ハイスコアガール Round8

ハイスコアガール Round8


Teacher: Okay everyone, it’s free time. Please refrain from bothering others. Understand?

Students: Yes.

Onizuka: Ahhhh, no way no way no way!!! My butt, my butt is stuck. It’s keeping me from being cleansed. Ughaaaa!!!

Student1: You’re such an embarrassment. This stuff always happens to you, Onizuka!!

Miyao: Haruo, Ono is often alone quite a lot, isn’t she? Is she not fitting in well in her class?

Haruo: Huh, well, the people around her just realized her superiority, so isn’t that natural she as a lonely existence? I felt the same way in elementary school.

Miyao: I’m going to confess to her tonight.

Haruo: Huh?

Miyao: Even if it’s a No, we can become friends we can at least talk. I’m gonna give it a shot.

Haruo: Okay, that’s good, yeah. There isn’t a girl around who would be bothered by confession from you.

Miyao: Hey, tell me about her. What her interest in stuff? What does she like? Do you know any of hobbies?

Haruo: How would I know? By the way Miyao, our group’s free time is coming up soon. Would you help me slip away?

Miyao: Oh, The Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament, you mentioned. Sure things. It’s no problem at all. I’ll make sure to cover for you.

Haruo: Thanks!

Hidaka: Ha!!

Onizuka: Oh, you made it through!! You got some surprisingly big boobs, I wasn’t sure you fit.

Hidaka: What are you talking about!? Come on… Huh?

Haruo: From the Kintetsu Nara Station to the Umeda in Osaka to about 1 hour by train.

Hidaka: What’s? Where are you going, Yaguchi?

Haruo: Don’t worry about it, Hidaka! Just a little competition!

Hidaka: So you’re just making the rounds at arcade as usual?

Haruo: Yeah, something like that!

Hidaka: You really don’t have any interest in Kyoto and Nara, do you? Those games are all over the country. Is that really something you do on a trip to Kansai?

Haruo: Oh, be quiet. It’s always nag nag nag with you.

Hidaka: I’ll be lonely.

Haruo: And with that! I’m off. Thanks, Miyao!! I’m leaving the rest to you!!

Hidaka: It’s like he really does everything at his own pace.

Miyao: He he, so what made you fall for a guy like Haruo, Hidaka?

Hidaka: Huh? Wh- what!?

Miyao: Haruo turns to get along well with members of the opposite sex.

Hidaka: He… does?

Miyao: Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. Even though he might be an idiot, he’s also actually a kind warm person.

[—On the way to Tournament—]

Haruo: Oh, crap. I’m lost again… Excuse me, where’s Kintetsu Nara Station?

Priest: Turn right at the guy from India.


Haruo: I’m about to enter a heated battlefield of men. Oh, I’m getting nervous. My hands have started to shake. I don’t know if I’ll be able to win like this. Ugh…

Granny Anda: How pitiful.

Haruo: Huh? Granny Anda? You’re watching out for me?

Granny Anda: He he he.

Haruo: That’s right!! Now is not to time for me to be nervous. I’ll use everything I’ve gained up to this point, and win here in Kansai!!


Facilitator: First, we’ll split into blocks A through H, and hold preliminaries with 10 people per group. Then, the one victor from each block will move on to the finals. So good luck to all of you today!!

Haruo: I can’t lose focus. Especially in the preliminaries. That’s even more likely I’ll run into a player who’s the candidate for the final rounds. Hu… I’ve never been nervous like this. I’m even worrying about the things I’ve already learned. I bet people who study and come prepared for midterm and final exams always feel like this on test days. Having slacked in all my studies, never become acquainted with that nervousness. But, if I can get through this and win, something inside me might change! Huh!! Ono!! I see, Ono did the same!! She knew that the Osaka school trip overlap with the tournament, and enter herself in it.

Haruo: Wha-, what’s with that attitude!! Don’t pretend you don’t see me! Wait, if Ono is in the tournament, our fated encounter that was cut short when she left the game could happen here!! I can’t lose until then!!


Man1: This tournament is getting intense!

Man2: Yeah, let’s get this fight on!!

Man3: The winner’s prizes are one [starring???] winner trophy and cool bath set!!

Man4: No thanks.

Man5: Hey, look at that girl in block A. She just completely shut out that Ryu player using Zangief.

Man6: Really, that harmless-looking girl?

Man5: What’s worse, I heard her opponent was a guy who came here all the way from Okinawa.

Haruo: She’s ruthless.

Haruo: The rules are “anything goes". But I’m going to play without relying on Guile’s turtling or tick throws. I’m only have clean fights on my way up to Ono. Because the strength that I vowed to show Ono, is a different kind of strength.

Facilitator: Block H, Haruo Yaguchi!

Haruo: It’s time!

Haruo: Ugh, my legs are trembling!

Guile: Shall I tell you how to calm those nerves?

Haruo: Guile!!

Guile: First, write “Person" on palm of your hand three times, then bring it up to your mouth. Sonic Boom!!

Haruo: Ugh!!!

Guile: Did it work!? Aren’t you a little less nervous?

Haruo: I suppose…

Ryu: My first opponent is a middle-schooler? Are you any good?

Haruo: Well, yeah, I am pretty confident. How about you? You any good?

Ryu: You’ll about to find out!!

Facilitator: Winner, Haruo Yaguchi!!

Ryu: That was infuriating!!

Haruo: I can do this!! My skill is competitive in Kansai, too!! The awesome Haruo has awakened!! I won’t lose until I face her!

Haruo: Someway, somehow… I’ll keep winning!!

Facilitator: There it is!! The player moving on from Block H to the finals is Haruo Yaguchi!

Haruo: Phew… I somehow made it through the preliminaries. Looks like Ono cleared it, too. Figures. It’s no surprise!

Anda: The road is long.

Haruo: Right. If I wanna fight Ono, I’ve just got to win my way to the finals!!


Facilitator: These are the 8 capable players who passed the preliminaries. Which of you will ultimately take the seat of glory, and stand at the pinnacle amongst the strongest in Osaka and disrupt these lands of Kansai?

Haruo: Well, what a drama queen.

Facilitator: Now, the first match will be Akira Ono against Haruki Ogawa. Ono here is a middle-school third year girl who made it through the pre-rounds. Will her skills prove to be trouble to the others here in the finals as well?

Facilitator: Oh, Ogawa opens the match with a sumo headbutt! Then throws a standing kick to repel. Zangief can’t approach! Nicely done, a double lariat to close the distance and grab Honda! Amazing, her ability to instantly use the Screw. If there’s an opening, you’ll get sucked in Ono’s hands. Zangief is a human vacuum cleaner!!

Haruo: This guy’s so embarrassing.

Facilitator: A perfect victory for Ono. How far will this goddess of battle climb in this tournament!?

Haruo: He he, wow, he made Ono blush.

Haruo: He he, you couldn’t bear the embarrassment, so ya’d come over to me, someone you knew!!

Ono: Umm…

Haruo: “Goddess of battle"

Haruo: Ohhh, that hurt!! She’s so violent!!

Facilitator: The fourth match, Blanca user Taguchi versus another middle schooler, a Guile user Yaguchi!! Now from this point on ladies and gentlemen, I will be commentating alongside contestant Kato from Hokkaido, who was beaten by Yaguchi. Kato, let’s get straight to the match.

Kato: There’s a guy stronger than me up there, there’s no way he’ll lose…

Facilitator: Wow, Taguchi starts the rounds off stroke!!

Kato: He’s going in with the new skill, Surprise forward? However, that isn’t going to work on him.

Haruo: I can’t afford to lose. Not until I face her! Watch this, Akira Ono!!! Watch how much I’ve grown!!

Facilitator: He finishes with a Double Flash!! You’ve really shown us what you can do, Yaguchi!!

Taguchi: Ugh… I thought I could win…  I would do anything and get that bath set…

Guile: Does it not understand why you lost? The burdens we’ve taken on, are different.

Haruo: Tell me about it.

Facilitator: So, she made it all the way to the finals. I’d expect nothing less from the girl I’ve set my sights on. Next up, Yaguchi versus Ito. Ito is none other than an Akuma user!!

Haruo: Huh?

Ito: Hm.

Haruo: Th- this is bad! If he’s okay with using Akuma, at a big tournament like this, I’ve never been good against this character. No matter how many times I faced it. Ono… I wasn’t prepared to face such a strong opponent. All I can do is hope for a miracle!

Ito: He he, I’ll devour you. I’ll turn you to ash!!

Facilitator: It’s Brown Ryu!! Has Ito made mistake and failed to input Akuma this late in the game?

Ito: Wait, let me retry it!!

Facilitator: That won’t be possible. Once the character has been selected, the match has officially begun.

Haruo: I asked for a miracle, and I got it!! This guy is just an amateur Ryu!

Facilitator: Haruo Yaguchi advances to the finals!!

Ito: Let me restart!! Let me restart!!

Haruo: Well this person exactly how I planned.

Haruo: But it has ultimately come true.  The fated battle with Ono.

[—Finals Battle—]

Haruo: Here we are together on this huge stage. After so many long days and nights, the moment has finally come! You choose to ignore me in a real world, but what about when it comes to the game!? We’ll speak the same languages, just like we did back then!! Get ready, Ono!!


[—Finals Battle—]

Facilitator: Akira Ono versus Haruo Yaguchi.

Facilitator: Will it be Yaguchi’s Guile Double-Flash? Or Ono’s Zangief throwing frenzy that takes it?

Man1: What is this commentator talking about?

Facilitator: First round of the finals, start!

Facilitator: Yaguchi is playing cautiously.

Haruo: Incredible, Ono. Because of you, Zangief feel so much larger than normal.

Facilitator: Yaguchi pushes back with Sonic Boom.

Ito: Of course. You can’t let her get close. You can’t guard and can’t get close to the walls or the screw will come and suck it.

Facilitator: Just one mistake will end up him in hot water, but still, the human vacuum cleaner Zangief draws closer. And here, Yaguchi makes use of low risk low kicks after getting the proper spacing with Sonic Boom.

Haruo: Weak Sonic, chase, strong kick, Sonic, preemptive aerial counter, into an upper, summer-sonic, throw!!

Haruo: Flying Power Bomb?

Facilitator: Yaguchi dodges the Flying Power Bomb just in time! Ono is also advancing in order to get proper distance. Then a Flying Mare out of nowhere. Ono returns it with a middle leg through. A.K.A. the table flip! And Yaguchi responds back with a Buster Drop. Yaguchi is now up one round! To think Guile versus Zangief would end up in an aerial battle. These two are [???] into fly!!

Man: That kids’ amazing!

Haruo: He he he. My “Screw Killer" has really blossomed here. My strategy that excludes turtling and junky. Well, Ono? I’m not the same as before, am I? Huh? Even so, there’s something… I’ve been getting this weird feeling for a minute. Compare to her play on way up to the finals, there’s something lacking. No way, is she holding back on me?

Facilitator: Second round, Ono!

Haruo: A storm of perfectly space Flying Power Bombs? She’s not holding back, she’s definitely here to kill me!

Haruo: Ugh… This pressure is crushing me… But I can’t lose. I’ll make her acknowledge my ability while settling this match that was fated since 6th grade. Look at me now, Ono! The source of this power is the sadness and confusion of being intentionally ignored by the one person, you considered a rival!!

Facilitator: There it is! Yaguchi’s Double Flash!

Ito: Approaching weak kick, two downward punches into a Double Flash?

Ono: Ugh…

Haruo: Why don’t you say something, you jerk! You idiot! You moron!!!

Facilitator: Let’s hear it for the winner, Haruo Yaguchi! Our winner will receive his trophy and bath set. And this time, all the participants will receive a complementary T-shirt.

Haruo: Huh?

[—End of the competition—]

Haruo: This doesn’t feel real at all.

Mechanic1: Hey, what’s up of this? Player II’s punch buttons aren’t working at all.

Mechanic2: You’re right! Isn’t this where Ono was?

Mechanic1: I’ll bet that Akuma user, Ito damaged it with that tantrum after his match.

Mechanic2: But then, Ono played in entire finals with those broken buttons? What should we do?

Mechanic1: Well, unless she makes a complaint herself…

[—Riverside walk—]

Haruo: Ono! Wait, hold up! You were making fun of me! Why didn’t you say anything about the broken punch buttons, huh? That’s the reason the Screws didn’t come out, isn’t it? The Double Lariat that avoids Sonic Booms, and Banishing Flat were unusable. You played the match with that handicap! Hey, wait! Is that your idea of a serious fight? Agh!!!

Monster: Oh, a fight!

Monster: Call the cops!

Police: You called?

Monster: Not you!

Guile: Haruo! You’re 100 years too early to pick a fight with her.

Haruo: You’re saying kick buttons are enough to beat me? Must have looked hilarious being honoured up there as a winner. From Champion Edition Turbo to The New Challengers, all the training I’ve done until now… It was… It was all so I could fight you as an equal when you finally came back home, Ono! Even in the finals aren’t the big stage like that, you had zero intent of fighting a small-fry like me? I’d thought you were my rival, but you and I, we are people living in two different worlds. You come back. Your grades are perfect as ever. You’re well-liked popular with guys. And you’re even strong enough to pull off a 111-win streak. I was right, you know. You really are a thorn in my si-… Ughhh!!!

Haruo: What was that!

Haruo: You’ve ignored me all this time and now this? Then let’s see it through! I won’t lose to you! Ugh!!

Haruo: You little…

Haruo/Ono: Uh!!!!

Haruo: Ono, You don’t know how badly I wanted you to come back to me!!

Haruo: The fighting game boom went even further than I expected. One after another, big titles were being produced. There were so much I wanted to talk to you about. Huh? This… huh? You… Why did you keep this all this time? Why?

[—Public bath house—]

Guile: The broken button incident was surely just her reading the vibe at the tournament. The finals were getting hyped, and she was worried about interrupting the match.

Honda: Either way, with that handicap, the match was even. You’re verified her abilities. You wanna become my underling and start over? He he.

Haruo: Huh. I didn’t expect the bath set that I won would actually come in handy quite so soon.

Haruo: So, you changed into the free shirt, too huh? We kinda look like have matching pair now. Huh? Am I wrong? Well, whatever.

Haruo: Until a little while ago, she was unmanageable and violent. Now, she’s strangely calm. This girl is a mistery.


Haruo: Dinner just ended and it’s free time, Ono. If we sneak back now, we should get off scott-free. Don’t get spotted by the teachers. What with that look? Oh, my face? So, even you worry about real world concequenses, huh? Well, I can take a punch, so this should all be cleared up by tomorrow.

Miyao: Haruo!!

Haruo: Uh!

Miyao: What would have you been doing? Why are you and Ono dressed like?

Haruo: Oh, Miyao. Well it’s actually a long story…

Miyao: I see. That’s an unexpected side of Ono. So, what kind of relationship do the two of you actually have?

Haruo: To me, she is a… like a master-student, you know. She is a person I share certain values with.

Miyao: Then are those marks from…

Haruo: They are…

Miyao: Well then, it’s seems like there’s no room for me to cut in at all.

Haruo: Huh? Cut in on what?

Miyao: Don’t worry about it. Let’s go back to the room.