デスノート第32話 “選択”

デスノート第32話 “選択" / Death Note Episode32 “Selection" 英語版スクリプトです。



Mikami: Delete. Delete! Delete!!

NARRATION: The average Japanese adult would say that Teru Mikami was a child with a strong sense of justice. He was able to distinguish right from wrong better than any of his peers. And compared to the average Japanese person, Teru had been through and seen far worse miseries and even witnessed deaths.



[—Mikami’s Monologue—]

Mikami: In this world, there is only good and evil. That was one of the first universal truth I grasped from observing the world around me when I was a child. Every human being without exception ends up falling into one category or the other. Even in those innocent years of elementary school, one could not escape that fact. As class president, I strived to achieve great things for my fellow students. But there were always enemies; good against Evil.

Boy: No! Let go of me, please!

Mikami: Evil has to be confronted.

Mikami: There were times when it seemed evil would triumph over good. But no matter what happened to me, I felt happy for one reason.

Boy: Thank you, Teru.

Mikami: Hearing those words of gratitude from the victims made me wanna save them again and again. For that reason, I never spared any effort. And in the end, I was able to stand up for my sense of justice.


Mikami: But that was only true in the world of children. Middle school was another matter entirely. The more I confronted evil, the more enemies I had to face. Victims would become participants, and even the people watching would be influenced by evil and become enemies themselves. But for justice to triumph, it requires action. So I realized to serve justice; I had to delete evil. The only person who understood my hopes and remained my ally was the woman who raised me on her own: my mother, no, rather it used to be my mother.

Mother: Teru, not everything in the world is going to work the way you wanted to. You have to stop doing this. There is no reason for you to suffer so much for your beliefs. What do you think you are proving, getting hurt like this? This is plain foolishness. You have to realize that some things will never change …

Mikami: My mother was wrong. She didn’t side with justice. She was one of those who deserve to be deleted. That was when the miracle happened. Four of the worst delinquents from my school lost control of their car while they were joyriding. They died instantly. One bystander was killed as well. That bystander was my mother. In one fell swoop, all the people I resented had been deleted. At first, I was terrified. I couldn’t stop shivering. But then, it hit me. With these people out of the picture, how many others would benefit as a result? Clearly, their victims were relieved. But beyond that, wouldn’t everyone in my class be happier now that they were gone? I’m sure enough I was right. Our class room became a peaceful, joyful place. There will always be consequences for evil deeds. That is the way the ruled is; the way it should be. Evil must be deleted.


Mikami: Now then, let’s see, are there any more problems with these records?

Man: No, they are fine.

Mikami: With every passing year, my commitment to justice only grew stronger. I saw that there will always be those who have no reason to exist; those whose very existence is a threat to society. And the closer they grew to adulthood, less likely it was that they would ever reform. They could only be deleted.


Mikami: Mysteriously, every time I judge someone is evil, they would soon be taken care of. Was it coincidence? Was I special somehow? In the end, it didn’t matter. Divine judgment must be brought upon evil. And if it isn’t, then someone must take it upon themselves to punish evil. That’s why I became a prosecutor. It is the role of the prosecutor to see that evil is brought to justice. It was an ideal job for me. And then, God came before me. Everything that had been happening around me wasn’t coincidence. It was divine justice. God had been watching me. God had seen how I did not surrender to evil. He reached out his hand and punished the evil people for me. Once I realized that, I started to frequent places where God is bound to be watching. And then, it happened.


Mikami: God recognized me as I had always hoped!! Not only that, but he found me worthy of sharing his power to eliminate evil!! With this, it doesn’t matter if I can’t hear his voice. I sure figure out what Kira wants, and carry out his will.

Mikami: Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete …



[—NPA HQ—]

Light: Mikami made a choice to kill Demegawa himself. I never requested it, an understandable move, but now there is no spokesperson. Kira needs a voice. At the moment, I can’t make any moves myself. What will he do?

Mikami: Kira isn’t saying anything. He must be in a situation where he can’t move freely. But this is an important time for him. We need a spokesperson to spread his word to the people. Then I will take the initiative.


Matsuda: Extra! Extra! There’s a new development in the Kira case! He’s chosen a new spokesperson to take Demegawa’s place. Take a look!

Light: Huh?! That woman! Kiyomi Takada …

Takada: Good evening. This is Kiyomi Takada from news 6. Starting today, it would be my duty to spread the word of Kira accurately and quickly. From now on, NHN will fairly and carefully spread …

Matsuda: So he picked NHN’s star newscaster, huh? Kira’s got good taste. Choosing Tacky was a good idea.

Mogi: There’s no mistaking it. That’s the girl that Light dated in the university.

Light: You’ve moved quickly, Mikami. However, it won’t take them long to find the connection between us, which could be a problem. No, on second thought, she’s not a bad choice. It’s what I never would have considered since I already knew her. But this could actually make things easier. I can definitely use her but I’ll have to find a way to contact her soon.


Mikami: Kiyomi Takada. I had a chance to meet her when I was a part of the debate program she was hosting. She was a shrewd and fair host for the most part. But it had to change suddenly when Kira’s name was mentioned, she had uniquely rigid sense of justice that I could identify with. She hates crimes and social evils with the passion. I talked with her privately several times after that. She clearly supports Kira. But it’s more than that. She thinks like Kira. That makes her the broadcaster most worthy of being the new voice of Kira.


[—NPA HQ—]

Aizawa: Kiyomi Takada. It’d be too suspicious for Kira to choose an ex-girlfriend as his representative. And there’s been no sign of Light sending her any messages. Maybe I’m thinking about this too much.

Light: Everyone, I just had an idea. I was thinking we could make use of Kiyomi Takada. To be honest, I know her. Back in university, she and I were actually dating for a little while.

Matsuda: Wow.

Aizawa: So he admits it. He has no intention to hide the connection.

Light: If she is acting as his spokesperson, she must be receiving orders from him. If she is in contact with Kira somehow, I think our best bet is to use that connection to find a way to Kira through her.

Matsuda: But Tacky’s probably doing it because Kira is threatening her, right? She might be too scared to help us out with our investigation.

Ide: That’s a good point.

Light: I’m not too worried about that. I know her current cell phone number. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to convince her once we get talking. She’ll meet with me if I ask her to.

Matsuda: Whoa! Listen to this guy! You are the man, Light!

Light: Talking to her would be easy, but the real challenge would be to get her to help us find and arrest Kira. We used to talk about a lot of different topics while we were in college, and one thing was clear; she worships Kira.

Men: Huh …

Light: But, we might be able to use that to our advantage. The police claim they support Kira, but aren’t doing anything one way or the other. So I’ll reveal that I’ve joined the police and ask her what we can do to help Kira further. To her, it’ll sound like a good idea. We can convince her to assist us as long as we pretend that it’s for Kira’s benefit.

Matsuda: Do you think that will go over well?

Light: I’m not entirely sure but it’s worth a try at least.

Ide: I agree. It’ll be foolish for us to pass up a lead like this.

Light: In that case, I’ll call her tonight.

Aizawa: Light, if you don’t mind, I’d like to listen in your conversation with Miss Takada.

Light: Of course, that’s fine with me. Actually it’s better if you do. If she let slip something about Kira, it would be best if more than one of us was listening.

Aizawa: Eh, yeah.


[—NPA HQ—]

Takada: Yes, hello?

Light: Kiyomi? This is Light Yagami.

Takada: Light?!

Takada: Hi, it’s been a while. What’s going on?

Light: Kiyomi, I have something important to tell you. Could we meet somewhere? I have a favor to ask you.

Takada: A fovor?

Light: Yeah. I know my timing is pretty bad, I mean, you are the woman the whole world is watching right now, so it might not be possible.

Takada: Huh, don’t play innocent and humble with me, Light. You wouldn’t have called if you didn’t think it was possible to see me.

Light: You are right.

Takada: Huh?

Light: Ever since we graduated, I wanted to talk to you again but I never had a chance. And now, it looks like our jobs have brought us together. After so much time, our paths are about to cross again. Call me crazy but I feel like this is fate.

Takada: What do you mean “our jobs?”

Light: I’m working with the police now and that was part of what I wanted to talk to you about, in person.

Takada: The police aren’t doing anything to defy Kira at this point.

Takada: All right, I may be able to help you depending on what you are asking for.

Light: I appreciate it. At the very least, I just want you to hear what I have to say, anywhere, just us two.

Takada: … Well, OK then, after tonight’s broadcast is finished.

Light: That sounds perfect. I’ll book a hotel room for us.

Takada: A hotel room? Are you sure? The last I heard, you were still living with Miss Amane. Are things not going too well on the home front?

Light: Well, to be honest, Misa is just not intelligent enough to be my partner.


[—Misa:’S ROOM—]

Misa: Mochi.

Mogi: Yes?

Misa: Your cooking is really good, and I appreciate that you’re doing everything for me. But it’s been 5 days now.

Mogi: Right.

Misa: Light doesn’t know about you hanging around all the time, does he? I’m beginning to get a really bad feeling about this whole thing.

Mogi: Uh-huh.

Misa: I mean, I know that Light trusts me totally. But don’t you think most people would start saying that I’m cheating on him? Oh, he’d be so jealous!!

MELLO: Near and the others told me that this woman’s supposed to be the second Kira. But could it really be this unbelievably stupid girl?!


[—Mikami’s Home—]

Mikami: It seems that Kira still hasn’t tried to contact me yet. If he is in a situation where he is unable to contact me even if he wants to, then the next best thing would be for him to contact Takada instead.



Takada: Good evening. This is the 9 o’clock news. First, I have an announcement that comes directly from Kira. His words are to become the new law of the world. Kira will never forgive those people whose existence is a threat to justice. But he will also not forgive those who live wastefully and refuse to use their abilities to contribute to the betterment of society.


Man: What?! So Kira’s gonna kill lazy people now? You’re kidding me.

Light: You are taking this too far, Mikami! It’s too early to be making those kinds of statements. I’ve gotta get a hold of him soon.


Aizawa: Matsuda, how is it?- MATSUDA at HQ: Good. Audio and video online, no blind spots.

TAKADA on TV: until next time…

Matsuda: And the 9 o’clock news is just ending.

Aizawa: Everything’s in order. I’ll head back to HQ.

Light: OK.


[—Hotel Room—]

Light: … I missed you. Oh, eh, I’m sorry, it’s just, … anyway, please sit down. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like that long since we last saw each other …

Ide: What the hell is Light doing? He’s not saying anything. If he just stays silent, she’ll get suspicious.

Matsuda: Come on. Don’t tell me you’ve never been in [a] love before, Ide?

Aizawa: How’s it going?

Matsuda: The mood’s perfect!

Aizawa: That’s not what I meant. – Takada’s cell rings –


Takada: Please excuse me. Huh! Kira!

Light: Is it Mikami?! –

Ide: She just said it’s Kira!

Aizawa: Kira is contacting her directly?!


Light: You should answer it.

Takada: Um, right.

Takada: Hello? No, I am with a friend right now. Yes, we are alone.

Light: If luck is on my side, I can get on the phone myself. Well, Mikami, can you make it happen?

Takada: He wanted to meet me all of a sudden.

Mikami: Someone who requests a private meeting with Kira’s spokesperson …

Mikami: I’d like to speak with him if I may.

Takada: Huh?

Takada: He’s said that he wants to speak to you.

Light: Perfect. I was right to choose you, Mikami. –

Matsuda: She’s passed the phone to Light!-

Ide: It could be dangerous if he’s the real thing!

Light: Yes, hello?

Mikami: Who am I speaking to?

Light: Five pages on November 26th? I don’t get it. What do you mean?

Mikami: You are God!!!

Light: You are doing well, Mikami. Let’s just see how much you can figure out.

Mikami: God, you’re not free to speak right now?!

Light: Yes.

Mikami: You are being watched at the moment?

Light: Yes. But how can I trust you are the real Kira?

Mikami: Is he asking me to judge someone right now?

Mikami: Turn the Sakura TV!

Light: What’s that? Sakura TV? –

Aizawa: Quick! Let’s check it out!


MAN on TV: We’ll invite Kira back to our program no matter what it might take! Aaarrr. –

Matsuda: He died!

Ide: This is bad! He is the real thing!

Light: Mikami, you are even better than I expected.

Matsuda: What?! He’s removing the bugs?

Aizawa: We don’t have a choice.


Takada: I don’t understand. What’s going on?

Light: Now I can talk without any constraints.

Takada: What?

Light: Listen, Kiyomi. I am the real Kira.

Takada: Huh!!!

Light: That’s right. I’m Kira, that’s what I wanted to tell you.

Takada: Light is Kira?

Light: Listen. I won’t allow you to ask Kiyomi who I am. You don’t need to know my identity.

Mikami: Yes. I’ll leave the rest to you, God.


Light: Do you understand? I am Kira. The man who was on the phone is one of my followers who I’ve shared my power with.

Takada: I can believe it’s you. You are the only man that I’ve ever really admired. To be honest, the only man I ever felt a connection with. And now, to find out you are Kira, it’s incredible!

Light: Please join me, Kiyomi. And you will be the goddess of the new world.

Takada: Oh, Light.


[—NPA HQ—]

Matsuda: Light! Are you OK?

Light: Yeah, Kiyomi was able to work things out with Kira. I’ve decided that from now on I’m gonna pretend to be dating her. We might be able to find Kira that way.


[—Mikami’s Home—]

Mikami: Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete …!!!