ハイスコアガール “Round5”


ハイスコアガール / High Score Girl “Round5" 英語版スクリプトです。


[—Street/Game Shop—]
Haruo: Hidaka!
Hidaka: Yaguchi! You scared me.
Haruo: Is that mochi(餅)? The year just started and you’re already running errands?
Hidaka: What’s? he’s wearing gloves I gave him. At this time of year, you say, happy new year.
Haruo: Yeah, you’re right. Happy New Year, then.
Hidaka: Hm, where are you going from here.
Haruo: That game shop over there. They’re running a new year sale for the beginning of the year. It’s an event that lights of kids eyes that got a bunch of money as New Year’s presents. Sort of like minor right now. How’s this!!
Hidaka: Kind of [???]…

Haruo: This is the one day of the year when you can find games for dirt cheap!! TurboGrafx-16 games can get as low as 50 yen!! I mean just check it out! Look at these prices!!
Hidaka: He’s going on and on again.
Haruo: Oh, yeah. By the way, why did you come with me?
Hidaka: Hm. No reason. I thought one like this might be interesting.
Haruo: Motal Kombat for the Super Nintendo!!
Hidaka: I wonder how the live action character would fight.
Haruo: Oh men, you’ve got quite the eye, don’t ya. That settles it! I have to show you the true magic of that game!!
Hidaka: Where are you going, Yaguchi?!

Hidaka: Ah… What should I do? It’s my first time in the place like this. The school forbids it, you know?
Haruo: If we’re caught, we’d just have to say we got lost after buying the mochi.
Hidaka: What kind of excuse is that?
Haruo: There it is! Gaze upon that machine!!! This is The infamous Mortal Kombat!!
Hidaka: It’s really quiet an imposing machine.
Haruo: The title means: A fight where your life is on that line. It practically screams brutality. And just take a look at these low tones. [There’s a ?] die for, don’t you think?
Haruo: And what about these characters? I exclusively use Raiden.

Hidaka: Wow, it’s so surreal. I feel like I’m watching something that I really shouldn’t be.
Haruo: You have to be able to get through this if ever want to be a top-class gamer.
Hidaka: Not that I was aiming to be a top-class gamer.
Hidaka: Hey, when Raiden does that flying move, what exactly is he saying?
Haruo: Huh? What?
Hidaka: That.
Haruo: Sounds like a “Pass me the mustard”, “I just bought a car” or something.
Hidaka: What’s? I’m hearing “What was that?”, “Go get them, Raiden”, or something along those lines.
Haruo: Yeah, right. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re so silly, Hidaka! He he. See, watch this! “Pass me the mustard.” Perfect. Oh… Ah…
Haruo: Oh men, see what you dis. You’re weird question just made me lose. Oh well, why don’t you give it a try, them.
Hidaka: Don’t try to blame it on me. This looks like it’ll be hard for me to do. Will I be Okay?
Haruo: Yeah, maybe you’re right. It’s like eating a California roll your first time at one of those revolving sushi places.
Hidaka: Why do you always say this strange thing that, anyway?

Haruo: The left buttons are for high and low punches. The right buttons are for high and low kicks. And the middle button is used for the guard.
Hidaka: This is really complicated!!

Haruo: Yeah, it looks like you’re lacking in adaptability, after all, Hidaka. The complete opposite of a certain someone.
Hidaka: Then why did you make me waste 100 yen to play? And who’s this “someone”?
Haruo: Hey, look at that. You managed to win with your signature button mushing technique. Bun, there is no way you are gonna be able to finish him with a fatality.
Haruo: What’s!!!?
Hidaka: Yeah, that’s so cruel.
Haruo: This girl just did a fatality purely by chance! Just like last time in Street Fighter II Champion Edition. She keeps showing me these incredible skills. Could she have been born with natural talent?
Hidaka: Now that I’m used to it. It’s not so bad.
Haruo: No way. She’s got a gift I don’t have. It’s been years since I felt such a rivalry. It’s like that feeling of jealousy I had with Ono is back with a vengeance. If that’s how it is, I’ll just have to show you my own talent!!

Temper: Why! why!! why!!!!
Hidaka: The player over there seems to be incredibly upset over losing.
Haruo: It’s fun beating someone with a temper like that. I’ll prove to you that arcades aren’t hangouts for degenerates, but rather just for you know boneheads and stuffs.
Hidaka: [???] just fine without seeing that proof.
Haruo: You’re not going to win against my Genan with a gimmicky Nakoruru who’d do like that. And anyway, I’m sure you just picked her because she’s cute.
Temper: He he he, My beloved Nakoruru, lend me your strength. Also marry me!!

Temper: Why! why!! why!!!!
Haruo: What do you mean “Why”? It’s clearly because you’ve been so aggressive with a short-range character. Now, I’m going to expose him for what he really is. I’m going to purposely make it a close fight. Then I’ll humiliate him by crushing him with bare handed!!
Haruo: He he he, don’t underestimate the hell that is Genan’s sliding kick spam. Reason slips away just as quickly as your power gauge.
Hidaka: Even as a first-timer, I can tell by watching, Yaguchi’s evil side is coming through in the game.
Temper: No way!! No!!!
Haruo: And now for the cherry on top, I’ll hit him with my final surprise move! Genan’s throw ability, the super combo! The “Genan Killer Claw Formation”! Maximum damage!!
Temper: No!! That’s just not fair!!
Haruo: Did you see my incredible skills, Hidaka? I’ll win over and over with this bad boy. Oh, thanks to the gloves you gave me, I’m now able to make it a super combo. Except that a… they’re kinda trashed.

Temper: You know, good stinkin’. I’m going to beat a crap out of you!!
Haruo: Here he comes!!! When they can’t win at a game, they resort to a direct confrontation!! It’s the gamer’s true nature!!
Temper: Quite looking down on me.
Guide: Fights between gamers often begin as a battle’s superiority. and to put each other down. But [it? / they?] will soon devolve into a standard wrestling match.
Man: [What] the heck are you guys doing?

[—On the way home—]
Hidaka: That one-track-mind gamer fool. Underhanded play… Using the gloves I gave him for that, even getting in a fight. Dumb boys. The New Year’s already ruined. I hate him. I hate that boy!!

[—Hidaka’s room—]
Hidaka: But I knew all along he did things in his own way. [All like] getting strangely stubborn when it comes to games. Now that I think of it, he didn’t get to buy anything from that New Year sale on account of taking me to the arcade. His original goal had completely slipped from his mind. I wonder if that was, in someway, my fault.
Haruo: Even if the right-hand glove falls apart, it’s fine. I can still super-combo if the left one is inside-out of my right hand.
Hidaka: I don’t [even/really] care about Yaguchi.

[—Next Day/Hidaka’s house—]
Dad: Koharu, isn’t that boy outside that boyfriend of yours? He has a very serious expressing on his face.
Hidaka: What’s that? What boyfriend? No way, Yaguchi!?
Hidaka: Well I’m sure he’s just here to play games as usual. Wow, that was right. He looks deep in thought. Could it be he’s worried because I went home angry yesterday? No, I’m just imaging it. That weirdo down there isn’t someone who’d worry about that stuff. See, he’s just here to play games. Probably, Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.
Hidaka: Guile, American. He’s probably cleaning house. I don’t know much about that game, but I can easily tell he’s winning over and over again. The sound of back and forth fights. It must be really cold outside. Is he that passionate about playing games? I’m jealous of his devotion to it.
Hidaka: Huh? Oh no, there’s a blizzard out there. I’m sure he’s gone home at the weather like this. Honestly I’d be scared if he hasn’t.
Hidaka: Dummy, dummy, dummy!!! What’s with you? You’re going to catch a cold in this weather. But what if he’s waiting for me to come out there. No, I’m being stupid. That’s just my imagination again. But, if he would call out to me, if he called me, I’d head out there like it was nothing.
Haruo: Hidaka, you there? Wanna play games together?
Hidaka: If he says something like that, I’d play in an instant. This is bad, I can’t stop thinking about this weirdo boy! I can’t take it!!

Hidaka: Yaguchi?
Haruo: Hidaka!
Hidaka: You know there’s a blizzard. Pretty stupid…
Haruo: Yeah, I’d say, I’m pretty stupid. You here just to tell me that?
Hidaka: No. I brought you a cup of hot tea. I don’t want you catching a cold.
Haruo: My hands are busy right now. Can you help me drink it?
Hidaka: What’s with him? He’s so strange. Doesn’t it care that it’s hot?
Hidaka: So then Yaguchi, I’ll be here all day. Is there anything you want to talk to me about?
Haruo: Talk with you? No, nothing comes to mind. But, more importantly, look at this. I’m blowing out all the other high scores!! Today, I’m gonna fill this machine of yours with YAG high scores. On a snowy day like this, there’ll be no interruptions. It’s the perfect day to mark my territory!!
Hidaka: He can only focus on one thing. He makes me so mad. That’s it, I’m cutting the power.
Haruo: Ah–

Classmate1: Wow, Haruo’s absent, huh? Catching a cold on Valentine’s day. Can you imagine that?
Classmate2: Well, it’s not like he’d get chocolate from anyone anyway.
Classmate1: That’s true. But even for him there’s always the smallest chance.
Classmate2: You’d have to be the dumbest of girls to give chocolate to that loser.

Hidaka: That dumbest of girls is sitting right here. Though it’s just giving chocolate to a friend.

Onizuka: This is for you, Miyao! A hand-made chocolate of my face. It’s more than friend-ship. I made this chocolate super sexy [???] you.
Miyao: I guess I’ll eat the chocolate. But I can’t say that I feel the same way that you do.
Onizuka: Then, tell me the type of girl that you actually like. I’ll do everything I can to be just like that.
Miyao: My dream girl is someone quiet, reserved, and pretty.
Onizuka: Got it!! Then that’s what I’ll be!! You better get ready!! You shallow woman [???] bustered.
Classmate2: Shallow bustered!!

[—On the way home—]
Hidaka: Is this too [ford/fort???] of me? If I bother him at home just to give him some friendly chocolate. Maybe I’ll put it in a mail. It’s not like I can’t just give it to him tomorrow. But something like this, just feels wrong to wait till the day after. It’s the first time I’ve given someone chocolate.

[—Haruo’s house—]
Hidaka: I think this is the place. It really is close to my house. He is always at our shop playing games, after all. That’s why he caught this cold. I wonder if Yaguchi is sleeping. Oh, he’s awake! I can faintly hear the distinct video-game sounds. He’s playing games even though he’s lasting with a cold?
Mom: Hello, are you here to see Haruo?
Hidaka: Ah…
Mom: No, no need to say anything!! Knowing what today is, I think I’ve gotten an idea. Come on! Feel free to come in!!
Hidaka: Ah, but doesn’t Yaguchi have a cold?
Mom: Yes, he was certainly suffering this morning when I called to school to say he would be absent. But the moment I ended the call. Well what do you know? He sprung right back to life!
Hidaka: What a cute mother he has.

[—Haruo’s room—]
Hidaka: I’m coming in.
Haruo: Ugh… It’s not what it looks like. This is, I was studying the history of Kamakura shogunate, The Genji and Heike Clans. I was gonna defeat the last boss, Yoritomo, as a quiz.
Hidaka: But you know the answers… It’s not super important. But, I heard you had a cold so I came to see you. And I brought these two.
Haruo: Oh!! No way, it’s this month’s Gamest!! You were really paying attention, weren’t you, Hidaka!! Oh, now let’s see, what’s featured this month? Ah- ya- ya- ya-, I see. So that’s what it is.
Hidaka: Well, I’ll get going now.

Mom: Harumo mom’s welcome dessert!! The pancakes you see in mangas! I’m sorry dear. I can’t let you leave just yet. Such a cute girl came to visit my Haruo after all!!
Hidaka: Ah… thank you so much for this.
Haruo: Seriously? Mom comes butting in again?
Mom: A pubescent boy and girl in the same room.
Haruo: What’re you saying!! Hurry up and get out!! She watches all these trendy dramas and gets these weird ideas in her head.
Mom: He he he
Haruo: Mom!!
Mom: He he he
Haruo: What are you doing? You’re acting crazy!! I said go on!! Leave, there’s nothing to see here. We’ll be fine. I mean what’re you doing anyway!! Peeking in here [???].

Haruo: Ah-, I’m dizzy. I’d just started feeling better from playing games.
Hidaka: Oh, I’m sorry.
Haruo: Once you’ve done for eating, head home all right? Otherwise, my mom would keep peeking in the door.

Hidaka: Huh? Ah!! So many consoles. So you’re the responsible type who keeps the boxes, Yaguchi?
Haruo: Yeah, sure, of course! And whenever I’m done playing, I always make sure to put them back in their boxes.
Hidaka: You’re surprisingly meticulous.
Haruo: He he he, maybe I did it to show off this spectacle to someone someday. Oh, did you want to see my collection?
Hidaka: Yeah!

Haruo: What do you think? I saved some amount of money I got for textbooks and bought these! Little pieces of my very soul!!
Hidaka: TurboGrafx-16, huh? There’re all weird games!
Haruo: Don’t call them weird games! Though you’re kinda right.
Haruo: Taito’s Bonze Adventure. It’s basically game where you venture down and to hell to help Enma who’s gone completely insane!
Hidaka: That’s sound like it could be exciting.
Haruo: There happens to be a lot of side-scrolling action games for the TarboGrafx-16. There’re all games that even an armature like you could pick up easily. Wanna try?
Hidaka: Yeah… but I’d rather watch from over here while you to play.
Haruo: Okay.

Hidaka: So it’s not just the hero’s limbs but his neck extends, as well? That’s a really interesting idea.
Haruo: It’s called Bravoman. The game that tugs at a gamer’s heartstrings.
Hidaka: Yaguchi, what kind of horror game is this one?
Haruo: You mean Kiki Kaikai? It’s actually a shooting game.
Hidaka: And this one? What kind of RPG is it?
Haruo: Oh that’s Dragon Spirit. It’s a shooting game, too.
Hidaka: This one [was what???] ? The Genji and the Heike Clan?
Haruo: That one’s the sequel, Samurai-Ghost. It’s not an exaggeration to call that title a treasure among TurboGrafx-16 users.
Haruo: He he, that’s the gist. If play this on my own, I won’t ever stop. Go ahead. Why don’t you give it a shot?
Hidaka: What? Huh…
Haruo: Ugh… I got too worked up. Started to feel dizzy again. My fever come back from playing all these games? Huh?

Haruo: Of all the games, Hidaka chooses to play China Warrior… I wonder… what’s she’s up to right now. It’s been 2 years since then. Now the arcades are complete fighting-game boom
Miyao: Haruo, why do you play Street Fighter II like you’re seeking avenging for your parents?
Haruo: Why? There is a reason. That’s right. I can’t lose focus. The next time I meet her, our fight has to be on equal footing. I haven’t yearned to fight again like this in a while.

[—on the way home—]
Hidaka: Yaguchi got really quiet later on in my visit. I guess I asked a little too much of him. Spending time with him today made one thing clear. Yaguchi isn’t really looking at me at all. Even so, I don’t want to give up this feeling.

[—Haruo’s room—]
Haruo: This is no time to get sentimental. I’ve got to train with this Super Nintendo version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo that I bought in secret. All I can do is to be diligent. Until the day she eventually appears before me again.

Jiiya: Young Miss!! It’s been so long since you left. How I have waited for the day that I might lay eyes upon you once more. I’m so happy to be able to work as your driver again. It’s like I’m dreaming. Come now, I’m sure you’re tired from your long journey. Please relax and take your time getting used to life here again.