デスノート第23話 “狂騒" の英語スクリプトです。

[—Task Force HQ—]

CM: Cosme Misa. A devilish charm, an angel’s glitter. Misa’s new lineup lipstick. Just for you.

Light: Ryuzaki, the commercial is almost over.

L: Oh, is that so?

Matsuda: Next thing you know, I’m in a hotel and drinking with all eight of them.

MC: Oh, well, that’s rather amusing.

Matsuda: But if I give you any more details, I’m afraid that people who were there that night would realize which one of them is Kira. So I think I’d better leave it at that for now.

MC: Of course. Please take your time to tell us all the details of your ordeal to find Kira.

L: Hm. Light, please put Higuchi’s car on audio channel 1 and Sakura TV on channel 2.

Light: As expected, Higuchi’s watching every minute of this from his car.

[—Higuchi’S CAR / Task Force HQ —]

MC: And so, according to you, it was actually at that party that you met Kira.

Matsuda: Yes. But of course at that time I had no way of knowing he was actually Kira.

MC: So that means he saw your face. This is incredible. I think it’s amazingly courageous of you to step forward to appear on this program. Are you sure you are OK with it?

Matsuda: Yes. After [??? investigating] him, I found that there are two things Kira has to have in order to kill someone. There are rumors on TV and the Internet as to what those two things might be, but I know the truth.

Higuchi: A name and a face!

Matsuda: And Kira only knows one of those two things about me. So that means I should be safe.

Higuchi: So he is saying he feels safe enough to step forward just because I don’t know his real name. Wait a minute, does that mean there’s nothing left that can connect me to his name? Maybe he’s already destroyed his file at Yoshida. Am I wasting my time?

Higuchi: Rem, what do you think?

Rem: What do I think? About what, may I ask?

Light: Rem…, who’s that? There is no one else in that car, right? It’s impossible for someone to be hiding without us knowing. He isn’t using his cell phone. Could it be a hidden radio?

L: No, there aren’t any radios or other devices. Only the bugs, cameras, and tracking becons that Wedy placed. I have no doubt that she did a thorough job.

Higuchi: Do you think I’ll get to Yoshida productions only to find his file isn’t there?

Light: Is he talking to himself?

Rem: Why ask my opinion? I don’t see how I’m supposed to know something like that.

Higuchi: If this guy was smart, he would destroy everything that connects with his real name before he appeared on TV. And don’t you think it’s a little too reckless for Yoshida productions to just let me into their offices and supervise? Oh, maybe not. If there was a robbery, they’d figure it out right away who did it since I know where the key is.

Misa: This isn’t sounding very good.

L: He’ll still go there. Don’t you worry.

Higuchi: Even if he does have a file at Yoshida, it could be just another alias. Damn it! I wouldn’t put it past this guy to do something like that. No wonder he’s confident.

Rem: It must be Light and Misa’s plan to have Higuchi go to Yoshida productions. If that’s the case ….

Rem: That may be true but if he knows that you are Kira, he’s going to announce your name in public. That’s inescapable fact.

MC: All right. There is only one hour left until the big announcement.

Rem: Your only option is to go. If the name on his file is false, that’ll be unfortunate. But if it isn’t, you can kill him discreetly with the notebook.

Higuchi: Yeah, I already know that much myself. But just to be on the safe side, I should also kill the people I contacted at that Yoshida productions. That includes the president, Misa, and that manager of hers.

Misa: What? No way. He’s gonna kill me?

L: It’s all right. Don’t worry. He’s talking about doing that after he’s killed Matsuda. There’ll be no point in killing the rest of you until he’s gotten rid of the main threat.

Light: That’s true, but still…

Rem: Don’t be reckless. He’s the only one you have to kill. If the people you called end up dying too, the phone records would implicate you and their deaths.

Higuchi: Oh, yeah. Rem, I didn’t think you were so smart. Then I’ll make them all erase their call histories before they die.

Rem: But the telephone company will still have a record of the calls.

Light: There is no way he can just be talking to himself! But, who’s Rem? Who is he talking to?!

L: If he is talking with someone right now, it could be a Shinigami.

Misa: Mm.

L: Perhaps.

Rem: I should just go ahead and ask him.

Rem: How about giving up ownership of the notebook and returning it to me?

Higuchi: No. I’d end up being ruined if I did that. Even if I forgot the notebook, this guy says he has concrete evidence to back him up. If he points out Yotsuba’s recent growth on the air, no one would ever doubt his claims. They’d believe whatever he said. That means whoever he says is Kira will be marked as Kira! Even if he didn’t have proof then and I got rid of the evidence by returning the notebook, my life would be over. I wouldn’t get promoted. I wouldn’t even be able to stay with Yotsuba.

MC: Of course Sakura TV has broadcast the show under the premise that right now, as we speak, Kira is watching this program.

Matsuda: In that case, I’ll take this chance to call on to him. “Kira!, please, turn yourself in!”

Higuchi: This guy is acting like a complete idiot. Still he was smart enough to fake his own death to avoid being killed. I have to kill him as soon as possible.


Light: He has arrived at the Yoshida productions.

L: The show is about to begin.

Higuchi: Turn left once I come in, desk at the very back, very bottom drawer.

L: Now Kira, how do you kill? Show me.

Mogi: We are in position and ready to take him down. We’ll move on your command.

L: Right.

Light: He’s not doing it! He just made a note of his name before leaving. So, he’s no gonna kill him here?

Mogi: Ryuzaki, do you wanna us to apprehend him?

L: Negative. We still don’t know how he kills. Perhaps he’s planning to do something once he’s back in the car. Let’s see camera 1, again.

[— Higuchi’S CAR / Task Force HQ—]

Light: Huh? it’s weird. You’d think he’d be desperate to kill Matsuda this very second, but he’s calm.

L: It is strange. If all he needed was the name, then he should’ve simply taken the personnel file with him. But he just put it back in the drawer after taking the note.

Higuchi: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 seconds.

Matsuda: Kira is a cold-blooded murderer. I can’t forgive him for what he’s done.

Higuchi: Ah! Damn! He didn’t die!!!

Light: What, what’s he talking about? He said, “He didn’t die.”?

L: Did he already try to kill Matsuda? Was writing his name down all he had to do or was it …?

Light: What’ll we do now? Should we just continue watching what he’s doing? What if he [???] cause of death by just imagining it?

L: I don’t understand what’s going on. I still can’t figure out how he kills people. But even if we are [restraining him??] try to get him to confess…

MC: Only 15 minutes to go until the big Kira announcement!

Higuchi: Ah!! I don’t have any time!

Light: He’s making a phone call.

L: It’s probably Misa again.

Misa: Yap! Hm!

Higuchi: Ahhhh!! All right, calm down. I already know his face. If I go back to company HQ, there should be surveillance videos from when he snuck in. If I had the Shinigami eyes, half my remaining life span, huh, that’s a lot. But if he makes that announcement, my life is as good as over anyway. Better to have a life that’s short and sweet. )

Higuchi: Rem, let’s make the deal.

Light: The deal? Who is this Rem person he keeps talking to? Could it really be that Kira’s power comes from another world or some being?

L: I really don’t wanna think that’s the case.

Light: Then, what is this Rem?

L: A Shinigami?

L: Whatever it is, we need to keep watching him. We’ll learn nothing if we take him now. We may still be able to find out how he kills.

Higuchi: With these eyes, I’m invincible! I have more than the enough options now.

Mogi: [We’ll head after him!]

[— Street / Task Force HQ —]

Police: You in the red car! Pull over to the side of the road, now!

Wedy: This is bad. Higuchi’s been pulled over by a traffic cop. I’m gonna have to pass him and leave the pursuit to Aiber’s team.

Police: You were speeding. License please.

Higuchi: Yeah, no problem.

L: Switch on screens to Higuchi’s car.

Higuchi: Let’s see, where did I put it?

Higuchi: Ah, this’ll take care of him.

Police: Hey!!

Mogi: Higuchi ditched the cop! He’s driving away.

Police: What a bastard. This is traffic control squad … um!!

Mogi: That motorcycle cop just rear-ended a truck. He’s dead!

Light: He’s dead? By accident?!

L: This is very bad.

L: All he did was put his hand in his bag. Could he’ve done something at that moment? More importantly, how was he able to obtain the name of the cop who stopped him? Does he only need a face like the second Kira?

Light: Rem, a deal…

L: No, if he had the power to kill just by looking at someone’s face, he would have already killed Matsuda by now. What’s going on? Unless…

L: Everyone!! It’s too dangerous to allow further action by Higuchi! Let’s bring him in! I believe he has the same power as the second Kira. He is able to kill just by looking at someone’s face. Please keep this in mind when you move in to arrest him!


[—Task Force HQ—]

L: Watari, connect me to the director of the NPA.

Watari: Yes.

L: This is L. We are now aware of Kira’s true identity. He’s currently heading from Hibiya to Shibuya along highway route 1 in a red sports car. Our group will be handling the arrest in the meantime. Please instruct all officers to refrain from approaching his car.

Light: All right, Dad, during the next commercial, take measure 7.

Soichiro: Understood. Demegawa, during the next commercial breaks, swap Matsuda and the MC with manikins.

We’ll make it seem as if the broadcast is continuing as normal using the voices we’ve already prepared.

We’ll leave the cameras running and have everyone evacuate the building.

L: So then, Light. Let’s say we go enjoying the fun of world.

Light: Yeah.

Misa: Hm?

L: I’m sorry to do this, Misa. But I’m going have to make sure you are restrained for a while.

Misa: What? But that’s…. Stop joking around!


Light: I didn’t realize you could pilot a helicopter. That’s incredible.

L: Well, you can figure it out by intuition.

Light: Hm?

Higuchi isn’t going to Sakura TV.

He’s headed the wrong way.

L: Based on his route, I’d guess he’s going to the Yotsuba main office.

MC: You’ve been outstandingly brave.

Matsuda: No. I’m just doing what anyone would do.

Higuchi: If I go to the main office and find a surveillance video with him on it, I can kill him.

L: Come in Wedy.

Have you removed absolutely everything relating to Matsuda at the Yotsuba headquarters?

Wedy: Yeah. Why? Is he headed there now? Huh, he’s not convenient. That should give me more than enough time to go ahead and meet up with Mr. Yagami to set up the ambush.


Higuchi: What the hell? I can’t find him! This is the right tape. Someone must have erased it! Come back and erased them himself somehow? Or someone from the group betrayed me and started working with him? No. Doing that [???] of their crimes.

Higuchi: Who cares? I’m outa time! Gotta hurry!

[— Higuchi’S CAR —]

MC: We are quickly approaching the time for the announcement. How are you feeling?

Matsuda: I feel ready for this. I really want to reveal it now.

MC: Yes, I understand. But let’s cut to a quick commercial break first.

Higuchi: Damn it! I just have to go to Sakura TV and kill him there.


Light: Dad, Higuchi’s left Yotsuba. He’s on his way to Sakura TV. He’ll be there in less than 15 minutes. Are you ready?

Soichiro: I don’t need my son asking if I’m ready. Of course I am.


MC: Is there anything more you’d like to add before the announcement?

Matsuda: Well, I want everyone to think hard about Kira after he’s caught. People have to realize that Kira ….

Wedy: You ready, Mr. Yagami? It’s almost time.

Soichiro: I know.

Wedy: Here.

Soichiro: Huh?

Wedy: Aiber hates using guns. Right now, I’m the only one armed. Take it.

Soichiro: I can’t take this. I’m no longer a police officer. Japanese law forbids civilians from having guns. That means you shouldn’t be using one, neither.

Wedy: I guess you’re stubborn as always, huh?

Higuchi: Yeah, I made it in time.

Higuchi: Hm? Why isn’t anybody here? Is it just in case the announcement is true and Kira decides to retaliate? That still makes my job easier.

Mogi: We’ve arrived at Sakura TV. We’re moving into the position. Let’s go, Aiber!

Aiber: OK, Mogi.

MC: Right now, we’re being flooded with phone-calls and faxes showing support for your courage and strength and demanding that Kira’s identity be revealed right away.

Higuchi: Huh? Even the studio’s deserted. Still I gotta be careful where the cameras are. I can’t let myself be seen.

MC: … under control, we will now end this broadcast.

Higuchi: What?! Dummies! Oh, This can’t be!!

Soichiro: Higuchi! Hold it right there!

Wedy: Don’t move! I’d give up if I were you.

Higuchi: You, you must be making some kind of mistake. I’m only here to meet with Mr. Demegawa and discuss something with him.

Higuchi: They’re wearing tinted helmets. They must be taking precautions against Kira. In that case…

Higuchi: I’m with the Yotsuba group from the development department. Let me show you my business card. Ha!!

Soichiro: Ugh!

Mogi: No, Chief!

Wedy: Aiber!

Aiber: Damn it! I didn’t want to have to use one of these but….

Mogi: L, Higuchi has a gun on him. The chief’s been shot! Higuchi is escaping!

Soichiro: I’m all right. Sorry, Ryuzaki. If we pursue him right now, we can still catch him. Hurry!


Light: This is bad. He’s escaping from Sakura TV.

L: This leaves us no choice. We’ll have to move in and apprehend him. Watari, are you ready?

Watari: Yes.

L: Light, I think you should hold onto this for self-defense. This is Kira we are after.

Light: No, thanks. Firearms aren’t allowed in Japan.

L: You know, I’m sure your father would say the exact same thing.

Light: Hm.

[— Highway —]

Mogi: Driving like a maniac.

Soichiro: Don’t lose sight of him.

Wedy: Yes.

Higuchi: What the hell was all that about? It had to be a trap.

NEWSCASTER: We now end a current broadcast and return you to regular programming. The evening news is next.

Higuchi: Programs are over? It didn’t end just because I showed up. What the hell is going on?

Higuchi: Ahhhh! What the …!

Higuchi: Just like I thought. It was a trap! Police cars with tinted windows! So all that stuff over the cops [???] Kira was a lie! They’ve been preparing for this!

Watari: What’s happening? I thought we told the police not to get involved with the arrest.

Light: The only one who would do this is ….

L: Yes, you must be right.

Higuchi: Damn it!! That way!

Watari: Stop right there.

Higuchi: Stay back!!

Stay back, or I’ll shoot, I swear!!

Light: It’s over.

L: Yes, it’s over.

Higuchi: Ugh…