ハイスコアガール “Round6”

ハイスコアガール / High Score Girl “Round5" 英語版スクリプトです。




Hidaka: There he is!! I’m in the same class as Yaguchi again!

Onizuka: Ughaaaaa, I’m in Class-1.




Miyao: Come on, Haruo. Are you really bringing that thing to school so early into new semester?

Haruo: Huh… A TurboExpress would be a punishable offense, but I think if it’s a GameBoy, they won’t care less much.

Miyao: What kind of reasoning is that? A game is still a game, right? Oh, uh-, by the way, have you heard? Class 1 got a transfer student. Apparently she’s quite the looker! Wanna check her right after a school?

Haruo: I’ll pass. That’s not where my mind is at right now. I’m off to play the recently installed Super Street Fighter II: Turbo. I mean I have to evolve along side this fully evolve, then once again further evolved, evolution of Street Fighter II.

Miyao: There is Hyper Fighting, The New Challengers, and Turbo, right? Can’t they just call it No.3?

Haruo: We don’t talk about that, Miyao…


Miyao: Hey, Haruo!! And… he’s gone.

Onizuka: Miyao…

Miyao: You scared me, Onizuka!

Onizuka: [???] class was being able to stare what your face off…

Miyao: All right. You got place in Class-1, didn’t you?

Onizuka: Yeah, is that idiot Haruo here?

Miyao: Na-, he [wouldn’t???] took off as soon as the bell rang.

Onizuka: Oh I see. For those went to Minami elementary, someone really surprising has returned.

Miyao: Oh, is that rumor transferred student?

Onizuka: Don’t ever talk to her!! I’m not sure I can beat her in the game of love.

Miyao: Ah…


Haruo: Oh yeah!!!



Hidaka: Hmm. There are so many game magazines. I don’t know where to start. First I probably need my parents to buy a console for me. Huh?

Haruo: Ugh…..

Haruo: Dang it!! Who’s spreading the lie that mashing the “scissors” button is an automatic win?

Hidaka: Yaguchi, you’re in a place like this in your school uniform again?

Haruo: Huh? Oh, hey Hidaka. We really run into each other lately. If this were Dragon Quest, you’d have the same appearance rate as Muddy hand.

Hidaka: We live in the same area. So you even go to places that have little kid games like this?

Haruo: Don’t take shopping centers lightly. You see that!! They’ve already installed Street Fighter II Turbo!

Hidaka: Even here?

Haruo: There’s no versus machine, but you can play twice for 100 yen here. It’s cool though, because in single-player mode, you can memorize command and practice skills. It’s a popular game, it’s not surprising there’s a line for it. In fact, there are already 10 place holders for who’s got next turn.

Hidaka: Don’t they forget which of those coins belong to who?

Haruo: You have to remember the face of the guy behind, and in front of you. It’s also important to remember where your 100 yen is, and your order as well.

Hidaka: It’s so complicated just to play one game.

Haruo: Well, one down side is that. While you’re playing, you get this murderous aura from the people behind, willing you to hurry up and be done with your turn. That’s why I… just step back and enjoy some Jajamaru-popcorn. So I don’t contribute to the weird pressure on the players. Poco poco pon!!!

Hidaka: Maybe he’s really become a serious responsible person.


Haruo: Crap! There are still 6 people ahead of me!!

Hidaka: OK, never mind… Forget it, I can’t wait it any longer? I’ll just have to go to a big arcade with a quick turn-around time!


[—On the way to arcade—]

Haruo: Why are you coming with?

Hidaka: Huh? Is that a problem?

Haruo: Don’t underestimate an arcade geared toward versus play.

Hidaka: They’re packed with people who have killer instinct. It’s truly a man’s battlefield where pride bats heads with will power.

Haruo: I wanna try getting good at fighting games, too.

Hidaka: You can’t just make a half-cooked statement like that!! You need to start with something like Yie-Ar Kung Fu!!



Man: It’s a Sonic Ashtray…!

Haruo: This is the final technique of an ill-tempered player. Sadly, they often hit people in the crowd who aren’t paying attention.

Temper: You punk! Quit screwing with me!! That actually hit me you know?

Player: You’re fault for getting in the way man.

Temper: What did you just say?

Haruo: This is an adult’s fight! Super Street Fighter II: Turbo!! It’s come so far. If they ever make it to Turbo II or Turbo II, I’ll be along for the ride. One-play costs 100 yen, which is tough on the nerves and causes input mistakes. But now, it’s when I need to apply all of my accumulated experience from Street Fighter II!!


Man: Oh, men…

Haruo: As I expected of a versus machine, it’s already my turn!!

Haruo: Size of this crowd! Being on this big stage! After have no hope of standing out is [a thrilling???].


Guile: Haruo, Haruo!! Can I go back to my own country?

Haruo: Huh? What’s wrong?

Guile: It happened again. I’m still the only one who hasn’t had a special move added.

Haruo: Huh… I thought this was final year game, too. It’s seems being so overpowered in the past was your fatal mistake. But rest easy. Because just like everyone else, they gave you a Super Combo.

Guile: Oh, that’s? The command is really hard. Diagonal down-left, and to diagonal down-right, diagonal down-left, diagonal up-right, then kick. So not way too confusing?

Haruo: Not a worry!! That command is like a walk in the park!!


Men: Oh Wow, that totally end to it…

Hidaka: Wow, Yaguchi is having fun!!

This kid is good, but that Zangief player yesterday was no joke, either.

Yeah I know. Wasn’t it some middle-school girl on a 21-wins streak?

Hidaka: So girls like that exist?


Haruo: There it is, the Hado-Shoryu. It’s a strategy similar to Guile-Turtling. But crowd here doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. While it does give the appearance of fighting [their hardest???] by inputting lots of commands. Such a staling boring fighting style. Is that player even enjoying himself? Against this strategy, you have to maintain a distance of one-character between you and opponent. And force a trading of blows. Make them use Shoryukens with vertical jumps while you set up your attack. The slow and gradual distraction is effective.

Player: Ughaaaaaaaa

Haruo: This guy is clearly the type of player who doesn’t like to lose. And I can’t lose to someone like that. I have an honor to uphold. Go, I now release your from many years of regret!!

Haruo: What do you have to say to that, Guile?

Guile: Combat is a truly inhuman act, but I couldn’t afford to lose.

Haruo: Now that’s more like it…


Man1: 10 wins?

Man2: This guy is on fire!!

Man3: Incredible, yet creepy.

Man4: You’re probably never really grown up.

Haruo: Your praise only boost my moral.

Hidaka: Though some of those were insults…


Hidaka: Yaguchi, if I happen to become stronger at this, how would you act then?

Haruo: Come on! Yeah, that’s right. Come closer!! Nope, I gonna cut. Come on, make you move already!! Huh… guess there’s no helping it. Here it comes!! Huh.. Come on already! Come here, come here!! Come on, almost! You got this, hehe. Come on now I just keep blocking. It seems he can’t execute Blanka’s super combo, the Ground Shave Roll. IN comparison, I know even the craziest combos!! I’ve memorized every move on every character.

Hidaka: He’s trying to beat this newbie but he’s decided to only use his weak punches. Is he being kind? Or is it just as bad personality. Probably the latter. If we were to get together, and then get married, that would be hard to deal with.

Haruo: Twelve consecutive wins!!


Haruo: Wow, that guy? Why he’s always on patrol?

Haruo: Agh… what am I gonna do is abandoning this wins-streak my only option?

Hidaka: So do you want me to switch, how is you?

Haruo: Huh?

Hidaka: You’re in your uniform, so he’d spot you. But I’m in casual clothes, so he might not notice.

Haruo: But, but that’s…

Hidaka: It’s fine really. You can just hide in the bathroom or something. I might lose and cut your wins-streak short, though.

Haruo: Thanks a lot, Hidaka!! I’ll leave it all up to you!!

Hidaka: I’ve got somehow make it through this!!


Man1: It looks like a tag-team couple.

Man2: I’m so jealous I could die.

Hidaka: A couple? Is that how we looked to people? I’ve been [???] kind of happy.

Man1: Guile-skip?

Man2: Such brilliance!!

Man3: The Guile-skip worked drew!!


Hidaka: Phew, I managed to win.

Man1: That was from the heart.

Man2: Makes you want to root for her.


Man3: Huh? Isn’t that girl? Could it be?

Man4: Yeah, it’s the one from before with the 21 wins-streak!

Hidaka: Huh? Another challenger? What? I wonder what’s wrong. Can’t they decide who to pick?

Hidaka: Huh?

Man1: What’s that?

Man2: A hidden character?

Man3: Isn’t that the guy who jumps in before you fight en Baison in single player?

Hidaka: Ugh…. They’re so strong!! I can’t get a single attack [???].

Hidaka: I’m sorry, Yaguchi. I couldn’t protect your win-streak.


Jiiya: Young Miss, there you are!! Playing games in a place like this again? Come on, let’s head home. Break should be a moderation, now…


Haruo: I see, well that’s really too bad. Looks like Numata just came here to play games. And well.

Hidaka: I lost some crazy beautiful girl

Haruo: A girl? Which character did she use?

Hidaka: It was a terribly violent looking scary guy who had a top-knot.

Haruo: I see, so like a demon person. Huh? wait! I’ve never seen that character before.

Hidaka: Someone said it was a hidden character.

Haruo: Huh? Hidden character? I have to ask that person the details!! Are they still in the arcade?

Hidaka: She left already.

Haruo: Finding out something like that so cool so that game’s release miss there somebody.

Hidaka: Yaguchi!!

Haruo: Is this, this feeling… It’s like I’ve felt before…

Hidaka: Yagubhi!!!

Haruo: Feeling of that hood, it’s nostalgic in a way


Jiiya: This brings back such memories. Oh wait, that boy back there, isn’t he a friend of yours some back before you’ve left us?



[—Backyard of the school building—]

Onizuka: Class boys on cleaning duty? Good work, guys.

Miyao: Have the other classes gone home already? Let’s finish this up so we can leave, too.

Onizuka: 'Kay, by the way, had you met with her yet?

Haruo: Met with who?

Miyao: You know, Ono. She went to the same elementary school with you? You don’t remember?

Onizuka: He he, this dummy totally forgot her. Listen to this, Miyao. We wanted to throw a surprise going away party for her the day she left, you see? and this idiot didn’t bring her a gift, the whole class was in utter shock. Though I’m sure getting a gift from a heartless guy like this would only make Ono really upset.

Miyao: Don’t say that, Onizuka. I’m sure Haruo is toned up about it.

Onizuka: Wait a minute! Why are you the one who gets this sweep while Miyao collect the dirt?

Hidaka: That’s enough, stop picking on them.

Miyao: She’s right, Onizuka. Just go home already.


Miyao: Well, see you later, Haruo!!

Haruo: Finally, you finally come back, Ono! My legs are shaking. What is this feeling… It’s overwhelming!!


[—Haruo’s home—]

Mom: Where are you off to, Haruo? Come back by dinner time, Okay? If you don’t, I’ll hide your games and AC adapter in strange places! Like somewhere haunted…


[—Walk around—]

Haruo: Has it really been two and a half years since that? The gaming world evolved even faster than I’d expected. I like to think I’ve evolved as well, to avoid being left behind.

Haruo: How far have you evolved? Come to think of it, when did you even get back? I know I don’t really notice these things but…

Haruo: I find myself always looking for her. Well, that’s not something like just started. I think there was one more place. The store where Ono and I first played each other.



Men: Wow, she’s crazy! This big, that’s a 104-win streak!!

Haruo: 104?!

Man1: Holy cow!! You can land a Screw from that range!?

Man2: Get close to that Zangief and it’s like jumping into a vortex.

Man3: She’s using a new skill Banishing Flat to cancel out all her opponent’s attack!!

Man4: Is this the true nature of an innocent girl’s power?

Haruo: Ono!!


Man1: If you guard against Zangief’s attacks, he’ll grab you and give you the Screw!!

Man2: He’s like a human vaccum cleaner!!

Man3: He never loses sunction!!

Man4: Mercilessly sucking!

Man5: Tons of sucking!!

Men: And then she tops it off with a big punch, into the Final Atomic Buster!!!


Men: When did she input two full circles and two punches? It was like a blur!!

Haruo: Ono, I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

Haruo: I’ll greet you after all this time with a joystick and buttons!!

Haruo: Take a good look at my evolution!! Huh? What’s wrong, Ono!?

Man: I’ll take that!!

Haruo: Just when I thought, we’d finally settle things. I don’t understand! Leaving the game before it started? It’s humiliating!!


Man1: … make it fun of me!!

Man2: Then why don’t you break out of the throw!!

Man1: Oh yeah, I’ll just throw you!

Man2: Yeah, nice try!!


Haruo: Ono! Crap! I pressed the multiplayer button during her single player session! Final Fight? He can’t move on since I made it co-op play. Uh…, sorry.

Haruo: What’s up with her? Why did she abort the match with me in Turbo and start playing Final Fight? I mean, she was always a quiet and hard-to-read person but… this rampage…. Ono’s feeling’s been reflected in a game through Haggar. Is she mad about something?

Haruo: Here, I’ll repay you for taking away your single play. Ouch, hey, what did you do that for? I guess your weird quirks haven’t changed at all. It’s like you’re sending me message through Haggar’s movement.

Haruo: Uh… I’m gonna die. Meat, give me meat… He he… Ughaaaaa!!!

Haruo: Hey, you have full stamina!! You did that on purpose, didn’t you? What is this girl’s trying to accomplish? Dang it!!

Haruo: Ono, I’m gonna stay out of harm’s way up on these barrels till the train stops, okay? Whoa!!! Does she have some kinda grudge against me? To think we were once in step in co-op games, what’s going on here…

Haruo: Don’t bring him over here! Stay back!! I’ve got no stamina! Don’t bring Andre over here!! Ono is, She’s playing like she has some bone to pick with me. Even without speaking, it feels like she’s laying it on thick!! It feels like, she’s totally rejecting co-op play with me. I practiced from Street Fighter II Champion Edition, to Super Street Fighter II Turbo on preparation for this day, I did it all because I dreamed fight against you. Just when the one person I could call a rival came home, I was so happy. What? Am I stupid? Why are my eyes watering?


Haruo: 111 game win-streak with Zangief… You’re too much, Ono… That’d be unachievable for me. Even if you had fought me back there, let’s be honest, I had no chance of winning.

Guile: Ugh…

Haruo: Ono, have you become some being even further up in the cloud then denied the matching? [XXX] calling you my rival just wish for thinking on my eagers apart? Do I even have the right to stand shoulder to shoulder and play with you?

Haruo: We actually ended up beating Belguar…


[—In front of the Arcade—]

Jiiya: Young Miss, there you are!! Ms. Goda is in a [???] at the mansion. Your lessons await you! You have piano, swimming, tea, and penmanship. We must hurry.

Haruo: Things seem as trying as ever for her.

Hidaka: Huh!


[—Inside Car—]

Haruo: Well, if it ever gets to be too much, why don’t you just come find me. I can take you to some of the more obscure arcades around town.

Haruo: For right now, it’s all I can give you! Will you accept it?