sudden, could I have just a few minute of your time?

HACHI: What? Uh, who, me?


HACHI: Well, if it’s just for a minute, I guess so.


[—Conference hole—]

HAKIM: We have detected no unusual changes in the orbits adjacent to that of ISPV-7. Also, the ships we’ve detained are primarily illegal dumpers and presumably unrelated to the Space Defense Front.

DOLF: I understand.

MAN: We ask that all the companies here continue using Phase D for their communications net checks.

DOLF: Very well. We agree.

MAN: Given the strength of the impact of resistance, we believe that the likelihood of Seven becoming the primal terrorist’s target is really very low.

MAN: I see. So it’s ISPV-9 that’s at the most risk, since it’s still under construction? In any case, you mustn’t cave in to terrorist threats. Send over a few of our laser satellites.

MAN: Yes, sir. What should we do regarding the issue of Seven’s environmental system maintenance?

MAN: Let me think… We’ll be using liquid oxygen tankers. That could be a problem. I think we should move up the schedule. We request the assistance of all businesses in this matter. If this orbit can be protected, Earth’s safety is assured.


[—Smoking Room—]

FEE: You’ve gotta be kidding!

MAN: The M.O. of the Space Defense Front is to plant bombs in various smoking rooms. So we’ve decided to tear down all the smoking rooms in this sector of station.

FEE: A-All of them?!

MAN: Hey, pardon my saying so, but do you have any idea how crazy it is to smoke in space? In this environment, air is the most precious commodity we have. And you deliberately foul it up? You know how much it costs to purify the air from a single hour smoking?

FEE: Just my luck, an anti-smoking activist.

MAN: It was mistake to build these rooms. It’s a waste of tax money. A drain on resources. These days, smokers are an endangered species. It’s revolting! I can’t even imagine what color your lungs are—


[—Rest Room—]

FEE: Why do I have to be lectured like that when all I want is one little smoke? Okay, fine, I guess all I’ll admit that I’m a little ashamed of the habit. But even so, I can’t believe they’re tearing down all of them. There’s a ton of other ways that they could’ve dealt with …

FEE: Huh..?



WOMAN: It looks wonderful on you .

TANABE: Sempai would laugh at me if he saw me in this.

WOMAN: I think your boyfriend would love to see you in something this delicious mature.

TANABE: What? Boyfriend? Oh, no! Cheng-Shin isn’t my anything!


TANABE: If I wore that, I’d look too enthusiastic. This isn’t really a date, or just two friends getting together for dinner. Sempai…!



WOMAN: Welcome. May I help you?

TANABE: Oh, um, I’m meeting… I’m meeting someone.

LUCIE: I know this is sudden and it might surprise you, but you aren’t seeing anyone right now, are you?

HACHI: Huh? No.

LUCIE: Then please! I’m not asking you to get married or anything. Just being your girlfriend would be enough for any women!

HACHI: Oh, what?

LUCIE: I’m begging you, Mr. Hoshino!


HACHI: T-That doesn’t make any sense at all! Why in the blazes do I have to get Tanabe to be my girlfriend?!

LUCIE: Because I’m in love with Cheng-Shin, that’s why.


LUCIE: So I don’t want Cheng-Shin and Tanabe to go out, understand? Do I have to draw your pictures?

HACHI: Don’t saddle me with a girlfriend over something like that.

LUCIE: That’s not the only reason that I’m asking you to be the one to do this.


LUCIE: Don’t you see, Mr. Hoshino? Tanabe has a thing for you.


LUCIE: Well, she hasn’t said as much, but I’m really good at picking up on these sort of things! At times like this, the boy really has to be able to pick up on the signs! There’s nothing worse than making the girl spell it out for him, you know! Do you understand?! Please, I’m begging. Hold on tight to Tanabe before she slips away.



WOMAN: Hey, you back.

TANABE: I want you to ring up the dress I tried on!



YURI: Right. Repairs here are almost completed. We’ll be leaving port on schedule. The plan is to rendezvous with the tug ship in Sector D; Orbital Mega, and our ETA at Seven …

LAVIE: I thought you went out to have a smoke.

CLAIRE: I copy. Because of the maintenance work being done on Seven’s environmental systems…


FEE: I’m borrowing the keys to the buggy.

LAVIE: Fee? Where are you going? Hey!


[—on buggy—]

LAVIE: Fee, what’s going on?

FEE: I need a cigarette!

LAVIE: What?

FEE: I’m gonna go have a smoke over the next tunnel city.

YURI: Fee, our final maintenance check will be complete in less than one hour.

FEE: I’ll be back in 30 minutes.

LAVIE: You’re supposed to be Toy Box’s captain, aren’t you?! This is an order! Come back here immediately! Or not, it’s up to you. Have a pleasant trip, ma’am.


[—Smoking Room—]

FEE: Yes! You know, it seems kinda contradictory to have a smoke when you’re feeling in high spirits. Huh? Hey, you’re… Hu, Keep the faith, brother. You hang in there.

MAN: E-Excuse me, Miss, I’m in a kind of big hurry.

FEE: You’re in a hurry? Then what were you having a smoke for? Hm? You forgot something! Hey, come back! Hey!


REFLECTION: Their favorite stunt lately is planting bombs in the middle of smoking rooms.

FEE: What a day I’m having!


MAN: Nothing over here! How about you?

MAN: Call the police!

MAN: Hey! Is anybody down here?!

MAN: Shut off the water!

MAN: Hey, are you– Hey, we’ve got a survivor over here! Are you okay? Say something!

FEE: Ahahahahahaha….




ANNOUNCE: This is a reminder that open flames are strictly prohibited in all pressurized sectors. ISPV-7 is currently undergoing a thorough ECLS inspection, with particularly attention to oxygen supply systems.


[—Residential Area—]

KEATH: What, seriously? You mean, Toy Box is back already? She’s way ahead of schedule.



KEATH: Welcome back, ah…

LUCIE: Hi, Cheng-Shin!

MAN: Lucie, you’ve gotta take a look at this.

CHENG-SHIN: Hey, come on, man. Dont’t…

MAN: Genius here says he was out a date yesterday. I guess she’s some new girl in Half Section. Do you know her, Lucie?

LUCIE: Yeah. I know her really well. She’s my friend, after all. My best fried.


[—Debris Section—]

HACHI: So, how’d it go?

TANABE: How did what go?

HACHI: Your big date with Cheng-Shin.

TANABE: I had a great time. How about you, Sempai? Are you and Lucie an item?

HACHI: What?

TANABE: She spilled her guts to you in that coffee shop, right?


HACHI: What’s a guy to do? Girls with an eye for quality always know where to look, you know. I’m on the market right now, so I guess I can go out with her every once in a while, I have a feel like it.

TANABE: Just try not to get dumped this time, okay?


FEE: Yeah, it’s smokin’ time! I am gonna smoke so much!

HACHI: I swear, I just can’t figure out Cheng-Shin’s taste in women. It must be like how gourmet eaters like to eat really weird stuff all the time.

TANABE: Don’t you dare badmouth Cheng-Shin! I won’t stand for it!

HACHI: What? You think you’re Mrs. Cheng-Shin already?!


FEE: Smoke. Definitely smoke.

TANABE: You know, Claire dumped you because you say mean things like that, you jerk!

HACHI: Claire’s got nothing to do with this! You really a freak, you know that!


PHILIPPE: Stop it, please! Stop it, you two! You’ve go too far!

HACHI: Why don’t you this go and get yourself knocked up and head back down to Earth and get’em out of all life!


FEE: It’s smokin’ time!

TANABE: Um, we didn’t mean to–

FEE: I don’t believe it… My smoker’s seat…



HACHI: You didn’t have to come out here, too, Yuri. One Fishbone is really enough to do the job.

FEE: Please, I have to. I just can’t stay on board Toy Box with Fee acting like that.

HACHI: Yeah, you have a point.

YURI: Toy Box is a completely smoke-free ship. That means she hasn’t had a cigarette in over ten days.

HACHI: Yeah, it must be pretty rough for her.

TANABE: We really messed up, didn’t we?

YURI: Well, they say that they’ll have her smoker’s seat repaired in another two hours or so, so by the time, we finish this job and return to Seven– Huh?

HACHI: What’s up, Yuri?

YURI: A signal. That debris is relaying a video feed.

TANABE: You mean that’s an active debris?


HACHI: Fee? Come in? Uh, um, do you have a moment, all friend? That debris seems to be sending out a signal, but we can’t get any details on it from out here.

YURI: Could we trouble you to get verification with Toy Box?

FEE: I’m… I’m watching it now.

BOMBER: Attention, those who’ve own rights and interests in space. This message is directed at each and every one of you. As we have stated before, the string of bombings on the moon are a dead-serious warning.


MAN: Impossible! They’ve hacked into our channel!

MAN: Hurry up and pinpoint the transmission source! Contact the news center!!

BOMBER: Humanity realized at the end of the 20th Century that oil resources were limited. There was much trial and error as the world scrambled to find a new source of energy.


DOLF: Confirm this with the OSA!

BOMBER: There were Solar power, natural gas. uranium, methane hydrate from the ocean. And then… the moon!


MAN: These terrorists pigs have some nerve!

BOMBER: Humanity obtained the moon’s helium-3, and it seemed as if the problem were finally solved. In fact, most of the world’s current energy needs are more than adequately met by the use of every refined helium-3. But what of it? The fact of the matter is that we have merely substituted oil with helium-3 . There has been no change whatsoever in human nature, which is willing to fuel the growth of our civilization by devouring a limited resource. Humanity has learned virtually nothing from the mistakes of the last century!


PHILIPPE: I don’t get it. What’s he saying?

LAVIE: I don’t know. I suppose he’s saying that we shouldn’t be messing up space.


BOMBER: …the stars. Prepare youselves. This day will be remembered as the day humanity turn the corner and withdrew from the heavens!



TANABE: Wait a minute, that’s not debris. It’s a–

FEE: Oh, now I get it. They’re at it again, those jerks! That’s how you want it?


HACHI: W-What the hell? It’s got three engines on it!

TANABE: It can’t be a comsat?

HACHI: Maybe we should chase after it.

YURI: Perhaps, but it is something that the terrorists put together, oh, no! Look at the trajectory, Hachi.

HACHI: It’s headed right for Seven?!

TANABE: You mean, for our company?!

YURI: Well, not just ours!

HACHI: Shouldn’t we be doing something?!

TANABE: Don’t ask me! Yuri, don’ you know?

YURI: We should contact the OSA.

FEE: If they keep this up… If they keep getting between me and my smokes…

YURI: Huh?



HACHI: Oh! It switched to autopilot! Hey! Fee! Hey!

FEE: Don’t screw with me! My smoker’s seat is just about fixed and ready, and now you bastards want to do this?


[—Control Section—]

MAN: Bogey’s changing speed! It stopped accelerating!

MAN: Velocity: 6.1km/s!

MAN: Sir, it’s on an intercept orbit with the station! We’re going to collide!

OFFICER: I just can’t believe that we were their target instead of Nine.

MAN: We have a tentative course projection! Estimate Impact in seven minutes! Sir!

MAN: Calm yourself! We’ll be fine. Seven can withstand an impact.

MAN: But, sir, Seven is undergoing environmental maintenance now.


MAN: Oxygen pressurization is at absolute maximum. If we’re hit by large debris now, it’ll cause Seven to hold blaze and blow the station to pieces!


TANABE: We’re too far away to help, Hachi. So, what’ll we do now?

HACHI: Oh, now I get it. They’re going for the Kessler Syndrome.

TANABE: What’s that?

HACHI: Creating debris that creates more debris. When debris collides with an artificial celestial body, parts break off of it. When that happens, those fragments slam into other objects, creating even more fragments. A single piece of debris can generate billions of other pieces in a very short time.

TANABE: So what would happen if something as big as Seven were to break up?

HACHI: The Earth would be surrounded by debris, and it’d be completely cut off from space.

TANABE: Oh, no!



MAN: The bogey is accelerating randomly! They can’t keep a lock on it!

MAN: It’s broken through our laser fire zone!

MAN: 140 seconds until recharge! 120 seconds to impact!

MAN: Get the civilian ships evacuated! They get top priority!

OFFICER: What are our portside lasers doing?! That’s right, I sent them to Nine.

MAN: It’s still heading for Seven!


FEE: You rotten lowlife Space Defense Front sons of bitches! It’s the only place that 400km where I can have a smoke!


MAN: Where the hell are those missiles?!

MAN: Three missiles are already en route to intercept! 152 seconds to target!

MAN: What’re you saying? Impact is in 100 seconds, you idiot!


HACHI: If Seven breaks up, this area’s gonna be crawling with debris. Climb into this and wait for rescue!

TANABE: But what about you, Sempai?

HACHI: I’ll gain altitude and slip by.

TANABE: Have you lost your mind?! You’d never be able to climb high enough in time!

HACHI: If you die out here, it’ll break Cheng-Shin’s heart, got it?

TANABE: Yeah, well, don’t make Lucie cry over you, too, okay?


CLAIRE: DS-12, you’re on an adjacent orbit! Please get clear! DS-12, do you read? Stand by for rescue operations!

FEE: We just got her fixed, and now this?!

MAN: Is this station a damned giant tortoise?! You have 70 seconds to alter our altitude!

MAN: It’s impossible!

MAN: Impact imminent!


HACHI: Look! She asked me to do her a favor!

TANABE: Yeah, what?!

HACHI: To hold on tight to you! That’s what!



MAN: The mass catcher won’t deploy in time!

MAN: – 30 seconds to impact!

MAN: – It’s going to hit!

MAN: Brace for impact!

OFFICER: We couldn’t stop it…

MAN: New bogey is closing in fast!


MAN: It’s… It’s the DS-12! A debris retrieval ship!

HAKIM: Toy Box, huh?


FEE: Don’t mess with me today, you sons of bitches… Suck on this!

FEE: Hahahaha- How was that gone!


MAN: Bogey is moving off! It missed us!.

MAN: Collision Alart is canceled. Disengaging emergency de-orbit burn.

OFFICER: W-We made it, then?

MAN: Both of them are falling down to Earth.


MAN: The bogey and DS-12 are both starting to enter the atmosphere! They’re burning up!



HACHI: So anyway, the OSA says they want to give you a commendation. Uh, well, I guess it turned out okay in the end. But it was luck that saved your ass over there! Just a damn luck! You’re a real lunatic and Toy Box wasn’t designed to enter the atmosphere, damn it!

YURI: You might have skipped off and thrown into another orbit.

TANABE: Did you even consider what you’d do if the escape mechanism on Toy Box broke when you rammed into the debris?

HACHI: So, buddy, tell me, what’re we supposed to fly around in now, huh? Hey, you’re paying attention?! Hey! You listen! You’re the one who’s always yelling at me for being reckless, so what the hell are you doing?! When push comes to shove, you’re worse than I ever …

FEE: You know, guys. It’s such a wonderful thing to be alive, don’t you think?

HACHI: Whatever!