デスノート第24話 “復活"の英語スクリプトです。


Soichiro: Ryuzaki, please let me go and make the arrest.

Aizawa: I’d like to come with you, chief, if that’s all right.

L: I understand. But remember this is Kira. Be sure to take every precaution when you approach him and don’t allow him to see your face. Watari, if Higuchi tries anything or makes any sudden moves…

Watari: Understood. I will shoot to stop him not to kill.

Soichiro: Aizawa, do you have a helmet or something to hide your face with?

Aizawa: I do.

Soichiro: Good. Then cover me.

Aizawa: Yes, sir! You can count on me, Chief.

Soichiro: Higuchi! Put your hands above your head and get out of the car.

Soichiro: We’ve apprehended him.

Light: Mogi, I want you to put a headset onto him as planed.

Mogi: Roger.

L: Higuchi, how are you able to kill people? Tell me!

L: If you are not going to talk, I’ll use whatever means necessary to get it out of you.

Higuchi: … The notebook.

L: Notebook?

Higuchi: You probably won’t believe me but I’ve got a special notebook. If I write someone’s name in it while thinking of their face, that person dies.

L: A notebook …

L: Mr. Yagami.

Soichiro: Yeah, I found it. It was in one of the compartments of Higuchi’s bag. He has written a lot of names in it. But there doesn’t seem to be anything else unusual about it, huh?

Soichiro: Ahhhhh!

L: What is it, Mr. Yagami?

Soichiro: It’s a monster!

L: Please calm down. Don’t panic. Remember you’re not currently armed to defend yourself.

Soichiro: Oh, oh, all right, of course.

Mogi: Chief, hang in there. Are you all right?

Soichiro: Mogi, can’t you see that thing over there?!

Mogi: Chief, I think you must be getting tired. Aaahhhh!

Light: Mogi, what’s wrong?

Soichiro: It, the, thing, it seems only people who have touched the notebook can, can see this, this monster!

L: Please bring the notebook over to the helicopter.

Mogi: Oh, OK.

Rem: What in the world are you planning to do, Light Yagami? Once you take hold of that notebook again, all the memories of the death note and what you did while it was yours will return at once. However…

Mogi: Here is, Ryuzaki.

L: Hm.

L: It really is … a Shinigami. They really … do … exist.

Light Yagami; This is how Kira kills; the second Kira; Notebooks in Aoyama ….

Light: Ryuzaki, come on, let me see!

L: Two books! There have to be two notebooks! Possibly more. This isn’t over yet.

Light: Aaaahhhhhh!!

L: Ah, are you OK, Light? I suppose seeing that monster would surprise anyone.

Light: Ryuzaki.

L: What is it?

Light: I wanna check this out. I’m gonna try comparing the names written in this notebook with the names of the victims.

L: Hm? Oh, right. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Light: I’ve won! Exactly as planned.


Light: I hereby forfeit ownership of this notebook. Now, that means ownership has transferred back to you, right?

Rem: Yes. I already told you.

Light: Next, pass it onto Ryuk.

Rem: Hm? Very well. Here.

Light: Now, that notebook’s ownership has been transferred from you to Ryuk. OK, Ryuk, take the notebook and drop it on the ground so it’s in the human world again.

Ryuk: Huh? Well, OK.

Light: Now, the ownership goes back to me.

Ryuk: Wow, hang on!

It’s just gone around in the circle.

Nothing’s changed, right?

Light: Maybe, at first glance.

Light: But there will be a time when I’ll benefit from this.

Light: Now, as for this notebook, the one I first received, I’m gonna give it back to you, Ryuk.

Then you hand it over to Rem.

Ryuk: Here.

Light: Rem, I want you to give the notebook to someone with status who lusts for power and money. They’ll end up using the notebook to satisfy that urge. If you do that, I can guarantee that Misa will be released from her confinement soon. And if I’m wrong, if it looks like she won’t be released for years, then you can kill me. Does that sound fair to you?

Rem: Light Yagami, just what are you thinking?

Light: Look, this is all to save Misa. You’re gonna have to trust me on this.

Rem: All right. If it means that Misa will be saved, I’ll do as you ask.

Light: After this, I’ll go into a man to be confined like Misa and have them put me under 24-hour surveillance as well. While I’m locked up, I’ll relinquish ownership of the notebook to you. That’ll [???] all my memories of the death note. During this time, the killings of criminals will start again. Once that happens, Ryuzaki would be put in a position where he has to release us. And after I’ve lost all my memories, chances are I wanna help catch Kira myself. That’s just the way I am.

Ryuk: So then you would try and catch the guy who Rem gives the notebook to, and steal it before L gets to him.

Light: Right. Once that’s done, I’ll kill the new owner of the notebook. But there’s still one problem remaining.

Rem: If you don’t have full ownership, your memories will only return for as long as you’re in contact with the notebook. As soon as you let go of it, your memories will disappear again.


Light: That means I’ve gotta kill Higuchi without letting go of this notebook. If I managed to do that, ownership would transfer back to me and my memories won’t disappear. Huh. I just have to pull this 4 times in less than a second.

Got it. Just as I expected. I’m wearing this watch. Old habits die hard.

L: Mr. Yagami, please take Higuchi to the car.

Soichiro: Ah, right, of course.

Light: Huh.

Light: You know, about this notebook, I wonder what we would find if we put it through for [???] analysis.

L: That doesn’t sound like you, Light. We both know this thing’s beyond science.

Light: Ha, yeah, you’re right. Hm.

Light: This is gotta be the longest 40 seconds of my life.

Light: …Huh.

Higuchi: Argh!!

Soichiro: Ryuzaki, Higuchi is ….

Light: What the hell?! What’s happening?!

Mogi: Hey, Higuchi!!

Light: Dad, what’re you doing?! We can’t lose him! If Higuchi dies on this now,…

Soichiro: It’s impossible! That, but, there’s nothing I can do. He’s already ….

Light: Yes! He’s already dead. And you’re next, Ryuzaki.


[— Task Force HQ —]

Aizawa: “How to use it.” It says “the human whose name is written in this notebook shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has a person’s face in their mind when writing his or her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.”

Aizawa: As well, the back cover has some more instructions on how to use it. There are two more rules. One of them is, “If you make this note unusable by tearing it up or burning it, all the humans who have touched the note till then will die.”

Matsuda: What? Is that really true, Aizawa?

Aizawa: Yeah, look at this.

Light: That’s right. With the rule like that in place, the notebook’s safety is guaranteed. Which means my memories of it will remain.

[—Forest —]

Ryuk: Rem, there is no way the old man back home would get mad at us if we write fake rules in here, is there?

Rem: No, there are no rules against doing so.

Ryuk: Fine then, Light. I’ll do it. But you owe me an apple for this. Hehehe.

[— Task Force HQ —]

Matsuda: Oh man, maybe I shouldn’t have let my curiosity about seeing a Shinigami get the better of me.

Soichiro: Maybe. But then you would be the only one in the investigation who didn’t know what we were dealing with. Is that what you want?

Matsuda: Ah, no, of course not. I wanna be on the same page as everyone else on the task force, chief.

Aizawa: And then, there is this last rule. According to these instructions at the back of the notebook, “If the person using the note fails to consecutively write names of people to be killed within 13 days of each other, then the user will die.”

Matsuda: Ah! Wait a second. If that’s true, then it means Light and Misa-misa are completely clear, doesn’t it?!

Aizawa: Yeah, now that you mentioned it, that’s right! Light and Misa were detained for more than 50 days and are still under surveillance. If either of them had been Kira, there is no way they would still be alive by now.

Matsuda: Woah! That’s great news, isn’t it, chief?!

Soichiro: Yeah.

L: Rem, was it? That’s your name, isn’t it? The white thing over there?

Matsuda: Ryuzaki, isn’t it a bit rude to go round calling someone a white thing?

Rem: What do you want?

L: There’s more than one notebook in the human world, isn’t there?

Rem: Who knows. There may be and there may not be.

L: If there are other notebooks either here or in your world, will they all have the same rules as this one?

Light: You’re wasting your time, Ryuzaki. You’ll never get Rem to admit these rules are fake.

Rem: Yes, they are all the same. There are many notebooks in the Shinigami realm but they all have the same rules, even the rules for one humans obtain them.

Aizawa: Ryuzaki, Misa Amane and Light have both been cleared of suspicion. They shouldn’t be under surveillance any longer.

Matsuda: That’s right, it’s crystal-clear!

L: I suppose you are right.

L: I understand. And, please accept my apologies for all the trouble.

Soichiro: Thank goodness.

Light: Yeah, but, we still can’t say that we’ve solved the case until we’ve figured out everything.

Would it be all right if I kept investigating with you without the handcuffs on?

L: Yes.

Light: And just like that, Misa and I are proven innocent. A notebook of death filled with rules written by a Shinigami, he has no choice but to believe it. He just lost his edge thanks to the fake rules I created. Listen Ryuzaki, no matter what the world, the God of that world creates the rules.In truth, you’ve already been defeated by the rules I created. And as punishment for defying the God of the new world, you will die.

[— Task Force HQ ENTRANCE —]

Misa: Oh Light, be sure to text me everyday, OK?

Matsuda: Oh, after all this time, we’re saying goodbye to Misa-misa.

Aizawa: Knock it off, Matsuda. Let’s leave them alone.

Matsuda: Goodbye Misa-misa!

Aizawa: Enough!!

Light: Good. There are surveillance cameras but they won’t be able to pick up my face or mouth from this angle.

Light: Misa, I’m gonna tell you about a special place. I need you to go there and dig something up. But you have to make sure that no one is watching.

Misa: Light! Your memory must’ve returned! Don’t worry, I can do this. I won’t let you down.


Misa: Huh!!!!

Misa: Light, I remember. I remember everything that happened when I had this notebook. You buried this one so I could come here and regain my memories.


Light: “Dear Misa, By the time you read this letter, you should have remembered everything.”

Misa: Oh, a letter from Light.

Light: “Do you remember my friend at Touou University? He went by the name Hideki Ryuga. I want you to write his real name in the notebook and kill him. Then burn this letter right away. Take a number of pages from the notebook and rebury it where you found it. The next time when we see each other, casually touch me with a piece of the notebook. If you do this for me, I promise I will love you for the rest of my life.”

Misa: Yeah! Now I see. This is all part of Light’s plan! He wanted me to get this notebook, regain all my memories, and then kill Hideki Ryuga, kill Ryuzaki. One of Light’s biggest obstacles would be gone. And I’ll be helpful to him at last! Huh…, but Light, it’s no good. I don’t remember his name anymore. I was seeing dozens, no, no, hundreds of names and life-spans everyday!

Misa: Nooooo!! I can’t remember it no matter what! Oh, I’m such an idiot!

Ryuk: Ah, I’ve finally returned to the human world!

Misa: Ryuk!! Oh, it’s been so long! I’m so glad to see you! How are you doing?

Ryuk: Sorry, I’m a guy. I get a little shy sometimes.

Misa: Ha ha. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here! Light told me to bring one for you.

Misa: Is it really that good?

Ryuk: Oh yeah, human apples are, oh what’s the word, juicy, I think. They are great anyway.

Ryuk: Oh, why don’t you try this? An apple from the Shinigami world.

Misa: Ew… It doesn’t look very good.

Ryuk: C’mon, one bite won’t kill you.

Misa: Mm, by the way, before I forget, I want you to make the eye deal with me.

Misa: Uh, it’s sand!!

Ryuk: The deal, huh? You understand what that means? You’ve already made the same deal with Rem once before. Are you sure you really want me to cut your life-span in a half but a second time?

Misa: I know, but what choice do I have? You see, I forgot the name that I absolutely have to remember. Light would be so mad at me if I let him down.

Ryuk: Ha, well, it’s fine with me.

[— Task Force HQ —]

Matsuda: Hey, it’s Misa-misa!! The poor girl. As long as we’re stuck in here, we can’t turn our cell phones on. So she has to come all the way out here just to hang out with Light.

Soichiro: Light, would you hurry up and go see her. Don’t you know you should never keep a woman waiting.

Light: OK.

Rem: Hm? Ryuk! Why is he attached to Misa? Huh? Misa’s life-span! It’s been halved again! No, did she make the eye deal with Ryuk?

Misa: Hey, Light.

Light: It’s been a while, Ryuk.

Ryuk: Hehehehehe!

Misa: Light, I’m so sorry. I don’t remember Hideki Ryuga’s real name. I tried but I totally forgot.

Light: Oh, I see. Well, that’s too bad.

Misa: But I did the eye deal with Ryuk so I can try again!

Ryuk: So, everything’s going according to plan?

Light: You idiot! If you do that, then your life-span would …!

Misa: No, it’s all right. I just wanna be of use to you, Light.

Light: Misa, all I want is to enjoy a long life with you in an ideal world. That’s just how I feel.

Misa: Light, I’m so happy.

Light: Let’s create the new world together. It’ll be a place with no crime where only kind people live, OK?

Misa: Yeah