プラネテス第3話 “帰還軌道”

プラネテス第3話 “帰還軌道" / Planetes Episode03 “Return Trajectory" の英語スクリプトです。

OPENING: Abandoned artificial satellites. Tanks jettisoned from space shuttles. Refuse generated during space station construction. This vast amount of junks floating in space, Space Debris, is very serious threat to everything in orbit. This is a story of 2075, a time in which this space debris has become a major problem.



[—Debris Section—]

TANABE: Hmm… Sempai, what do you think I should write here?

HACHI: What are you asking me for?

TANABE: Everyone says that you’ve sent in more written apologies than anyone else. So I just thought…

HACHI: I did, huh?

TANABE: Sempai?

HACHI: Yeah, fine. Write down exactly what I say.


HACHI: Sorry about nearly screwing up your flight the other day. But we might end up doing it again little soon, so just bear with us, okay?"

TANABE: Sempai, you know the girls won’t like you with that attitude.

HACHI: Yeah, nobody asked you. Girls looking for quality like me. They say, “I’ve been wathcing you. I’ve worried myself sick with you out there working such a dangerous job, oh!"

TANABE: You were like this during the “my spaceship" incident. Why are all of your stupid fantasies like something out of a bad comic book!

HACHI: Look here, rookie! How about showing your Semapi a little respect-


INSURER LADY: Hi, hello there, Mr. Hachirota Hoshino!

HACHI: Um…Yeah! Hello, can I help you, Miss?

INSURER LADY: Well, I’ve had my eye on you for ages.


INSURER LADY: I just worry myself sick with you out there working such a dangerous job.

HACHI: Well, I…

INSURER LADY: There are so many things I want you to tell me about yourself.

HACHI: Sure, anything I can do to help!

INSURER LADY: Great! then, would you sign this?


INSURER LADY: You mustn’t let your guard down just because you’re young! Out of space is full of danger. Cosmic life insurance is always there for you, right?

TANABE: Insurance?

HACHI: Get out!

INSURER LADY: Oh, I just love how you play hard to get.


TANABE: Wow, there are insurance sales people, even in space.

FEE: Yeah, especially at this time of year.

TANABE: This time of year?

INSUERER MAN1: Naturally accidents are fully covered as all of your family medical expenses.

PHILIPPE: Like I said, I already have an insurance.

INSURER MAN2: That’s not true at all, friend. My company’s insurances are unlike any other insurances that’s come before. Guarantee!

LAVIE: They say that, but it’s the same old thing every year. Hey Hachi, here you go. This one’s yours.

HACHI: Oh, men. what a pain in the ass… Just use the one I turned in last year.

LAVIE: It’s a company policy that you have to make a new one every year. Here, this one is yours, Tanabe.

TANABE: Uh, thanks. What is it?

LAVIE: Last will and testament.


LAVIE: Once you’ve written it and then put it in the envelope, seal it up, and turn it in. The deadline is the end of the week.

TANABE: Last will and testament? Wait a minute! You mean that thing you write when you die?

LAVIE: Yeah, that’s right.

HACHI: In this job, there’s no telling when you might die.

FEE: Yeah, you almost died a while back, remember?

TANABE: You kidding.

INSURER MAN1: That’s right. Life insurances is for those “You’re kidding" time in life.

INSURER MAN2: Preparedness brings peace of mind. And it can really lower your tax bill, too.

TANABE: Fee? What should I do about the insurance?

FEE: Ah, it’s your call. “Will Season" is when they make their money, so I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you all about it. It’s also a good opportunity to give some thought to what’ll happen after you die and stuff.



ANNOUNCE: All insurance company personnel, please make sure to register with reception. Permits are valid for all one-G and zero-G blocks so long as they are under Technora jurisdiction.


INSURER1: A small premium will give you life long coverage! It’ll give you peace of mind in your golden years!

INSURER LADY: You’ll recoup your investment once it reaches maturity, so you get the best deal by signing up these things while you’re still young. Oh, how about you, young man?

VEGA WORKER: No thanks, I’m with Vega Corp, so I-


INSURER LADY: Oh, I’ll be seeing you next month, then!

INSURER3: My company is rated AAA, so you got to choose mine.


INSURER4: Just try for three months! Three months if you’d choose, I’ll give you all the little customer gifts I have!

CHENG-SHIN: Well, then three months, I suppose I can try it…

INSURER4: Thank you, sir!

CHENG-SHIN: I can’t breathe! I’m sorry!

INSURER5: Hey! Wait!

INSURER6: But I have a quota to meet!

INSURER4: Thank you very much, sir!



LAVIE: Yah, the most annoying season of the year is here again, ain’t it, Chief?

PHILIPPE: When you hear those agents give their spiel, you somehow end up signing something.

LAVIE: We’re in Debris Section, but we mostly do desk work, you know.

PHILIPPE: And I’m starting to get to ready to retire, so the last thing I need is expensive insurance I can’t afford.

LAVIE: Hey, Chief! I got a great idea! You want to hear it?


LAVIE: Operation “Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Hear no Evil.”


LAVIE: If we do that, they can’t sell us anything!

PHILIPPE: Hey! That is a good idea!

LAVIE: Isn’t it? I was up all last night coming up with it.

PHILIPPE: Wow! Lavie! Look down!

LAVIE: Aw! oh, oh! I’m so sorry!

PHILIPPE: Forget about that! Just put the thing way!

LAVIE: Yes, sir!


[—Debris Section—]

TANABE: “Dear Mom and Dad, please forgive the sadness I’ve caused by dying before you." Hmm… “Dear Dad. Rock music doesn’t really work with funerrals, so maybe…" That’s not good. “Write out your last will”, huh… Here’s a sudden time. Huh?

TANABE: What’s this?


HACHI: Who said that you could look at that, rookie?

TANABE: Well, you see… I was just… What is this?

HACHI: My last will.

TANABE: Huh? What?

HACHI: You were told to write one, too, remember? The due is the end of the week.

TANABE: Your will? Seriously?

HACHI: What, you get some sort of problem with that?

TANABE: Yeah, I do. A will is supposed to have things like parting words for parents or friends.

HACHI: I’ve got nothing to say.

TANABE: Of course, you do! You’re saying goodbye to everyone. You’re dead for heaven’s sake.

HACHI: It doesn’t matter what I write. Once I’m dead, it’s all over. That’s that.

TANABE: Ooh! That’s gonna be the coldest thing I’ve ever heard! If the people you left behind saw this, they’d break down crying! Really!

HACHI: You think so? I kinda think they’d burst out laughing.

TANABE: It’s no good! Rewrite it!

HACHI: Damn it. What did I ever do to deserve being lectured by the likes of you?

HACHI: Here. Happy now?

TANABE: Forget I said anything…



VANRY: All this stuff about last wills just isn’t hitting home for me, you know.

SHABO: Of course not. It’s not like we go out into space that often.

TANABE: Yeah, but my section does go out into space and it’s got me thinking.

LUCIE: What are the other Debris Section people writing in theirs? You know, like that Diper Guy, for instance.

TANABE: Oh, Sketch Boy, you mean..

SHABO: Why do you call him bad?

TANABE: The big jerk drew a stupid sketch as his last will! Don’t you normally write down a heartfelt words for the people who were important to you?

SHABO: Hm, I think what goes into a will is really up to the person writing it.

TANABE: I still don’t think it’s right.

LUCIE: I think you’re in love with him.

ALL: Huh?

LUCIE: Well, that person is on your mind a lot, isn’t he?

TANABE: Lucie, what are you talking about? Why are you trying to turn this into some kind of love affair?

LUCIE: Because I don’t believe that men and women can’t be “just friends" along. Hey, what about all those insurance salesmen, huh?

VANRY: That’s right. I got suckered into signing up for a marry couple’s plan.

SHABO: You’re getting married?

VANRY: No, I don’t date co-workers.

LUCIE: I like someday.

VANRY: Who? That pilot?

LUCIE: Yeah, Cheng-Shin.

VANRY: Really?

ALL: ahahaha



YURI: That’s the last of our interior maintenance work, right?

MAN: Yeah. Oh, and about my chief’s pet parakeet… Can I leave him with ya again?

YURI: You mean MacEnroe? Sure, no problem.

MAN: Sorry to keep pushing him off on you.

FEE: Yuri.

YURI: Yes?

FEE: I’m gonna go ahead and send a second Fishbone. There’s too much debris out there.

MAN: See ya.

YURI: I understand. Miss Tanabe probably can’t handle one yet, so I’ll take it out.

FEE: Thanks, that’s a big help. So, is our little Tanabe still writing her last will and testament?

YURI: Yes, and she seems to be agonizing over it. Should I offer her some advice?

FEE: No just leave her alone. What’s important isn’t what she writes. But she learns that this is a dangerous job that might get her killed.


[—Suppy room—]

TANABE: Semapi, about our last wills… I still don’t…

HACHI: Are you still busting your chops over that? Go with your gut with this stuff. You just gotta clear your head and get to writing.

TANABE: I tried, but can’t do it. When I start thinking about what I’ll leave to my parents and friends, or what I should leave, I…

HACHI: Leave behind, huh? Listen!


INSURER LADY: What they really want you to leave is money, am I right?

TANABE: Hey, wait, aren’t you…

HACHI: Not again…

INSURER LADY: So, have you thought it over yet?

HACHI: I’ll pass.

INSURER LADY: Like your friend here said just now, deciding what to leave behind for your loved one is the difficult question, isn’t it? But with money, they can convert it into all sort of things such as goods, naturally, but also medical treatments or an education.

HACHI: Um…I guess.

INSURER LADY: What makes one happy varies from person to person, right? So, don’t you think the best thing is leave it up to the person who’s gonna use it?

HACHI: Um…Sure.

TANABE: No, that’s not right at all!

INSURER LADY: Oh, is that so? What I think is better than saddling someone with something they don’t want and have it go to waste.

TANABE: This isn’t a question of gaining or losing things! I’m saying, to leave behind only money is way too sad to even think about.

INSURER LADY: Is that right? Okay, then, tell me what you plan on leaving your loved ones.

TANABE: All my love!

INSURER LADY: You, what?

HACHI: Love…?

TANABE: That’s it! That’s the answer! I should leave behind all my love! And love is insurance enough for me!

INSURER LADY: I see. Oh well then, to each his own, I suppose. I’ll see you again, Hachirota. Think it over, okay?

HACHI: Maybe if I get a bonus.

TANABE: Wow! Love is the answer all along.

HACHI: You know, in a sense, you’re pretty amazing.


HACHI: Or at least, unjaded.



HACHI: I have to tell ya I was impressed.

CHENG-SHIN: She’ll leave love, huh? The girl’s a real fine.

HACHI: You’re only laughing and saying that, because you don’t have to work with her. That girl is seriously scary

CHENG-SHIN: But I think she is right, though. You should put some thought into it when you’re writing your will.

HACHI: Maybe. But I sorta think you’re both wrong.


HACHI: Money or nice words or whatever, that’s just not what I want to leave when I’m gone. But when somebody ask me what I’m gonna leave behind, I don’t have an answer.


[—Debris Section—]

Insurer1: Rest assured, sir! We’re number one in the industry.

Insurer2: I’m begging you! If I don’t meet my quota this month, they said, I gonna- Chief! Chief!

PHILIPPE: Hang in there! I just need to make it through this one last season!

LAVIE: Don’t forget, it was me who came up this nice little plan to shut those guys out.

EDEL: Excuse me Chief, but this paperwork is all right, isn’t it?

PHILIPPE: This is great! Now I won’t sign up for insurance that I don’t need!

EDEL: Chief, did you hear me?

LAVIE: Oh, eh, yes, is it your recommend me as your replacement once you retire, okay?

EDEL: Maybe you can check this, Manager.


EDEL: Damn it, do your work.



TANABE: Sempai, I was wondering about that will…

HACHI: Crap, you’re persistent!

TANABE: I mean, your will! I’ve been thinking about it and, well, does a last will really have to be made up of words? Oops!

HACHI: Why do you think I drew a picture?

TANABE: No, what I mean is how about the video letters, something like that. Written words make you sound formal, but with a video letter, you could be lighthearted, like you’re calling your mom or your dad.

HACHI: I can’t do that! I can’t call my old man!

TANABE: Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

HACHI: Nah, he’s alive. Alive and kicking.

TANABE: Did you have a falling out? Aren’t you a little old to still be rebelling against him? You shouldn’t make him worry.

HACHI: Shut up! A stupid coworker doesn’t have any right to butt into my family life! You’re getting on my nerves with all your damn nagging!

HACHI: Yuri, I’m really glad we had you come out here to help. There is too much to handle for just me and the rookie.

FEE: Hey, guys, could I talk you into some overtime? Sorry about this, but there’s piece of debris that I want you to pick up. It looks like something that was on short-period cometary orbit and got dragged in by Earth’s gravitational pull. I bet it’s just some scrap metal or something.

HACHI: Well, we’ve already got a pretty big haul as it is…

FEE: They say there’s a research agency that wants it. Plus, you’re already in general vicinity.

HACHI: Oh, man…

FEE: Hey, quit your complaining. It’s research. Hm? What’s that?



[—Debris Section—]

ANNOUNCE: Preparedness is peace of mind!

ANNOUNCE: Accidents are covered, of course, …


INSURER MAN: Hello there, Miss! Have you settled on a company yet?

EDEL: No, I’m just a temp worker, so go away.

INSURER MAN: Oh, is that so? Well, I’ll leave a pamphlet on the desk just in case your status changes

EDEL: I don’t need any, jerk.


LAVIE: Sorry, I’ll leave you behind, Chief. But I gotta get out of here before the crush made a death.

INSURER LADY: How about it, sir? Shouldn’t you be thinking of your children’s future? Our tuition plan was put together with exactly that in mind. It’s a bargain!

LAVIE: Geez, how many of you people are there?



HACHI: Just as I thought…

TANABE: I don’t get it. What is that thing?

HACHI: Take a look

TANABE: Huh! It’s-It’s a….

HACHI: Holy crap, would you look at that expression…He’s actually smiling…

TANABE: Is that seriously?

YURI: Coffin from a burial in space. It’s written right here. “Astronaut Ibn Fadlan. Left port for infinite sea with his will. 2024." Interesting epitaph. That’s was right before space burials were banned.

HACHI: It’s a corpse from more than 50 years ago. I bet he was launched on heading to leave the solar system, but they miscalculated his trajectory.

TANABE: I see…

HACHI: He must’ve wanted to reach the edge of the universe, but he just couldn’t break free of the Sun’s gravity.



HACHI: The odds against this are incredible. It’s damn near miracle. On that orbit, the next rendezvous with Earth wouldn’t have been for another 700 years.

TANABE: So what’s going to be done with the body?

HACHI: I don’t know and I don’t care.

HACHI: Hey, our only job here is to collect space debris, end of story.

TANABE: What do you mean, debris? That’s someone’s body!

HACHI: What I think, any useless object floating around the space is debris.

TANABE: How can you be so cold hearted, Sempai? It’s proof that the guy was alive once.

TANABE: Treating him like a thing, you’re unbelievable!

HACHI: Hey, rookie! How long until your job description finally sinks in?


FEE: Nice going, guys. Good work.

TANABE: Hey, Fee, do you know what’s gonna happen to that body?

FEE: Control Section is trying to contact his next of kin. They said that legally speaking, the body belongs to his family.


[—Control Section/TOYBOX—]

MA’AM: You’re certain that it’s my father?

CLAIRE: Yes, ma’am. This is a most unusual case. Because the space burials was conducted prior to 2028. You would be able to re-bury him as a special exception.

MA’AM: Would it…

CLAIRE: Ma’am?

MA’AM: Would it be possible to speak to the people who found him?


FEE: Astronaut Fadlan’s daughter’s on the con?

CLAIRE: Yes, she said that she’d like to speak with you face to face, so I’m going to patch her through now. Do you copy?

FEE: I copy.

FEE: I’m the captain of the ship that recovered the astronaut Fadlan’s remains. My name is Fee Carmichael.

MA’AM: Well… I know this is an awkward question, but how did the father’s body look?

FEE: Huh?

MA’AM: I’m ashamed to say it, but I never looked at my father’s body when he died.

HACHI: He was smiling. There’s just a cease look like he must’ve had a very full life.

MA’AM: Ah. He did, I’m sure.

TANABE: Is…something wrong?

MA’AM: Father…My father was an astronaut through and through. He was extremely proud of his work as the pilot of a spaceplane and he seldom returned to the home where we were waiting for him.

MA’AM: But he grew sick from cosmic radiation, and soon after he retired, he breathed the last breath of his too short life. He stated in his will that he didn’t want to be buried on Earth. I suppose I was afraid to look at my father’s lifeless face. I knew that after the burial, I would never be able to see him again, but I always wondered what sort of expression he had on his face. The truth is my mother and I were not particularly important to him and in fact, we were not mentioned at all in his will. His eyes were ever on the horizon, and even when he did look at me, he was always focused on the point far beyond me.

MA’AM: Father’s eyes were always looking toward some distant place in far reaches of the space. You were saying that my father was smiling, looked content? Father…could you send my father back into space?

FEE: Yes, of course. I promise you we’ll see to re-burying him ourselves.

MA’AM: I’d be obliged if you would. This is what my father would have wanted.

TANABE: Huh! Wait! No, you can’t do that! You don’t know what you’re saying!

FEE: Hey! Calm down!

TANABE: Don’t send your father back into space! You’re his family, he should be with you!

HACHI: Hey, rookie, you haven’t been in space that long, so don’t start talking like you own the place or something!

TANABE: Your father’s precious to you! Whether he’s on Earth or in space, that doesn’t change!

FEE: Tanabe!

HACHI: Let that little twerp go.

YURI: What she says does make some sense in a way.


TANABE: Unbelievable…What is it with astronauts and trying to act that tough!

FEE: All right, our company will ship him to the moon, where we’ll fire him towards inter-stellar space using a mass driver. Is that all right, ma’am?

MA’AM: It is. That’ll be just fine. Thank you.

FEE: Very well, then Hachi, we’re heading for the graveyard orbit. Go pass the word onto Tanabe.

HACHI: Sure, Hey, rookie! How long are you gonna keep sulking, huh?

FEE: What?

HACHI: What’s wrong?

FEE: The idiot opened the container!



HACHI: What the hell is that rookie thinking? We’re gonna have to wring her little neck to let her know who’s boss around here.

FEE: Tanabe, come back! Tanabe! Damn it, girl, answer me, right now! Get your scrawny ass back in here!!


HACHI: Hey! What the hell are you trying to pull, rookie?!

TANABE: Don’t come here me! If you come any closer, I’ll chuck this thing into the atmosphere!

HACHI: Wait a second! What are you saying?

TANABE: I’m serious! Stay away!


HACHI: You’re really an idiot, stupid, too. What good is any of this gonna accomplish?

TANABE: Look at the will that you wrote! You’re the one with the problem here, not me! Why can’t you all understand?! We can’t just send this man back into space!

HACHI: Yeah, but it’s not up to you to decide that! It was that man’s wish to be buried in deep space! As a fellow astronaut, I can understand just how he feels. So let’s give him what he want!

TANABE: You’re wrong! See, Mr. Fadlan regretted his decision! He was drifting in space and he said to himself, “I want to go back to Earth"!

HACHI: How can you say that?! Don’t you dare ignore this man’s wishes and force your own selfish fantasies on him!

TANABE: But Mr. Fadlan came back to Earth, didn’t he?! Against the enormous odds! You said it was a miracle!

HACHI: A miracle? What are you-

TANABE: And why do you suppose that miracle happened, huh? Because Mr. Fadlan wished for it! That’s why! He wanted it so badly that it made a miracle happen! He said, “I want to go back to Earth. I want to go back to my family"!

HACHI: You’re wrong! It was just a coincidence!

TANABE: It was a miracle! And don’t you go saying only what you want to hear, Sempai!

HACHI: Why are you doing this?! It was his own choice to live alone and to die alone!

TANABE: No, that couldn’t have been his choice!

TANABE: For one thing, Mr. Fadlan was love by people, wasn’t him?! By his wife and his daughter, and I bet even his parents and friends, too! A man like that can’t be selfish and decide to turn himself into a mummy drifting at the ends of the universe! He should go back to Earth! Isn’t that what love’s all about? If it were me, I’d want to go back and be with my loved ones, even if I was dead! Living alone and dying alone… Alone… How can we be satisfied with that? It’s stupid… Space is too big to face all alone.


MA’AM: Um…Captain?

FEE: Huh?

FEE: You can put the coffin down, Tanabe. His daughter says she wants to claim the body.


[—Debris Section—]

TANABE: What? Yeah, but I’ve already sent forms over to Welfare Section… Yes, sir, I understand.

YURI: What’s the matter with her?

FEE: There’s a lot of hoops she gotta jump through if you wanna send a body back down to Earth.

YURI: Still, after all things she said, she really has to be the one that have to deal with it.

TANABE: The written report? I’m submitting it to INTO, so…I….It’s not written right? Hang on a second, It was here earlier… Noooo!

INSURER LADY: Thank you once again for all of your contract!

PHILIPPE: Forgive me, sweet heart…

LAVIE: Still loan…


HACHI: Hey, looks like you got your contracts after all.

INSURER LADY: I still haven’t got one from you. How about this, then? It’s our top of the line policy. The Double Plan for lovers.

HACHI: Yeah, right. “Love," my ass…


HACHI: I just don’t buy it. No way in hell is the universe that sentimental!