デスノート第26話 “再生" の英語スクリプトです。


[—TV broadcast—]

L: Now, try to kill me!!


L: Although this was announced as a world-wide broadcast, the truth is we are only broadcasting in the Kanto region of Japan, but in actuality, the first of your victims was a suspect in Shinjuku. Furthermore, his crime was only ever reported inside Japan. I used that information to deduce this much. You are in Japan. And your first victim was little more than an experiment, which means that you haven’t been killing before the very moment.


[—Kira Task Force Headquarters—]

L: Kira has found a way to obtain information from the task force headquarters. There are 141 people in the police force who have access to classified information regarding the investigation. I’m sure that somewhere in this list of police officers and the people closest to them, we will find our suspect.


[—FBI Investigation—]

L: On December 14th, 12 FBI investigators enter Japan.

L: Here we are on December 19th, using prison inmates, Kira conducts experiments manipulating his victim’s actions before they die. He needed to know how much control he had over his victims before he could use it against the 12 agents.

L: I suspect Kira had to be one of the people being investigated by the FBI between the 14th and the 19th of December. In fact I have no doubt.



[—Primary Witness: Naomi Misora—]

L: Ray Penber’s fiancée? Naomi Misora? So it’s her. She was working under me. I guess she must have come to Japan with her fiancée. I heard she was seen with Penber. Supposable that she may have found a lead. If that’s the case, did Kira manage to get to her first?


[— Light Yagami —]

L: Everyone, at this point I’d like to focus our investigation on only those people who Raye Penber was tailing. There are two groups; Deputy Director Kitamura as well as Detective Superintendent Yagami and their families.

L: At this stage, I’d like to place wiretaps and surveillance cameras in the both households.

Soichiro: That’s my son you are talking about! Are you honestly telling me that you suspect him?

L: I do suspect him.


[—Contact with Light Yagami—]

L: I want to tell you, I’m L.


L: Relax, Light. While it’s true that Kira hates losing, it’s also true that most people would rather win than lose. It’s human nature.

L: Look at that. He is going for the win.

L: I suspect that you, Light Yagami, are in fact Kira.

Light: Ha, you think I’m Kira?


Light: Ryuga, what would it take to get you to believe that I’m not Kira? Please, isn’t there something?

L: If you are not Kira, the truth will be revealed. Just let things on their course.


[— Kira’s Murder case by using TV Station—]

MC: 4 days ago, ….

Demegawa: Our audience ratings should go up 60, no, more like 70% after this!

MC: … contained a prediction of two deaths proving that he is Kira. We understand that the second tape contains a message to all people of the world.

Kira: I’m Kira. The news anchor Mr. Kazuhiko Hibima will die of a heart attack at exactly 6 o’clock.

L: Stop this broadcast!! We can’t let him finish!!

Ukita: You idiots! Ahh!!

Matsuda: Ukita!!

Aizawa: You told us that Kira couldn’t kill without our name!!

L: But from what we’ve just seen, I’d say it’s not entirely impossible that Kira can kill with only a face.


Soichiro: This is the police! Stop this broadcast now!!

L: There’s a strong possibility that this Kira’s a fake. No, we should think of him more as a second Kira.

L: Mr. Yagami, I’d like your permission to ask your son to cooperate with us on this investigation.


[—Light Yagami, called to Task Force HQ—]

Light: At the very least, I’d say this isn’t the Kira we’re familiar with.

Matsuda: That’s almost exactly how L, I mean Ryuzaki, said.

Second Kira: When we meet, we can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other.


L: If there’s a message here written in some code that only people who have this Shinigami power can understand, there’ll be no way for me to decipher it. Still, it would only make sense for us to look into all of the places ever mentioned in the journal. When you two are working together, I want you to keep a close eye on Light in entire time. It’s only a slim chance, but if Light is Kira, then there’s still possibility that the second Kira may try to contact him somehow. Also Mr. Yagami, please ask Mr. Mogi to start following Light so we can keep tabs on what he is doing.


[— Misa Amane, taken into custody under suspicion of being the second Kira —]

Misa: Light, there you are!

Misa: Hi there, I’m Light’s girl friend, Misa Amane. Nice to meet you!

L: I’m Hideki Ryuga.

Misa: Huh? Hideki Ryuga?


L: I’m not exactly sure how you’ll take this, but regarding Misa Amane, there is something you should know. We’ve taken her into custody under suspicion of being the second Kira. We gathered physical evidence from the envelops sent by the second Kira, in particular, hairs and fibers caught in the masking tape used to seal them. They matched what we found in Misa’s room.


[—Misa Amane’s Confinement—]

Soichiro: Ryuzaki!! What’s the meaning of this?!

Misa: Now, hurry up and kill me. If you wanted to, you could kill me right now, couldn’t you?!

L: Does this mean you admit to being the second Kira? Is this the reason you wish to die?

Misa: No, I don’t know anything about the second Kira.


[—Light Yagami, Confinement by his own request—]

Light: Ryuzaki, like I said over the phone, I could be Kira.

L: Why come here to announce that you could be Kira?

L: It’s an act. There is no ‘could be’ about it. You are Kira.

L: Light, are you feeling OK?

Light: Yeah, I know I must look pretty bad in here, but this useless pride, I suppose I’ll have to… get rid of it!!

Light: Ryuzaki, I realized that I was the one pushing for confinement and that I asked you to put me in here, but this whole thing’s completely pointless! I’m not Kira! You have to get me outa here!

Matsuda: I just heard. Two weeks’ worth the criminals were just murdered all at once! It happened yesterday!

L: I don’t understand what’s going on here.


[—Release of Two—]

Matsuda: I’m not sure how much more of this the three of them can take.

Aizawa: Ryuzaki, you have no reason to keep Light locked up anymore! It’s already been 50 days.

Soichiro: I’m going to kill you here, and then kill myself.

Light: What? What are you talking about, Dad? You can’t! That’s crazy!

Misa: What’s wrong with you?!

How could you even say that?!

Soichiro: It’s too late.

Light: Please stop, Dad! I’m not Kira!

Soichiro: Light, my son, from one murder to another, I’ll see you in hell.

Light: No Dad!

Misa: No, stop it!

L: It was a convincing performance. As we discussed, I will end their confinement immediately.


[— Light Yagami, Summoned to support with the Investigation—]

L: As for your part on this agreement, Light, you and I will be together 24-7. And that’s how we’ll remain until we brought Kira to justice.



Light: Their deaths have all worked in Yotsuba’s favor. Looking back, there’ve been 13 similar deaths in the past 3 months.


[— Deep cover operation in Yotsuba —]

L: Is Kira someone from Yotsuba? Or is Kira simply using Yotsuba? I haven’t figured that out yet, but we’ll proceed under the assumption that this is Kira’s doing. We will focus on Yotsuba.

Please be sure not to act impulsively out of panic or haste. And don’t take matters into your own hands.

Matsuda: Ah, my name is Taro Matsui! I’m an agent with the Yoshida productions! Would you be interested in using Misa Amane as your new spokesperson?!

Matsuda: Ryuzaki, are you watching this? The eight men who came here were having a meeting to decide who they get Kira to kill for them!

L: If Matsuda dies, our suspicions about the Yotsuba Group would be confirmed.

Matsuda: Do you think there’s anything I can do to save myself?

L: Matsuda, you idiot.


[— Higuchi, determined to be Kira—]

Mogi: Good luck, Misa-misa! I’ll be here right to celebrate when they decide to hire you!

Misa: It’s always been my dream to become Kira’s wife. I know he’ll need me by his side. And do you know why? Because I’m the second Kira.

Higuchi: Ha ha ha! Well, since I happen to be Kira, does that mean you are marrying me, Misa?

Misa: And so, based on what he said, Higuchi is Kira!!


[—Commence operation of arresting Higuchi —]

Light: So, what are you gonna do?

L: I’m going to trick Higuchi using Sakura TV.

Matsuda: Like a “hidden camera show!”

Namikawa: Higuchi, we’ve got a problem. Turn on the television.

Higuchi: Huh?

MC: So you are saying one of those people is Kira, right?

Matsuda: Yes, I got more evidence to prove it, too. Ahh!!

Higuchi: It’s, it’s him!! Why is he still alive?!


Wedy: I see Higuchi. I’m in pursuit.

Mogi: We’ll head now after him.

Cop: You in a red car! Pull over to the side of the road! Now!

Higuchi: Rem! Let’s make the deal.

Light: The deal?

Cop: You were speeding. License please.

Higuchi: Ya, no problem.

Cop: Hey!

Mogi: Higuchi ditched the cop. He’s driving away.

Cop: This is traffic contro… uuummm!!

L: Everyone! It’s too dangerous to allow further action by Higuchi! Let’s bring him in! I believe he has the same power as the second Kira! He is able to kill just by looking at someone’s face! Please keep this in mind when you move in to arrest him.

Watari: It’s not right there.

Higuchi: Stay back!! Stay back or I’ll shoot, I swear! Ah!!


[— Capture of Higuchi —]

L: Higuchi, how are you able to kill people?

Higuchi: You probably won’t believe me but I’ve got a special notebook. If I write someone’s name in it while thinking of their face, that person dies.

Soichiro: It was in one of the compartments of Higuchi’s bag. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

L: What is it, Mr. Yagami?

Soichiro: Ah, it’s, a monster!

L: A Shinigami. There have to be two notebooks! Possibly more! This isn’t over yet.


[—Presumptions: The Note of Death and its Rules—]

Aizawa: “How to use it.” It says “The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die.” And then, there is this last rule. According to this, “If the person using the note fails to consecutively write names of people to be killed within 13 days of each other, then the user will die.”

L: Light Yagami and Misa Amane are both still alive. 13 days… That’s the only problem.


[—Task Force HQ—]

L: The following is the record which contains everything I have investigated on the Kira incident. The fact that now you are reading this message means I am no longer alive at this moment. I hereby leave this record as my firm achievement. That is all.



[—Task Force HQ—]

Matsuda: It’s been 10 days since Ryuzaki’s funeral. Looks like we’re not gonna die after all.

Aizawa: We know Watari’s true identity now. But we’ve never found out anything about who Ryuzaki really was.

Matsuda: Yeah, that’s true. Who could have guessed that Watari was actually a famous inventor?

Aizawa: The paper says he founded orphanages around the world using the fortune inherited from his patents.

Matsuda: He was a fine man; a hero.

Aizawa: But that doesn’t help us now. We can’t continue investigating using this place as our base with L and Watari gone. This is tough.

Soichiro: Um. Light, how’s it going?

Light: I should be able to transfer the system and most the information outa here by tonight. It’s weird, though. I almost feel as if I’m stealing. I created a voice filter identical to the one Ryuzaki used. We can use it to make the police think he’s still alive and give them orders like we’ve been doing so far. But, who is gonna take the place of L; where will we work from; and what will we do with the notebook?

Matsuda: Come on, what are you talking about, Light? You are the only one who can take on the role of L.

Light: … I don’t know. Ryuzaki was killed by Kira because he challenged him. That’s not something I’m eager to do. Besides, I would be fooling the people of the world.

Aizawa: I can understand how you feel. But you are really the only one of us who can do this.

Matsuda: That’s right. Even Ryuzaki said so himself. You would be capable of succeeding L.

Light: Just as I thought. It’s too simple. It’s no fun without Ryuzaki here.

Light: I understand. All right, I’ll do it. But, I won’t be like Ryuzaki. I won’t take big risks like challenging Kira directly to gather clues. It’s just not me.

Soichiro: Yeah, it’s probably better if we play it’s safe. Ryuzaki may’ve been a little too confrontational.

Light: In that case, I’ll be able to do the same sort of work using both this computer and my own. In fact, it’ll be possible for me to act as L in the [???] of my own room. I can be Watari as well. But it’ll be difficult to pull off with Mom and Sayu around. Things would be easier if I could rent a one-bedroom apartment.

Soichiro: Well, considering your age, it certainly wouldn’t look odd to anyone if I let you move out on your own.

Matsuda: Hey yeah! And then we’ll be able to use Light’s new apartment as a task force headquarters! That’s a great idea!

Aizawa: All this left to figure out now is what to do with the notebook.

Light: That’s really not that difficult. Just five of us here and we know none of us will ever use the notebook. We’ll just have one of us take it and hide it in somewhere where no one else can ever get to it.

Aizawa: Please chief. It’s gotta be you.

Matsuda: Ah, yeah, chief! We can count on you. You’re a pillar of justice after all! Ha ha ha….

Soichiro: You want me, too. All right.

Matsuda: We’ll avenge Ryuzaki together.

Soichiro: Yeah. Kira is still out there somewhere. We’ll catch him. That’s a promise.

Matsuda: Well then, why don’t we have a little party to celebrate Light becoming L No. 2!

Aizawa: Quit fooling around! Now’s not the time for the stuff like that.

Soichiro: Hold on it. Let’s take it easy….



Misa: Light, this is our first dating for ever! Can’t you enjoy yourself a little more?

Light: Misa, let’s move in together.

Misa: Huh! Do you mean it?

Light: Yeah. I’ve already rented a place.

Misa: Yeah!! Victory is mine!! Misa wins!!

Ryuk: Victory?

Misa: Over Kiyomi and Mari and Yuri. But it’s all right now. Don’t worry. I knew you were just using those other girls to trick L. You don’t have any reasons to see them anymore, right?

Light: Right.


[—Rooftop of the building—]

Ryuk: Hey, now that L is dead, does that mean you finally settled the score with him?

Light: Yeah.

Ryuk: So, in that case, I guess things are gonna get pretty boring from now on.

Light: That’s not true, Ryuk.

Ryuk: Huh?

Light: From this moment on, I’ll show you the creation of the new world.

Ryuk: Oh!


[— Aiber’s Home—]

Aiber’s son: Daddy! Daddy?



Namikawa: This will be the rebirth of Yotsuba.

Shimura: Yeah, it’s a new start.

Namikawa: Ughhhh!!!

Shimura: Namikawa! What’s wrong?! That’s impossible. Ghah!!


[—Light walking—]

In April, 2012, Light Yagami, age 23, joined Japan’s National Police Agency.

In the summer of 2012, Kira’s killings increased at an unprecedented rate.

Numerous people around the world were terrified of Kira, and yet there were just as many cheering him on.

Gradually their private thoughts became public opinion.

And soon, certain nations began to accept Kira’s judgment.

The world was heading into a dark age in which Kira’s will must be only law.



Mello: What is it, Roger?

Roger: It’s L. He’s dead