ハイスコアガール Round10

ハイスコアガール Round10


Announce: Sega Saturn and PlayStation break one million in sales.

Announce: With the evolution of home consoles, numerous famous arcade titles have been customized.


[—Haruo’s Home—]



Announce: Sega Saturn and PlayStation break one million in sales.

Announce: With the evolution of home consoles, numerous famous arcade titles have been customized.


[—Haruo’s Home—]

Mom: Haruo, must you do that? I’m hearing that “Namu” in my dreams!

Haruo: It’s Kage’s victory line, mother.




Boy: I see you at the station often and… well, it was love at first sight… So do you have someone you like right now?

Hidaka: Yeah sorry I do.



Girl1: Wow, Koharu, another confession of Love, huh?

Onizuka: You’ve really come a long way since starting High School, did you know that?

Girl1: You are lucky duck. We go to an all-girls school so it’s not like we get to meet any guys.

Onizuka: So who is it? Who’s the guy that you like?


[—Haruo’s home—]

Hidaka: I wonder how Yaguchi is doing.

Mom: Well, well. If it isn’t Koharu! Are you here to see Haruo?


[—Haruo’s room—]

Mom: Wa–

Haruo: Hey-, Heeeey!!!

Mom: We have got a cutie in the house.

Haruo: I told you not to just barge in. If I’ve been playing Idol Fighter Suchie-Pai, this would have been really awkward for me.

Mom: Well, excuse me, but I thought Koharu could maybe convince you to go outside and play.

Haruo: You know, once kids get to high school, they don’t really go play outside all that much.

Hidaka: I’m sorry. You know, for showing up Suddenly.

Haruo: You don’t have to be sorry. Your hair’s grown out Hidaka.


Hidaka: How’s high school been treating you? Are you used to it?

Haruo: As used to it as I can be, I guess though, not really keeping up with all of the lessons.

Hidaka: I heard you started working part-time.

Haruo: Yeah, from early in the morning at 4 until 7, I can bento on an assembly line. Play games in my head, so 3 hours of work goes by in a Flash. Lots of games for the Saturn are about to come out, so I’ve got to make money for them. Like Daytona USA, Fantastic Parodius and Virtua Fighter Remix. I think there’s no end. Huh, I’m glad I didn’t get into Joran hi. It’s a miracle I even made it into my second choice the same school that Miyao’s going to. I’m already having a hard time. I can’t imagine the kind of hell I’d be going through over at Jordan high I wouldn’t be able to freely play games while I was at work or anything like that.

Hidaka: If you told them that Miyao would be mad since he tutored you and all.

Haruo: He was happy about it though, that we got to go to the same high school.

Hidaka: I wish I could’ve gone to the same High School. In the end, I just got carried along by my parent’s wishes.

Hidaka: Have you seen Ono lately?

Haruo: By the way you said that you got a PlayStation, right? What games do you have for it? Hu-huh? Tell me!

Hidaka: Ah… Myst and Tekken, Goku Densetsu, Magic Beast Warriors.

Haruo: Ohh! You’ve got good tasting games, all right?

Hidaka: Yeah, my dad bought them all for me. If you’re interested why don’t you come over?

Haruo: No, I’m on team Saturn now! I can’t afford to cheat with PlayStation.

Hidaka: That’s a weird thing to be stubborn about. You should go outside once in a while, Yaguchi. You haven’t been to the arcade in a while, have you?

Haruo: That is true. But how do you know something like that?

Hidaka: Because I’ve been going a lot lately. I haven’t seen you there at all. There have been so many releases that I’m sure you would’ve been happy about. What’s up?

Haruo: You see, I’ve been busy worrying about money and playing Saturn.



Hidaka: Yaguchi, Yaguchi, why are you so fidgety?

Haruo: Well, I just nervous since I haven’t been to an arcade in a while.

Haruo: An incredible era is upon us. This is so much to take in. My head is going to burst. Recently, titles like Chrono Trigger and RPG Maker have been dabbling in home console releases. I guess I really shouldn’t take my eyes off of the arcades.

Hidaka: Hey, Yaguchi. Did you want to play against me? I have actually gotten pretty good at this, you know.

Haruo: You’re challenging me to a fight? This hatchling things, her wings have grown? I’ll tear you apart and make you shed tears of regret!

Hidaka: Quit making weird faces and just play already.

Haruo: What’s this? This girl’s coming at me with Akuma?

Hidaka: Phew, good. I was able to select him. But to be honest, I’ve never actually failed at bringing out Akuma.

Haruo: Just the thought of choosing Akuma psyches me out, and she pulled it off so easily. She’s never failed to choose him? That’s incredible! She’s never had the miserable experience of Brown Ryu.

Haruo: Street Fighter II is my specialty game, so I’ll give you a handicap. I playing Honda, who I barely play.


Haruo: What’s with her? She’s moving well.

Hidaka: You want to make sure to watch your feet.

Haruo: This former button mashing girl is now even in using combos. She’s evolved into a player while I wasn’t looking!


Hidaka: Piece of cake, piece of cake. How about that?

Haruo: I’m so frustrated I could pee myself. As expected of a girl with machines at home, looks like someone has done intensive training. In that case, let’s face off in Vampire Hunters next! Come at me!

Hidaka: I love this one, too!

Haruo: The sequel to Darkstalkers that came out last year. I don’t have any PvP experience, but I’ve been playing since the last title. There’s no way I’ll lose. Hidaka plays Phobos? Geez, She even knows how to choose the characters. Yeah, right.


Haruo: A chain combo? A confusioner? A Genocide Vulcan Special? I’ve been wrecked, not a hand or foot, or even an energy blast connected.

Hidaka: Well, I’ve gotten better, haven’t I?

Haruo: Has Hidaka become unreasonably strong? Or I’ve become pitifully weak. It’s both! Hidaka had potential and natural talent to begin with. And she’s developed it further at the arcade. All I’ve distance myself from arcade. I got too comfortable playing home consoles. There’s a difference between getting strong playing at home against CPUs and getting strong playing against people at the arcade. I’d completely forgotten that irrefutable fact!


Hidaka: Yaguchi?

Haruo: Hidaka, you’re pretty good, hahaha. Look, I’m so frustrated. My legs are shaking.



Haruo: I’m not good at studying. My pride has been thoroughly destroyed. I’m so worthless. My idiocy hasn’t changed a bit since elementary school. What’s wrong with me.

Haruo: I’m not worthy of seeing her.


[—Haruo’s room—]

Guile: Haruo.

Haruo: My things have been pulled. If I lost Hidaka, it’s no way I could win against Ono.

Guile: No, no! Don’t give up, Haruo!

Haruo: Shall I drop the curtain on the godly Yaguchi and retiring to home gaming?

Guile: Continue, Haruo! Stand up!!

Haruo: I got a pee. Ugh!!

Guile: Haruo, you’re young. Are you throwing in the towel after one little defeat?

Mom: Haruo! What happened? Are you all right?!

Haruo: Huh, that’s right. It’s too early to give up.



Haruo: First, I have to get my arcade skills back. I have to get back to my roots, and start from zero. Then I’ll be ready. I’ll go find people stronger than me!!!




Haruo: Street Fighter Alpha. It was hyper fighting, The new Challengers, Turbo and Champion Edition. I thought the next one would be three. But they went back to Alpha, just when I decided to go back to the start, too. I guess my fates in Street Fighter IIs are intertwined. Me and Street Fighter II. No, all of Capcom really get along, right Guile?

Guile: I’m not in Alpha.

Nash: Hmm…

Guile: Nash!

Haruo: Guile’s friend Nash has the same fighting style as Guile. But that doesn’t matter. I’m going with the character with “Gui (Guy)" in his name.

Guile: You’ve got good taste. You’ll make an excellent Soldier.

Nash: Haruo, I’m so proud.

Haruo: It’s not pixel art like Street Fighter II. It’s anime style like Darkstalkers. Fluid movements. It’s easy to get attached to the very likable characters. The skinny dictator got really big in zero. What happened to you?

Vega: It’s a long story.

Haruo: I can’t get carried away with the new games. In order to get back to my roots, I’ll have to listen to music and get motivated. I have to revive the passion I once felt inside myself with these game soundtracks!!


Doi: I was wondering what you were listening to. Its game music, huh? What a fitting music selection for you, Haruo? Listen to Mr. Children, you hear. Mr. Children and Spits, too. If you don’t listen to popular music, you won’t be popular with girls.

Miyao: [???] matter what he [was???] listens to, Doi? Following trends to get popular is a really sad idea. Besides, hasn’t made you popular.

Doi: Huh? I’m not really.

Haruo: These big name songs are all good. I’m inspired to fight now. Not to mention, I keep noticing Koharu Hidaka. It’s making me relive being destroyed by the girl who was button-mashing not long ago. I can’t believe my skill has dulled so much that I’d fall behind that girl. I will regain my honor. I must!!


[—On the way home—]

Doi: By the way, Haruo, I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a while now. See, I’ve been wondering what Ono has been up to, lately. I heard she transferred to your school in her third year of Middle School. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out why that ever gentle flower came to your middle school. Then I heard a strange rumour as well that you the slacker and Ono was seeing walking together. They must’ve been hallucinating, you know. Can you imagine?

Haruo: It was a hallucination. You know that she would never hang out with an inferior creature like me.

Doi: Thank godness!! I knew something as nightmarish as that couldn’t be reality.

Miyao: Haruo, why are you selling yourself short.

Haruo: Huh? Selling myself short? All I did was tell the truth.

Miyao: Have you seen Ono around lately?

Haruo: Don’t you start with that.

Miyao: I’m getting worried about you, Haruo.

Haruo: There’s no reason to be worried about me. Don’t you get it? And why are you so close? Back up, back up!!

Miyao: Don’t you see her at the arcade? Tell me, or I’ll kiss you.

Haruo: Cut it out! I told you, Ono is just a partner in crime in the arcade world. I see her sometimes at the arcade, but I don’t really talk to her.

Miyao: Why don’t you talk to her? Are you avoiding her or something?

Haruo: No, of course I’m not avoiding her. There’s just nothing to talk about. I just need to prepare myself before I actually try and talk to her. The way that I’m right now, she’ll just see me as an idiot. Some training is required before them.

Miyao: So, failing to get into Joran has left him with inferiority complex.

Miyao: The two of you really have a relationship that no one on the outside could understand. I’m jealous. Anyway I just want to be useful to you, Haruo. You can come to me for advice anytime. We’re buds right?

Haruo: Miyao, how about we keep this conversation between us.



Doi: A karate guy and the boxer are fighting with a boomerang and a sword. What kind of broken world is this?

Haruo: So cool.

Miyao: You’re the one who talk too long, but all you’re doing is whining.

Doi: Haruo is always Haruo no matter where he goes or what he does. He’s in at a degenerate place like this and enjoying playing games. So how was he able to get into the same high school as me?

Miyao: Hey, let’s get out of his way and play the token game over there!


Haruo: Remember your roots! Get your feel back. Right, I have to start my genuinely enjoying games again. Savage rain, Saturday night slam Masters, Martial Champion. Time to get drunk on all the games I couldn’t play through. I’ll be an idiot like I used to be. A gradually raise the curtain once more on the legend of The Godly Yaguchi. I may have fallen but someday, I’ll catch up to you Ono!

Doi: 350 yen for 15 tokens? That’s insane!

Miyao: Or 500 yen for 30 tokens, tough one.

Haruo: Ono!


Hidaka: Hey!

Haruo: Hidaka? There she is the delinquent girl.

Hidaka: Why does your face look so disappointed.

Haruo: The truth is you were in a dream I had recently.

Hidaka: Huh?

Haruo: It was a nightmare in which you had a 100 win streak that I was being chased by Neinhalt Sieger.

Hidaka: What kind of dream is that? But I’m happy!

Haruo: Did I say something funny? What are you grinning about!

Hidaka: Well it’s just 'cause you decided to come to the arcade again.

Haruo: The one who let my competitive fire, that was you.

Hidaka: Oh yeah.

Haruo: Don’t give me any of that. You sharpened your fangs out of nowhere. I feel like I’m being looked down upon. I can’t take being made a fool of by Hidaka. When I lost my first match against Ono, I thought “why? why her?". But that frustration is what made me stronger!

Haruo: All right, I tell you what! You’re gonna play me until I leave you speechless. What do you say to that? You up for it?

Hidaka: I don’t think I would mind that at all!


Doi: Do you know the difference between a horse and a pony? A horse is big and the pony’s small.

Announce: The race’s results were: First place, number five, second place, number one…

Doi: Miyao, look at this!!  The odds on this one were 999 to 1. I’ve bet three tokens on it and it worked! I won 3000 tokens!! What should I do, Miyao? I’m kind of scared right now!

Miyao: Quiet down, would you? I see… so Hidaka still… Come to think of it Haruo, what will you do if Ono sees you here?

Haruo: You were able to beat me before, but this time it’ll be different. I promise. I practice long and hard on the game boy version of Samurai Spirits.

Hidaka: Does the Game Boy version count as practice?

Haruo: Ugh! You despicable! I’m always Hanzo. Hidaka is… Neinhalt Seiger? Seriously, what is your basis for character selection? Neinhalt Seiger is such an out-there pick, you know.

Hidaka: Hey, I thought I’d turn your nightmare into reality!

Haruo: Hidaka, your personality has done a 180 since entering High School!

Hidaka: How long has it been since I could sit shoulder-to-shoulder with you and play games! Not since the school trip at the candy shop I think. I was really surprised, then…

Haruo: What? Seiger Cup? And Falke Nagel?

Hidaka: I can’t believe that we got left behind on the very first day. But despite freaking out a little, it was actually a really fun memory for me.

Haruo: Elephant Greed!!

Haruo: She is reminiscing while I was connecting a Sieger cup into three consecutive special moves.

Hidaka: Hu!

Haruo: She actually repelled it with Fire Storm?! Ugh! She’s strong! I can’t believe that Hidaka who I thought was below me had this much talent! I’m so frustrated. I want to jump down on Hidaka’s head!!

Haruo: Hey, Hidaka?

Hidaka: What?

Haruo: That guy just said “Penis monger"?

Hidaka: Wh- what are you talking about? He definitely said “Wulf Fangen", the name of the move!

Haruo: If you listen closely, doesn’t it sound like something I’m seeing?

Hidaka: Huh?

Haruo: I took one from you, Hidaka. She won’t hold out if I can rattle her with dirty joke like this. Ugh!!! She completely depleted me with a Vulcan Explosion!!

Haruo: I could only win one with a dirty joke.

Hidaka: Does this mean that I’m finally in the same league as Yaguchi?

Haruo: One more match in a different game!


Hidaka: I’ve always been fully aware of your indifference toward me.

Haruo: My little sister beat me.

Hidaka: If by continuously winning, he pays more attention to me.

Haruo: One more match!

Hidaka: I can’t let myself lose!

Haruo: Different games, but it’s always the same result!

Hidaka: He he he, what happend to you, Yaguchi? You don’t play like you used to. Maybe you should start over with Yie Ar Kung-Fu. I might even beat you at Street Fighter II at this point. Oh, I thought you’d put up more of a fight.

Haruo: Fine, I will!! I’ll start over from Yie Ar Kung-Fu for the Super Nintendo!

Hidaka: Uh? Oh no. I got carried away.


Miyao: Hm… I guess Hidaka’s a sadist despite how she looks.

Doi: But how? How does that dumb idiot Haruo get along so well with such a lovely lady.

Miyao: Yeah, Haruo is certainly a dumb idiot, but I think he’s got some charisma. He doesn’t listen to trendy music or make his hair slimy with gel, but he’s still able to attract certain people.

Doi: Huh! Are you comparing him to me? No? Hey, Miyao!!


Hidaka: Huh… I’ll practice a little more then head home. Huh?


Doi: I bet five tokens on 999 to 1 odds, and won 50,000 tokens!!