ハイスコアガール Round 9

ハイスコアガール Round 9

[—Haruo’s home—]

Mom: Delish! It’s so catchy, Tetsuya Komuro and Ryoko Shinohara. That’s the theme song for the movie about that Street something-or-other that you’re always playing.

Haruo: Yeah.

Mom: What do you say we go see it together

Haruo: What? What the idiot kid at middle school wants to see a movie with his mon?

Mom: Hmph! How rude!

Haruo: How should I feel about my mom wanting to see Street Fighter II?

Mom: Fine, I get it. I’ll just watch my recording of Homeless Child! Ah… if I had a sweet little girl instead, I’m sure she’d see a movie with me. Nah… it’s fine…

Haruo: She’s snapped…



Haruo: Not here, huh… I thought it might be [around that???] time. Capcom’s new fighting game “Darkstalkers" hasn’t been [???] yet.

Jiiya: Young Miss. You’re here playing hooky again? If we don’t get back to the mansion quickly, Miss Goda will have my head!

Ono: Argh!!!!

Jiiya: Wait, I have no time for this.

Haruo: Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Jiiya: Ah, if it isn’t young master Yaguchi.

Haruo: If you keep trying to force her, it’ll be mistaken for kid napping. Causing a rucks here is forbidden. Everyone goes “What’s that?" and looks away from games. Besides, being stuck on a house studying all summer breaks is just beyond pathetic. I can totally understand why it would drive the princess insane.

Ono: Ugh…

Haruo: Let me worry about her relaxation time. You should go play Pachinko or something.

Jiiya: Pachinko! Hahahaha!! Time to play!

Haruo: I’m sure the old man needed some relaxation time, too. We don’t wanna him running over anyone else.


Haruo: She uses Akira in Virtua Fighter? I figured she uses him because they have the same name. But she seems to only use characters with difficult commands.

Haruo: What a terrifying game. With just a five-combo, more than half of the stamina gauge’s gone. Games could be over in as little six seconds. And it comes with the added thrill you don’t get when playing 2D fighter. All right.

Haruo: Better at least take a shot. I mean what I’ve gotta loose. He he, I’ll use Kage. Using the big machine like this to play Ono gets me fired up!

Haruo: Ugh!! The knee and the shoulder combo took a good chunk of my stamina! I don’t believe it!!

Haruo: Ugh… This girl is merciless. When does she find time to brush up her game with all her daily studies? She’s not like me focusing on coming arcades. Is it just some talent she was born with? Ah!!! I’m getta lose again! Huh? Look like her ring-out [do don’t less take???], but was it on purpose? We’ll both get more play time if we use all three rounds. I can’t tell she’s being evil or kind. I’m moving forward with a strategy that is purely evil!! A koenraku into some jab punches, then a windmill kick!! Victory by ring-out!!!

Haruo: Will that … tick her off? Ah… She’s not mad. Huh, that’s rare. She… Okay? When the game ends, she usually moves ride on to the next. Is she gonna finish watching me play?


[—In Futon—]

Haruo: Does she have any friends to play with? Will she be able to make friends once she’s in high school? She’s strange but she gets along surprisingly well with people. Yet she still seems lonely. But what should I do? If I put her address in the message section of Gamest to find her some friends… I’d rather not imagine that.


[—Candy shop—]

Haruo: Look Ono, here’s news about hardware coming out at the end of the year! Sony’s PlayStation and Sega Saturn, check it out! You can even play Virtua Fighter on the Sega Saturn. I heard Ridge Racer and Fantastic Parodius will come out on the PlayStation. But, I might be in the Saturn camp, huh. How about you, Ono?

Haruo: Oh, that’s right. Game consoles are forbidden your place aren’t they? Then, tell you what, when I managed to get hands on one, you can come to my place and play it.


Haruo: I don’t know why she was so angry up until the school trip, but it was seemed she’s forgiven me somehow, it’s good. Really is fun being with her. I discover new things, it’s stimulating. Granny, I’ll take the usual.

Granny: Right, 10,000 yen.


Haruo: What? I mean that should have snapped right off.


[—Haruo’s room—]

Haruo: Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, which came out while Ono was gone. HyperFighting, Samurai Spirits, Fatal Fury, [if???] I wanted to talk about them with her. But whenever we meet, those thoughts just leave my head. Besides, it would just be me doing all the talking anyway. Once summer break ends, test season will be here. Separate high schools, huh?


[—Arcade in Kawasaki—]

Haruo: I guess coming all the way to Kawasaki just to play Darkstalkers… We’re both true gamers.

Haruo: We haven’t gone somewhere together like this since sixth grade.


Haruo: It was just released so there’s no multi-player, only single. Gamers huddled around a new machine is a sight to be hold. I can’t contain my excitement! What beautiful smooth movements… How really amazing fighting game was finally here.


Haruo: Oh, the movements are light! Super animated. Each character’s moves look really tricky. I’ll have plenty of studying to do. I’d say it’s decided. My main character is this Bishamon. Just like Guile, this’ll be a beautiful relationship.

Haruo: Ono’s playing with a heavy character, not surprising. She seems to be fixated on characters with full turn punch throws.

Men: Whoa…

Haruo: She cleared whole thing! It’s her first time and she played to the end with no losses. You’re incredible as always. I’ve never bored with you.


Haruo: A 164 Megatons?! This isn’t feasible for a middle school girl?

Ono: Hm…

Haruo: Looks strangely satisfied. This isn’t just from a hatred of me, is it.


Haruo: So almost time for our last middle school summer break to end.


[—Ramen Restaurant—]

Haruo: Hey, Ono. You’re testing for Joran High School, right? For me, getting into any high school would be enough. Huh, you’ve got it rough. I guess my summer break job as relieve of young lady’s stress is over. You won’t be able to just go out and be carefree like this.


Haruo: A Darkstalkers we just played would get even more hyped. And I heard Virtua Fighter II is coming out at the end of the year. And Samurai Showdown II was announced by Neo Geo. Oh, and not only that, I also heard the release of King of Fighters ’94. The PlayStation and Sega Saturn are on their way, too. It’s inevitable. It’s gonna be a pretty rough era for gamers. All these events are really amazing, but we’re clearly standing at the fork in the road with these milestone tests.


[—Pick up—]

Jiiya: We’re leaving, young miss.

Haruo: Ono, do you… enjoy… being with me?

Jiiya: And here we go!


Haruo: If she gets to high school, and stays all alone, I’d help her out. Even if I’m just a way for her to past time. No, that’s not the extend of my feelings. I have to be honest with myself. I think… I really like her.


[—Haruo’s home—]

Mom: Haruo, for you to take initiative and dive into schoolwork… I just [???] wet myself and threw up at the same time

Haruo: Empty head of mine, focus on studying! What is this? Commands? I’m good at remembering that kinda stuff. But academics, never seem to stick my head!!

TANTOARU1: Why not do some mental exercises before studying?

TANTOARU2: Why not focus on games before focusing on yourself?

GIES: If you want to remember the characters for “Soy-source", remember there is soy-source and GIES!

Haruo: No use! My game-brain is getting in the way!!



[—Rooftop at the school / September—]

Hidaka: Huh? You’re going for Joran high school? You mean it?

Miyao: Seriously, Haruo? Joran High Shool is that school with higher academic requirements, right?

Hidaka: Why did you change your mind?

Haruo: Shouldn’t you always have a higher goal set as your ideal choice? Anyway, just wanna challenge myself.

Miyao: You’ll do realize you have to work 10 times harder now to make up for all the studying you’ve put off.

Haruo: I know. They told me that at the parent-teacher conference.



Teacher: To be honest, with all the studying he’s neglected up to this point, I find it unlikely he’ll be able to make it up. Personally, I think it’s a rush move.

Mom: You’re right. I agree. I tried to tell him that I thought it was all of fool’s errand in the first place but does he listen to mommy.

Haruo: Mom, please.

Teacher: But… I don’t think this rush move is a bad thing. What’s important is the fact he is trying to change to better himself. You’ve seemed to have worked really hard on your homework over the summer. I was impressed.

Mom: Yes, I was so impressed too, Miss Tono!

Teacher: Yaguchi, what was it that led you to change your course so drastically?

Mom: I’m sure it’s the love of a good woman. And that woman is me!

Haruo: Mom, would you mind not talking like forever?

Mom: Then what will be the conference part of the parents-teacher conference?

Haruo: Whenever you open your mouth, things get weird!

Teacher: Yaguchi.

Haruo: Huh?

Teacher: To get into your top-pick school, you’ll need demonstrate extraordinary determination. And I will fight alongside you until that determination pays off.

Haruo: Miss Tono…

Mom: Virtua Fighter comes out in November. Are you sure that you’ll be okay with that?

Haruo: Wha- what are you talking about, mon? How did you know that?

Teacher: Let’s do our best, Yaguchi.

Haruo: Right.



Miyao: The next-generation Sega Saturn and PlayStation come out at the end of the year. Have you lost it?

Haruo: Don’t talk like it’s the end of the world for me, all right? If I recall, you got pretty wrapped it up, and [it too???].

Hidaka: Miyao’s right and just one… the gaming world’s getting exciting? What happened, Yaguchi?

Haruo: A half year of patience isn’t such a big deal anyway.

Miyao: Wait, Haruo. Are you trying to go to the same school as Ono?

Haruo: Huh?

Miyao: Haruo, if you want me, I’ll tutor you anytime!

Hidaka: I wanna tutor him too!


[—Haruo’s home—]

Mom: Ah… Haruo actually came straight home from school to study. Your mother is practically sobbing in disbelief.

Haruo: I can’t believe I’m still having a [due/doing/drill???] in elementary school stuff.


Hidaka: Just find the subject you like and grow outward from there.

Haruo: That’d be languages. Wouldn’t say I like it, but it’s easier.


Teacher: Rather than studying in long hours, try one hour of increased focus.

Haruo: Then if I do increased for long hours.


Miyao: I recommend exercising every day, too. Because the blood circulating through the brain.

Haruo: I ran today, Miyao. Ah….


Game1: You’ve been cold to us lately.

Game2: You’ll have fun if you play with us.

Haruo: Be quiet for a bit, okay? Sorry…

Games: Ah….




Man1: That super strong girl doesn’t seem like she’s in top form.

Man2: She had a crazy win streak back in the summer

Man3: Is she in the slump?

Jiiya: Young Miss…



Miyao: Haruo, it’s like the basics didn’t even make it into your head.

Haruo: I’m begging you teach me without getting so angry at me.


[—Hidaka’s home—]

Hidaka: Yaguchi really stopped coming to play games. And it looks like something major came out. He’s really that serious about it.



Jiiya: Young Miss…



[—February/Haruo’s place—]

Mom: 44,800 Yen.

Haruo: Huh?

Mom: The price of Sega Saturn you wanted. If you had come saying “Buy it!" without even studying, you would have caught these fists. But for this Haruo, I just want to buy it. No questions asked! You’ve been working so very hard [???].

Haruo: Stop babying me would you please. I still have a long way to go.

Mom: Haruo!!!


Jiiya: Young master Yaguchi, I’ve come by here to pick you up.

Haruo: Why? What do you mean?

Jiiya: Isn’t your destination the same as the young Miss’s today? I met your mother by coincidence in town and heard about it from her.

Haruo: My mom is always running her mouth.

Jiiya: I was relieved when I heard it.


Jiiya: You see, to you and young Miss, arcades were the bridge between you. I became quite worried when you stop showing up to them that your heart had gone somewhere far off. Even when she was in the arcades that she loves so much, I could always tell that her mind was elsewhere. Do you know why?

Haruo: Not clear.

Jiiya: Ugh…! The young Miss would occasionally go to these bridges and wait for you!

Haruo: Huh?

Jiiya: Don’t you see that you are a pillar in the Young Miss’s life, a support for her to escape the harshness of her everyday reality. Hmm… I haven’t told her about your plans to take the test. Go ahead, tell her with confidence.


[—Inside the car—]

Haruo: Ah… You know when Virtua Fighter 2 was released. I thought I might take a day off from school and checked it out. It was incredible. I’ve been away from arcade for a bid. It seems like smooth character movements and moving scenery became [the norm???].

Haruo: For the fighting game world, no, for the entire gaming world, this was revolutionary. The 2D games have been really keeping up with the 3D ones, though. They keep improving, it makes me wonder if I’ll be able to keep up. For a gamer, these improvements are mind-boggling. I see arcades as an incredible place for kids like us to bear witness to the inevitable, you know? Things are changing. A long time ago, at the airport, I said there would be countless things that we can’t even imagine coming out, you remember that day? I thought if I could witness this great change with you. I’d have the time of my life. I’ve been doing all this test preparation that I’m still not used to. I’m not giving up the arcades, I’m just exercising restraint right now. Back then, when things were getting really exciting, the thought of giving up games was harder than ever. And I’ve had plenty of reasons to make me once slip back in. The gaming world is gotta keep advancing, and you’re moving forward as well. It’d be lame if I was the only one who’d stay behind. So this wish maybe for thinking, but I’m gonna try to get into Joran High School like you. A fool will always act just like a fool… Huh?

Haruo: Ah…

Haruo: Ono… I… No, never mind. It’s nothing.


[—Joran High School—]

Haruo: 1942… a good number. I need to go on all in to make sure I don’t get shot down and get a game over. Let’s do it. If got an understanding of all the lower level of stuff…

Geese: Did you remember, “A soy source in Geese"?

Haruo: There aren’t any soy source questions, but thank you. I’ll clear them one at a time. Then, if I manage to get in, I can tell Ono my true feelings…