魔法少女まどかマギカ #11

魔法少女まどかマギカ第11話 “最後に残った道しるべ" 英語スクリプトです。

[—Homura’s Home—]

Kyubey: Homura Akemi. You’re a time traveler. You’ve traveled across several different timelines and relived this month over and over. Always looking for a way to change the outcome into the one you want. The truth about you does answer one important question though. It solves the mystery of why Madoka Kaname has so much incredible potential as a magical girl. At last I have a theory that explains it. A magical girl’s potential is based on the weight of the karmic destiny she bears. If she were a queen or Messiah, I could’ve understood, but Madoka was given an ordinary life. So it was hard for me to understand why she would be the focal point for so many destinies. But now, say Homura. Could it be that Madoka’s potential to become the most powerful magical girl is because you kept turning back time?

Kyubey: I thought so. You are the cause of it. Or rather a side effect of your magic caused her to become that way.

Homura: What do you mean?


There’s only one reason you kept repeating this timeline. To save Madoka Kaname. By turning back time over and over, and each time for the same reason, you unknowingly caused these multiple timelines to converge. And they all converge around Madoka Kaname. The threads of fate of all the Madoka’s in all the different timelines were never linked before. But if they converged upon a single point, the Madoka in this timeline, then that would explain why she has the powerful magical potential she has. All of the karmic destinies from all the different timelines you affected eventually attached themselves to Madoka Kaname. After all, she’s the reason this happened. Excellent work, Homura. You’ve made Madoka the most powerful witch ever.


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[—Sayaka’s Funeral—]

News: Tragic news, the body of an eighth grade student from Mitakihara Public Middle School has been identified as Sayaka Miki. She’s been reported missing since the 12th of this month. Her body was discovered today in a room of a downtown hotel and police are still investigating whether her death was murder or suicide. Up next, the weather. Heavy rain tonight with moderate wind coming from the northwest.


[—Madoka’s home—]

Junko: Come inside.

Junko: Hey Madoka.

Madoka: Huh?

Junko: Are you sure you don’t know anything about what happened to Sayaka?

Madoka: Yeah.


Madoka: I can’t believe Sayaka and Kyoko are dead.

Kyubey: It shouldn’t come as such a surprise. It would’ve happened sooner or later.

Madoka: But that doesn’t make it okay! It’s your fault they’re dead and you act like it doesn’t matter.

Kyubey: Do you feel any guilt to remorse for the livestock you consume? Have you ever thought about how those animals become the food you eat?


Madoka: No, stop it.

Kyubey: Your reaction isn’t very rational. If you don’t like the things you saw just now, I’m afraid you’re missing the big picture. Humans chose livestock to be food. In exchange, they’re fed, allowed to reproduced and protected from predators all their lives. Cows, pigs, and chickens have a much higher rate of survival in captivity, more than they would in the wild. So you see, the relationship is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Madoka: Is that how you see us?

Kyubey: On the contrary, we treat humans with much more respect than humans treat their livestock. We acknowledge your species as a sentient one and try to deal fairly with you. Don’t you believe me? Would you like me to show you proof? Human and the incubators have shared history together.

Kyubey: We have intervened in your civilization’s development since prehistoric times. Throughout the ages, countless girls have made contracts with incubators, had their wishes granted and then succumbed to despair.

Madoka: Stop it.

Kyubey: Beginning with a wish and ending with a curse. It’s the cycle every magical girl has repeated up till now. Some have started revolutions that changed history, while others elevated human society to new levels.

Madoka: That’s enough. They trusted you. All of them. They trusted you and you betrayed them!

Kyubey: Oh no, we weren’t the ones who betrayed them. You could say their wishes did though. Wishes are things that don’t exist in the current reality. And anything that deviates from reality is bound to create a distortion. So why does it surprise anyone that these things end in disaster? It’s the natural outcome after all. If they think that’s some kind of betrayal, they shouldn’t have made the wish in the first place. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think they’re foolish. It was thanks to their sacrifices that human society developed as far as it has.

Kyubey: It was the suffering of all the magical girls throughout history that laid the foundations of the life you have now. If your civilization benefits from their sacrifice, why should the lives of a few people matter in the grand scheme of things?

Madoka: You spent all that time with them. Didn’t you ever feel anything? Didn’t you ever try to understand? Couldn’t you see how much pain they were in?

Kyubey: If we were capable of comprehending such things, we wouldn’t have come to your planet in the first place. You see, in our society, the phenomenon you call emotion is considered a mental disorder. We were surprised when we discovered the human species. We never imagined there could be a world where each individual had their own set of emotions, yet still managed to co-exist with one another.

Madoka: So then, if your kind had never come to earth then none of this…

Kyubey: The truth is you humans would most likely still be living naked. In caves.




It’s a shock. Losing one of your own students like this is painful.

Junko: Yeah.

Kazuko: We still don’t even know what really happened to her. They told us one of the ninth graders was missing too. All of the teachers are concerned.

Junko: And no one knows anything about it?

Kazuko: I heard that Sayaka was having some problems with a friend over a boy. Her friend is taking this pretty hard too. This is something that usually passes after a little heartache. But instead it turned out this way. The police say it was an accident, that the stress of running away from home got to her. Yeah, but they don’t know for sure. How’s Madoka taking it?

Junko: I don’t know. My gut tells me she knows more about it than she’s saying. She’s not telling me but she’s not lying. It’s the first time I can’t see what’s going on in that head of hers. Isn’t that pathetic? I mean she’s my own daughter.

Kazuko: You’ve never had that problem before?

Junko: Well, she hasn’t been acting like herself sleepy. I can tell there’s something heavy on her mind, and usually she would come talk to me about it. She knows she can come to me with whatever problem she’s got.

Kazuko: Yeah, but it’s hard with kids that age. I mean one day you turn around and they’re all grown up. That’s gotta be quite a shock for a parent.

Junko: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Kazuko: You’ve got no choice but to trust them. All Madoka needs right now is a little time to get a handle on her feelings. Just be patient. She’ll come around.

Junko: But it’s so hard 'cause I feel so helpless.

Kazuko: Patience was never something you were good at, was it, Junko?


[—Homura’s home—]

Madoka: Mind if I come in?


Madoka: That’s Walpurgisnacht, isn’t it? Kyoko told me about it. She said you were teaming up. She also said it was so strong one magical girl couldn’t beat it by herself. Is this where you’re getting ready? The city is in danger, isn’t it?

Homura: This witch is different from the others. It’s so powerful it doesn’t need to hide in a labyrinth. And once it appears, thousands of people are going to die. Just like that. Since ordinary humans can’t see it, they’d think the destruction was caused by an earthquake, tornado, or other disaster.

Madoka: Okay, then it has to be destroyed no matter what.

Madoka: Now that Kyoko’s dead, you’re alone. You are the only magical girl left and you’re going to need someone’s help to beat it. What if I…

Homura: I can handle it by myself. Maybe Kyoko couldn’t do it. But I can certainly defeat Walpurgisnacht on my own. To tell you the truth, I never really needed her help. I just agreed so that she wouldn’t feel bad.

Madoka: Is that true? I want to believe you. I do. I don’t know why but. I guess I, I guess I don’t wanna think you’d lie to me. But I don’t think you’re being honest with me right now. And I don’t think you’re gonna be alright on your own.


Homura: How can I be honest with you? You wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Madoka: Homura…

Homura: The thing is… I’m… you and me… We’re not even from the same time!

Madoka: Ah..

Homura: The truth is I’m from the future. I’ve met you over and over. And every time and every time I’ve had to watch you die. What could I have to do to save you? What do I have to do to change your fate? I kept doing this month over again, searching for the answer.

Madoka: What’d you.. huh..

Homura: I’m sorry. I’m not making any sense. I’m scaring you, aren’t I? I mean you barely know me. I just started going to your school so it’s not like you really know me. But I know you. I know you so well [???]. Everything’s messed up. The more I redo this time, the further apart we get. My feelings, my words, nothing gets through to you. I’m out of options. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Madoka: Homura.

Homura: I will save you. That’s the one thing I wished for. That’s how it started. And now it’s the only thing I have left to guide me. And it’s okay if you don’t understand anything I’m saying. But please. Please let me protect you.


[—Weather Monitoring Center—]

Guy: The updraft’s speeding faster now. Check out those clouds. A supercell is forming. No doubt about it. Issue the evacuation order.


Announcement: Due to extreme weather conditions, an evacuation order has been issued for 7 am. Attention. This is a public service announcement for Mitakihara city. Due to extreme weather conditions, an evacuation order has been issued for 7 am.



Homura: It’s here.


[—Evacuation Center—]

Tatsuya: Daddy, we go camping tonight?

Dad: You’ve got it, little guy. We’re going camping with everyone here.

Tatsuya: Camping!! Hahaha!!

Madoka: Homura.



Homura: Okay then. This time I’ll finish you!


[—Evacuation Center—]

Junko: What’s wrong, Madoka?

Madoka: Going to the bathroom.


Madoka: Do you think Homura’s gonna be able to beat it all by herself?

Kyubey: If I told you no, what difference would it make? You wouldn’t believe me. Explanations are pointless now. If you wanna know, you should go have a look. See for yourself how Homura Akemi is doing against Walpurgisnacht.

Madoka: Do you know why she is being so stubborn about it?

Kyubey: Because she hasn’t given up hope. That’s why. If things don’t work out, she’ll just negate this timeline and start it all over again. She’ll go on and on, and keep right on fighting, and continue this meaningless chain of events. At this point, it’s not possible for her to stop or give up. That’s not an option any more.

Kyubey: You see. The moment she acknowledges that everything she’s done is pointless and your fate’s impossible to change, Homura Akemi will fall into despair and turn into a Grief Seed. She knows it to be true. And that’s why she has no choice. She has to keep fighting, regardless of whether she can win or not.

Madoka: So you’re saying as long as she thinks there’s hope she’s doomed.

Kyubey: That’s right. Just like it was for all the past magical girls. Remember Madoka. You’ve seen it.

Madoka: Ugh…, but… but… but…


Junko: Where do you think you’re going, huh?

Madoka: Mom. I have to go outside. To save a friend.

Junko: The fire department can take care of it. You need to stay here.

Madoka: But I’m the only one who can do this.

Junko: You can’t just go off and do what you want. Don’t you know how much we worried about you? You just went out there without saying anything to…

Madoka: I know. I do, Mom. Really. I know how you and dad would feel because I love you too. I understand how much you and dad care about me. And I know I have to be careful. I do. But this is different. I have to protect you because of how much I care about you. And I can do it. But the only way I can help is if you let me go right now.

Junko: Sure you don’t want to tell me what this is about? Okay, then I’m coming with you.

Madoka: Mom, it’s better if you stay with dad and Tatsuya. Someone has to make sure they’re safe too. You told me once that you did a good job of raising me and you’re right. You did. I don’t tell lies and I don’t do bad things. I need you to trust me now. I need you to trust that I’m doing the right thing.

Junko: And you’re sure you’re not making a mistake, no one’s lying to you or trying to trick you.

Madoka: I’m sure. Thank you, Mom, I love you.



Homura: I have to stop it. If it gets any closer to the evacuation center. Whatever happens, I can’t let it get any further.

Homura: Oh no!

Homura: Uh… why…. why… no matter how many times I try, why can’t I beat it?

Homura: If I go back again, I’ll only make Madoka’s destiny worse. Everything I’ve done, everything I’ve tried to do.


Madoka: That’s enough. You’ve done more than enough, Homura.

Homura: Madoka.

Homura: Madoka, don’t do it.

Madoka: Homura, I am sorry.