ハイスコアガール Round7


ハイスコアガール Round7

[—Hidaka’s room—]

Hidaka: They finally bought it for me. The Final Fight for Super Nintendo!! This was actually one that Yaguchi didn’t have!

Haruo: Well what’s that!? You got Final Fight for the Super Nintendo!? Let me come over and play it!!

Hidaka: This is the only thing that can get him over here, although, I might be a little excited to play co-op with Yaguchi…



Haruo: Well what’s that? You got Final Fight for the Super Nintendo!?  Can I borrow it?

Hidaka: No!

Haruo: O-Oh, you’re acting surprisingly stingy. Why do you look so angry…

Hidaka: Huh!!




Haruo: So what is it? Planning to do some intensive solo training?

Hidaka: That’s right! Got a problem?

Haruo: Well I guess that’s good!! Make sure to train really hard …

Miyao: Hey, Haruo…. Ah, Ono!!

Haruo: Huh?


Miyao: She’s just as mysterious a girl as always, you know? I wonder what she does outside of school!! I bet she takes a lot of advanced courses. She does seem like a well-to-do young lady.

Haruo: She’s actually monster that had 111 win-streak.

Miyao: Hey, Haruo. You went to the same elementary school with her, right? What was she like?

Haruo: She was quiet, kept to herself.

Miyao: That’s it?

Haruo: That’s it.

Hidaka: When I saw them together in town, it kind of felt like… Well the two of them were in their own worlds. What kind of relationship did they have? They were still only in elementary school, Ugh… thinking about it bothers me!! Ah… Back then…


Hidaka: That time I took you place at the arcade and played the game for you, remember?

Haruo: Hmm?

Hidaka: The one who came in and used a hidden character, I feel like that might have been Ono!!

Haruo: Huh!!

Miyao: No way. I really can’t imagine Ono going to an arcade and playing games. I’m even surprised you actually went to an arcade, Hidaka.

Haruo: I knew it. So the Akuma player was Ono? Akuma, Super Street Fighter II Turbo’s hidden character. The existence was confirmed in the demo sequence. I had no idea you could use him.



Haruo: Super Street Fighter II Turbo came out two months earlier overseas. So I’m sure the info about it made its surrounds a whole lot sooner over there. That’s one pattern this industry never fails to follow. But, I guess there’re other things that never fail to happen. So why should this be any different?


Girl1: Hey, Ono! Wanna hang out at my house?

Girl2: Did you see yesterday’s “Best Hits”?

Boy1: My aunt actually lives in America.


Haruo: But she looks kinda stuff. I guess that’s the same as always, too.



Haruo: Lunch time always gives me a huge appetite!! 29-inch machine!! Used for 250,000 yen. There’s no way I could afford it, but these Gamest’s advertisements are really inspiring. If I could have these amazing machines in my room, I could just die then and there.

Mom: Haruo!! All you do is playing Astro City!!

Haruo: Calling cards are interesting too. The one I really want is the Guile calling card. Now I certainly wanna wear an original Gamest cap, too!! Then there’s the national gaming tournament report. Hey, wait a minute. I’ve got legitimate fighting gamer as well! Reading all this makes me itch to play. I’m gonna participate in one, someday. There I’ll see…

Haruo: Fighter’s History Dynamite!! World Heros 2 Jet. Perfect Soldiers. It’s not just Super Street Fighter II Turbo, all these wonderful games are waiting for me. I never have enough money to buy them all, I wanna be in a high school already, so I can get a job… Huh?


Student1: Ono, sorry for calling you here so suddenly… Um… So… there’s been something I really wanted to ask you for a while at now. Everyone would be watching us in the classroom. So I had to write you a letter instead.

Haruo: People are watching here, in case you didn’t notice.

Student2: Kenji, you keep do this!!  Go for it!!

Student3: Hey, Do your best! Don’t fail! Come on!!

Student4: Is this some kinda confession?

Student5: You think?

Student1: We haven’t talked much sure or rather, at all. But since the day you transferred here, well, it was love at first sight!! Will you come with me to see the movie “Little Buddha”!?


Student2: That’s expression…

Student3: It’s a dull…

Student1: I got a “No”…

Student4: A no, huh?

Student1: Hey, this isn’t a show, you jerk! Hey you! You are Haruo Yaguchi for class 4 right. You’re just sitting and staring at me, dang it!!

Haruo: Well, you sort of just started going on about how much you like Ono and…

Student1: What’s your relationship with Ono, huh? I’ve been asking around and I found out you two were in the same elementary school. I didn’t believe them at first, but there are few people saying that they saw you two together? So what is Ono to you anyway?


Haruo: How should I know… Someone with a shared interest? No… These guys wouldn’t get it. Plus, Ono would be exposed as an arcade-lover….

Student1: Don’t go silent on me.

Haruo: Rivals? No no no… She just rejected a match with me the other day. I was even shown a difference in skills with that record-breaking 111 win-streak. I can’t call her my rival.

Student1: Answer me, already!! What’s wrong with you?

Haruo: Would I see Ono is someone tore my pride to shreds? Huh, and which case, she is an enemy… or maybe…

Student1: Ugh…..

Haruo: To me, Ono is… just like a thrown in my side?


Ono: Ugh!!!!!!!

Student1: He he he, of course a looser like you would say that!!!

Student2: Hey, no need to disgrace yourself further!!

Student3: You were just rejected, remember?

Student1: Ugh!

Student3: Hey, he is forming…

Student2: It’s because you said “rejected”.

Haruo: Ono! Hold on!!


Haruo: Ono! That was… I…, I was wondering if you would show me how to use Akuma. The word on the street is that you’re the rumoured Akuma user.

Haruo: W- What is it, Ono?

Haruo: Ugh!!

Haruo: I don’t get her…



Haruo: I can’t figure out what this little princess is trying to tell me. She literally doesn’t tell me anything though. Ugh, this is bugging me!! Wait, why am I getting riled up over this?

Miyao: Hey, Haruo.

Haruo: Huh?

Miyao: Would we go on this Kyoto field trip? I’m feeling of confessing my love to someone.

Haruo: Tell.

Miyao: To Ono…

Haruo: Whoa!!!!!

Miyao: I’ve actually never talked to her at all before, and I don’t know what kind of girl she is. But everytime I look at her, my chest burns… Haruo, is this love?  I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been in love.

Haruo: It… it might be that. You can’t just turtle when it comes to love.

Miyao: You’re right. I moved it turtle’s pace if I’ve ignored my feeling.


[—Hidaka’s home—]

Dad: What’s this? I guess the Super Nintendo doesn’t support co-op play.

Hidaka: Ugh…

Dad: This is only for solo play. He he he.

Hidaka: Curse my ignorance…




Teacher: Sit quietly until we reach our destination in Kyoto, understand?

Students: Yes.

Teacher: Yaguchi, you didn’t bring any handheld games, did you.

Haruo: No, I would never do anything like that, Ms. Tono. Even someone like me knows there’s a time and place for those things.

Miyao: I’m proud of you, Haruo! I thought it’d been you, you’d at least bring a Gameboy along for the trip.

Haruo: He he he, I told her that I didn’t bring any handhelds. But I left out that I packed my TurboGrafx-16 and multi-player multi-tap! It’s my dream to play bomber-man, Momotaro-Dentetsu, with all the guys on a hotel TV!!

Miyao: You really are a…

Hidaka: You could at least stop thinking about playing games while on a school trip, you know?

Miyao: You really tell him, Hidaka!! Talk some sentence to him.

Hidaka: This is a once in a lifetime trip, let’s enjoy Kyoto for Kyoto!

Haruo: Kyoto… Huh…

Anda-ba: So, you’ve come. He he.

Haruo: Oh, no… because of The Genji and the Heike Clans, I can only see Kyoto some evil place.

Miyao: I have nothing but pity for your game-brain.


Onizuka: So, just as always leaving my Grandma’s house, Grandma comes running out going “Chihiro! You forgot your underwear again!”.

Hidaka: That’s ridiculous!

Onizuka: She came running at me yelling in the middle at the street. It freaked me out!! All these people were watching…


Haruo: Phew…

Numata: Yaguchi… Yaguchi, could you … could you go buy something refreshing for me? I guess, soda or something.

Haruo: Come on now, Mr. Numata. You cannot sick from the bullet train, are you?

Numata: That seems to be the case.

Haruo: Getting sick from a bullet train is that something. For a guy who looks like a martial arts master, that’s really lame. We’re stopped now, so I’ll go buy something.

Numata: Thanks. You can buy something for yourself, too.

Haruo: Cool!



Hidaka: Huh? Yaguchi, we are about to leave!

Haruo: Whoa! Dropped it.

Hidaka: Huh!

Haruo: Ugh! Come on!

Hidaka: Yaguchi, what are you doing there?

Haruo: Perfect timing, Hidaka! Help me a bit. Numata needed a favor and gave me five thousand yen. I’m buying some for everyone, too.

Hidaka: We don’t have time if we don’t get back on board now!

Haruo: True, but Numata’s soda’s under here.


Haruo: Achooo!!

Hidaka: Don’t “Achoo” me, we were stuck here!! I can’t believe that we got left behind on the very first day of our school trip! W- What should we do? For now, we should call someone in Kyoto, see if they can send a car for us.

Haruo: Come on. Let’s just relax, Hidaka. We can take a slower train or whatever, as long as we get to Kyoto, right?

Hidaka: Huh?

Haruo: Lake Biwa’s near by, so we can head to Kyoto while taking in the sights.

Hidaka: I don’t have any money, you know. Everything is on the bullet train.

Haruo: Don’t you worry. I’ve got my wallet as well as Numata’s 4000 yen.

Hidaka: How can you be so relaxed!!

Haruo: Hey, you’re getting yourself all worked up just because you don’t want to get in trouble. We’re not elementary school kid’s anymore. We can handle this all by ourselves.

Hidaka: You realize, you are the reason this happen to begin with.


[—Station arcade—]

Haruo: Whoaaaaaaa!!! It’s my kinda sacred ground in an unfamiliar land!! And there’s no one here! This is awesome!! Yeah!!!!!

Hidaka: I called Kyoto station and told them to inform the teachers.

Haruo: Oh, it’s Parodius!

Hidaka: The slower train is late due to falling rocks, so we’ll have to wait here for a bit.

Haruo: This one has an amazing character called “Chichi-Binta Rika”.

Hidaka: Ugh…

Haruo: Oh? Feeling aggravated? Go let off some steam with that Gator Panic over there.


Hidaka: Unbearable!!!

Haruo: That’s the way! Those gators, let out your rage towards the ones who left us here!!

Hidaka: The rage is toward you!!

Haruo: Huh? Who’s calling me? Where’re you? Huh! Kung Fu Master, it was you!!

Haruo: A game where all you do is press the button he tells you do as quickly as possible! Huh! You need quick reflexes. Level four exceeds the limit of humans. But for me, it’s no problem.

Hidaka: Yaguchi will probably accomplish things that have nothing to do with academics.



Hidaka: So what now? Shall we wait here for the train?

Haruo: Hanging out in this place and playing games isn’t bad, but since we’re here, why don’t we go to Lake Biwa?

Hidaka: What?

Haruo: If we travel along Lake Biwa, we’ll eventually reach Kyoto.

Hidaka: Huh? We’re heading to Kyoto without any kind of plan whatsoever?

Haruo: Whether we go by bus or whatever, we’ll end up in Kyoto where everyone is waiting.

Hidaka: That’s so simplistic.


[—Lake Biwa—]

Haruo: Ooh! So here it is!! Japan’s biggest lake, Lake Biwa!! I had no idea that it was so huge!! Wonder if it has a huge fish.

Hidaka: Yeah…

Haruo: We didn’t have any plans to see Lake Biwa on the school trip, so don’t you feel lucky, Hidaka?


Haruo: Here.

Hidaka: Ah. Huh!? Is this… like… It’s like a date!!

Haruo: Huh? What did you say?

Hidaka: Huh? No no no, it’s nothing!!

Haruo: What’s up with you…

Hidaka: Why did I say that out loud… What’s his relation ship with Ono… I… I really want to ask.


Hidaka: Why don’t we take a bus to the next Tokaido Main Line Station? I would think that train should be running from there by then.

Haruo: I’m sorry about everything that happened. We were finally going on the school trip, but I dragged you down.

Hidaka: Hmm, Nah. I don’t really mind being here like this. Wait, the bus won’t come for another 45 minutes?

Haruo: I’m sure you don’t want people starting rumors, coming along with a guy like me.

Hidaka: Wh- What about you, Yaguchi? Being with someone like me. I don’t mind it at all. In fact I… Huh? Where did he go?

Haruo: Hidaka!!

Hidaka: Huh?

Haruo: Over here!! Come take a look!!!


[—Candyshop Arcade—]

Hidaka: What is this place?

Haruo: It’s something that is since vanish from our neighborhood, a candy shop arcade! There are so many orange machines. Oh, they have Tant-R! Even the new Ichidant-R! Check it out!! The shop owner here obviously doesn’t really care, but he’s got a good eye!! [None of less???]


Haruo: There! There! Behold! My perceptiveness and reflexes, and prepare to go down!! There you go!!

Hidaka: His eyes are shining… He can have a one-track mind with his love of games… But boy who’d so passionate about something has a strange sort of appeal.

Haruo: Hidaka, come over to my right!

Hidaka: Huh?

Haruo: The glare from the sun is making it hard to see. Oh, I know, wanna play two-player with me?

Hidaka: Okay. Games are what allow me to get the closest to Yaguchi. But these games that are always getting in between us when we’re together, have come to resent them at all.

Haruo: Oh no, great. Drinking all that juices suddenly just hit me. Hidaka, play for me, too!!

Hidaka: Ughaaaa!!

Haruo: Excuse me, please let me use your restroom!!

Hidaka: Why am I stuck in this confusing mess?



Haruo: Huh? I actually got a winner!!



Haruo: We walked and walked until we got on a bus, then road the Tokaido Main Line until finally…

Haruo: The sky is already started turning orange. Look at that.

Hidaka: Yeah.

Haruo: Now, let’s get back to everyone quickly and enjoy the school trip. It’s probably about dinner time.

Haruo: Huh? What is it?

Hidaka: Uh… Nothing.

Haruo: Are you worried about getting in trouble? It’s all right. I’ll be the one getting scolded anyway. Besides, Numata will vouch for us.

Hidaka: Yeah…

Haruo: C’mon. Let’s get going.

Hidaka: I wanted to be alone for a little longer.


[—In front of Hotel—]

Teacher: Goodness, even getting Hidaka involved like that …

Numata: My appologies…

Haruo: Na-. not big deal. We had fun.



Student1: Oh Haruo! What a day, huh!?

Student2: We thought you to snuck off to fool around with Hidaka. Everyone was gossipping.

Students: Hey hey! Woo!!

Haruo: Oh, is that so? Anyway, wanna go play Bomberman after this?

Students: Sure! Yeah yeah!!

Haruo: [Let’s make???] it’s gonna be a hot night.

Students: All right!!


[—Hotel Arcade—]

Haruo: Whoa! This school trip is one pleasant surprise after another!


Haruo: Wow?

Haruo: If it isn’t Miss Ono. So I… guess even in Kyoto, you’re a gamer-head just like me. Hehe.

Haruo: Man, I really had a rough time. I went to shop ant then the bullet train took off without me. I got left behind with this girl Hidaka from my class. We’re ended up getting here on our own. Oh, on the way, I found an amazing candy shop arcade. I’m sure it would’ve been right up your alley. Hu, really wanted to show ya.

Haruo: Mm? Whoa! scary!! Why the scary face? What a scary looking face like that mean? Honestly, oh, they have Gator-Panic here, too! Hey, why don’t you release some of the frustration on this bad boy, Huh?

Ono: Uh…

Haruo: Ugh…

Haruo: Nope. Ow!!

Haruo: What’s that about!! Her anger gauge just filled up for no reason at all… Dang it! She really gets on my nerves!! If it’s come to this, I’ll just reset myself for the game of Bomberman with the guys!!


Teacher: I’m taking this

Haruo: No…