プラネテス第9話 “心のこり”

プラネテス第9話"心のこり" / Planetes episode09 “Regrets" 英語版スクリプトです。


MONOLOGUE: Abandoned artificial satellites. Tanks jettisoned from shuttles. Refuse generated during space station construction. This vast amount of junks floating in space, Space Debris, is a very serious threat to everything in orbit. This is a story of 2075, a time in which this space debris has become a major problem.


TANABE: So, this is the last of it, right, Sempai? Hm? Go to a private channel? Sempai? You want to tell me something in secret? Badmouthing our bosses isn’t–

HACHI: It’s not that!


HACHI: I-ah…Tanabe…I was just wondering.. Are you seeing anybody?

TANABE: Um…what do you mean by that?

HACHI: C’mon, do I have to spell it out? I’m asking you if you have a boyfriend.

TANABE: Hm, yeah, I knew that. That isn’t what I meant. I…am-

HACHI: Tanabe, hold that thought! Behind you! It’s the OSA! I wonder what that patrol ship wants with us? Don’t make any funny moves. They’ll arrest us.

TANABE: You kidding!

HACHI: Things have been pretty hairy lately, what with the Space Defense Front and all.


TANABE: Nah! Oh, my…what control.

HACHI: We’re simple debris haulers. That’s all. We haven’t done anything wrong.

GIGALT: Never jump to conclusions, Hachimaki.


GIGALT: I taught you that? An astronaut always makes his decisions quickly, but very, very carefully.

HACHI: Sensei!



[—Debris Section—]

GIGALT: I’m Gigalt Gungulgash of the Orbital Security Agency. It is my pleasure to conduct security training exercises with you for the next 5 days.

TANABE: Am, ah, no, sir! The pleasure is all ours!

YURI: Gigalt, good to see you again.

PHILIPPE: It’s just like old times. How is the OSA?

GIGALT: Great. A real diamond in the rough just joined up. And I’m grinding down his rough edges.

FEE: That diamond in the rough has my sympathies.

GIGALT: Hahahaha! Hello there, Hourglass! Still hitting the books as always?

EDEL: Yes, hitting them hard.

FEE: Oh, Tanabe, Gigalt worked as one of us up until two years ago.

HACHI: So, trying not to piss him off, okay? He’s the man who taught me everything I know about space.


TANABE: Oh, that’s why you call him Sensei.

GIGALT: Sorry for scaring you little lady. I’m Hachimaki’s old sensei.

TANABE: Oh, yes! I’m Ai Tanabe! So, you had a sensei, too, Sempai?

HACHI: Well, of course!

LAVIE: How about a welcome party? On the company’s tab, of course!

YURI: But Lavie, Gigalt is a public servant now.

LAVIE: Oh, no wining and dining?

GIGALT: Yeah, you’re the same as ever, Sunflower. Little lady has Sunflower’s shown you his ultimate party trick yet?

TANABE: Sunflower?

HACHI: He’s talking about Lavie. And Fee is Turbo Lighter. The Chief is Marshmallow.

GIGALT: I’m not too good at remembering names, so I give people nicknames that I can remember. But, it looks like Hachimaki is the only one that stuck.

TANABE: Wait, so, you’re the one who gave him the name of Hachimaki?

GIGALT: Yep, I guess I felt bad calling him “rookie" all the time.

TANABE: Rookie, huh.

HACHI: Yeah, rookie. You got some sort of problem with that?


[—Meeting Room—]

MAN1: For the next month, we’ll be hosting these four security instructors from the Orbital Security Agency. They will in turn observe each department. Those of you Control Section Group B are scheduled for two weeks from now. However, they will be on company grounds at all times. So, obey the regulations scrupulously and watch what you say and do.

DOLF: I assume I can count on you to provide our report for the Orbital Security Audit?

MAN1: Well, um, I still have to work out next quarter’s critical work orbits, so don’t …

MAN2: And I still have all those contract drafts to prepare.

MAN3: And also the month-end invoice deadline is next week.

CLAIRE: Let me see to the report, sir.

MAN1: But you’re overseeing all the shipping related to the tandem mirror project.

CLAIRE: Yes, I can handle it. Let me take care of it, sir.

DOLF: All right. I’ll leave the matter in your hands.

CLAIRE: Thank you.



CHENG-SHIN: I’m sorry, Lucie, I already have plans that day.

LUCIE: Hey, Cheng-Shin, you… you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

CHENG-SHIN: No, I don’t. But there’s a girl I’m interested in.

LUCIE: This girl…It’s Tanabe?



GIGALT: Planting high-impact explosives inside station rescue pods is the Space Defense Front’s latest M.O. They should be inspected regularly.

GIGALT: These are the tools of your trade. Always make sure that you can conduct one last check yourselves.

GIGALT: Too slow! You need to do it in less than 10 minutes without a dressing frame.

HACHI: Work with the suit’s inertia!

GIGALT: I want you to do in six!

HACHI: Yes, sir!

GIGALT: Got it now? You must keep the sun’s position memorized at all times!

Hachi/Tanabe: Yes, sir!

GIGALT: How many times do I have to tell you to eat your damn vegetables?

HACHI: Oh, c’mon, sensei!


GIGALT: Hachimaki, you must think you’re hot stuff, fight me like this…

HACHI: What are you talking about? Why, you…!

LAVIE: Hachi!

PHILIPPE: Gan-chan!

PHILIPPE: Yes! You did it!

HACHI: Son of a…Unfair, faking me out! Arm wrestling is supposed to be about brute force!


HACHI: It’s been two years and Sensei hasn’t changed one bit.

TANABE: So, it was Mr. Gungalgash who saved your life when you got in trouble on your first mission, huh? Sempai.

HACHI: Yeah. After I had my accident, I was terrified with going back out into space. The one thing that let me keep working this job was that Sensei taught me all the good things space has to offer.

TANABE: He must have been a great teacher.

HACHI: He was. That’s why I feel so indebted to him and respect him the way I do. Well, that’s not just because he’s some astronaut superman or something. I don’t know…it’s just…he means a lot to me. Yeah, that’s it.

TANABE: Please do the same for me.


TANABE: Well, sempai, as far as I’m concerned, you’re my Sensei.

HACHI: No way! To be a sensei, you gotta be a lot more amazing than me.


TANABE: Um, Sempai… about what you asked me earlier.

HACHI: Yeah?

TANABE: You asked, well…you asked if I was seeing anybody.

HACHI: Are you?

TANABE: No, I’m not!

HACHI: Oh… So, you aren’t…I see.



FEE: Do you know Mr.Roland?

GIGALT: Yes. I haven’t been able to get in touch with him lately though. You never had the honor of privilege of meeting him, did you? Now, I don’t mean to sound sentimental like Hachimaki. but Mr. Roland was like my own sensei.

FEE: Roland passed away just last month.


FEE: Hachi and I were with him when he died.

GIGALT: Accident?

FEE: No. Suicide. Or something kinda like it. He was worried that he’d be grounded because he had leukemia.

GIGALT: Leukemia… I see… You just never know how it’s gonna turn out with people, do you?



LAVIE: And now, everyone, let’s have a toast to Mr. Gigalt’s continued good health.

ALL: Kanpai!

TANABE: We’re really sorry. Your welcome party ended up being a farewell party instead.

HACHI: But you’ll be on Seven for another month, right? You’re going to Maintenance Section next.

GIGALT: I wouldn’t be saying my goodbyes quite yet. We still have a tomorrow’s mission, you know.

LAVIE: Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to bid each of everyone of you welcome to Lavie’s palace of illusions! And now my newest trick which utilizes Balloon Nora, behold the glorious spectacle of Rocket Nora!

GIGALT: Hey, watch it!


LAVIE: I can’t drink another drop…

TANABE: Sir, don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink?

GIGALT: No, I’m doin’ fine. Hey, Hakim, top me off. Would you…

HACHI: Hehe…who the hell are you calling Hakim [???]? I’m Hachimaki, remember? I guess you really can’t hold your booze like you used to, Sensei…

GIGALT: Hey, Hachimaki, I am meaning and ask you… How are things going…with Swan?

HACHI: Huh? what’re you taking about now, Sensei?

TANABE: Now, who’s Swan?

GIGALT: Isn’t it about time you found a woman and settled down?

TANABE: Who’s this “Swan" person?!

GIGALT: That girl in Control Section, who joined with him…

TANABE: Wait, do you mean Claire?!

GIGALT: Yeah, I think that’s what her name is…

TANABE: Sempai and Claire are going out? They’re like an item?!

HACHI: Hey, don’t ask the man stuff like that!

TANABE: So then tell me, are you?!

HACHI: It’s not like it really matters.

TANABE: Yes it does matter! You asked me the same question yourself! So give me a straight answer!

HACHI: That’s ancient history…We broke up, okay? There, you know. You happy now?


[—Residential Area—]

MAN: One of the OSA instructors will be coming to our section next week.

LUCIE: What a waste of time. Why do we need training?

TANABE: Hey, Lucie…I’m home now…

LUCIE: Tanabe, have you been drinking?

MAN: See you, Lucie.

LUCIE: Oh, bye.

TANABE: We were having a farewell party for Sempai’s sensei… Yeah, we all drank and drank…

LUCIE: Say, Tanabe?


LUCIE: There’s something I’d like talk to you about when I get back.

TANABE: Oh, I’ve got something to ask you, too.

LUCIE: Like what? Tanabe!

TANABE: Um…It can wait until your flight gets back.

LUCIE: You sure?

TANABE: Uh-huh… It feels like the room is spinning…

LUCIE: Yeah, well, you’re the one who’s spinning.



ANNOUNCE: Good morning to all regular shift crew workers. All ISPV-7 sections will now begin the first stage….

TANABE: Oh, good morning, sir! Wow, you’re here early!

GIGALT: Well, good morning. You did clear out the booze?

TANABE: Yes, I went to the sauna. I passed the alcohol check and everything!

GIGALT: Okay, that’s good. So, where’s Hachimaki?

TANABE: Sempai went back for his hachimaki, sir. Uh…this one, I mean.

GIGALT: Hahahaha…

TANABE: I suppose Sempai wears that hachimaki in order to look tough, but nobody can see it in his spacesuit.

GIGALT: It acts as a switch for him, you see.


GIGALT: He uses that hachimaki as a means to put himself in the proper frame of mind.

TANABE: Now that you mention it, he does seem a lot more serious when he’s on the job.

GIGALT: Not just while on the job. In his off-hours, too. Once he ties it around his head, nothing in the world can make him change his course. He thinks “It’s my job, so this is what I have to do," or “I’m a man, so this is something I’m not allowed to do."

TANABE: Right! I get it now!

GIGALT: I didn’t give him that nickname simply because he wears a hachimaki headband.

TANABE: I never thought of that!

GIGALT: Hahahaha…

TANABE: Um…sir? Can I ask you something?


TANABE: About Claire… I wonder why did you give her the nickname of “Swan"?


GIGALT: Ah, I guess I probably shouldn’t have said anything about it.

TANABE: Um… If you can’t tell me, I’ll understand.

GIGALT: Well, it’s… You know how swans always looking elegant and graceful as they glide quietly along the water? Just under the surface, their legs are going like crazy just paddling away.


GIGALT: You see? That swan lady pushes herself… too hard.


[—Control Section—]

MAN: Claire.


MAN: When can I expect to see that plan for the OSA?

CLAIRE: Soon. You’ll have it by the end of day.

MAN: You’re the one who volunteered to do it, so don’t expect any help from me.

CLAIRE: Right. I can handle it, sir.




TANABE: You know our debris assignment today is exactly the same age as I am. See I was born exactly one month to the day after it was launched.

FEE: Why is the debris showing a heat source? Huh? There’re two?

TANABE: Huh? I don’t get it.


FEE: Yeah, I know.


YURI: I’ll deploy the arm.

GIGALT: Good. Hop to it.

TANABE: Someone please tell me what’s going on?

FEE: Every once in a while, we run into guys like this.

TANABE: Are they another debris team?

HACHI: Yeah, but the opposite of us.

TANABE: Opposite?

GIGALT: They come up here and dump all sort of stuff like expended atomic fuel or toxic industrial waste.

HACHI: But if they just dumped it, sensors would detect it right away. So they attack it to other debris to make it look like it’s all one piece.

TANABE: Hey, wait a minute… Wouldn’t that be illegal?!

FEE: Yeah, which is why we’re gonna turn them in.

CLAIRE: Illegal dumping? Not during our security audit?

MAN: Hey! Contact the OSA!

CLAIRE: I’m on it.


FEE: You’re not getting away from me!

FEE: Okay, gotcha!

GIGALT: All right, that’ll be enough of that, you morons! This is the Orbital Security Agency!

MAN: Enough fooling anybody. You really think a bunch of junk jockeys can catch us?!


FEE: I think they gonna try to manually cut our arm away?

GIGALT: Ha! If you want a fight, we’ll give you one. Hachimaki!

HACHI: Right! Let’s do it!



MAN: This thing’s got a jumbo arm for docking, and a gantry crane, too!

MAN: What kind of ship is this?!

MAN: Look for the power cable! Hurry up and cut and loose that piece of crap’s arm! If we get caught, we’re gonna get 20 years [???]! Our active stealth is working, right?

MAN: The phase shifter is functioning, sir.

MAN: Okay, finish up before the OSA gets here!



TANABE: But why can’t I, Sempai? I wanna go there, too!

HACHI: I told you, this is no place for a rookie!

TANABE: I just don’t think this is a time for worrying about who’s a rookie!

HACHI: You can’t use a lifeline this time! You’re just gonna get in everybody’s way!


HACHI: Hey, Sensei! Let’s show’em what a team like you and I can really accomplish!

GIGALT: Hachimaki.

HACHI: Yes, sir.

GIGALT: No true spaceman ever raises his hand to a woman.

HACHI: Eh… was my butt.



MAN: Hurry it up, damn it! Finish up!

MAN: Get this thing cut loose!

MAN: It’s really tough material.

MAN: This ship is pretty old. Who uses an arm like that in this day and age-

MAN: Oh, you wanna start something, junk man?  Huh?


MAN: They sent out some people, huh?

MAN: Yes, sir. Two of them are driving us back.

MAN: What are our guys doing?! We’ve got seven people out there! All free hands, get outside the ship, and- What the–? They’re moving their ship!


[—Control Section—]

CLAIRE: DS-12, this is Seven. An OSA patrol vessel is currently en route to your position! Don’t try anything danger–

FEE: They won’t wait until that patrol boat shows up! Forward the ship’s orbital data to me! We’ll march them straight to the OSA!



MAN: It’s no use! We’re being dragged along!

MAN: What the hell is the broken down debris hauler doing with an enormous engine that powerful?! Hey! Haven’t you gotten that arm off yet?

MAN: It’s an old model, so it’s way bigger than ah–

HACHI: Pardon us for being so old!

HACHI: Adhesive? Must be what they were sticking their waste to the debris!

MAN: You’re not gonna take us in, not now and not ever!

GIGALT: Attempted murder. That’ll be another 25 years for you.

MAN: Then, I guess I don’t have anything to lose, do I?!

GIGALT: You dumb bastard!


HACHI: Sensei!

MAN: Ha! Forget about him! It’s yourself that you should be worrying about!

MAN: Hey! We can do him later! We have to cut that arm loose!

MAN: Damn…

GIGALT: Behave yourself, you piece of ship thruster…

HACHI: Sensei! Sensei Gigalt ! Do you read me?! Don’t worry, we’ll come get you! Fee! Get back there quick! Get back there! Sensei is in trouble!

GIGALT: Don’t make such a fuss, Hachi. Roland… I understand… You too…

TANABE: Mr. Gangulgash! Are you okay?

GIGALT: It’s Little lady?!

TANABE: Hurry! Grab on! You can do it!

HACHI: Tanabe! I told you to stay inside! Who the hell do you think you are?!

TANABE: A debris hauler of justice!


TANABE: We can’t just let those evil debris haulers get away with this! Right, Sempai?!

HACHI: What’s with all this good and evil crap all of a sudden?

TANABE: It’s important to me!

HACHI: What the hell are you talking about? Once you drop Sensei off back at Toy Box, I want you to come get me!

TANABE: Right! I’ll be right back!

HACHI: ASAP! You copy?!

TANABE: Oh, I copy.




FEE: Oh, crap! They’ve cut through the arm! Roll us over! Increase output!

YURI: We’re overheating! We can’t pursue.

FEE: Piece of junk!



MAN: Hahahahaha… Sorry to keep you waiting.

MAN: He can’t move. Let’s cook this guy nice and slow.

HACHI: Come and get some! Lemme show you what a debris hauler of justice is done!


OSA vessel: Attention! This is Orbital Security Agency patrol vessel Cresta-53. All unauthorized traffic in established shipping lanes is subject to boarding and inspection by the OSA.

MAN: I guess we took too long.

OSA vessel: Heave to immediately and obey all instructions from this vessel.

MAN: Sun of a…

OSA vessel: I say again, this is OSA patrol vessel Cresta-53. Heave…

MAN: Bastard!

MAN: Damn it!

HAKIM: Cease any and all resistance! Offer any further resistance, and we will resort to deadly force.

MAN: Aw… Damn it. All right, all right.

HACHI: That’s impressive.

HAKIM: Thank you your cooperation. Are you here by yourself? That was good work.

HACHI: We just held 'em for you, that’s all. Judging from those moves, you must be an OSA commander or something.


TANABE: Sempai! Are you okay?

HACHI: Yeah, the cavalry came to the rescue, just in time.

GIGALT: Sorry we took so long getting here, Hachimaki.

HACHI: Sensei!

HAKIM: What? Sensei, you’re here, too?


GIGALT: Oh, is that you, Hakim?

HAKIM: Yes, sir. Oh, yeah, it’s Security Instruction Month, right?

GIGALT: I also dropped in to see how an old student was doing.

HAKIM: Sensei taught you, too?

HACHI: You, too?

HAKIM: Nice to meet you. I’m Hakim Ashmead.

HACHI: I’m Hachirota Hoshino. I’m a debris hauler.

GIGALT: This is a fine sight to see.

GIGALT: Two of my pupils working together to see a single job through. This means I can retire now and not have to worry about you any more.

HAKIM: It’s a little early for that, Sensei.

HACHI: You don’t plan on retiring and you know it.

GIGALT: You caught me. When you’re a spaceman, you retire when you die. Never forget that.

Hachi/Hakim: I copy.


[—Control Section—]

FEE: ETA will exceed 120 minutes behind schedule.

CLAIRE: See you in Bay Five in 150 minutes. Please comply with the Orbital Security Instructions for follow-up. And submit your final report by the end of the day. No one there was injured, were they?

FEE: Negative. Oh, and Astronaut Hoshino is having his statement taken.



TANABE: How long does it usually take for them to take your statement?

GIGALT: If you don’t mouth off to the officer, you’re done in 10 minutes.

TANABE: Ah-huh. Well, knowing Sempai, it’ll probably be more like half an hour, then. Okay, got it.

GIGALT: Hmm… Thank you very much, Angel.

TANABE: Huh… Angel? Do you mean that Angel is now my nickname?

GIGALT: Well, I certainly can’t keep calling you “little lady," can I?

TANABE: Oh…Thank you, sir. You’re very kind. But “angel" might not be appropriate for someone my age…

GIGALT: Oh, you don’t like it? In that case…

TANABE: Mr. Gungulgash! Were you hurt in the fight?!

GIGALT: No, I’m okay… I wasn’t hurt in the fight.


GIGALT: It’s cancer.

GIGALT: This kind of thing happens a lot when you’re out in space for a long time.

TANABE: I don’t believe it…

GIGALT: It’s already progressed way too far to be treatable. So, just keep this to yourself. Don’t tell Hachi.