プラネテス第6話 “月のムササビ”

プラネテス第6話 “月のムササビ" / PLANETES episode06 “The Lunar Flying Squirrels", 英語版スクリプトです。


narration: Abandoned artificial satellites. Tanks jettisoned from space shuttles.

 Refuse generated during space station construction. Debris of all shapes and sizes are traveling around the Earth at speeds approaching 8 km/s. Should this debris collide with a spacecraft, it could result in a terrible accident.

 For this reason, mankind has been confronted by the necessity of collecting this debris. This is a story of 2075, a time in which this space debris has become a major problem.


[—Moon Base—]

ANNOUNCEMENT: May I have your attention please…

Tanabe: Wow! Don’t you think this subtle floating sensation is the greatest feeling ever?

FEE: You mean how it’s not zero-G, but not one-G, either?

TANABE: Yeah! It feels like I’ve turned into some sort of fairy or something.

HACHI: Huh. Yeah, right. Fairy, my ass. More like a little devil.

TANABE: Make it “cute little devil", at least. Or, “Angel" is fine!

TANABE: Wow, Ahhh…

HACHI: Now you are a “Fallen angel"!

TANABE: Sempai, stop laughing and help me up, please.

FEE: Well, I’ll let you get her squared away. I gotta pop in the Third Division for a quick visit, and I’ll join you.

TANABE: Thank y…

HACHI: Psyche! Gotcha!

TANABE: What are you, a child? Don’t tease me like that!

HACHI: You’re the one who’s a kid! Making such a big deal out of this place.

TANABE: Big talk from a guy who made all those red circles in his guide book!



[—Moon Base—]

HACHI: The level we’re on now has various companies and government administration buildings. Shopping centers and residential areas are below that.  In other words, the bigwigs are up on top, and the commoners all live down below among the teaming masses.  Speaking of which, where’s the place you’re renting?

TANABE: The chief rented it for me, let me check…  Here it is! Arnould Area, 3-14, Room 4.

HACHI: In that case, I’ll walk you partway there, I guess. We’re going in the same direction.

TANABE: Hey, are you renting a place in the Arnould Area, too?

HACHI: Nah, I have an appointment at the Grand Hotel nearby. The chief asked me if I would deliver this.


[—Hotel Area—]

MAN: Aren’t we early? We still have more than two hours.

WOMAN: Hey, it takes a little while to get dressed up, you know. Besides, I wanna have some time to unwind before we do that.

CLERK: Welcome to the hotel.

WOMAN: Thanks. We have a reservation under the name “Sullivan".

CLERK: Yes, Of course, Miss. Sullivan. We’ve been expecting you. I’ll see to your luggage.

MAN: No need for all that fuss… This boy hardly seems like the formalwear type…


[—3rd Division—]

 FEE: I’m Carmichael, from the Second Division. I’m here about the end of the month balance sheet for the…


FEE: Oh! You transferred here?

EX-COWERKER: I just couldn’t keep up with those lifers.  For a guy from a small company like me, the numbers and pressures were just way too much.

FEE: Huh…

EX-COWERKER: What’s Dolf up to now?

FEE: He’s still a man who lives for his job.

EX-COWERKER: That man is amazing.  I mean he’s doing so well for himself. But a department head at the big company like Technora. I hear he’s in line for the board of directors!

FEE: Really? I don’t know. I don’t keep up with the gossip.

EX-COWERKER: That man is something else. He always was amazing, even back in the old days. The two of us are like night and day, you know?  Hey, why don’t we go get some dinner or something?  We can reminisce about old times!

FEE: Ah…



MAN: You pig! You brought a man home while I was away again!

WOMAN: If you don’t like it, try being at home once in a while!

MAN: What did you say!?

WOMAN: Shut up! You deadbeat, loser!


HACHI: Here we are… Welcome to your new home.


HACHI: See ya.

TANABE: What?! Wait, you’re leaving already?

HACHI: I told you. I have to be there by four.




 HACHI: See, I told you. That place is perfectly normal.

TANABE: Since you’ve come this far already, walk me the rest of the way to my room, okay? You have plenty of time before… You see that!? There’s something weird about this place…

HACHI: Oh, relax. It’s just a strange door chime.

TANABE: What about those, then!

HACHI: Ninja… caltrops?

KOGA NINJA: Exactly right! Your eyes are indeed sharp, my good visitors! First, allow me to offer you my compliments.

HACHI: Um… Tanabe? What does he look like?

TANABE: What do you mean? He is a ninja! I don’t see what else he could be.


KOGA NINJA: Hark into my words! I am a Koga Ninja! I am known by all in this life as kogenta the mist!

TANABE: You hear that? I was right. He says so, too.

HACHI: Ninja’s never said “Hark into my words".

KOGA NINJA: Iga cross attack!

TANABE: Sempai! He is the real thing!

HACHI: Yeah, a real head case if you ask me… Let’s go! You gotta be kidding me! Ugh!


KOGA NINJA: Yeah, Haaaaaa….

HACHI: Good for you, Tanabe! Looks like you’ve got a fun neighbor!

TANABE: What makes you say that!?

HACHI: Gotta go now.

TANABE: How can you be so irresponsible?!

ORANGE NINJA: Ninpo Wall-Walking!

TANABE: Another weirdo has just showed up!

HACHI: Come on! This way!

SUMO NINJA: It’s no use! There is no escape from us! Have a taste of the astonishing Human Throwing Star!

BROWN NINJA: Iron cudgel!

PURPLE NINJA: Finishing now, with Flying Fans! Haihaihaihaihai!!!

HACHI: Just pretend you don’t see him!

FROG NINJA: Gamagoemon come forth!

HACHI: Ignore him! Ignore him!

TANABE: That’s kinda strange! It looks like some of them aren’t ninjas!

HACHI: Seeing ninjas in the first place is strange!


PHILIPPE:  Huh? What was that, Hachi?

HACHI: I’m talking about Tanabe’s living quarters! You leased it for her, right?

PHILIPPE: That’s right. It came highly recommended for Japanese people.

HACHI: Recommended, my ass!

PHILIPPE: I told you it’s at 4 o’clock today, right, Hachi? It’s already 3:30 over there.

HACHI: There’s bigger things to worry about!

PHILIPPE: But I’ve already spoken to the other party, and they’re expecting you to arrive…

HACHI: Chief, listen!

KOGA NINJA: Ninpo, Flying phone booth attack!

TANABE: No way!



MAN: Mr. Hoshino certainly is late, isn’t he?

WOMAN: They said that he would be arriving on the moon today so it’s possible that his flight was delayed.

LADY: Another water over here, please!


[—Hotel Area—]

HACHI: Damn it! Don’t you understand! I have to be in the hotel by four!

KOGA NINJA: Transcendent ninpo tossing in agony technique!

NINJAs: Yokozuna banzai!

HACHI: What the hell is wrong with you people?!

HACHI: Cha-shu-men!

HACHI: I’ve just about had it with you, so give it a rest, you lunatic freaks!

KOGA NINJA: Manji-gatame!



NINJAs: Rally-Ho!

KUNGHOO NINJA: That man is disappeared!

PURPLE NINJA: Where’s he vanished to?!

KOGA NINJA: Look to the rear!

TANABE: Sempai!

HACHI: I’m through with you guys! Enough is enough! Secret arts! The white rabbit of I-N-A-B-A!

HACHI: I’m outta here.


HACHI: Oh, men! You little…

NINJAs: You got us!

KOGA NINJA: The way of the true warriors to be found in death…


[—City Area—]

LUCIE: But, don’t you think that the people in Debris Section are a little bit rowdy?

Cheng-Shin: He may not look it, but ever since Hachi started working with that new girl, Tanabe, he’s really settled down…

HACHI: Yeah!!! Flying butterfly!

KOGA NINJA: You swine!

PURPLE NINJA: Come back and fight us!

LIGHT NINJA: Fair and square!

BROWN NINJA: Flying monkey!



KUNGHOO NINJA: Acho-, acho-!!

TANABE: Sempai! Wait!

Cheng-Shin: Uh, okay then…


SUMO NINJA: Uchari! Still fighting?

PURPLE NINJA: Then, now use my black magic!

LIGHT NINJA: Wait, wait! Let me take my turn!

BROWN NINJA: Hey! Smoke bombs are for good now!

FROG NINJA: The ninja mandala’s what’s needed here!?

HACHI: Secret arts! Nimpo Giant-Rolling-Ball!

TANABE: Sempai! What the heck are you thinking!?


HACHI: Woaaaaaa!!

TANABE: Sempai! Sempai! Say something! Sempai…!

NINJAs/TANABE: A one and a two and a heave-ho!

TANABE: Sempai…!

KOGA NINJA: Hey! Are you alive!?


KOGA NINJA: We’re sorry. When we heard a Japanese person was coming, I guess we got a little too enthusiastic.

UKON: And you were wearing the hachimaki headband of a ninja!

YOKOZUNA: We wanted a real live Japanese person to see our moves!

GENNOJO: So then… What’d you think of our ninpo?

SANJI: I heard that everyone in Japan has a black belt. Is that right?

CHANG: Once you reach the upper ninja ranks, you get to marry a geisha girl, right?

HACHI: Geez… Who taught you this crap…?

KOGA NINJA: Oh, female ninja. Maison de Yashiki bids you welcome!

YOKOZUNA: You are living there, aren’t you?

UKON: I’m Crimson Ukon, room 3. But my real name is Macleod.

GENNOJO: I’m Gennojo the Missionary, also room 3.

SANJI: Sanji the Monkey. I’m in room 3.

JIRAIYA: Jiraiya of Hida. Room 3 as well!

CHUNG: Dragon Chung! I’m in room 3, too!

TANABE: You mean you all live in room 3?

WORKER: Hey!!!  You guys snuck in here again, didn’t you!?

KOGA NINJA: We’re sorry!

JIRAIYA: Thanks for the work the other day!

GENNOJO: You feel free to call on us again, anytime!

WORKER: I have all the people I need!

SANJI: Oh, you do, huh? Sorry!

CHUNG: Sorry to bother you!


UKON: We helped out on a construction job there a while ago.

JIRAIYA: We can use ninpo techniques, right? That’s why they came to us for help.

TANABE: Uh-huh…

LAUNDRY CLERK: Hey, you! You better do something about your dry-cleaning bill!

KOGA NINJA: We’re sorry, mom, really! We’ll pay you next month for sure!

LAUNDRY CLERK: Yeah until you pay up, you’re not getting back the clothes you left here.

KOGA NINJA: I have a heart! I have a job interview tomorrow.

LAUNDRY CLERK: You’ll just get turned down again. Suit or no suit it, it’ll all end the same damn way. So you can just go there dressed like that!

OFFICER: So, playing ninja again, are we? Why don’t you go and get jobs, you losers!?




ANNOUNCEMENT: This is an announcement…


HACHI: I’m here. Sorry, I’m so late. Oh yeah. I have something from my section chief. Here.

AUNTIE: My! What a lovely get-acquainted gift from Mr. Hoshino! Wasn’t that thoughtful of him.

HACHI: Um, I wasn’t the one who…

Miss. Sullivan: Wow! It’s so beautiful, thanks!

HACHI: Um, I didn’t…

AUNTIE: Mr. Hoshino, may I introduce Miss. Citta Sullivan. She came all the way to the moon with her father when he was transferred here.  You seldom see such devotion in children these days.

HACHI: Right…

AUNTIE: Everyone, this is Hachirota Hoshino. He works for Technora.

Mr. Sullivan: Hi, that’s a large company. I bet you have a steady income. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hoshino.

AUNTIE: Now then, we should give these youngsters some time to themselves.

HACHI: What?! Hey! Wait…! I didn’t…

Miss. Sullivan: You know, I just love everything about Japan!

HACHI: Look, there’s been a…

Miss. Sullivan: Excuse me, Hoshino. I’ll only be a minute.

HACHI: Hey, uh… What is this…?

Mr. sullivan: Honestly, thank you for finding such an excellent match for my daughter.

woman in suit: Oh, please think nothing of it. Your daughter is quite lovely…

Miss. Sullivan: This time I’m gonna make it work!



TANABE: You really do all live here in room 3, don’t you…?

KOGA NINJA: It’s embarrassing to say it, but all of us here are unemployed.


KOGA NINJA: Since we don’t have jobs, we’ve got spare time on our hands. That’s how we all ended up getting hooked on ninja movies.

JIRAIYA: We’ve gravity one-sixth G, we can do the ninpo moves here!

SANJI: Don’t get us wrong, we did have jobs at first.

KOGA NINJA: A businessman asked us to come here for herium-3 extraction jobs. He said that the money would be good. In another words, we came to make money.

TANABE: And that’s why you’re here?

YOKOZUNA: My wife and I just had a third baby, so I jumped at it.

CHUNG: My store had just gone out of business.

GENNOJO: I had co-signed a loan for an old friend…

JIRAIYA: I needed the money to pay off debts.

 UKON: I had big dreams about working here…

KOGA NINJA: But the businessman I told you about ripped off the mining operation and skipped town with all our pay.

 We took the fall and the company fired us…

TANABE: Then you can get out there and look for new ones! Like ilmenite mining or working the dry-docks!

KOGA NINJA: But to get a job on the moon, you need to have a worker visa.

UKON: See the problem is we came here on tourist visas.

TANABE: What…?

KOGA NINJA: It was our own fault for letting that businessman handle our visas, too…

JIRAIYA: We got no money to get back to Earth…

SANJI: We manage to stay fed by taking odd jobs…


CHUNG: He-he. Hey, having the girl ninja here really brightens the place up!

GENNOJO: Uh-huh! Girl ninjas are the best!

JIRAIYA: It’s dull with no one but guys around.

YOKOZUNA: A name! We did a name for her! Something nice!

UKON: This time, let’s make it flowery! Like Shirogane, or Kocho.

TANABE: This time?

SANJI: Yeah! We used to… Um…

KOGA NINJA: My wife used to live here with us and act as our girl ninja. Well, I suppose she isn’t my wife anymore.  See, she left me. I can’t say I blame her. After all, I couldn’t… support the woman I love.

TANABE: A police car?

SANJI: Maybe it’s an ambulance.

KOGA NINJA: No, look. It’s the fire department train…



FIRE FIGHTERS: Stand back! It’s dangerous! Hey! Do something about little those onlookers! They’re verifying IDs over at the tent! Clear the way!


KOGA NINJA: Father?  Are you all right?

Mr. Sullivan: My daughter’s divorce with you has gone through. You have no business calling me father now.

KOGA NINJA: But, you said that if I found myself a decent job, then you’d reconsider, right?

Mr. Sullivan: I set up a meeting! To make certain she wouldn’t get involved with another piece of trash like you!

KOGA NINJA: You mean… A marriage meeting?!

Mr. Sullivan: Darn! She could’ve had a happy life if she hadn’t ignored my wishes and married the likes of you! And we wouldn’t have had to pick a husband at this crappy hotel!

KOGA NINJA: Wait a second…! Are you telling me that she’s still in there?!

Mr. Sullivan: You lowlife! You 'n’ your toys! What good are you and your ninpo crap if you can’t even make one girl happy!!! You, you pauper! You screwup! You nobody! You loafer! You no talent, no life! You got no money! No social standing and no job! And on top of that, you think you’re a ninja?! You no husband! You’re lowlife! Lowlife! Lowlife!

TANABE: He has “love"! Even if he’s a ninja, even with no money, if he’s got love, it’ll work out!! No matter what social standing or fortune you’ve got, if you don’t have “love", you are a failure as a husband!

Mr. Sullivan: Who in the blazes are you?!

TANABE: With love, even bread scraps are a feast! Even fancy dresses won’t make her happy…


UKON: Chieftain…?

KOGA NINJA: I can do this alone…

UKON: We aren’t really lowlifes, are we, chieftain?

CHUNG: Two girl ninjas are better than one, right?

JIRAIYA: Come on, chieftain! Let’s show 'em! Let’s show 'em what ninpo can do!

KOGA NINJA: You bunch of fools…!

TANABE: Why won’t you even try to understand!? Come on! Say something, chieftain! I… Huh?


[—Inside Building—]

Miss. Sullivan: Damn it! Who the heck cut the power?!

HACHI: I found a blade!

Miss. Sullivan: Hurry! Hurry!

HACHI: Let’s go! This place is already filling up with smoke!

Miss. Sullivan: Uh-huh!



NINJAs: Ninnpo!!


[—Inside Building—]

GENNOJO: Chieftain, this way is no good…  We’d better find another way to get there.

KOGA NINJA: Yeaaaah!

UKON: All right! Let’s follow his lead!

ninjas: Right!




NEWS: The scene of the fire is…

AUDIENCE: Oh wow! Looks like that hotel had second-rate firefighting equipment…

FEE: Huh?



HACHI: Forget it! The smoke’s too thick! We’ll never make it!

Miss. Sullivan: But there’s thick smoke everywhere! Where are we supposed to go now!?


Miss. Sullivan: What is it?

HACHI: Back to the kitchen!

Miss. Sullivan: Huh?!



UKON: Sunoko!

JIRAIYA: Fusuma!

SANJI: Sudare!



Mr. Sullivan: My daughter, my daughter! She hasn’t come down yet!

TANABE: Or the ninjas!

FIRE TRAIN: Clear the way, please! Everybody, please clear the way!



JIRAIYA: Chieftain!

KOGA NINJA: I’m all right… I just inhaled a little smoke, that’s all…

SANJI: The way back is blocked with smoke, too, chieftain…

KOGA NINJA: Is this… Is this the end for us…?



KOGA NINJA: O-rin! Is that you?!

Miss. Sullivan: Kogenta!?

HACHI: Huh?! Ninjas?! What are you doing here?!

KOGA NINJA: Mr. Hachimaki! You saved my wife?

HACHI: No… We have these to thank. A solution of calcium peroxide. Basically, if we add it to the fertilized water for the plants here, it’s generates oxygen. We were lucky, they also had some ceramic pots laying around here, too.

CHUNG: Come to think of it, Tanabe said you were astronauts!

UKON: Oh, I get it! Those things are kinda like homemade space suits.

HACHI: If we just had back the way you came in, we should be able to get out of here.

SANJI: We can’t go back… The way back is pretty much impossible to get through now.

HACHI: What!?

Miss. Sullivan: So you’re saying that there’s nowhere to run?! What the hell did you come up here for, then!

KOGA NINJA: No, we’ll be fine! All is possible for a ninja!

MEN: Huh?



Mr. Sullivan: You professionals, aren’t you?! Get in there, and save my daughter!

TANABE: Give me your fire suit! I’ll go in myself!

WOMAN: Oooooh!





FIGHTER FIGHTER: What?! Ninjas?!

TANABE: They’re kidding, right? Even at one-sixth G, jump from there… They wouldn’t!


KOGA NINJA: Wind, woods, fire 'n’ mountain! the Ninja Eight: Taika-no-Kaishin! Mang-gan-zen-seki!

TANABE: Don’t do it!!!

KOGA NINJA: Ultimate secret technique!

Miss. Sullivan: Haaaaah!

KOGA NINJA: Mist ninpo! Form secret into cosmic flying squirrel!


FIRE FIGHTER: You’ve gotta be kidding…

TANABE: Even at one-sixth G, they’re still…

Mr. Sullivan: NINJA!!!

PEOPLE: Ninjas? Did he say Ninjas?! It’s Ninjas! What? Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!

HACHI: Ha-ha!!! Ninja!!! Ha-ha-ha!!!



SANJI: Boy, landings sure are tough, aren’t they?

JIRAIYA: Yeah, your weight really hits all at once when you touch down.

HACHI: What the hell is going on here?! Chief!

PHILIPPE: If I had told you it was a marriage meeting, would you have agreed to go?

HACHI: Of course not! As if I’d ever get married!

Mr. Sullivan: Are you saying that my daughter’s not good enough?!

KOGA NINJA: Father, I’ll work hard to make her happy, so you don’t have to worry.

Miss. Sullivan: Let’s get one thing straight right now, we’re divorced! And a real ninja name is something like “Saizo"! What kind of name is “Kogenta", anyway!?

TANABE: Chief… Exactly how many months is the lease on my apartment for?

CHUNG: So, when are you planning to move in, Ai?

PHILIPPE: Right now, it’s for two years! The key money I paid would’ve gone to waste, otherwise!

GENNOJO: I got it! How about “Shooting Star Ai"?

TANABE: Come on, guys. I’m not your girl ninja…

CHUNG: Do you have a paring knife or something?

JIRAIYA: No, I have a throwing knife!

GENNOJO: Hey! I thought they said that they don’t allow those in here.

Mr. Sullivan: He’s treating my daughter like dirt, just because she’s a divorcee…

AUNTIE: You know, Mr. Hoshino was O-rin’s 49th space marriage meeting. The next one will be 50 even! I’m sure we’ll find a life one over there.

KOGA NINJA: O-rin, honey!

Miss. Sullivan: Go away!


UKON: Ninpo flying pillow!

SANJI: Flying pillow catch!

JIRAIYA: Ninpo flying pillow return!

GENNOJO: A bitter pillow to swallow!

CHUNG: Ninpo pillow power!


HACHI: Ninpo is hereby forbidden! It’s banned!!!