デスノート第31話 “移譲”

デスノート第31話 “移譲" / Death Note Episode31 “Transfere" の英語スクリプトです。



[—Building at SPK HQ—]

Demegawa: Fellow Kira supporters! I urge you. Do not rush the building all at once! The traitors may attempt to blend in with the crowd to escape! I am Kira’s loyal servant and spokesman! You must listen to me! Find them, hold up from the building and bring them in front of the cameras! They will be a sacrifice to Kira! –

Misa: You can’t hide from me. I’ll find you!



Light: Near, you’ve got no choice. You’d better evacuate.

Near: You’ve got some nerve to say that being Kira.

Light: What?! Are you still going on about that nonsense?!

Near: Think about it. With all the anti-Kira groups around, why is it we are being targeted and right after I start suspecting you? Pretty convenient, if you ask me.

Light: Near, with all due respect, you’re wrong. You’re jumping to conclusions.

Near: Members of the task force, please listen to me. Kira is likely amongst you. Even as we speak, he is in that room. I’m simply asking you to think about this carefully.

Aizawa: “Light is Kira.” This is all sounding way too familiar. The original L also thought that Light had to be Kira. Hmm.


[—Building at SPK HQ—]

Demegawa: A first wave of 20 people will break the door and get inside! Second wave, stand by!

People: Where the first wave?! What the hell?! We’re going first!


[—SPK HQ—]

Rester: Near, we have to evacuate immediately!

Near: Really? What pathetic people. I’m not surprised that there are ordinary people who support what Kira is trying to do. I’m talking about honest citizens who believe in their hearts set by punishing evil doers, Kira will actually make this world a better place to live. But as for this crowd outside, they are completely different breed. They are truly despicable and stupid. This is just a diversion for them. They are all selfish.

Rester: I, I know that. But it still leaves us with the immediate problem.

Near: We’ll use L’s legacy and the anti-Kira protesters we hired.

Rester: Yes, but we only have one shot with that plan.

Near: I’m aware of that. But I can’t imagine a better time to do it. Besides, it should be interesting.


[—In front of Building—]

People: Hm? It’s, it’s money!!!!

Demegawa: Money?! There’s so much!





Light: What?!

Matsuda: Wow, that’s a lot! Amazing! Yeah, I wish if I were over there right now.

Ide: Matsuda!

Ryuk: Ha! Humans are so interesting. Of course, you can use money to get apples so I can kind of understand.

Light: Damn it! He’s planning to use all this chaos to escape from the cram! Even so, he can’t escape from Demegawa’s cameras.

Demegawa: Over there, pilot! Go to the floor where all the money is coming from!! –

Misa: Geez! What are you doing, Demegawa?! Don’t you know that you can’t buy love and peace with money?!

NEWSCASTER on TV: A literal downfall of money is causing mayhem in lower Manhattan!

NEWSANCHOR on TV: The police have arrived!

Light: Police?!

NEWSANCHOR on TV: There are welcome [???] be called them full scale riot.

Light: This is bad. At this rate ….


[—SPK HQ—]

Near: Let’s go. This is our window of opportunity. We can leave here the front exit.


[—NPA HQ—]

Ide: It makes sense that the police will have to mobilize for a riot like this.

Light: Damn! Near was prepared for the situation! He’s planning to come out along with the rest of them. And if I tell Aizawa and the others to keep an eye on the police, it’ll only make me look that much more suspicious!!

NEWSANCHOR on TV: The police are coming out of the building! They’ve secured the area!

Light: Where is he?! He’s got be in there somewhere! But where?! … Damn it.


[—NPA HQ—]

Matsuda: Oh, how much money do you think was there? Bet it was a lot.

Ide: Matsuda! Knock it off!

Matsuda: I bet it was around 10,000,000 dollars or something.

Ryuk: Wow! What’s that in apples?


Light: Near!

Aizawa: Oh, ready!

Near: This is Near. We’ve reestablished secure connections so I thought I should give you a call to let you know.

Light: You’re safe! That’s a relief.

Near: To all of you on the task force, I’m sure that by now some of you are starting to suspect that Kira may be one of you. Given the timing and the days of attack on our headquarters, I don’t think anyone can blame me for having doubts. If you don’t suspect that the second L of being Kira by now, you are in the wrong line of work. The number I gave you the day before has been reconnected. Please feel free to call anytime you like. Well then, I’ll be waiting for your call.

Matsuda: Those were some strong words! This guy’s pretty sure of himself.

Light: I’ve been thinking and if any of you want to cooperate with Near, please go ahead. I’m not particularly satisfied with the way things are going, either. Ideally, we should cooperate with the SPK. Maybe this will clear the air a little.

Matsuda: Still it kinda feels like Near is against us, doesn’t it?


[—Aizawa’s Home—]

Aizawa: When I think about Deputy Director Yagami, I don’t wanna suspect Light even a little bit, but …

Daughter: Dad? Welcome back! I didn’t know you were gonna be home tonight.

Aizawa: Oh yeah, what are you still doing awake?

Daughter: I’ve got a couple of exams coming up.

Aizawa: I see. Well, don’t push yourself too hard, OK?

Daughter: Key! You too, Dad.


[—NPA HQ—]

Light: I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the others contacted Near. It’s inevitable. The problem is what comes after that. If I’m too late to act, something might happen that I won’t be able to take back. I’ve got no choice but to do it.



Misa: What? An emergency order from Light, yay! Hm, file No.3. Huh?  … No way.



[—SPK HQ—]

Near: Yes? This is Near.

Aizawa: I’m with the Japanese task force. My name is Aizawa.



[—MISA’s room—]

Misa: So, the time has finally come. If I do this, my safety is guaranteed, and I can finally just be a normal wife! This is what Light wants for me. He wants me to be happy just as a woman should be. Oh, thank you, Light.


[—SPK HQ—]

Near: I see. That’s very interesting. You’re saying there were two suspects in the Kira investigation that the previous L detained for more than 50 days. And they were cleared based on the 13-day rule, correct?

Aizawa: Yes. But of course, that alone doesn’t prove they were Kira.

Near: And then, L was willing to release them because of that?

Aizawa: No. L had Deputy Director Yagami, the chief detective at the time, put on an act. He was instructed to tell the suspects that they have both [???] found guilty of being Kira and the second Kira and that they were going to be executed. Then on the way, the deputy director pulled over and pointed a gun at the suspect. He said that he would first kill Kira, then himself.

Near: Hm.

Aizawa: The idea was that if he were Kira, the suspect would have killed the chief right then and there.

Near: Kira is quite impressive. He must have used this detainment to demonstrate his innocence. Well done.

Near: Out of curiosity, did the suspect volunteer to be detained as part of the investigation?

Aizawa: Hm, come to think of it, Light DID volunteer to be imprisoned.

Near: If he did, then I’d say that settles the matter, wouldn’t you? So, who was it? Who were those two suspects?

Aizawa: I can’t tell you that much. I’m willing to cooperate, but I’m still a member of the Japanese task force working under L.

Near: I understand. Thank you very much. Your information’s been quite valuable. Especially the part about Shinigami’s eyes that enable you to see other people’s names. It was very helpful. Goodbye.


Rester: Would that be enough, Near? Shouldn’t you’ve pressed for a little more information?

Near: I think that, all things considered, his level of cooperation is fine for now. Besides, I discovered something very important. The person suspected of being Kira is Deputy Director Yagami’s son.

Rester: Hm?

Near: It’s the only possible explanation. Why else would the deputy director say he would kill Kira and then himself? Therefore, that means the second L and the person I think is Kira can only be one man; Light Yagami.



[—NPA HQ—]

Aizawa: Light.

Light: Uh, Yes?

Aizawa: There’s something you should know. I phoned Near and talked to him.

Light: Don’t worry about it. After all, I was the who recommended it. So, what did the two of you end up discussing? No, on second thought, I probably shouldn’t ask. I guess it’s not appropriate for me to ask those kinds of questions if I’m a suspect.

Aizawa: Hm, don’t get me wrong. I wanna believe that you aren’t Kira. But I’ve got to be certain. I’m sorry I have to do this again, but I wanna put you under surveillance until we catch Kira. I’m afraid that goes for Misa Amane as well. I’m gonna search your place right now. There’s a possibility that Amane might have a notebook.

Matsuda: Hang on a second, Aizawa!

Light: No, go right ahead. Look at it this way: at least you can prove to everyone that I’m not sneaking around and contacting Misa in private, right?



Aizawa: Huh?  Mogi.

Mogi: I’m coming with you. I wanna make sure, too.

Aizawa: Hm. It would be best for everyone if Light wasn’t Kira, but if Amane has any evidence on those connections with Kira, then …


[—Misa’s room—]

Misa: Mochi!! Monchi-chi!! Long time no see, you two! Light hasn’t been home at all lately so I’ve been super bored.

Aizawa: Huh, well, there’s no way she’s got the notebook hidden under her dress like that.

Aizawa: We are just investigating a tip that there were explosives planted at the L’s house. We think it’s a prank, but we’d like to check the room just in case.

Misa: What?! How about Light?! Is he OK?! I have to call him!

Mogi: No, you can’t call him right mow.

Misa: Oh, how come?

Aizawa: Don’t worry. Light’s safe but he is really busy right now. He has some other things he has to do so he’s handed the investigation over to us for the time being.

Misa: Oh, I get it! Light loves me like crazy so he doesn’t want me to call him cause that’ll only make him worry about me.


[—NPA HQ—]

Light: Search as much as you like, Aizawa. You won’t find the notebook.

Matsuda: I wouldn’t like all the suspicion to ruin the atmosphere around here.

Ide: This isn’t a social club. I think Aizawa and Mogi should do as they see fit.

Matsuda: Hm. It’s time for “Kira’s Kingdom.”


Demegawa: Greetings to all my fellow Kira worshippers. I am Demegawa the voice of our God Kira. Behold! This is the new Kira’s Kingdom, which shares its name with this program. Its construction is going smoothly but will depend on the generous support of our loyal viewers. Once it has been completed, let us welcome our God here!

Matsuda: Wow, talk about bad taste!


[—Misa’s room—]

Misa: Hey, so is everything OK?

Aizawa: Oh yeah. Seems like it was just a prank. But just in case, one of us is gonna stay and keep watch over you for the next few days.

Misa: Really? Oh, that would be great!

Aizawa: Mogi, why don’t you go back to headquarters? I’ll stay and guard here.

Misa: Huh? I’m with Monchi-chi instead of Mochi?

Aizawa: Hm? What’s wrong?! Don’t you trust me?

Misa: No, you’re just not Monchi-chi without your old haircut. You’re not cute anymore!

MOGI: Ha ha!

Aizawa: Hmmm, Mogi?!

MOGI: Yes, sir, my apologies!

Aizawa: All right. You stay.


[—NPA HQ—]

Demegawa: We’re now accepting donations. Starting at 1,000,000 yen mark towards the completion of Kira’s Kingdom! So, if you truly support Kira ….

Matsuda: This sounds like a con.

Ide: Yup! Just another scam at this point.

Matsuda: It doesn’t even seem like Kira’s style. (

Light: Demegawa …! He’s just acting on his own now. If he keeps doing this, he’ll end up pushing people away from Kira! I don’t need him anymore. But I can’t do much at the moment.


Matsuda: Hey, welcome back, Aizawa.

Aizawa: We didn’t find a notebook in Light’s or Misa’s room. But still ….

Light: I understand. You’re more than welcome to keep watch over Misa and I until you are satisfied.


Demegawa: Next on the program. It’s time for me to introduce the new leaders I have chosen for Kira’s Kingdom. The first gentleman is …!

Mikami: Delete!

Demegawa: Ehhh, we will unite with Kira and work with him!

Mikami: Delete! Delete! Delete!

Demegawa: Aaahh, save me ….

Mikami: And delete!


Aizawa: What, what the hell is this?

Ide: Why would Kira kill his own supporters?

Matsuda: Do you think it’s because they were going overboard with this?

Light: That might be a possibility. But this is horrible.

Aizawa: What’s going on?! There was no chance for either Misa Amane or Light to use the notebook to kill Demegawa.

Light: Mikami. I can definitely use him. It seems I was right to choose him for this. He understands Kira’s beliefs and ideals perfectly. And he knows what Kira wants and doesn’t want. Thanks to that, he takes actions without needing my orders. I had Misa relinquish ownership of the death note. Before she lost all her memories of the notebook, she sent it to someone else along with some special instructions. Now she won’t be able to answer any questions about it. She’s just an ordinary woman. The main problem was selecting the next owner. I saw him trying to speak to Kira through the television broadcasts. It was clear he worshiped Kira from the bottom of his heart. He would understand that he was chosen simply by receiving and accepting the notebook. There was no mistake in my selection. Teru Mikami. He is more than worthy of becoming the hand of Kira.


[—Mikami’s room—]

Mikami: Shinigami, thank you for coming to me. Now I’ll be able to punish evil doers with death. God.