デスノート第25話 “沈黙" の英語スクリプトです。

[—Task Force HQ—]

Watari: Ryuzaki, is something the matter? What is it? Hm? What’s wrong?



[—Task Force HQ—]

L: Hm…, interesting. The corner of the page of this notebook has been torn off. Can you kill someone just by writing their name on a piece?

Rem: Can’t say. I’ve never tried using it like that and I don’t know of anyone who has.

L: Then let me ask you, do Gods of death love apples?

Rem: Not necessarily. You see our internal organs have already degraded. We’ve evolved to a point where we do not require sustenance.

L: Say Light. You are finally free to leave headquarters on your own but it seems like you never go out. Even when Misa comes to visit, you only chat with her for a few minutes outside. You do realize you are free to have a relationship with her now?

Light: That can wait until we’ve managed to solve this case. I’m not in the mood for love or anything else right now. Anyway, are you suggesting that I’ll be a nuisance for staying here?

L: No.


[—Misa’s room—]

Light: Right now, I’m in no position to continue punishing criminals. That’s why I need you to punish them for me.

Light: Misa, let’s create a new world together.


[—SING a song by Misa—]

Careful what you do, cause God is watching your every move.
Hold my hand in the dark street, for if you do I know that I’ll be safe.
Even if I’m far away and alone, I can be sure that you’ll find me there, this I know.
You draw me close for a while so quiet.
You tell me everything, if I forget what you say, then you’ll come to me and tell me again. Yes, you’d tell me once again.
But what happens when I know it all, then what should I do after that? What then?


[— Task Force HQ —]

Soichiro: What’s going on? I heard criminals are being killed again!

Aizawa: There were 16 deaths just yesterday. All of them were broadcast after Higuchi’s death.

Matsuda: Immediately after, huh?

Soichiro: Do you think this could mean that Higuchi wasn’t necessarily Kira, after all?

Light: No. It’s safe to say that Higuchi was the one killing criminals until we apprehended him.

Aizawa: Then this means we are dealing with yet another Kira.

Matsuda: Oh, man! NOT AGAIN!

Light: Damn, damn you, Kira!!

L: Another Kira’s appeared?! What’s going on here?

Rem: I can’t believe this!! It has to be Misa!

L: These killings began as soon as Misa was free, didn’t they?

Light: Ryuzaki, are you still going on about that? She has nothing to do with this! Think about it. This started as soon as Higuchi died!

L: Hm, I suppose you are right. Oh well, if there is another notebook floating around out there and someone is now using it to kill criminals, I’ll just have to bring that person to justice.

L: The Shinigami insisted that it didn’t know, but if someone were able to kill simply by writing a name on a torn piece of the notebook. It’s not impossible. But there is that rule. “Whoever writes a name in this notebook has to write another name within 13 days, otherwise they die.” Light Yagami and Misa Amane are both still alive. 13 days. That’s the only problem.

Light: Ryuzaki, I’ve been thinking, even if we do manage to catch the person who’s been writing names in the notebook, will we really be able to legally convict and punish them for mass homicide?

Matsuda: What?! Of course we can convict them! This guy’s intentionally writing names in the notebook knowing that these people are going to die. Even if we don’t plan on publicly acknowledging the notebook, the least we can do is execute the killer!

Rem: Huh!!

Aizawa: It’s not a very humane way to do things, but the higher-ups would probably want to take measures like that.

L: If they admit to killing with the notebook, they’ll receive the death penalty or life in prison at least. That’s the best they could hope for.

Rem: What are you thinking, Light Yagami, making Misa kill again!? She’ll be caught and once that happens you’ll also be … Huh!!

Rem: So that’s what your plan is. You are truly disgusting… Light Yagami is certain that I would do anything to help Misa and save her life. And at this point, the only way for me to save Misa is to write Ryuzaki’s real name in my notebook. And if I kill Ryuzaki, it would mean that I deliberately lengthened Misa’s life, and I will die as well. Light Yagami has planned everything so that it would work out in his favor.

Light: What are you gonna do, Rem? You may be a Shinigami but you can’t hide the fact that you care for Misa. There’s no way you’ll turn your back on her now after she’s already halved her life-span twice. Come on, think about Misa’s happiness.




Light: What are you doing standing out there by yourself?

Light: What are you doing standing out there by yourself!?

Light: What are you doing, Ryuzaki?

L: Oh, I’m not doing anything in particular. It’s just… I hear the bell.

Light: The bell?

L: Yes. The sound of the bell has been unusually loud today.

Light: Huh. I don’t hear anything.

L: Really? You can’t hear it? It’s been ringing nonstop all day. I find it very distracting. I wonder if it’s a church, maybe a wedding or, perhaps a…

Light: Where are you getting that, Ryuzaki? Come on, cut it out! Let’s get back inside.

L: I’m sorry. Nothing I say makes any sense anyway. If I were you, I wouldn’t believe any of it.

Light: Huh, you know, you’re totally right. Honestly, most the things you say sound like complete nonsense. There would be no end to my troubles if I actually took you seriously all the time. I probably know that better than anyone.

L: Yes. I would say that’s a fair assessment. But, I could say the same about you.

Light: Hm? What’s that supposed to mean?

L: Tell me, Light, from the moment you were born, has there ever been a point where you’d actually told the truth?

Light: Where is this coming from, Ryuzaki? I do admit I stretch the truth here and there. However, find me one person in this world who’s never had to tell a lie. It wouldn’t be easy. Human beings just aren’t made to be perfect like that. Everybody lies from time to time. Even so, I’ve always made a conscious effort to be careful not to tell a lie that could hurt others. That’s my answer.

L: … I had a feeling you’d say something like that.

L: Let’s go back inside. We’re both drenched.

Light: Yeah.


[—Inside Building—]

L: Well, that was certainly an unpleasant outing.

Light: It’s your own fault. I mean, what did you expect?

L: You’re right. Sorry.

Light: Huh? What are you doing?!

L: I thought I might help you out. You were busy wiping yourself off, anyway.

Light: L-Look, it’s fine! You don’t have to do that!

L: I can give you a massage as well. It’s the least I can do to atone for my sins. I’m actually pretty good at this.

Light: Fine, do what you want.

L: All right.

Light: Mm!! Hey!

L: You’ll get used to it.

Light: Here. You’re still soaked.

L: I’m sorry.


L: It’ll be lonely, won’t it?

Light: Hm?

L: You and I will be parting ways soon.

Light: Huh…

L: Yes? I understand. I’m on my way.

Light: …Huh?

L: Come on, let’s go, Light. It seems like it’s all worked out.

Light: Huh?



Matsuda: Ryuzaki! What’s the meaning of all this? You’ve somehow gone for approval from another country to use the notebook for an execution?

L: Watari, excellent work. Thank you.

Watari: Not at all.

L: First things first, please make arrangements to transport the notebook immediately.

Watari: Right.

Light: Ryuzaki, what are you trying to do?

L: I’m gonna try out the notebook fully.

Aizawa: We can’t do that!! And there is no point in testing it now where we already know that the notebook’s power is real!

Matsuda: And besides, who’s gonna write the name? If someone starts writing in the notebook, they’ll have to obey the 13-day rule and keep writing names forever!

L: It’s already been worked out. The person who will write in the book is a criminal scheduled to be executed in just over 13 days. If he’s still alive, 13 days after writing the name, he’ll be pardoned from execution.

Matsuda: Uh!!

Soichiro: But still, to sacrifice a …

L: we are very close! If we work this out, the entire case will be solved!!


Matsuda: What is this?! A blackout?!

Watari: Ah, arrrgghh ….

L: …Watari?

Watari: Ah!!

L : Watari!!!

Aizawa: Data deletion?! What the hell is going on!?

L: I told Watari to make sure that he should erase all information in the event that something were to happen to him.

Aizawa: If something would happen?

Matsuda: Could it be..?

L: Where is the Shinigami?

Soichiro: Good question!! I don’t see it!!

Aizawa: It disappeared!

Soichiro: But what’s going on?


— L slowly collapses —

Matsuda: Ryuzaki!! What’s wrong!?

Light: Hey, Ryuzaki!!! C’mon! Snap out of it!!

Soichiro: What happened?!!

Aizawa: What’s going on?!!

Light: Ugahhhhh

Soichiro: Calm down, Light…!

Light: We’re gonna die! We’re gonna die! Watari, Ryuzaki!! It’ll be us next!!

Men: Huh!!!


Light: DAMN YOU! Where are you, Shinigami?! Come out!!

Soichiro: Wait, Light…!

Light: You know something about this, don’t you?! Come on out!

Soichiro: We better go and look, too.

Matsuda: R- Right.

Aizawa: Mogi, take over for me.

Mogi: OK.


[—Server room —]

Light: Hmm…

Light: There’s something here!!

Soichiro: What the hell is this stuff?

Matsuda: Sand?

Soichiro: What does this mean?

Light: Whatever it might mean, whatever happens next, I swear I’ll revenge Ryuzaki’s death… We’re going to solve this case, in honor of him and for Watari and all the other victims.

Soichiro: Oh Light…

Aizawa: Let’s do this… for them.

Matsuda: Yeah, but aren’t we all gonna get killed? Isn’t that what all of this really means?

Light: Matsuda, if you’re afraid of dying, then leave the investigation. We put our lives on the line when we chose to be here.

Matsuda: Oh, yeah, that’s true.

But, it’s weird to hear you say that. You sound like Ryuzaki.


Light: I’ve gotten rid of everything in my way.


Light: I am the God of the new world!