ハイスコアガール Round 1

ハイスコアガール Round 1 / High Score Girl Round 1 英語版スクリプトです。



Haruo: All right! 9 wins in a row!! Has my incredible technique impressed this adoring crowd?

Crowd: Just lose already…

Haruo: Not an ounce of adoration!

Crowd: Come on turn…

Haruo: Crushing pressure of impatient crowd…


Crowd: Wow…

Haruo: Huh? What’s everyone looking at on the other side? There’s a girl playing Street Fighter II?

Haruo: No way, it’s the girl from your 6 class 2, my class, Akira Ono!

Haruo: Zangief!?



Announce: The gulf war breaks out. The Fugen-dake volcano of Mt. Unzen in Nagasaki erupts. 1991, the year that shocked the foundation of the world…



Haruo: Dang it!!

Haruo: The 500 yen I had for snacks tonight… Ugh…


Man1: Huh? He’s going again?

Man2: How many times is that?


Haruo: It makes no sense! She’s not kinda girl who’d come here. She is the girl with perfect grades and rich parents that everyone idolizes. Person who exists in the world so different from mine. [???] remove from me. Spacing out playing games in an arcade that reeks of tobacco. Why did she go wrong and end up here, a place like this!?


Haruo: Wha-


Man1: 28 wins in a row!? This girl really kicks butt!

Man2: This arcade’s veterans are no match for her!

Man3: Move it kid, it’s my turn! I’ll sure down right now.


Haruo: I’ve been playing Street Fighter II since its release! I, Haruo Yaguchi, had faith in my incredible competitive skills. I can’t believe that Ono was making a mockery of all of us with this incredible 28 game winning streak of hers. To make matters worse, she’s using Zangief. There are people who still can’t input the Shoryuken command. But [???] she’s using the full-circle punch combo, Screw Pile Driver!! She’s making it look easy!! How frustrating!! After I’d broken the very strict school rules and gone all the way across the forbidden busy street into the next town to find this amazing heavenly place, my very own sanctuary! And now she’s in here, making a mess of my oasis. I can’t allow this to continue. With this, my last 50 yen, I’ll make you never wanna come back here!


Man3: Dang it!!!

Man1: 29 in a row!!

Man2: 1 more and she’s at 30!


Man1: What? Is this kid again?

Man2: He just doesn’t know when to give up!


Haruo: I didn’t wanna have to resort this. But even the mighty Ono won’t be able to handle this attack!!


Everyone: Guile-turtling…

Guidance: Guile-turtling involves holding the joysticks diagonally, and preparation of using one of two special moves while waiting for your opponent attacks, using low kicks, Sonick Boom,and Somersault kicks. The opponent’s advances can be repelled. It’s Guile’s forbidden strategy. It is overwhelmingly effective when used against Zangief.


Man1: He’s Guile-turtling?

Man2: Is he serious? This kid choses the most shameless ugliest method there is!


Haruo: Call it an unmanly way of fighting if you wGranny:’ll use whatever dirty trick it takes to eliminate you!!


Ono: Hmm…


Man1: That’s the first game someone’s taken off her!!


Haruo: Nothing’s impossible with Guile-turtling.


Man1: Oh, look at that! One-handed play!

Man2: Now he’s mocking her?

Man3: The kid’s acting like it’s no big deal!

Man4: He wants to totally trash that girl just so he can make himself feel better.


Haruo: Ono, I can’t let you just rule here in this realm since I’m clueless in everything from language art to math [???] home [???], this is all I have, I…


Man1: That’s what you get for playing one-handed.

Man2: Now it’s one-to-one!

Man3: Look, he’s gone back to play with both hands.

Man4: He’d [] but men, how cheek!!

Man5: All right, now it’s the final round! It all comes down to this. If she gets turtled again, it’s all over. Is she going to lose her streak before heading 30 wins!?


Man1: Wow, check it out! Is this guy seriously trying to fight fair without turtling?

Man2: Now that it’s the final round, he wants to have a clean fight!!

Man3: This kid really got guts.

Man4: Why didn’t he just do that from start?


Haruo: Hee hee hee… A clean fight!? All I got is a thirst for victory!!!!


Everyone: Throw-jank!!!!?


Guidance: Throw-jank is the act of making your opponent block a weak attack. Then using that window to throw them. Against   an unwary opponent a sweeping victory can be achieved. But in a competition, this forbidden technique can ruffle feathers, so one must be prepared even for death.


Haruo: But, knowing that my opponent is this girl, I’ve got nothing to fear. She is going down!!!

Haruo: I did it!!


Ono: Hmm….

Haruo: Ah… You…

Ono: Hmm….

Haruo: What are you…

Haruo: Ugh….


Shop keeper: Hey, what are you kids doing!!


Haruo: Since then, our fates have been intertwined.




Teacher: Yaguchi. Haruo Yaguchi.

Teacher: Tell me what this word is and what it means?

Haruo: Mmm…

Teacher: Don’t act like you can’t read it because of poor eye sight. I know better. This character describes you perfectly. Look it up a class.


Classmate1: You can’t study or draw.

Classmate2: What you’re gonna do for carrier?


Haruo: I’m sure they’d laugh if I told them I want to be a pro-gamer. Can you even make a living that way?


Doi: Compared to Haruo, Ono’s future is blindingly bright.

Classmate3: She is a perfect student and her parents are rich!

Classmate4: She’s even got the looks!

Classmate5: The world is hers if she wants it. The other girls just pale in comparison.

Classmate6: I wonder what she does for fun after school!

Doi: They say she so busy with extracurriculars, she has no for trivial matters, piano lessons, tea ceremonies, penmanship. She’s on the separate plane from us.


[—Candy Shop—]

Haruo: You want to know what she does after school? I tell ya. She’s at the arcade!!


Ono: Hmm…

Haruo: She cleared it with Dhalsim? And with no continues.

Haruo: Well, even I could manage something like that.


Haruo: Wh-, what is this absolute monstrosity? Must’ve been the local punks, those demons!! What’s really shocking is that she beats Vega, using only one coin, given the infuriating condition of this machine.

Ono: Huh.


Haruo: Dang it! I can’t afford to be outdone! I’ll beat Vega using Dhalsim too! Won’t be second best to a girl like that! I have to beat this town’s prime player!!!

Haruo: Huh!!!! The buttons aren’t responding!! All that works is light kick! I can’t use Yoga Fire or Yoga Flame!! She beats Vega how this machine?

Haruo: Ugh…



Ono: Hmm…

Haruo: Ugh…

Haruo: Give me a break, always looking at me like some angry cat! Die! Die!! Die!!! This is my world, not a place for someone like you belongs.

Haruo: Wh- What are you staring at? Do my skills impress you?

Haruo: Splatterhouse. A horror game where you put on a mysterious mask to save a lost lover. You use axes, machetes, and planks as weapons. The baddies are zombies, leeches, poltergeists and guys with saws! It’s a regular gorefest. Hahahaha.. Die! Die!!

Ono: Ugh…


[—On the way home—]

Haruo: Huh?

Ono: Mmm…

Haruo: What is it? Well…?


Haruo: Why are you following me, it’s creepy!!


Haruo: Ahhhh!!! What’s the heck!! Stop following me!!

Haruo: Get away!!!



Haruo: In the end, I made it home safe and sound. What was a problem…

Classmate1: Huh? You won’t look at the ghost picture?

Classmate2: Cut it out! I mean she gets really scared with this kind of stuff.

Haruo: Huh!? Could it be she was terrified from watching me play Splatterhouse? And then she just didn’t want to walk home on her own?



Ma-kun: Guile, huh?

Mi-tan: You’ve got this, Ma-kun.

Ma-kun: Guile! Guile! Guile!

Haruo: This guy’s got quite a temper.


Ma-kun: Kwyaeh. All righ! C’mon! Hyaaaaaaa!!!

Haruo: This opponent might be more than I can handle. I’d better pull some punches before he starts throwing something.

Ma-kun: …better than me!! [???] thinking? … I’ll crush you all! [???] in my presence!!


Ma-kun: Wow, Ma-kun?

Mi-tan: He wasn’t so tough after all.

Haruo: … I gave you that win…


Haruo: These two are so irritating. Huh? Ono, you’re challenging that lunatic?


Ma-kun: Aghhhhhh!!!

Mi: Tag out! Let me give it a shot, Okay?


Haruo: She’s doing that on purpose…


Mi-tan: Ughaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Haruo: She’s got a temper, too?

Ma-kun: Hey, what’s with you?! You made Mi-tan cry using all those pervy moves.

Mi-tan: Waah.

Ma-kun: Drag you play dumb!! Give us back our 100 yen, and beg for forgiveness!!!

Haruo: Now hold on. Don’t you think that’s a bit much in this case!

Ma-kun: And who the heck are you? Don’t butt in!!


Mi-tan: Get lost!!

Ma-kun: You uppity little brat!

Mi-tan: [???] …lose everything! Your money’s ours all, kid!!


Ma-kun: Agh!!!!!

Mi-tan: What? What are you doing? What’s wrong with you? Who and the how do you think you are? Ughaaaa!!!!

Mi-tan: Oh, oh no…

Haruo: That’s enough! You went too far, Ono!!


Shop Keeper: Shaking the machine for coins, huh?

Ma-kun: It wasn’t me I swear!!!!


Haruo: Dang it! Whenever I’m with her, it’s disaster!!


[—On way home—]

Haruo: Great. Where did it have to rain? I think there was a candy store with games nearby.

Haruo: Dang it!


[—Candy store—]

Granny: It’s really coming down, huh? There was so sunny around lunch time.

Haruo: I’m saved.

Granny: You’re welcome as long as you’ve got money to spend.

Haruo: Yeah, okay fine. You made your point, granny.


Haruo: A 70 yen budget, huh. Not a very promising amount of my goals to wait out the rain here…

Boy: This is a good spot!!

Hey you too, this isn’t a rain shelter, you know? Are you gonna buy anything? Brats with no stacks can hit the tracks!

Haruo: This hag is a demon. The moment I’m out of money, I’ll be out on the street.

Granny: Welcome!

Haruo: Huh?


Ono: Hu hu hu…

Haruo: You again? I get it. You came here because you remember they had arcade games here. You’re really a different person when you’re not at school, aren’t ya?

Ono: Umm…


Haruo: Now, what are my choices? The machines here are “Ghost ‘n Goblins” and “Final Fight”. If I’m going for longer play time, it’d have to be Final Fight. This shop uses the three lives setting, so with that, I can really drag it out. Plus, Ghost ‘n Goblins can be all over at an instant.

Haruo: She’s only got 50 yen? How many games she can play with that? Well, guess she’s on the same boat as me.


Granny: Now that’s a good girl.

Haruo: Hey c’mon! I wanted to play it first!! Whatever. Guess I’ll just see what you’re made of.

Granny: If you’re all for showing what were made of , give Ghost ‘n Goblins a try.

Haruo: No, I’d rather not play that one.


Haruo: Huh?

Haruo: Ono is getting beat up right out of the gate? She’s lost 2 lives at the flashing basement. I see, I guess that means, I’m the superior player in this game. I can make it all the way to the 5th stage with all the knife guys on only one coin!

Granny: Quit standing around or you’ll die kid!

Haruo: This is one cold-hearted grandma.


Haruo: I get it, I get it, I’ll use some money.

Haruo: All right, I couldn’t bear to watch it. I’ve come to save you. Don’t worry, I’ll carry you to the 5th stage with Guy. Try to keep up.

Ono: Ugh….

Haruo: Oh, wow. You really don’t need to get so angry and shake like that!!


Haruo: What? She’s actually really good at this? She’s playing as Hagger and she’s whooping them with her normal attack. She’s throwing these pile drivers at the perfect time, too.

Haruo: I’m out of power. Meat! Yeah. Meat, meat!!

Ono: Huh!!!

Haruo: Ouch!!! What’s the heck of matter with you?! What’s wrong with breaking the barrels, Huh? Hey, say something already!!

Haruo: Huh? Everything Ono destroys drops a diamond or gold bars!! Ono’s score!!

Haruo: Hu!!!!! Could she be alchemizing?!!!!!


Guidance: In Final Fight, “Alchemizing” is when upon destroying a barrel, you input a different direction on the joystick, or a jump 0.033 seconds after hitting it. To acquire an item worth 10,000 points, you won’t get any weapons or HP restoration items. But this technique is indispensable when shooting for a high score!


Haruo: Agh… She was going for a high score… That’s why she was so angry when I carelessly destroyed that barrel. Then why did she die on purpose at the start until she had no additional lives left. Only one possibility comes to mind. She was putting herself at risk!! She wanted to win under the pressure of her next death being game over!! With the conditions that once the game was over , She’d be thrown out into the downpour. Is she a masochist!?

Haruo: Ugh!!! Or perhaps a sadist!?


Haruo: Ugh!!! Co-op play from hell, where she gets angry over a little [???] things. Well, just drag her down, so maybe it’s like PvP to her. Then, we’d get game over, we’ll be thrown into the hell outside and catch cold! I’m totally stuck between a rock and a hard place!! Ugh….


Haruo: Ugh…. Final Fight has never been so painful… You can’t call this fun…


Ono: Hu…

Haruo: Wow, we cleared it. She even got a high score while carrying me through it. But now what we’ve lost our excuses, we’ll be thrown out for sure. Huh?

Haruo: It cleared up!! Amazing, we’re not gonna drenched by rain, thanks to her. Hu. Hey granny?


[—On the way home—]

Haruo: Ono! For getting in your way. Take one.

Haruo: Huh? You wanna both of them? As thanks for today, and for what happen to earlier. Okay, sure!

Ono: Hmm….

Haruo: This girl….


Jiiya: Miss! There you are!! I’ve been searching for you!! Come on!! Let’s be on our way!!!


Haruo: It was just for a moment! But I let my guard down for her… How embarrassing…