デスノート 第28話 “焦燥”

デスノート 第28話 “焦燥" / Death Note – Episode #28 “Impatience", 英語版スクリプトです。



[—Task Force HQ—]

Light: N … Why do I fee like I’m talking to L?

Near: I told you that we wouldn’t rely on L, but that’s an even understatement. The FBI and CIA had explicitly asked that I head up the investigation, not you. Having said that, we are outraged by the recent murder of the director of the NPA and feeling something must be done. After reviewing the information, I believe there is a possibility that solving this case could lead to the arrest of Kira. As such, I’m willing to lend you my full support.

Light: Lead to the arrest of Kira? Who is he anyway? This confidence …!

Near: Is there a problem, L?

Light: No, it’s just that following the death of Takimura, Deputy Director Yagami’s daughter was kidnapped. And we believe the same person is behind it. He’s arranged for a trade in Los Angels.

Near: A trade? The girl in exchange for the notebook, I assume.

Light: Yes.

Near: Understood. I have a team on stand-by in LA. But, for now, we’ll be working on a need-to-know basis. Also I can monitor the city to use satellite. Or …, on second thought, I’ll let you have full authority on this, L.

Aizawa: That’s good. It means we are taking the lead.

Ide: But what’s all this about the Americans not trusting L anymore. I don’t like the sound of that.

[—SPK HQ—]

Maison: Near, is it really safe to leave this case in the hands of a fake L? He hasn’t had any success in catching Kira so far.

Near: I’m aware of that. That’s why it’s a good idea. It means there’ll] be an opportunity to take advantage of them. Of course saving people’s lives is important, but as the SPK, our primary goal is very clear. We’ll work to get to the notebook, and capture Kira once and for all.

[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro: Light

Light: Huh?

Soichiro: At this point, I don’t care if it would cost me my life. Please just save Sayu. Promise me.

Light: Stop talking like that, Dad! You might have made your peace with the idea of dying, but have you ever thought about how painful it would be for everyone else you’d leave behind?! I’d never be able to forgive you if you ended up dying in front of Sayu! Look, it’s true that you might lose contact with us. But if that happens and you have to make a split-second decision by yourself, then I want you to do whatever’s necessary to make sure both you and Sayu get out of this alive. Promise me, Dad.

Soichiro: … All right.

[— Misa’S ROOM —]

Misa: What?! No way! You really want me to go to Los Angels with you?!

Light: Yeah. There’s a chance I might need to use your eyes this time. So I wanna have you close by.

Misa: Oh, Light! You are the best! Oh my gosh, I better start packing right away!

Ryuk: Ha ha ha ha.

Misa: Let’s see, which one should I bring? I can’t decide. Light, which do you like? … Huh?

Light: If things go badly, I may have to kill Sayu ….


Light: Dad, I’ll fly to LA ahead of you to make preparations for the handover. Ide and the other should arrive shortly after, but to be safe, we should all arrive on separate flights. Aizawa, I want you to tail my father closely and get on the same plane as him. Just in case something goes wrong.

Aizawa: Got it. I’m gonna get a haircut so they won’t recognize me.

Light: OK everyone, I count on you.


MAN: Mr. Yagami?

Soichiro: Who are you? One of the kidnappers?

MAN: You are going to board flight SE333. I have your tickets with me. It leaves from gate 18.

Soichiro: Right, I understand.

Aizawa: Someone’s intercepted him at Narita. Should I arrest him?

Light: Calm down, Aizawa. Don’t make any sudden moves. I can understand your concern but arresting him now will accomplish nothing. Keep your distance and don’t lose sight of them.

Aizawa: Huh?! Damn it. They are boarding a different flight than originally planned. I’ll tell them at the gate I’m a police officer, and …

Light: Get a hold of yourself! You just blow your cover and the operation would be ruined. Can you find out where the flight is headed?

Aizawa: Let’s see …, huh? This one’s going to LA, too!

Light: Could they have somehow arranged for another plane? Oh, this is bad!

[—In the Airpain—]

Airport Traffic Controller: Flight SE333, flight SE333, do you copy, do you copy? You have strayed from your flight path.

PILOT: This is flight SE333, I read you loud and clear. I assure you everything’s OK. This is a detour.

Airport Traffic Controller: What the, what is this? You need to tell me. What’s going on up there?!

PILOT: This is not a hijacking. We’re simply making a detour and a quick stop to drop off a passenger. You can track us by a radar. However, if you intend to call the authorities to interfere with our course, I do not hesitate to crash the plane and take all the passengers with me.

[—LA’s operation room—]

Matsuda: This is bad, Light, I mean, L. The deputy director’s flight has just changed direction. A passenger’s gonna be dropped off somewhere. It can only be him.

Light: Damn it! What the hell is going on? I’ve already checked today’s flight crews and passenger lists ahead of time. No one on board was suspicious. The pilot is a veteran of over a 15 years and the co-pilot checks out clean, too! Then the kidnappers are powerful enough to influence these people?! Huh, it looks like I have no choice.

[—SPK HQ—]

Light: Director, this is L. Get me N.

Maison: Right.

Light: N.

I’m sure you’re aware of our current situation. I need you to do me a favor. Can you notify the airlines, police, and military on your end not to take any action yet.

Rester: What’s he thinking? I never realized he was this unreliable.

Near: All right, L, agreed. We’ll locate the landing site and keep surveillance over the area using our satellite video feed. If there’s anything else we can do, don’t hesitate to let us know.

[—In the Airpain—]

MAN: I have a message for you. Put this in your ear.

Mello: Yagami, right now, you are the only one who can hear my voice. Listen very carefully. I’m the one who kidnapped your daughter. But don’t get the wrong idea. I have no interest in your daughter’s life one way or the other, or yours for that matter. There is only one thing I want and you know what that is; the notebook! Now all you have to do is follow my instructions. If you do that, no one has to die. As for the trade, I prepared the things so that both of us can walk away satisfied. Play along, and there’ll be no problems.

Soichiro: I’m going to give the notebook to some criminal in exchange for my daughter’s life. When the time comes, what’s the right thing to do as a police officer, as a human being, and as a parent?


[—SPK HQ —]

Near: L, we’ve been able to use our satellite cameras to pinpoint where the plane has landed. I’ll send you a direct video feed of what we’re currently seeing here.

[—Hotel in LA—]

Light: Dad …!

Ryuk: Ha ha ha! So what’s gonna happen? How will he make the exchange in a place like that?

[—Kidnapper’s Base—]

Mello: You see the entrance, don’t you, Yagami? Go inside.

[—SPK HQ—]

Rester: They’re underground?!

Near: Well, well, isn’t that interesting?

[—Hotel in LA—]

Light: Damn it! An underground facility?! The kidnappers must have predicted we’d be watching it by satellite. And there is no way to keep an eye on Dad.

[—Exchange Site—]

Soichiro: Huh? Oh…

MAN: The glass is bulletproof, understand? This place used to belong to a crime syndicate, they used to make trades just like this. We’ve made a few modifications as well. Slide the notebook through here. Once that’s done, I’ll release the lock. We both step back, and spin the glass door. The notebook will end up in my side, and the girl in yours. However, if you don’t agree to this trade, I’ll shoot your daughter through this opening.

Soichiro: Hmm…

[—SPK HQ—]

Near: L, do you have a plan? You can’t seriously think that handing the notebook over to someone you don’t know is a good idea, can you?

[—Kidnapper’s Base / Exchange Site—]

Mello: All right, Y462, proceed.

Y462: First, open the notebook and then insert it halfway into the slot in the glass door on your left.

[—Hotel in LA—]

Light: Damn it, damn it, damn it!! It’s a setback after a setback! And I’ve only just arrived in the U.S. so I’m not in any position to start giving orders to the American Police! At this rate, the notebook’s gonna be …

Misa: Light, is everything OK? Is something wrong? You look kind of ….

Light: Misa! Just shut up and do like I told you, all right?! Look! I need you to keep killing Japanese criminals so just do that! This guy’s obviously investigating Kira and he won’t give up. If the killings are delayed, we are in trouble. Don’t you understand?

Misa: Eh, OK. But who is this guy?


Ryuk: Taking out your anger on her, huh?

Light: Huh …, I can still make it. But, at this rate, is my only option to kill Sayu?

[—Exchange Site—]

Y462: Now then, I’ll test the notebook.

Soichiro: Test it?! You’re gonna kill someone?! No! I can’t allow that.

Y462: We can’t make the trade without making sure it’s the real thing. Do you really want to see your daughter die?

[—Hotel in LA—]

Light: I can’t do it! No one but the police knows about this case. If Sayu dies, I can’t blame her death on Kira.

[—Kidnapper’s Base—]

Millar: Aarrghh!

MAN : What’s wrong?! You OK, Millar?

LOS: Look, that’s what you get [???] steal from me and sell goods behind my back. He was a worthless idiot. This is the first time he’s been useful.

MAN C: Y462, the target is dead.

[—Exchange Site—]

Y462: It seems the notebook is genuine after all. Now let it go! We’ll make the exchange for your daughter.

[—Hotel in LA—]

Light: Dad! Sayu!

Ryuk: Hey, they actually made it!

[—SPK HQ/Hotel in LA—]

Maison: The suspect is headed to fly a helicopter. Based on our intel, that is only method of transportation.

Near: So this means we can be absolutely certain that the notebook has been exchanged. Hmmm.

Light: Be careful. We still don’t know what they’re planning to do beyond this point. N, I need you to maintain surveillance of that helicopter until it lands. Don’t lose sight of it no matter what!

Near: You seem to think that’s quite an easy task. Nevertheless, we’ll do what we can. … Oh sorry, I’m afraid we’ve been tricked.

Light: A missile?

Ryuk: Wow!

Near: We won’t be able to track that with a radar.

Light: Is the notebook on that thing?!

Gevanni: The missile’s been launched!

Light: The missile or the helicopter, which one?!


Y462: Boss, I’m sure you were watching. I did everything you asked me to just like we planned.

Los: Yeah, I saw that. Good job.

Y462: Then this is gonna wipe out all that past screwups of mine, right?

Los: Oh yeah. Wipe down for sure. Do it!

[—SPK HQ / Hotel in LA—]

Gevanni: Near, the helicopter!

Near: I thought so.

Light: In that case, it means the notebook is definitely on the missile! Damn!

Gevanni: We can’t track it! We’ve lost the signal. It could be anywhere now!

Light: Hmm..

[—SPK HQ—]

Near: It won’t be difficult to retrieve the missile once it lands in a deserted area. He would have already laid at the flight plan accordingly, should be getting his hands on the notebook any moment now. And when he does, I have a good idea of what he’ll do next.

Maison: Ugh…

Members: Ahhh….

[—NPA basement—]

Near: L.

Light: Huh? Yes.

Near: He got us.

Light: Got you?

Near: Yes.

Majority of the SPK’s members have just been killed by the notebook.

Light: Huh?

Near: L, you are the one who handed over the notebook with that fight. You and your people are totally helpless.

Light: N … Light: Are you saying if you were in command, you wouldn’t have handed it over?

Near: No. Considering their preparations, it would have been impossible to avoid this. There is really no point in this quarrelling. I propose we work together and share the information we know so far. For starters, I should have admitted that I have a very good idea of who the culprit behind this might be. I suspect that the person who arranged the kidnapping and the trade is someone who goes by the name ‘Mello.’

Light: ‘Mello?’ Who is he?

Near: I don’t have his photograph and I don’t know his real name. All I know about him is that 4 years ago he was living at an orphanage located in Winchester, England, known as Wammy’s House.

Light: Wammy’s House… That’s the place Watari established!

Near: I believe Mello is playing a game with me. He wants to see which of us will be the first to take down Kira. The final challenge.

[— Shinigami Realm —]

Shidoh: Ah, Armor Jastin?

Jastin: It’s Armonia Jastin.

Shidoh: OK. Hm, I’ve got a little problem. I went to the King to report that I had lost my notebook. But after I described that to him, the old man said that Ryuk said it was his, and that he had dropped and took it.

Jastin: Ha ha ha ha.

Shidoh: So, what do you think I should do to get it back?

Jastin: Guess you have no choice but to find Ryuk and ask him yourself.

Shidoh: Yeah, that’s what I thought. So I guess I have to go to the human world.

Jastin: Yap, that’s right. Have fun.

Shidoh: Well, that sucks!