デスノート第19話 “松田" の英語スクリプトです。


Soichiro: Quiet, Matsuda!! This is not the time to be fooling around! Knock it off!!

Matsuda: Yes, sir ….


Aizawa: This is the Kira investigation!! Stop messing around!!!

Matsuda: Sorry, Aizawa ….


L: Matsuda! Please, don’t.

Matsuda: Matsuda ….


Soichiro: After all, the last thing I want is to be deadweight.

Matsuda: Ryuzaki, is there anything I can do to help with the investigation, besides the manager thing?

L: Could you get me another cup of coffee?

Matsuda: Huh?


Matsuda: I wanna help, too! I wanna contribute to the case!




Ryuga: I love you. So please don’t tell me you are going home now. Instead, say you’ll stay by my side.

Misa: Ah, Mr. Director? I can’t do this. I have a boyfriend. Can we cut the love scenes, please?

Director: Wait!! Where did this come from all of the sudden?!

Misa: Can’t we just fake kiss or something?

Director: What?! You kidding!! You can’t just for this to make a movie like that!

Misa: If I say no, then it’s no. OK?

DIRECTOR: Oh, come on!!

WOMAN: C’mon. Get rid of …


Matsuda: The Yotsuba Group’s main Tokyo office. And today is Friday.


[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro: All the deaths that are beneficial for Yotsuba are concentrated around the weekends.

Soichiro: The last thing I want to be is dead weight.

L: Mogi’s been incredibly efficient from the start.

Soichiro: Quiet, Matsuda! This is not the time to be fooling around.

Aizawa: Would you cut it out?!

Light: That is his specialty.

L: Then, could you get me another cup of coffee?

Soichiro: Matsuda!!!



Misa: Matsu? Hello, Matsu? Get over here!!

Assistant: I guess he had run off somewhere.

Misa: Oh…


[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro: All right, for the time being, I want you to start going over this list here.

Mogi: Yes, sir. Right away.

Light: Would I punish evil doers and criminals if I could kill by just seeing a name and a face? Is that what I’d do if I had that sort of power? I mean, it’s true that there are lots of people around that the world could frankly do without. But I don’t think I’d become a murderer just to change the world. Surely I wouldn’t do that! No, I’m taking too hard about this. There’s no way anyone can murder so many people and not have any memory of it.

L: What’s wrong? You’ve been staring at me for the last two minutes. Wait, let me guess. You must be annoyed because I’m the only one eating cake at the moment, am I right?

Light: No, that’s not it.

L: Here.

Light: Really, don’t worry about it.

Watari: Ryuzaki.

L: Yes? What is it?

Watari: Detective Elardo Coil has just received a private request to investigate and reveal the identity of L.

Soichiro: Isn’t Elardo Coil supposed be the second-greatest detective in the world after L himself? Who on earth would send such a request?

Watari: The man who set up Coil’s service is Masahiko Kida. The head of Rights and Planning Department of the Yotsuba Group’s headquarters in Tokyo.

Soichiro: So, it is Yotsuba.

Light: We know that Yotsuba must be linked to Kira.

If they are trying to find out L’s identity, it’s probably because they wanna kill him and need that information to do it.

Soichiro: This isn’t good. We are already short-handed enough as it is. And now we have to worry about Coil, too.

L: It’s quite all right. The detective known as Elardo Coil is me. It’s quite simple, really. Three of the greatest detectives in the world; L, Coil, and Deneuve, they are all actually me. It’s been my experience that people who try to find me usually fall for this. I’ll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, OK?

Light: I’m impressed as always, Ryuzaki.



Matsuda: Maybe I should leave while I still have a chance? No, Then, there would have been no point in coming here. Should I wait until everyone’s gone and search the offices? I can’t. I probably get caught doing that and then. Maybe I should get outa here.

Takahashi: Ah, not this again. I’m too tired.

Shimura: Look on the bright side. At least it falls on the weekend. We never know how long these confidential meetings will long for. Can you imagine if we did this on Mondays? That would be a worse start for a week ….

Matsuda: Confidential meetings? All right!!

Matsuda: The 19th floor. I made it this far! I’m gonna see it through!


[—Task Force HQ—]

Aiber: All right. I just have to get to close to them, right? Leave it to me.

Wedy: And you want me to make sure that we’re able to breach the security and override the surveillance cameras in the Yotsuba Group’s head office, is that all?

L: Yes. At this point, it’s safe to assume that Kira and the Yotsuba Group are connected in some way. We are going to investigate Yotsuba to determine who holds Kira’s power and if there is more than one person who possesses this ability. We need a clear understanding quickly.

L: We cannot let anyone from Yotsuba figure out that we are investigating them. Please realize that if they do notice it, it means we won’t be able to catch Kira.


[—In front of Meeting Room—]

Matsuda: Damn it! I can’t hear them clearly. If only I could hear just one thing; something important.

MAN: … kill him …

Matsuda: I just heard someone say kill!

MAN: … Kira …

Matsuda: Kira!! There it is! Kira, they said it! What’s that? That’s “have Kira get rid of him?!” I heard it!They really are working with him! I did it! This is huge!!

Matsuda: Huh.

Hatori: Who the hell are you?


[—Task Force HQ—]

L: Please be sure not to act impossibly out of panic or haste.

And don’t take matters into your own hands.

Watari: Ryuzaki.

L: Yes. What is it?

Watari: I have just received an emergency signal from Matsuda’s belt.

L: Ew, where is he?

Watari: It seems that is coming from within the head office of the Yotsuba Group.


[—Yotsuba Office—]

Matsuda: Ah, sorry to barge in like this. My name is Taro Matsui. I’m an agent with the Yoshida Productions. I just dropped by to ask you if your company would be interested in using our top multi-talented star Misa Amane as your new spokesperson. Eww ….


[—Task Force HQ—]

L: This’ll regard everything I just said. I’ll need to rethink our strategy. Hmm, Matsuda, you idiot!



[—Yotsuba Office—]

Hatori: Yoshida Productions. Taro Matsui. He doesn’t have anything suspicious on him. I suppose that mean he isn’t a corporate spy.

Matsuda: Hahaha, Right! Em, so please take Misamisa into consideration.

Matsuda: This two are only acting as guards. The rest of them must be discussing how to get rid of me. Oh, there is no way out of this. I’m gonna be killed for sure! I wonder if the emergency signal got through. Fool, never mind that. Even if it did, would Ryuzaki come and save me? Oh, no! What’s gonna happen?

Hatori: Go ahead. You can answer it. Don’t say that you’re here, though. And hold it away from your ear. Make sure we can listen in on your conversation.

Matsuda: OK.


Matsuda: Hello?

L: Yo, Matsui!

Matsuda: Ryuzaki!

L: Yeah, it’s me Asahi. It’s been a while, buddy?

Matsuda: Asahi! Yeah, it’s been a long time.

L: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like you are out right now. Don’t tell me you’re home already.

Matsuda: Yeah.

L: So, you by yourself?

Matsuda: Yeah. I’m by myself. What’s up?

L: He’s not with Misa Amane right now. Matsuda must be on his own.

L: So do you wanna like go out drinking tonight?

Matsuda: Oh, right now? Oh, sorry. I’ll have to pass tonight.

L: Oh, what’s the matter? Don’t tell me your wallet is in trouble again.

Matsuda: In trouble!

Yeah, that’s right. Big troubles with money. You know me way too well.

L: Matsuda is saying he is in big trouble.

Oh, that’s too bad. Guess I’ll drag you out some other time, all right? See ya, buddy!


Matsuda: Anyway, what do you think about contracting Misamisa? I think she’ll be a great spokesperson for your company.

Hatori: If you’re gonna promote one of your clients, shouldn’t you at least bring them with you?

Shimura: Do you expect us to believe you’re this girl’s manager?

Matsuda: Well, to be honest, at the moment she is filming a movie nearby. When she’s finished, I’ll call her and get her over here. Then you can see why she’ll make a great spokesperson.

Matsuda: I have to keep stalling them somehow.


[—Task Force HQ—]

Light: Misa’s cell phone is on voice mail right now. I left her a message and told her to get me back as soon as she can.

Soichiro: What are you planning to do, Ryuzaki?

L: Well….we have to consider that if Matsuda dies, the suspicions about the Yotsuba Group will be confirmed.

MEN: Hmm.

L: Let’s just watch the situation for the time being.


[—Yotsuba Office—]

Ooi: What shall we do?

Namikawa: The main question is whether he heard anything.

Higuchi: If there’s possibility, no matter how small, we have to kill him.

Kida: I wonder if he really did come here just to promote his client. He could be an undercover cop.

Midou: No, that can’t be it. The Japanese police have completely withdrawn support from Kira case.

Higuchi: Look, it doesn’t really matter who he is. We have no choice but to kill him.

Hatori: You know, now but I think about it, it might be good to have her face of our company.

Matsuda: Oh, exactly! Her shoot should be done soon, so please wait. She’ll convince you.



Misa: Mmm, I’m beat! Huh, I got a call from Light! He really does worry about me when I’m late. Haha.

Light: Misa?

Misa: Light, I’m sorry. I’ve been working so much. I’ll be finished soon, OK?

Light: Misa, you’re not with Matsuda at the moment, are you?

Misa: Him? He’s a total jerk. He just ran off and left me here. Oh, hang on. I’m getting a call on my work phone. Oh, hey, it’s from Matsu!

Light: Misa’s just received a call from Matsuda.

L: Tell her to hold her phone so that we can listen in as well.

Matsuda: Misamisa, when you finished filming, come over to the Yotsuba Group’s head office. It’s still tentative, but there’s a chance you may be able to appear in Yotsuba’s commercials! We’re working at it now.

Misa: What? It’s for real? You’re amazing, Matsu. So that’s what you’ve been up to all this time. Don’t worry. We’re wrapping up soon.

Matsuda: Great. It’s just a short trip by taxi.

L: Listen to me, Light. There is a chance that we may be able to save Matsuda. But we won’t be able to do it without Misa’s help.

She’ll listen to you and do anything you say, won’t she?


[—Yotsuba head office—]

Misa: I’m Misamisa! My only role is, I don’t do nudes. But swimsuits and lingeries are totally OK. It’s really nice to meet you.

Takahashi: Hm, I gotta admit she is really cute in person.

Kida: That’s not exactly the main issue now, wouldn’t you agree?

Misa: By the way, Matsu, since Yotsuba is a big catch, I’ve just got the OK from our office to have special reception.

Matsuda: Huh? reception?



Girls: Good evening! We’re very pleased to meet you!

Misa: Tonight, I’ll be entertaining you with our special guests along with the girls from the agency.

Shimura: Hey, Is it just me, [or] just getting weird.

Midou: Hm, well, it can’t be helped. But right now, we can’t afford to leave Misa’s manager alone for a second.

Takahashi: Let’s just go with it. I’m gonna enjoy myself.

MEN: All right. I’ll go along with this.

Matsuda: Ryuzaki and others will be able to watch us from here. This is my way out.


Misa: Here you are. Drink right up.

L: Hm, well, well. Misa’s pretty good at this sort of thing.

Matsuda: Excuse me, guys. I gotta go to the bathroom.



Matsuda: Ryuzaki, are you watching this?

L: Yes.

Matsuda: Look, I’m really sorry that I…

L: That’s not important right now.

Matsuda: OK. Listen. The eight men who came here were having a meeting to determine who they get Kira to kill for them. I heard them say it clearly. There’s no doubt they’re behind this.

L: Yes, that is probably true. But if you did overhear them and they caught you, then they’ll almost certainly be trying to kill you now.

Matsuda: Ah, I know. Do you think there’s anything I can do to save myself?

L: Well, luckily you still are alive, so we may be able to save you. But for that to happen, you will have to die before they can kill you.

Matsuda: What!?

L: I want you to listen to me very carefully.

Matsuda: Oh, no way! But that’s… that’s crazy!



Shimura: Hey what the hell…?

Matsuda: Wow, I’m so drunk! Hi, everyone! I wanna [thank you]! That’s great, huh..

Matsuda: Now everyone, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Taro Matsui show, haha!

Higuchi: Hey, what is he doing?

Misa: Yeah, you can do it! Go, Matsu!

Matsuda: All right. Here we go!

Shimura: Hey, you’re drunk. That’s way too dangerous.

Matsuda: Don’t worry. I’m just fine. I do this all the time.

MAN: Stop it.

MAN: What the hell are you doing?

MAN: Are you crazy? You’re idiot!!

Matsuda: It’s all right. No problem…, Aaaah!


Takahashi: He fell!

Shimura: This can’t be good.

Wedy: Oh, no! I heard thud, so I came out. This is just horrible. Somone, call an ambulance!

Aiber: Geez. This sure is a crappy role.

Misa: Look, everyone. I think you should all just leave this for us to take care of and go home.

Takahashi: What? But..

Misa: Don’t worry. We’ll handle it. Just don’t forget about me for your next campaign, OK?

Midou: Let’s go. If the press sees us, we are in trouble.

MAN: Yeah.


WOMAN: What’s going on? Did someone jump?

Hatori: Well, we are lucky that he ended up dying right in front of us at any rate.



L: While I’m aware of that fact we’re shorthanded, I’m not very pleased about having to do this sort of thing myself

Matsuda, you idiot!



Kida: Misa Amane’s manager dies in fall.

Kida: Yes?

Aiber: You’re Masahiko Kida, VP of the Rights and Planning department in Yotsuba’s Tokyo office, correct?

Kida: Yes, that’s right, and who am I speaking to?

Aiber: I go by the name of Eraldo Coil. I’m calling to discuss my terms with you.


[—Yotsuba’s Committee—]

Higuchi: What!? A 2 million dollar in advance and 8 million upon completion? Is he out of his mind?

Kida: That’s not all. Even if we don’t commission him, we have to pay him 2 million just to keep him silent.

Midou: So he wants hash money, ha? If he’s saying something like that, we should assume Coil knows quite a bit already.

Hatori: This is getting ridiculous. I’ve had it! I want out of this meeting right now. I don’t know who Kira is, and I don’t care. I just don’t want to get wrapped up in this and end up in jail!

Higuchi: Ha, Hatori, I think you are going to end up dead tomorrow.

Hatori: No way! That was only a joke. It’s not like that. I’m in! I’ll see this to the end.

Namikawa: So what are we going to do? Coil is still willing to accept the job despite what he already knows.

Hatori: Isn’t it obvious? He’ll become partners with us as long as we pay him.

Kida: His demands are exorbitant, but we need to have someone as skilled as Coil on our side.

Namikawa: Good point. Pay him. It doesn’t matter how much.

Hatori: Exactly! We just have to pay him.

Ooi: All right. We’ll contract Coil. Anyone has any objections?

MEN: No objections.


[—Task Force HQ—]

Wedy: L, are you listening? Oh, I’m so disappointed. I thought this would be a challenge. Security level here is a joke! They’ve left it all to a single contractor. There weren’t even any wiretap detectors.

Matsuda: It’s been about a week since I first snuck into the place. It looks like things have been moving pretty smoothly since then, huh?

Light: We’ve almost got them.

L: So, one of these people…is Kira.


Ooi: Well then, now that everyone’s here, let’s commence a regular meeting.

Soichiro: But if they supposed to be eight, why are there only seven?