魔法少女まどかマギカ #09

魔法少女まどかマギカ(Puella Magi Madoka Magica)第9話 “そんなのあたしが許さない" の英語スクリプトです。


Kyoko: Ah!

Sayaka: For all the happiness you wish for someone, someone else gets cursed with equal misery. That’s how it works for magical girls, and that’s how it is for me. I was stupid… so stupid…

Kyoko: Ah, Sayaka!

Kyoko: What the hell? What are you? What have you done to Sayaka!?

Homura: Now, get back.

Homura: Take my hand.

Kyoko: What are you gonna do?

Homura: Just do it!

Kyoko: It’s stopped!

Homura: Do not let go of my hand. You’ll be frozen in time if you do. Hurry!

Kyoko: What the hell is going on!? Where did that witch come from?

Homura: That witch used to be Sayaka Miki. You saw, it happened right in front of you.

Kyoko: We’re just gonna run away?

Homura: We could stop her now and kill it. Just drop that useless baggage and we’ll go back. Shall we?

Kyoko: Yeah, like hell!

Homura: You can’t fight and carry her. You’ll get us both killed. We’re leaving for now.


[[===THEME SONG===]]


Madoka: Huh? Ah! Sayaka! Sayaka! What happened? Where’s her Soul Gem? What happened to her?

Homura: Her Soul Gem disappeared. It transformed into a Grief Seed. A witch hatched and it vanished.

Madoka: No, It can’t be…

Homura: It is. That’s the final secret of the Soul Gems. When our gems get too tainted and turn completely black, we transform into Grief Seeds. Then we are reborn as witches. See? This is the destiny which no magical girl can escape.

Madoka: It’s not true. It can’t be true. Right?

Madoka: But, how…? She only wanted to protect people from witches. She wanted to be a hero. That’s why she became a magical girl. Why?

Homura: Her curse became as powerful as her wish. It was only a matter of time, really. And from now on, for each person she saved, she’ll curse another in return.

Kyoko: Why you…! What the hell is your problem? You trying to impress us with your big brain or something? How can you stand there talking crap like that? She was Sayaka’s… She was her best friend!

Homura: You understand now, don’t you? The thing you wanted so much to be. This is it. Oh, and the body you brought along, it’s your responsibility now. You better be careful getting rid of it though, or it’ll cause problems later.

Kyoko: And do you dare call yourself human?!

Homura: No, of course I don’t. Neither should you.


[—Madoka’s room—]

Kyubey: May I come in? I’d like to talk with you.

Madoka: You’re still alive… That stuff Homura was saying, is it true?

Kyubey: It’s true enough that I can’t deny it.

Madoka: Then, you turn us into magical girls so we become witches?

Kyubey: Please don’t misunderstand our intentions. We don’t do what we do because we harbor ill will towards the human race. Everything we’ve done is to prolong the life of the universe. Madoka, do you know what the word “entropy" means? Here’s an example;

The energy a bonfire gives off is not equal to the energy it took to grow the wood that fuels it. When energy changes its form, some of it gets lost. We found that the amount of energy in the universe is decreasing. So we began searching for a form of energy that wasn’t limited by the laws of thermodynamics. And then we found the energy created by magical girls.

Madoka: What are you… really?

Kyubey: My civilization created a technology that converts the emotions of a sentient lifeform into energy. Unfortunately, our species doesn’t possess the capability to experience emotions. So we searched the universe and studied all the various species, until we finally found you humans. With the size of your population and the rate at which you reproduce, we saw how the amount of emotional energy produced by a single human is greater than the amount used between its birth and growth. The human soul is the energy source we need that counteracts the effects of entropy. The most effective energy came from females in their second stage of development when they have the most intense fluctuations of hope and despair. At the precise moment when your Soul Gems flare out and become Grief Seeds, an enormous amount of energy is created. As an incubator, my job is to gather up that expended energy.

Madoka: That’s all we are to you, disposable? You want us to die for you. And you don’t even care.

Kyubey: Do you know how many civilizations there are in the universe? Can you even comprehend the amount of energy they use each second? There will come a day when you humans figure out how to leave this planet. And you’ll join the rest of the universe.

When you do, you wouldn’t wanna find the universe empty and desolate, would you? If you consider the long term, this is a good deal for you and everyone else.

Madoka: How can you say that? Do you think it’s okay for Mami to die, and Sayaka to suffer, some crazy reason like that? That’s not right! That’s so mean!

Kyubey: But we always ask for and make sure to receive your consent before making the contract. That alone should show you that we don’t mean you any ill will?

Madoka: But you do it by tricking us into it!

Kyubey: We don’t understand this concept of “tricking you." Why is it that when humans regret a decision they made based on their own misunderstanding, they feel resentment toward the other party?

Madoka: I can’t do this. You’re not saying anything. I don’t understand you at all.

Kyubey: We’ve had a hard time understanding you humans and your values system too. With a current population of 6.9 billion which increases by a rate of 10 every 4 seconds, it’s a mystery why you would care so much about the loss of a tiny handful?

Madoka: If that’s how you think about us, then I guess you really are our enemy.

Kyubey: I came here to try to explain ourselves to you. I was genuinely hoping you’d understand how much good humanity sacrifices have done for this universe. I guess I wasn’t successful.

Madoka: Of course, you weren’t!

Kyubey: I still believe that one day, you’ll become the greatest of all magical girls, and then the worst of all witches. And when that happens, we’ll have access to an unbelievable amount of energy. So if you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, call me. I’ll be waiting.


[—Sayaka’s room—]

Kyubey: What are you hoping for by using all that energy just to keep her body fresh?

Kyoko: Is there a way to get her Soul Gem back, the way it was?

Kyubey: If there is a way, I’m not aware of it.

Kyoko: That’s funny. It looks like even you don’t have all the answers, do ya?

Kyubey: The existence of magical girls defies logic. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned out you were capable of doing all kinds of amazing things.

Kyoko: Then it is possible.

Kyubey: It hasn’t happened before so I’m not really sure how you’d go about it. Unfortunately, I can’t advise you on the matter.

Kyoko: Hell like I needed. Who’d ask for your advice now!


[—On the way to school—]

Hitomi: Madoka, you’re looking a bit under the weather today. Are you okay?

Madoka: Mm-hm. I just didn’t get enough sleep.

Hitomi: That’s too bad. And it looks like Sayaka’s staying home again. Maybe we should go and see how she’s doing. Although, I don’t think she’ll be too happy to see me. Things’ve been, a little bit awkward between us lately.

Madoka: Hitomi, There’s something…

Kyoko: Seriously? After all that’s happened, you’re gonna go to school today?

Hitomi: Madoka?

Kyoko: Think you could meet me somewhere? I need to talk to you.

Madoka: Mm…

Madoka: Hitomi, sorry. I can’t go to school. I better go back home!

Hitomi: Huh? But, Madoka, wait!



Madoka: Ah, you wanted to talk?

Kyoko: Uh-huh. You wanna save Sayaka Miki?

Madoka: Ah, do you think there a way, really?

Kyoko: If there wasn’t, you just gonna leave her like that?

Madoka: Um…

Kyoko: That came out the wrong way, my bad. I know this sounds kinda crazy but the thing is we don’t know she can be saved yet or not. So if there’s still hope for that, I’m not gonna give up.

Kyoko: Even if she was turned into a witch, maybe she’d be able to remember the voice of her friend. I was thinking, maybe if you call out to her, she’ll remember being human. If anyone could get through to her, it’d have to be you.

Madoka: You think that’ll really work?

Kyoko: Oh, how the hell should I know? Hehe. Nobody knows, that’s what I wanna try! Hell, it’s worth the shot! Check it out, what if when I cut that witch in half, instead of getting the usual Grief Seed out of it, what if Sayaka’s Soul Gem comes popping out of it instead! Wouldn’t that be something? It’d be like one of those stories where love and courage triumph and stuff. Wanna know something? And this is between us, the reason I became a magical girl was 'cause I love stories like those. Can’t believe I forgot that. And Sayaka was the one who reminded me. It’s cool if you don’t wanna come, I’m not gonna force you. I mean, it’s gonna be pretty dangerous for sure. And you know, if things start getting super hairy in there, I can’t promise I’ll be able to protect you.

Madoka: Uh-uh. I’ll help. I really wanna help.

Madoka: My name is Madoka Kaname.

Kyoko: Oh, seriously? Man, you’re so cramping my style.

Madoka: Huh?

Kyoko: I’m Kyoko Sakura. Pleased to meet ya.



Homura: Excuse me. May I go to the nurse’s office? I’m not feeling well.

Teacher: Hm? Okay. Who’s the nurse’s aide for this class.

Girl: Miss Kaname is. But she’s not here today.

Teacher: Hmm… I guess we’ll have the class rep take you then.


[—Under the highway—]

Madoka: Maybe Homura would wanna help. What do you think?

Kyoko: Doubt it. Not really her style.

Madoka: Aren’t you guys friends?

Kyoko: Not really. Well, we sort of got the same goals, I guess. We kinda teamed up so we could beat whatever we couldn’t beat by ourselves. In a couple of days, Walpurgisnacht is gonna come to this town.

Madoka: Walpurgis…?

Kyoko: It’s an insanely powerful witch. This one’s so nasty, neither of us could beat it alone. That’s why we decided to team up to kill it. I guess that’s how it is between us.


[—Construction site—]

Kyoko: This is it.

Madoka: Are you sure it’s really Sayaka? I mean it might be another witch or something?

Kyoko: The magic residue is the same as yesterday. It’s her. No doubt about it.


Kyoko: Okay, “point of no return" time. Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Madoka: Actually, I’m used to this part. The thing is, all I ever did was tag along before. I’ve never really been able to help much. But I’m ready, so take me with you.

Kyoko: You are such a weird girl, ain’t ya?



Madoka: Hey, Kyoko?

Kyoko: Yeah?

Madoka: I feel bad I can’t help. Everyone else’s always done the fighting for me. Anyway, I sort of feel like a coward.

Kyoko: Why the heck would you ever wanna become a magical girl?

Madoka: Why? Um…

Kyoko: Uh-uh. Don’t underestimate this stuff. This ain’t a job anybody can do.

Madoka: But…

Kyoko: If you get to eat good food every day and live a happy life with your family, why would you give that up if you’re not sure it’s what you really want. You thinking about becoming a magical girl on some stupid whim? I’d never allow that to happen. Hell, I kick your ass before you could. If you do this, then you’re putting your life in danger. The only people who should do this are the ones who’s got no other choice. Anybody else who sticks their nose in it is just messing around. And that’s dumb.

Madoka: You think so, huh?

Kyoko: But you never know, right? Maybe there will come a time when your back’s gonna be up against the wall and you have to stand up and fight. If that day ever comes, you can think about it then.

Madoka: Mm…


Madoka: Hey, Kyoko. Why did you… Ah!

Kyoko: She knows we’re here. She’s coming!


[—Center of Labyrinth—]

Madoka: Huh!

Kyoko: Okay. Do it just like we planned.

Madoka: Right.

Madoka: Hey, Sayaka. It’s me, it’s Madoka. Can… Can you hear me? Do you recognize my voice? Huh!!

Kyoko: Don’t be scared! Keep talking to her!

Madoka: Sayaka, please stop! Try to remember, please! I know you never wanted to hurt anyone! You said you wanted to be a hero, remember? Please, Sayaka, turn back into your old self!


Kyoko: Man, you’re really stubborn. Come on, Sayaka! Snap out of it!

Kyoko: Ah!

Madoka: Kyoko!


Kyoko: I’m okay. This ain’t nothing. I have [force?]. Just keep talking to her. Come on, Sayaka!

Madoka: Stop it! Please just stop! Sayaka! Please try to remember!


Kyoko: Heh. Oh, I get what you’re doing. This is payback, ain’t it? Funny… When we met, we tried to kill each other then, too. I thought you were a wuss. But no matter how hard I beat you, man, you just kept getting right back up, didn’t ya? I know you’re mad. You can’t forgive anyone for what happened to you. I get it. Once you get over that stuff, come back to us, okay?


Madoka: Sayaka… Please… Stop it!

Kyoko: Dammit, Sayaka! Come on! You told me you believed in your power! You said you were only gonna use it to help people, remember? Hey, God, if you’re there, my life sucked. So, for once… please… let me have a happy dream.


Homura: Huh? Kyoko!

Kyoko: Hey…

Homura: Are you…?

Kyoko: Me and my stupid ideas. She shouldn’t have come. Take care of her.

Homura: Uh…


Kyoko: You can’t fight and carry her 'cause you’ll just get us both killed. It’s okay. And you were right. You’ve gotta focus on the one thing that means the most to you, and protect it to the end. Heh, it’s kinda funny. You know, this whole time… that’s exactly what I thought I was doing.

Kyoko: Get out of here. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her.


Kyoko: I know, Sayaka. It sucks to be alone. Believe me, I know… But it’s okay now… 'cause I’m here with you… Sayaka…


Homura: Kyoko…


[—Homura’s room—]

Homura: I want to know the truth. Was there any chance for Kyoko Sakura to save Sayaka Miki?

Kyubey: Of course not. She should have known that was impossible.

Homura Really? Then, why didn’t you try to stop her?

Kyubey: I would’ve stopped her if I thought her dying was pointless. But the fact is her death actually serves a more important purpose. Walpurgisnacht’s coming, and you’re the only magical girl left to stand in its way. There’s no way you can beat it all by yourself. So, if Madoka wants to protect this city, she’ll have to become a magical girl.

Homura: That won’t happen. I swear it.