デスノート第27話 “誘拐”

デスノート第27話 “誘拐" / Death Note – Episode #27 “Abduction" 英語スクリプトです。


Mello: What was that? Roger, what did you say?

Roger: I’m afraid L is dead.

Mello: He’s dead? But how? Was it Kila? Did Kila kill him? Come on Roger, you got to tell me.

Roger: Probably.

Mello: But he promised me he find Kila and execute him. And now you’re telling me that he’s been killed?

Near: Mello. If you can’t win the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, and you are just the looser.

Mello: So, which of us did L pick, me or Near.

Roger: He hadn’t chosen yet. And now that he has gone, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to. Mello listen, you too Near can pick two of you work together.

Near: All right, sounds good.

Mello: It will never work, Roger. We can’t do this together. You know I don’t get along with Near. We’ve always competed against with each other. Always.

Mello: You know what, it’s fine. Near should be the one who’s succeed L. He’s not like me, never get emotional, he just uses his head like to game or puzzle. And as for me, I’m leaving this institution.

Roger: Wait, Mello!

Mello: Don’t waste your breath. I’m almost 15 years old. It’s time to start living my own life.

[—White House/5th Mar 2012—]

Near: A police officer who happened to be nearby during Higuchi’s arrest overheard him talking about a notebook. If you write a person’s name in it with their face in mind, that person will die.

President: So that’s what you’re saying, this notebook of death actually is?

Near: That’s right. At this point, the Japanese Police should have it in their possession.

Near: Mr. President, the current announce is a fake. He was created by the Japanese Police to avoid confusion and panic amongst the various International Police Agencies. The real L is dead.

President: Ah, Director Maison, this boy, who is he?

Maison: Sir, Near is, well, in a sense, you could call him the true successor to L.


[—Light’s Home—]

Soichiro: But still, it’s impossible for us to sensor everything on the Internet. And we haven’t had any new leads in a while.

Matsuda: But posting names with faces online, I’m sorry, but if you ask me, it’s the people doing that who deserve to die. But I guess, that’s never gonna happen. Kira gets a lot of his information from the Internet so he’s not gonna kill those people.

Misa: Matsu, you said it, you’ve got it all backwards.

Light: Still, I can imagine how some people must feel. To them, the world’s become a good place for people who don’t commit any crimes, or rather, it’s a good place for innocent people who live good lives.

Ryuk: Ha ha ha, look who’s talking.

Light: It’s more than that. Soon, everyone in the world will think that way.

Mom: Are you all still talking about that Kira business? Please, give it a rest or one afternoon, dear?

Light, you too.

Sayu: I’m home!

Misa: Huh? Hey! How’s it going?

Mom: We were just having tea.

Sayu: Oh, Light, Misa! Seems like it’s been forever, you two. Missed you guys.

Misa: Oh, we missed you, too!

Sayu: And you must be Mr. Matsuda, right?

Matsuda: Oh, that’s me!

Sayu: Whoa, it’s been a long time. Thank you for always taking such a good care of my father.

Matsuda: Geez. Sayu, you are all grown up. And pretty. Last time I saw you, you were this big.

Misa: Ha ha ha! Matsu! Your face is going bright red.

Matsuda: It is?! I mean, no way!

Soichiro: Well, you can forget it. I’ll never let Sayu marry a cop!

Matsuda: Huh?

Mom: Yes, that’s right. I’d never want that for my daughter.

Matsuda: Really? Oh, man! I never got the chance to propose her or even tell her I like her! You’re too cruel to me, Mom and Dad.

Mom: “Mom?!”

Sayu: Anyway, I think you’d be a good catch, Mr. Matsuda.

Matsuda: What?! You really think so, Sayu?

Sayu: Yep! In fact, I was thinking that if you were little younger, I might have considered going out with you sometime.

Matsuda: Ohhh.

Light: You’d guess my little sister is all grown up, isn’t she?

Misa: No kidding! She’s already way more mature than Matsu. But of course, Light hasn’t changed one bit! You’re just as wonderful and handsome as when I first met you!

Sayu: You’ve already got a career and everything. Make it official. You should stop living together secretly and just get married already.

Misa: I think that’s a great idea!

Ryuk: Ha ha ha! A heartwarming scene from the most unfortunate family in the world.

Soichiro: Yes? What is it, Aizawa? Hm?! Yes, right. OK.

Soichiro: We have to go, Matsuda, Light. Come with me.

[— ON THE WAY —]

Light: A kidnapping? Involving who?

Soichiro: They got Director Takimura of the NPA. Not sure who’s behind it.

Matsuda: Ah, damn it. As if we don’t have enough on [???] already with the Kira case.

[—Deputy Director’s Office—]

Soichiro: Are you sure about this?

Aizawa: Unfortunately yeah. We got the call at 6:12, that was about 45 minutes ago. In the meantime, we were able to confirm that the call originated from the Director’s cell phone.

Soichiro: Did the kidnappers make any demands in terms of ransom?

Aizawa: They did.

Soichiro: Huh?

Aizawa: They wanna trade; the director for the notebook.

Men: Huh?!

Light: Who’s behind this? And for what reason?!

Ide: Do you think it’s Kira?

Aizawa: Maybe not. If the existence of the notebook has been leaked, there could be any number of people who’d want it for themselves.

Light: But hang on. Dad, did you say anything to the director about the notebook? We all agreed to keep the information between the six of us. So, he didn’t know it, did he?

Soichiro: I never told the director so he couldn’t tell the kidnappers anything.

Light: Someone knows about the death note. Beyond that, they know that the Japanese Police have it. And now they’ve come to claim it for themselves.

Soichiro: Notify every bureau on the police department but only about the kidnapping itself.

Aizawa: Got it.

[—Deputy Director’s Office—]

Soichiro: Has there been a call from the suspects?

Aizawa: No, there’s a visitor here who wants to meet with Director Takimura.

Soichiro: What?!

John: My name is John Matckenraw. I’m an agent with the FBI. Of course this is just an alias. As my assignment involves Kira, it’s a necessary precaution.

Soichiro: Kira? Due to unforeseen circumstances, the director is unavailable. If it’s acceptable, you can speak with me instead.

John: Very well, that’s fine. Pardon me, I’ll get straight to the point. The Japanese Police have proven themselves to be unreliable.

Soichiro: Hm?

John: So, in order to solve the Kira case, we want you to hand over the notebook to us.

Soichiro: Huh?! So the FBI was behind it! Where did you take the director?!

John: What are you talking about?!

Soichiro: Don’t act like you don’t know!

This is a serious criminal offense!

John: What would the FBI gain by capturing the director of the Japanese NPA?!

Soichiro: Then how do you know about the notebook?!

[— SPK HQ —]

Rester: What the hell is going on?

Near: By the sound of things, it seems the director of the Japanese Police Force has been kidnapped by someone, specifically someone who wants the notebook. All right, Commander Rester, pass on this massage through our agent. Suggest the Japanese Police that we’d like to assist them in rescuing the director and apprehending the culprits. We’ll take the notebook once we have the opportunity.

Rester: Roger that.

Rester: Attention. This is headquarters. We have new orders for you.

[— KIDNAPPER’s base—]

Los: Has he decided to say anything yet?

Man A: He told us that the Japanese Police’d begun to wimp out of Kira. Looks like, right now, the only ones who are officially working for L are: Souichiro Yagami, Kanzo Mogi, and Tota Matsuda. Isn’t that right?

Takimura: Yeah. There was also Ukita, but he was killed by Kira.

Man A: Right. And as top cop, somehow you didn’t know that this notebook even existed. [Who’d that you headed?]

MAN B: Ha ha ha, Japanese cops must be a joke!

Mello: Of all the investigators on the task force, Deputy Director Yagami would be the highest ranking, right?

Takimura: Yeah.

Mello: My theory is that there are two notebooks out there. One of them is in Kira’s possession, the other’s with the NPA. We’re gonna take both of them!

MEN: Hm?!

Los: Don’t worry. As long as we do what Mello says, there’ll be no mistakes. It’s been an year and a half since he joined us and [???] entire time, he’s never been wrong about anything.

MAN B: Yeah, but that’s what’s so weird. If you was able to bring us the head of a mafia boss that even Kira himself couldn’t kill, why the hell would he even need the notebook to begin with?

Mello: It’s not just the notebook I’m after! I wanna eliminate my competition. I will be the best! I don’t care what it takes. I’ll beat Near by any means necessary.


[— KIDNAPPER’s base —]

Los: Yeah, that’s right.

MAN A: Boss!

Los: Shut up! Can’t you see that I’m busy?

Man A: I’m sorry, but Eddy and I were talking for a minute, and it looks like Takimura hanged himself with his tie somehow.

Los: What’s wrong with you?! Just great, what’re we supposed to do with a dead hostage?

Mello: No, this would be just fine!

Los: Huh?

Mello: If Kira is responsible for this, we know he can’t touch us since he doesn’t know our names or faces. That’s why he went after Takimura instead. That means Kira is someone who know about the kidnapping. That should make things ratherinteresting.

Los: So, what’re we gonna do, Mello?

Mello: I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna kidnap Souichiro Yagami’s daughter, Sayu Yagami.

[—Task Force HQ—]

Ide: We still haven’t been able to find any leads on either Director Takimura or the kidnappers.

Aizawa: Things are getting pretty weird. I mean they should have contacted us by now for their demands, but still nothing.

Soichiro: We know one thing. I found out the real name of the FBI agent, John Matckenraw. ccording to his personnel file, he’s actually called Larry Conners.

Light: Well, that’s good to know.

Soichiro: He’s also a genuine agent. His background and credentials check out. On top of that, the director of the FBI has offered to help us rescue Director Takimura. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to trust them.

Light: But the director should already be dead by now. Why haven’t the kidnappers said anything? Or they’re gonna give up on the deal just because they lost a bargaining chip? I didn’t think our opponents would be such pushovers.

Light: Remember Dad and the rest of you, too. We’re gonna have to be extremely careful. The director might not have known about the notebook, but he does know who was originally working with L. It’s possible that the kidnappers might come after us.

Misa: Hey Light. I’ll be a good girl and go to bed by myself, OK?


Light: Yeah! Good night.

Misa: Good night everyone!

Ryuk: Guess I’ll hang out around here.

Light: It just occurred to me. We’re not the only ones in danger here. Our families are at risk.

Soichiro: A call from the director’s cell phone. It must be the kidnappers! Quick Aizawa!

Aizawa: Got it! Tracing.

Soichiro: This is Yagami.

Mello: Look. About trading the director in exchange for the notebook, the deal’s been canceled. Takimura is dead.

Soichiro: Huh?! You bastards! What did you do?!

Mello: It’s only canceled though, regarding the director, the new deal is this; the notebook for Sayu Yagami.

Soichiro: Huh!?

Mello: Seeing as you’re the deputy director of the Japanese Police, it would be stupid to ask you not to call the cops. But you had better handle this on your own without backup! If I see the police making any big movements in the next little while, I’ll kill your daughter. That’s right, just as easily as we killed the director. I’ll send you a photo of Takimura’s corpse to prove I mean business. Take a good look. I’ll contact you tomorrow.

Soichiro: Hm? Wait!

Light: Damn! They got me! They used the director’s death as an opportunity to get to Sayu!

Ryuk: Ha ha ha! Looks like things are getting interesting again.

Aizawa: Sir, I…

Matsuda: I can’t believe they go this far.

Aizawa: Damn them.

[—Light’s home—]

Mom: Yes yes, coming. Darling. You usually never call from your work phone. Is something the matter? Huh? Sayu? I don’t know. Well, now that you mention it, she is late coming home.

[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro: Sayu ….

Light: Dad, are you OK?

Light: I’ve just realized something. I think it was Kira who killed the director, not the kidnappers.


Light: He probably did it because he doesn’t want the notebook to fall into the wrong hands. Kira claims to be justice. He wouldn’t want the notebook used by someone evil. If he killed the director, then it’s reasonable to assume he has ways of obtaining information from within the police force. That means we should be the ones who investigate this. We leave the police out of it. Otherwise ….

Ide: Kira will find out about it and probably kill the hostage.

Light: Right. And we can’t take that chance.

Ryuk: Ha ha ha ha ha.

[—SPK HQ—]

Rester: Near, we’ve just received a report that the director of the Japanese Police Agency has been killed.

Near: I see. By whom?

Rester: By whom? Ah, the kidnappers, of course. Who else?

Gevanni: It’d be interesting if it turned out to be Kira.

Near: That’s a very good point. The police won’t be trading their notebook if a hostage is dead, so protects Kira’s interest. And if it is in fact Kira, I can narrow down on our list of suspects significantly. By the way, Commander Rester, have you been able to determine his whereabouts yet?

Rester: Not yet. We were able to confirm that he left the institution four years ago, but nothing beyond that.

Near: Very well. That clinches it.

Rester: What?

Near: Mello, you never change. You always overlook the most important things because you let your emotions get the better of you. Or perhaps you’re not even involved in this case. How could you leave your photo behind at the orphanage?

[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro: This is Yagami.

Mello: Your daughter has finally arrived. It’s about time.

Soichiro: Oh, what do you mean?

Mello: You already have a pretty good idea of where we are, don’t you? We’ll make the exchange here. Come to LA by yourself in two days and of course bring the notebook with you.

Soichiro: I won’t make the trade unless I’m sure my daughter is safe! I want to talk to her right now!

Mello: How about this? I’ll send you another photo. That should satisfy you.

Soichiro: Ah! Sayu …

Aizawa: Hey Chief, we’ve narrowed the call down to 5th street in LA.

Light: I just checked out the show that was playing in the background, and that it’s been broadcast right now on a local LA station. They must’ve shown us that so we know that the photo was recent.

Matsuda: Oh, thank goodness. At least we know she’s still alive. That will assure it.

Soichiro: I’m taking the notebook to Los Angels! It’s my decision both as deputy director of the Japanese Police Force and as Sayu Yagami’s father! I’ll take full responsibility for the consequences! That’s my final work!

Light: Wait Dad. Before we do anything, we have to come up with a plan.

Ide: He’s right, Chief. We can’t rush in.

Soichiro: But I have to be in LA in two days. We don’t have time!

[—SPK HQ—]

Maison: So what you are telling me is that Kira killed Takimura, not the kidnappers?

Near: I’m simply putting it forward as a possibility. If it does turn out to be true, then it means Kira must be getting his information from the Japanese Police.

Maison: Hmm.

Maison: Yes?

Light: This is L.

Maison: I don’t believe that. It’s L.

Light: I’ve already heard what the investigator John Matckenraw, or rather Larry Conners, had to say to Deputy Director Yagami in regards to the notebook in the Kira case. Would you help us with the investigation into NPA director Takimura’s murder?

Maison: I see, well …

Near: Pass me the phone.

Near: I’m pleased to meet you at last, L No. 2.

Light: Huh?!

Light: … No. 2? What do you mean by that? Who is this?

Near: There’s really no point in trying to hide it. We are a new organization known as the SPK, or Special Provision for Kira. It was established to find and capture Kira without the help of L. Furthermore, seven of our top members already know of L’s death.

Light: They do? Where they hear that and who the hell told them?

Near: As for myself, I am at the center of the SPK. You can address me … as N.

Light: N? Who is this guy? Is he joking? But …, this strange feeling … What is it?