ハイスコアガール/High Score Girl – Round2 ハイスコアガールの英語版スクリプトです。


[—School Pool—]

Classmate: They’re opening the pool …

Teacher: C’mon! Clean properly or I’ll “kancho” you!!


Classmate1: FF4 is finally getting released!!

Classmate2: Yeah, well to be honest, I think Square made a right choice releasing it before summer break.

Haruo: You’re talking about Super Nintendo again? Why don’t you guys try and leave a little? Let’s talk about more gamer stuff. You know, like for example, TurboGrafx-16

Classmate1: Huh? “TurboGrafx-16”?

Haruo: Oh, you don’t have one? They have big titles on HuCards [sheet] like this. It’s amazing. They’re smaller than Super Nintendo cartridges. It’s like totally the latest cutting-edge modern hardware. It’s what dreams are made of.

Classmate1: Wow… What a tipical gamer!

Classmate2: Ahhh… Annoying! Let’s get out of here!!

Haruo: Hey, don’t hate on the TurboGrafx-16! It’s in no way inferior to the Super Nintendo

Haruo: Freakin’ amatures.

Teacher: Hey! No running!!!


Haruo: Hey, what is it Ono? You want to hear about TurboGrafx-16?

Doi: What do you doing, you simpleton?

Haruo: Huh?

Doi: Do you honestly think you’re qualified to talk to our prized flower? As a matter of fact, you should be doing Ono’s job for her. So anyway Ono, do you wanna see a movie with me?

Doi: Oh… Why would she listen to someone like Haruo, but not me?


Teacher: Hey, Haruo! You’d better not be slacking off!! Lazy students who can’t even clean the swimming pool… will feel the [mighty?] wrath of my secret technique of discipline


Haruo: What is that mean. Well, being around you apparently drags my lowly status down even further. I really do make anyone look better by comparison. You’re pretty skilled, but you’re living under a rock, if you don’t know about the ThuboGrafx-16.


Teacher: Hey, Ono! What are you doing!!! Ahhhh, you are good student, so I’ll allow it!! Hustle! Hustle!!


[—Haruo’s Home—]

Haruo-mom: Go to bed already!!

Haruo: Yeah yeah.


Haruo: Achoo! I finally get to stay home from school. But the fever is really [???] of it. I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good. Mom, do something! Bring me water, would you please! Change the ice of my pillow! I could use a hug or something anything… What!!!!!!!!!

Haruo: Ono!! Why are at my house!?

Haruo-mom: That’s no way to greet her. Ono was on class duty today and brought you the assignment from school. Did you hear him? “I could use a hug” he said! Can you believe it at his 6 grade?

Haruo: Kill me kill me kill me….

Haruo-mom: With such a cute girl here for my Haruo, I’ve got to be hospitable. You two have fun now!

Haruo: What about taking care of me! That is not just fair… Dang, what cruel twist of fate is this? Huh? Ah, handouts. The classroom visit? No way I’m bringing ’em my mom. What son would wanna show his parents his failures? [Her mouth?] would look just like my scores in math. It’s like I’m getting punish for playing too many games. Great, all you brought were depressing things. Not one thing that cheer me up.


Haruo: Anyway, if you don’t need anything, you can just go home, thanks.

Haruo-mom: Sorry for the wait. It’s mama Haruo’s special pancakes! Just like in the mangas!!

Ono: Moga-

Haruo-mom: How cute. What a little doll, you are!

Haruo: C’mon, mom I mean should you really be giving a person something like that before dinner.

Haruo-mom: Well, I’m going shopping. Don’t do anything naughty!!

Haruo: We won’t!!! Hey Ono! Say something already! Don’t fall for any of my mom’s weird tricks! She can be so… Huh!!! Hey, what are you spying on us for? I can still see you!! If you’re going, just leave already!!! Mom!

Haruo-mom: Leaving!!

Haruo: This is how she treats her son lavish by fever? You should leave once you finish that. Gosh, why did my mom have to force her way in?


Haruo: What now? Ha ha! Now I see what this is really about! You’re itching to try the TurboGrafx-16, aren’t you? Aren’t you, Akira Ono??

Ono: Hmm…

Haruo: Guess it can’t be helped.

Haruo: There we go.


Haruo: Well, China Warrior is fun, isn’t it? If you grab the oolong tea while attacking the moths, it’ll heal you. See the oolong tea floating around? The game’s addictive!! You got admitted it!!

Haruo: But once you’re done, it really time for you to go. It’s driving me crazy only being able to watch someone else play


Haruo: Hey, you can turn it up a little if you want.

Haruo: She’s so godlike with the arcade joysticks, with a game pad she’s like a complete amature…


Haruo: Hey, which consoles do you have at home?

Ono: Ah-uh.

Haruo: Huh? None? Not even a single one?

Haruo: Uh-huh.

Haruo: No way, but the kinda make sense. She’s a sophisticated kid, I guess they wouldn’t buy her any games. So why she’s so in the solo play. I guess she relieves her built up day-to-day stress by playing games.


Haruo: Ughhhhhh!!


Haruo: What do you say! Wanna try these next?

Haruo: “R-Type”! Do you understand the joys of playing this at home? Bought this copy of “Shadow Land” for a 100 yen!

Haruo: “Vigilante” and “Wonder Momo”. I got these two for 380 yen. Can you believe that? HuCards go on sale for really cheap sometimes! They can be pretty easy on your parents’ wallets. I’ve got pretty more!! “Altered Beast”, “Bonk”, “Darius”, “KiKi KaiKai”. I’ve got the “Splatterhouse” you hate so much too, check it out right here!

Ono: Huh!


Haruo: You get it now, right? The amazing TurboGrafx-16 transforms your house into an arcade!! With this, you spend a fraction of what you would at an archade. Parents love that. But the TurboGrafx-16 advancements don’t stop there!! There’s also the world’s first color handheld console that plays HuCards! It’s called TurboExpress!! It costs 44,800 yen, so I don’t have one yet. Then there’s the CoreGrafx with CD-ROM2. I actually don’t have that one either. You can play games with characters that actually talk!! They’re breaking new ground, don’t you think? I’m sure you understand how amazing the HuCard is now. “the Genji and the Heike Clans” is a godly games amongst godly games. Give it a try!!


Haruo: Ugh…

Haruo: Give me [there? / them?] !!


Haruo: I can’t hold back!! Just watching isn’t enough?

Haruo-mom: Haruo!! What kind of vile son have I raised? Too tall you to act like that! That’s not how I brought you up!

Haruo: Why do you sound kind of happy?

Haruo-mom: My little boy has grown up so louche!!


[—School Pool—]

Teacher: Splash about! Splash you it up in a friendly manner!! Hey Doi! Keep your eyes forward!!

Haruo: He he, getting over an illness means I get to skip out!!

Haruo: Wow, what are you doing!! Ono? What the heck!! Oh I get it now. You are planning to get me sick again, so you can play more TurboGrafx-16! Oh, how despicable. Girl’s schemes are so disgraceful sometimes.

Ono: blup-blup…



[—On the way home—]

Boy1: Summer Break!!

Boy2: Our long-awaited summer break begins tomorrow!!


Moemi: I’ve heard some ugly rumors, Akira. They say you’ve been frequent in some unsavory locales whenever you skip my classes.

Moemi: I, Ono family tutor, Moemi Goda, will strictly and thoroughly further your cultivation and education over this summer break!! The moment your classes end, you’ll be entering a world of pain.

Ono: Hmm…


[—Candy Shop—]

Haruo: A 10 yen arcade? Are you kidding?

Man: Yeah, it’s an urban legend.

Haruo: Wh- Where is it?

Man: Head up river towards Tamagawa, [to you?] past three stations, and it’s near a bathhouse, or so I’ve heard.

Haruo: Whoa, that’s close!!

Man: They say that it’s a hang-out for Street Fighter II players. Die-hards like us who really wanna get good would go there and play non-stop, for 10 yen a pop. I’m sure hearing about the place like that get you pretty fire it out, huh?

Haruo: Granny! Lend me your bike!!

Granny: Don’t break it now!


Haruo: I can’t go home with a report card full of ones! This journey will help me avoid that!!


Haruo: All right! I’m off to the legendary 10-yea arcade… Ah, What the? When did you? Don’t tell me, you want to get to the bottom of this urban legend too, huh?

Ono: Um.


[—On the way to arcade—]

Haruo: Well, why not? You are a bona fide arcade gamer, after all. It’s a joint mission.

Haruo: Once we’re out of this forest, we’ll be in Tamagawa. Pretty handy shortcut, huh?

Moemi: Piano, English, Calligraphy, Arithmetic, Art, Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement!!!!!


Haruo: Well, what do you think, Ono? We’ll get pretty good playing at an arcade with a bunch of veterans…

Haruo: Making me chauffeur you around without uttering a single word? You know, you’re just like a little princess. Come to think of it, this makes us both idiots. Going to play games as soon as the semester ends. Hey, Ono! As thanks for bringing you along, how about you do all of my summer break homework, huh? What do you think about- Ouch!! I’m steering! Are you trying to make us crash?


Haruo: I think we’ve passed the third station by now. Huh?

Haruo: Oh, that’s right! He said it’s by a bathhouse. I totally forgot. Good thing you were eavesdropping, huh? Ouch!!



Haruo: It’s real!!

Haruo: This place looks kinda sketchy…


Haruo: Ow… Do you have to pinch me?

Haruo: Ah, that’s right, you’re not good at scary stuff, huh? Hey, that hurts!!


Haruo: Just look at the sign… Couldn’t be more sketchy.

Haruo: Smells like mold!!

Haruo: Huh? It’s just us? What happened to the Street Fighter II veterans?

Haruo: Huh? It’s the original Street Fighter! Hey, Ono! Aren’t these giant buttons something else? The attacks change based on how hard you press them. It’s completely different from 6-button layout on Street Fighter II has.


Haruo: Using a strong attack cause you stamina in real life. It’s a crazy machine that makes violent play [seem/scene] norm.

Haruo: Huh? What a creepy shopkeeper.


Haruo: Crazy Climber… Pooyan… Elevator Action… Like time froze here. It’s crazy that Street Fighter 1 is the newest game in this whole place. Ah, Ono, they have Space Harrier!!

Haruo: It’s too bad they don’t have the immersive version. But this was still a title that amazed gamers in its time.

Haruo: Shopkeepers maybe weird, but this seems like a great place to play. Hu! They even have a classic crane game! I’d always seen these on the top floors of department stores when I was younger. These cheap-looking prizes. [???] nostalgic.


Haruo: Huh? What’s up? You had enough playing Ono?

Ono: Hm.


[—In front of Arcade—]

Haruo: 10 yens per play is pretty great. But it’s still a gloomy place, you don’t really wanna stick around that. Time to head home. We’ve uncovered the truth behind the urban legend.

Haruo: Oh, great. Looks like I dropped the bike key somewhere in the arcade. I’ll just head back down grab-

Haruo: Huh? Wait a second. Where is the arcade we were just in?

Man: That place closed down long time ago. The owner failed to manage it and skipped town in age ’87, or rather, skip this world. Until the very end, he believed that there’d be another boom. Like when Space Invader was released.

Haruo: That was back in 87’? When Street Fighter II came out, if he had just waited for 4 years things would’ve picked up with.

Ono: Hmm…

Haruo: Ouch! Why you can [solve violence in there?] scared?

Man: Nothing beats young love.


[—On the way home—]

Haruo: Oh men, what a long walk we’d have been there by now with a bike. Granny’s gonna kill me! I guess I’m gonna have to get a spare key and pick the bike up another time. Look Ono, It’s already evening. We got there just past noon and it’s been 5 hours. We were lucky we only caught a glimpse of that urban legend. It’s likely almost got stuck in different dimension. Ouch!


Haruo: The train’s only on the other side of river. I haven’t eaten anything since lunch. Huh?

Haruo: You haven’t had store-bought meals before, have you, Huh? Wait here a sec!!

Haruo: Don’t slip, don’t slip!

Haruo: Look at this big juicy Menti-Katsu! Eat this on an empty empty stomach and you’ll remember the flavor as long as you live!!


Ono: Yum yum…

Haruo: Your face is so easy to [lean/read?].


Haruo: Well, we still got a long way to go. Huh? What’s wrong? You’ve got blisters?

Haruo: Oh men, you’ve been walking around in those things?

Haruo: Why don’t you take those off?

Ono: Huh?

Haruo: You can wear my shoes if you want. I mean it might help [at? ???] pain a little.

Haruo: Huh? Not good enough? Well, I can’t carry you. You look kinda heavy. Hoooo!!!



Haruo: Well, I’m sure your parents must be a lot more worried than [mine / my her?], right now. You should be probably hurry.

Haruo: Huh?

Jiiya: Young Miss, Young Miss!! Where are you?

Haruo: They really were worried, weren’t they? Hey, old guy! Ono’s over here!! Huh?

Jiiya: So this is where you were hiding, young miss. Ms. Goda is having a fit back at the mansion!

Haruo: Hey, do you get to enjoy your summer breaks? Well, if it ever gets to be too much, why don’t you just come find me? I can take you to some more obscure arcades round town. Like the huge Kawasaki Aarcade, or the PlayHub Arcace with only one machine. There’s also an old folks’ home where you can play as much as you want. They’ll even pay for all the games you play. Crazy right?


[—Haruo’s house—]

Haruo-mom: Haruo! What did you do to get all 1 [???] report card

Haruo-mom: As punishment, I’m taking away your TurboGrafx-16.

Haruo: Please tell me you’re joking!!


[—Ono’s house—]

Moemi: Where did this sudden motivation come from? She’s paying proper attention and has good posture, even her expression…