デスノート第18話 “仲間" の英語スクリプトです。

[—Task Force HQ—]

Aizawa: Oh, OK. Maybe the belt.

Aizawa: Hm? What now?

Watari: Well, looks like the systems are gonna take some getting used to.

Aizawa: Fine! How’s this? Ha?

Aizawa: Good morning.

Soichiro: What’s wrong? Did you get hurt?

Aizawa: Oh this? Kind of. Ah, I had a little fight with my wife, and it’s just my daughter’s still young and I’m hardly ever at home as it is, so…

Soichiro: Ah, yes. It’s probably best if you sleep at home.

Matsuda: Well, you’re gonna be missing out? The rooms in this place are amazing! If I were you, I’d just move the whole family in here.

Aizawa: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s easy for you to say as a bachelor. Where are they?

Matsuda: Oh they are on a date. Plus, we checked all of them were up the Misamisa’s room.

Soichiro: Hm.

Aizawa: Surveillance cameras, huh? Well, since we know Misa has some connection to the second Kira, I guess it does make sense. But for god’s sake, Matsuda, would you stop this Misamisa crap.

Matsuda: Ah, yeah, sure.

[—Misa’s room—]

Misa: Men, this is gonna be the lamest date I’ve ever been on.

L: No, no, no. Please just pretend I’m not even here, OK? By the way, are you gonna eat a piece of cake?

Misa: Cakes makes you fat. I’m not gonna eat any.

L: Actually I found you don’t get any weight as long as your burn calories by using the brain.

Misa: So now you call me stupid? Fine, then, I’ll give you the piece of cake as long as you agree to leave me and Light alone.

L: Even if I leave you two alone, still I’m gonna be watching on surveillance cameras, so it wouldn’t make any difference.

Misa: You, pervert? Could you stop over your creepy hobby?

L: You can call me whatever you like. Plus, time for cake

Misa: OK, then, I’ll just close the curtains and turn off the lights.

L: We have infrared cameras here as well.

Light: What’s wrong with you? I thought moving here was supposed to help us to catch Kira. But since we’ve been here, you don’t seem all that motivated to me.

L: Not motivated? You’re right. Actually I’m depressed.

Light: Depressed? What for?

L: Well, hmm, briefly all this time I thought you were Kira in my entire case, [???] in fact. I guess I just can’t get pass the fact that my deduction was wrong. Although having said that, I’m still suspicious of you. That’s why I wearing these. And we also know that Kira can control people’s actions. Which means, It’s highly likely that Kira was controlling your actions so that I would suspect you. If I assume both you and Misa were being controlled by him, then everything we’d observed so far makes a lot more sense to me.

Light: If that’s what you think, Misa and I were both Kiras during the time we were being controlled, right?

L: Yes. I don’t think I couldn’t have been wrong about that. The two of you are Kira.

Misa: Hm.

L: If what I was thinking was correct, when your confinement began you were Kira. I don’t believe it’s coincidence that as soon as you were imprisoned, all the killings stopped. Until then, everything pointed to you being Kira. But after two weeks, criminals actually began dying again. Based on that evidence, I can only conclude that Kira’s power passes between people.

Light: That’s an interesting idea. But if it’s true, it’ll be nearly impossible for us to catch Kira.

L: Yes. That’s why I’m overwhelmed. Even if we catch someone under his control, they are likely to lose their powers and any memory of their crimes. So in the end pursuing them becomes futile.

Light: But at this point we have no way of knowing if that’s the case. Cheer up, would you?

L: Cheer up? No. I’m sorry I can’t. It’s probably better if I just stop trying so hard. By chasing Kira so desperately, we just putting our lives [???] risk for nothing. Yes, it’s just a waste of time.

Light: Hm. Ryuzaki.

L: Hum?

Misa: Dhuaaaa, Ew…

L: You know that really hurt.

Light: That’s enough! You don’t feel like doing anything just because your genius deduction was wrong and I’m not Kira?

L: Hm, fine. Perhaps I phrased that in the wrong way. I meant it would be pointless for us to make a move so we shouldn’t even bother.

Light: If we don’t chase Kira, he’ll never be caught. Is that what you want? If you just getta give up, then why did you involve all those innocent people? More importantly what was the point in putting Misa and me behind bars?

L: I understand. But still, whatever the reason…

L: An eye for an eye, my friend.

L: It’s not my deduction that was wrong. That fact is, I can say that Light Yagami is Kira and Misa Amane is the second Kira. But it won’t be enough to solve the case. And that’s why I’m a little depressed. Is that so unreasonable?

Light: Yes. Yes, it is. Beside you said here yourself. It is as if you won’t be satisfied because I am Kira.

L: I won’t be satisfied unless you’re Kira. Well there may be some truth to that. In fact now that you mentioned it, you’re right. I think I wanted you to be Kira.

L: As I said before, an eye for an eye. Mm, I’m a lot stronger than I look, you know.

Matsuda: We’ve gotta call the room and stop them.

L: Yes?

Matsuda: Ryuzaki, I’ve got a good news. Misamisa’s No.1 in “Eighteen" magazine’s reader popularity poll!

L: Oh, I see.

Matsuda: And get this, she’s gonna get a lead role in Nishinaka’s next movie!

Light: What was that?

L: Matsuda’s acting stupid again.

Light: Well, that is his specialty.

Matsuda: I can hear you, you know.

[—Task Force HQ / 2 weeks later—]

Light: Ryuzaki, I know you’re not feeling up to it, but come over here for a second. Take a close look at this. It can’t be coincidence.

L: Huh?

Light: All of them were prominent Japanese businessmen. CEOs whose companies are leaders in their respecting industries. In just over a month, they all died of heart attacks. As expected, there’s been a general downturn in the market with the exception of Yotsuba. In other words, their deaths have worked in Yotsuba’s favor. Looking back, there’ve been 13 similar deaths in the past three months. Your thoughts? Based on this, I can only conclude that Kira is supporting Yotsuba.

L: Huh. Could be. But if what you’re saying is true, we can assume that punishing criminals is not this Kira’s real intent.

Light: Right. Punishing criminals is diversion for him. It would excuse the fact that he’s actually killing people for the benefit of this company. Hm. Are you feeling a bit motivated now?


Higuchi: It’s funny. This is starting to feel too easy. Look at all we’ve done and no one suspects that thing

Takahashi: Our stock continues to increase, but we’ve kept it below the radar.

Namikawa: Indeed. Everything appears to be proceeding according to plan.

Hatori: That’s true. However, there is one thing that has me concerned. Those three we had killed last week. Why did all of them die of heart attacks? I thought we agreed one will be accidental.

Kida: You’re quite right. We did. The problem must be we named the specific location in Japan. You see, he wasn’t even here when he died. I hear he and his mistress were in Italy at that time.

Ooi: Makes sense. If our request is physically impossible, then.

Midou: Kira will kill that person using his default method, a heart attack.

Higuchi: It’s just like I was saying last week. If you wanted to look believable, request accidental death or disease, and Kira will always find the quickest way to make it happen.

Namikawa: Anyway, given Kira’s history, the police [would] probably still focused on dying criminals. Quite frankly, if someone was able to trace the death of these people back to us, they need have to be a god. Besides, we’ve taken precautions.

[—Task Force HQ—]

Matsuda: Hey, chief. Oh, you, too, Mogi. I’ve got some great news. This is amazing! I’m not even sure how he figured it out, but Light has the theory that Kira is somehow involved in Yotsuba group. Can you believe it?

Soichiro: Yotsuba?

Matsuda: Oh, yes.

Soichiro: That’s probably it. Good work.

Matsuda: Huh?

Soichiro: We just spoke with the director and it seems Kira’s offered bribe to a number of politicians.

DIRECTOR: Kira made an offer. As long as the NPA agrees not to pursue him any more, he won’t lay a hand on any politicians.

Soichiro: So that’s that. The police caved in to him.

MEN: Huh?

Soichiro: Mogi and I have already made up our minds on this. Aizawa, Matsuda, if you wish to continue working on this case, you’ll have to hand in your letter of resignation to the NPA just as Mogi and I are going to do. Like it or not, you cannot pursue Kira as a member of the police force any more.

Aizawa: Wha..ho..hold on a second, chief.

Soichiro: They made it quite clear. If you continue to work with L, you’ll be fired. That’s all there is to it.

Matsuda: So then, chief, you’re gonna…

Soichiro: In a few hours I’m no longer going to be your chief. However, we all have our own lives. So think it over carefully.

Matsuda: That’s true, chief. Especially if you’ve got a family to support.

Aizawa: Huh.

L: If you want my opinion, you’d be better off as police officers I was alone when I started this case. And although I’m grateful to all of you for staying with me as long as you have, I know that I can do this by myself. I’m sure to visit you at the department and bring you Kira’s head as reward of all that you sacrificed.

Light: Ryuzaki, as long as I’m alive, you won’t be walking alone. You have my word on that.

L: Hm, right. Now I have Light working with me until I catch Kira, so I won’t be alone after all. But as I said, I think the rest of you should remain as police officers.

Soichiro: But when you first contacted us, you said that you would need the help of the police in order to solve this case.

L: That’s because the police as an organization were still hoping to arrest Kira. They weren’t bowing to him. Besides, with all due respect, there is a big difference between the help of two or three civilians and the police as an organization. As you said, the police had made the position clear; they don’t wanna catch Kira, so let’s just leave it that.

Soichiro: Huh, well, I suppose what you say makes sense. If we are not police officers any more, we won’t be of much use to you. However, we are all personally involved in this. All of us have risked our lives to catch Kira. Doesn’t that give us the right to decide whether we stay here or return to the police force.

L: Hmm, good point. Then by all means please make your decision.

Aizawa: But chief, wait. If you quit your job with the police force, you would be unemployed. Even if we do catch Kira, what are you gonna do after that?

Soichiro: After that? I hadn’t really thought of it, but I suppose after we catch Kira, I’ll have to dust off my resume.

Matsuda: Count me in! I’m gonna quit the police and chase Kira, too, chief! And I still have my job as Misamisa’s manager. Besides if I stayed onasa police officer, I feel like a total loser.

Soichiro: Think before you open your mouth, Matsuda.

Aizawa: Is there any way I could still keep my job and help you in my spare time?

L: There isn’t. If you remain a police officer, then please don’t come back here.

Aizawa: But you know I won’t leak any information!

L: I won’t be sharing any of our information.

Aizawa: Ah.

L: You are free to pursue Kira on your own if you want to. But I don’t think it’s fair to your families to burden them by giving up your livelihood just to continue this. I can’t see how that’s a good idea.

Soichiro: It’s as Ryuzaki says. No one here is gonna blame you for quitting.

Matsuda: Yeah. Right. We all understand why you’ve gotta do this.

Aizawa: But chief has a family, too.

Soichiro: Our situations are completely different.

Aizawa: Oh, damn it! To leave now after all we’ve been through. I said that I was prepared to die if that’s what it took to catch him and I meant it What kind of friend would I be to Ukita if I quit now? I became a detective so I can catch the bad guys, not run away!

Watari: Ryuzaki, earlier on in the investigation, you specifically told me that if the task force member were to lose their job under any circumstances, I should make preparations to ensure that their families’ financial future was secure. If you recall, [???] for that very purpose. I’m a little curious as to why you’re withholding this information.

L: This not the time or place, Watari.

Watari: I’m sorry.

Matsuda: No way! So all this time we have nothing to worry about? I can’t believe you did that. There we go, Aizawa. Isn’t that a great news? Huh…?

Aizawa: Ryuzaki, I assume that this was some kind of test to determine how committed I was to this task force.

Soichiro: It’s not like that, Aizawa.

Ryuzaki is not the type to say things directly. You should know that by now.

Matsuda: Yeah. That’s right.

L: No.

Soichiro: Ah?

L: I was testing you. I wanted to see which one you would choose.

Soichiro: Ryuzaki.

Aizawa: Fine, then. If I wasn’t sure before, I am now.

Matsuda: But Aizawa.

Aizawa: Let’s face it. I wasn’t able to decide right away like you guys.

I was leaning towards going back to the police.

Matsuda: Come on, Aizawa. Don’t be so stubborn.

Aizawa: No. I quit! Now I know this for sure. I’ve always hated Ryuzaki. I hate him in his way of doing things

L: That’s too bad, because I like you, Aizawa.

Aizawa: I also hate the way you’ve always gotta had the last word. You would salt me. Now you’re saying something like that? That’s it. I’m outa here.

L: Thank you for everything.

[—Task Force HQ—]

Light: I just found another one. A general manager of a bank, Yotsuba’s biggest competitor. On September 7th, he slipped and fell on the front steps of his house and died instantly.

Soichiro: September the 7th was Friday, wasn’t it? After going over this again, I noticed something. All the deaths, which are beneficial to Yotsuba, are concentrated around the weekends.

Matsuda: Huh? On the weekends?

Soichiro: With the first few victims, the time of deaths appears to be at random. More recently they all take place between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Matsuda: I’m amazed that you even noticed that, chief.

Soichiro: Matsuda, I thought I told you to stop calling me chief.

Matsuda: I’m sorry, but you’ll always be the chief to me.

Light: This is a really important clue, Dad. Nice work.

Soichiro: Well, you know, I can’t let myself fall behind you and Ryuzaki. After all the last thing I want is to be deadweight.

Matsuda: Huh, deadweight?

L: Is Kira someone from Yotsuba, or is Kira simply using Yotsuba? I haven’t figured that out yet, but we’ll proceed under the assumption that this is Kira’s doing. We will focus on Yotsuba.

Mogi: This is all of the Yotsuba group’s employees. Here.

L: Thank you very much.

Light: That’s 300,000 people. How did he put this together so quickly? That’s amazing, Mogi.

L: He’s been incredibly efficient from the start.

Matsuda:Ryuzaki. Please tell me. Is there anything I can do to help the investigation besides the manager thing?

L: So you really wanna be useful?

Matsuda: Yes!

L: Then could you get me another cup of coffee?

Matsuda: Huh?

L: And for our guests over there as well.

Matsuda: Ahh, who are they?

Light: Hold on a sec, who let them in?

L: Those two are the newest members of the task force.

Aiber: My name is Aiber. I’m a con man. How’s it going?

Wedy: I’m Wedy. And I’m a thief by trade.

Soichiro: Hm, a con man and a thief.

L: That’s right. Aiber is a lifelong con man. He has unparalleled social skills that allows him to be friend and gain the trust of any target. We’ll use him for in full situation. As for Wedy, she is a thief specialized in cracking high-end security systems. As proof of that, she was able to enter the building without setting off a single alarm.

Soichiro: You expect us to work with criminals?

L: Yes. That is correct. However, these two have never once been caught. So it’s unlikely they’ll be killed by Kira. Think of them as professionals of the underworld.

Light: I understand. To investigate Yotsuba, we’re gonna need the help of people like this. Let’s all do our part and make this happen, OK?

Matsuda: Yeah!

Soichiro: Oh, Yeah…


Daughter: Daddy?

Wife: Huh?

Daughter: Daddy!

Aizawa: Yumi. Eriko.

Wife: What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work right now? You need to tell me if you’re planning to be home for dinner. I just went shopping and only bought for me and Yumi.

Daughter: You can eat my dinner and I’ll have dessert instead.

Aizawa: Sorry. It was sort of a last minute decision but they just gave me some time-off.

Daughter: Is the time-off a vacation, Daddy?

Aizawa: Yeah. That’s right.

Daughter: Yippee!

Aizawa: From now on, I can have a break every single week. Now I can go with you to the park. Maybe we can go to the zoo together or the amusement park.

Daughter: Hm? What’s wrong, Dad? Mommy, why is Daddy crying?