デスノート第34話 “虎視”

デスノート第34話 “虎視" / Death note Episode34 “VIGILANCE" 英語スクリプトです。



[—SPK HQ—]

Gevanni: A man who was on the same train as Mikami just collapsed. He was harassing a young woman and suddenly fell to the floor. It all happened about a half minute after he wrote something in that notebook. That’s got to be it!

Rester: Well, now we know for sure.

Near: Yes. Our next order of business is to get as close as possible to Mikami. But before we rush in blindly, there’s something we need to be careful of. And that is the being known as the Shinigami. The Shinigami would be loyal to Mikami and will warn him if it discovers we are following him.

Rester: But the Shinigami can only be seen by those people who have touched the notebook. It’s going to be pretty difficult to be careful of something we can’t even see.

Near: We’re gonna try no matter how difficult.

Gevanni: Hm, right. Understood, sir.



Aizawa: Light’s having another one of his meetings with Takada this evening. Right after they started having these encounters, Takada got a phone call from Kira. And all the surveillance cameras had to be removed. The first thing that came to my mind was that they’d be able to communicate secretly by writing messages.

Light: Everything checks out in here. I’ve gone over the entire room and there’s nothing in it. There’s only the wiretap on me.

Aizawa: Yeah, right. Then all this left is the bathroom.

Aizawa: Why does Light care so much about checking for cameras and wiretaps? Never mind that, why is Kira allowing these meetings in the first place? Something just doesn’t add up.

Aizawa: Hmmm. If they really are writing notes to each other, there’s only one way to prove it. Aizawa is gone and Takada showed up.



Takada: Light, I thought you should know, I had a private chat with Miss Misa Amane yesterday.

Light: Hm, about what?

Matsuda: Oh boy, Light’s in trouble now!

Ide: Matsuda, is there some reason you’re so happy about this?

Takada: She told me that she is planning to announce her engagement to you during her appearance at the Pop Music Festival.

Matsuda: Oh, he is busted, Light’s in the doghouse!

Ide: Shut up, Matsuda!

Light: No, she thinks we are together because I haven’t been able to break it to her yet. But she means nothing to me.

Light: Misa, you idiot! Why pull a stunt like that?! No, Takada, you’re just as bad. Why are women like this?!

Takada: Nothing you say?! Why should I believe you?! NOTE: “She was in charge of killing before T.” “Somehow she gained the same power as I had, and found out that I was Kira.” “In the end, I had no choice but to take her as my partner.” “It’s the only reason I would ever choose such an impulsive girl.”

Takada: So Misa was doing Kira’s killings. But right now, I’m the one doing it for him. Light had no choice with Misa, but he chose me specially to help him.

Light: Believe me, she is nothing. You are the only one for me.

Takada: “You are the only one for me?!” Is that supposed be serious? I expected better from you, Light.


Matsuda: She does have a point. I mean, that’s pretty cheesy line, especially for Light.

Ide: So, which one you think he’ll pick, Amane or Takada?

Matsuda: Well, he could keep two-timing them.

Ide: Are you serious?! You don’t see any problem with that?!

Matsuda: Hey, I’m not the one who ….

Aizawa: Will you two shut up?!


Takada: You are going have to prove yourself from now on, Light. But I will trust you. Of course, if I find out that you’re lying, you’ll pay dearly. In fact, I’ll tell Kira about it.

Light: Hm. Kira, huh? You know, I understand that the world really needs Kira right now. But I just can’t help but wonder; will the day ever come when you and I can be together? I can’t help but hate Kira for choosing you as his spokesperson because he keeps us apart. I don’t mind if he kills criminals but we’ve done nothing wrong. We have the right to lead happy lives, don’t we?

Takada: “Yes, I want to be happy together with you.” “But, that could only happen if Kira wasn’t around.”

Light: You are right. If only Kira wasn’t around.

Takada: “Kira should be arrested.”

Men: Huh?!

Takada: It’s true. If you and I are ever going to have chance of being happy together, Kira needs to be caught.

Light: Wait a minute, Kiyomi. Do you seriously mean that?

Takada: Yes.

Light: All right. But if I’m going to arrest him, I’ll need your help. You’ll be putting yourself in danger. After all, I’ll be defying the police and you’ll be going against Kira and the entire world as well. Are you sure that’s OK?

Ide: That’s a long pause.


Takada: “All right.” “If cooperating with you means that we can be together, then I’m prepared to make that sacrifice, Light.”

Matsuda: What a turnaround! Just like you could expect from our guy! He was able to move the conversation from cheating on Misa-misa to getting Tacky to help him!


[—SPK HQ—]

Gevanni: Mikami’s talking to himself.

Rester: What’s going on?

Gevanni: He was too far away from me to pick up his voice, but I recorded video of his lips’ moving. I’m sending you the footage I was able to get. It’s of Mikami during his lunch break. This is right here. He’s saying something.

Rester: Show it to us one more time in slow motion.

Rester: “Is … that … you … Shinigami” is what he said.

Gevanni: He seems to react to the scrap of paper at his feet.

Rester: He just gave a small sigh.

Gevanni: At this point, he talked to himself little more. I’m gonna zoom in on his lips.

Rester: “That … Shinigami … ever … since … he … handed me … the notebook … he hasn’t … reappeared.” “That Shinigami, ever since he handed me the notebook, he hasn’t reappeared.”

Near: Mikami was given the notebook by one of the Shinigami, but it seems that Shinigami hasn’t been following him. Huh, so that’s how it is.



Takada: I guess that’s all for today. See you next time.

Light: Of course.


[—NPA HQ—]

Matsuda: It’s finally over. Man, things got pretty intense today, don’t you think? It’s tough to do this for hours on end.

Ide: Yeah, you really look like you are suffering.

Aizawa: All right, I’m gonna wrap things up at the hotel.

Matsuda: Key, thanks for your hard work! You know, I feel kinda bad that Aizawa’s stuck with booking the hotel and checking out every time.



Aizawa: Huh?! It’s gone! The mark I left is gone! Ah!

Aizawa: I left four marks. Two of them are gone. The room’s been left just as it was. Housekeeping hasn’t come in yet. Then how and why would anyone switch these two notepads for new ones? That settles it. They are writing notes!


[—SPK HQ—]

Rester: Yes? … What’s that?! You want to meet and talk with Near in person?


Near: Mr. Aizawa, it’s been a while. And it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Aizawa: That’s very nice of you but kinda hard to accept while I’m blindfolded.

Rester: He doesn’t have any weapons or cameras on him.

Near: In that case, you are free to take off your blindfold.


Aizawa: Near, I believe what you said earlier. L has been meeting Takada almost every single night.

Near: I know.

Aizawa: What …! Well then, what about this? They are passing notes to each other. I confirmed it!

Near: Mr. Aizawa. Please don’t take any unnecessary actions on your own.

Aizawa: Unnecessary actions?!

Near: Yes. This is not the point where we bring up evidence against Kira and openly confront him. I must corner him in an dead end with a plan that would guarantee his defeat. This is what it would take to stop him for good. Mr. Aizawa, I’m going to be blunt with you. You and the rest of the task force are already out of the picture.

Aizawa: Ha?!

Near: However, if you still want to help capture Kira, you can. All I want you to do is keep an eye on him as you’ve been doing.

Aizawa: That’s it? Keeping an eye on him?

Near: Yes. Of course, there certainly is a purpose of watching over L. In fact, I’ve already taken it into account as part of my plan. That’s why I’m hoping you can help me in that prospect. I want you to watch him in order to win against Kira. And after that, I want you to be a witness to the end of Kira.



[—NPA HQ—]

TAKADA: This has been an year of breakthroughs for me, and I’m sure for many others as well. And what better way to bring this year to an exciting close than the East-West Pop Music Festival? I’m your host for this evening, Kiyomi Takada. We hope you all enjoy the show.

Matsuda: All right! The Pop Music Festival is about to begin!

Ide: Matsuda, shouldn’t you be checking over the reports on Kira’s killings?

Matsuda: Ya! In a minute. But after Misa-misa performs. She is the opening act this year. We gotta cheer her on, yeah!



Misa: Can we help you?

Rester: Pardon me. We are from the SPK. We’ll need you to come with us.


[—NPA HQ—]

Takada: Before we continue, I’m afraid I must apologize on behalf of the staff of NHN. It’s very unfortunate but it seems that this year’s opening act Miss Misa Amane has not entered the concert hall yet.

Men: Huh?

Takada: Of course, many unexpected things can happen at the Pop ….

Aizawa: What’s going on? Mogi didn’t tell us anything about this.



Misa: Take me back to NHN right now! What is this?! Are you trying to ruin my reputation?!

Mogi: Misa-misa, you’ve got to try and stay calm.

Misa: Mochi! Why should I?!

Mogi: We need to do this in order to catch Kira.

Misa: But that has nothing to do with me!

Rester: You should know that I was going to take you at gun-point as a last resort. But you didn’t resist. That was a great help. Thank you Mr. Mogi.

Misa: Hm?

Mogi: I probably would have resisted if I hadn’t listened what Aizawa told me. But, after hearing about the notepads, there is no doubt in my mind.

Misa: Hmm. What’s going on?


[—NPA HQ—]

Light: Near.

Near: Yes? What is it, L?

Light: We have a problem. Mogi and Misa Amane have gone missing.

Near: I’m already aware of that. I was the one who took them into custody.

Matsuda: Huh! He what?!

Light: For what reason?

Near: Oh, just in case.


Light: Near, kidnapping is a blatant criminal act. You have to stop this now!

Near: Actually, Mr. Mogi and Amane both came here willingly. You can even ask them yourself. I’ll put them on the line now. Here they are.


Light: Mogi, Misa, this is L speaking.

Misa: Light!

Light: I’m told that Near is detaining you. He said that you both agreed to it. Is that true?

Mogi: … It is.

Aizawa: Mogi ….

Misa: Actually, I was against the whole thing. But Mochi said it would be best if I just went along quietly. He told me we would have both been killed if I didn’t.

Light: All right. It’s fine as long as you both consented to this.


Near: So now I have removed Misa Amane, the one who might be the second Kira, from the equation. Light Yagami, I’m sure the significance of this move isn’t lost on you.



 Audience: Hey, no way! You’re planning to end this without Misa-misa’s performance?! God, what a rip-off!

Gevanni: Looks like Lidner and the others were successful. It’s past 9. All right, it’s my turn.




Gevanni: Mikami leaves work at almost the same time everyday with only slight variations. He leads a completely scheduled life for the most part.

Near: So, he always goes to the particular gym every Monday and Thursday at around 9 o’clock, is that correct?

Gevanni: Yes, he’s kept that routine for the past four years ever since he joined. He didn’t even skip new year’s day. I became a member and made a few inquiries to confirm it myself.

Near: Good. So then, we can assume that he would be there on Monday, the 31st as well?

Gevanni: Yes. If he’s the type of man who would go on holidays, then he’ll certainly go on new year’s eve.

Near: Gevanni, would it be possible for you to touch the notebook on the 31st at the gym?

Gevanni: … Yes. I’ve already done the thorough check of the hotel security. The locker room is definitely free of any kind of surveillance.

Near: Then I’ll leave it to you.

Gevanni: Sir, if there is a Shinigami with him, there’s a distinct possibility that I will die, isn’t there?

Near: Yes. Part of the reason you are doing this is to test that theory. Even if you don’t see any Shinigami after first touching the notebook, I want you to continue watching Mikami for a while longer before we conclude whether or not he has one following him.

Near: I can have Rester do it if you are too scared.

Gevanni: No, I understand. I’ll do it.


Gevanni: If there’s a Shinigami around, no, if there was, then I would be dead. It’s too late to turn back now. I have to touch it!


[—SPK HQ—]

Gevanni: Sir, I’ve succeeded in touching the notebook. I can’t confirm the existence of any Shinigami at this time.

Near: Commander Rester, please connect me with Mr. Mogi for a moment.

Near: Mr. Mogi, according to your investigation in the rules of the notebook, how long can a person be controlled before their death?

Mogi: Based on the data we got from Yotsuba’s experiments, it’s 23 days.

Near: Are you sure?

Mogi: Yes. I’d say that the killings done by Yotsuba were more than enough to prove it.

Near: Thank you for your assistance.

Near: We have to consider the possibility that Gevanni is already being controlled. In that case, they could be making him say that there isn’t a Shinigami. That means, I need to confront L in exactly 24 days, if Gevanni is still alive until then.

Rester: Hm.



Light: Kiyomi, I saw you have some trouble at the Pop Music Festival.

Takada: Yes. I never imagined that Miss Amane would go missing.

Memo: “Give T an order to contact you and let you know as soon as he’s confirmed everything. Once you hear from him, I want you to send me a text message or call me with a following message, ‘I want to see you as soon as possible.’”


[—SPK HQ/ Jan 6th —]

Rester: Photographs?

Near: Yes. I want to see exactly what he wrote in the notebook. I wanna see the pattern in how Mikami writes, if there are any habits, and what kind of notebook it is. I wanna see it all, everything in detail with my own eyes.


[—SPK HQ—]

Rester: What do you think, Near?

Near: Perfect. Gevanni has done an excellent job. The handwriting matches that of the records Mikami keeps as prosecutor. There’s absolutely no doubt. This is his handwriting.

Rester: I agree.

Near: With this, we can do it.