デスノート第14話 “友達"の英語スクリプトです。

[—Light’s Room—]

Light: I understand. I can’t be your boyfriend, but I can act like it.

Misa: Thank you so much. I try my hardest to make you love me. I promise.

Light: I’ll arrange for her to meet L, she’ll tell me his name, and then I’ll eliminate L and the entire task force. And when that’s done, I’ll kill her, too. After all, she’s the only person who knows Kira’s true identity. And the only one I can’t let her live much longer.

Misa: So, you’ll just pretend? All right. I guess it’s a good start. Well now that we’ve talked about that, could you show me your Shinigami? I really wanna see him.

Light: I need her to trust me, I guess I have to.

Light: Yeah, sure. Could you please turn around?

Misa: All right.

Light: You can turn back, now.

Misa: OK.

Ryuk: Hey, there. How’s it going?

Misa: Oh, look at that! You are a completely different type of Shinigami than Rem, aren’t you? I already know your name. It’s Ryuk, right? Nice to meet you.

Ryuk: Yeah. Same here.

Misa: Oh, and by the way, Light, darling, do you know how to kill a Shinigami?

Light: Did you just call me “darling"?

Misa: Fine. Then do you mind if I call you “knight" instead? 'Cause you are like my knight in shining armor, you know.

Light: Let’s just stick with Light.

[—Task Force HQ—]

Aizawa: So were you actually planning to check all of the footage we got from Aoyama on the 22nd by yourself?

L: That’s right. I think it’s very likely that Kira and the second Kira made contact each other there on that day. So I wanted to check all these tapes personally. Also, Mr. Yagami?

Soichiro: Oh, yes.

L: Please ask Mr. Mogi to start following Light so we can keep tabs on what he’s doing.

Soichiro: You want him followed?

L: It’s only a slim chance, but if Light is Kira, then there’s still the possibility that the second might try to contact him somehow.

Soichiro: Very well.

Aizawa: I’m starting to wonder if Ryuzaki is even human. The guy never sleeps.

Matsuda: I saw him sleeping in that exact same position the other day.

Aizawa: Huh.

Matsuda: No. I’m serious.

[—Light’s room—]

Light: So if a Shinigami has feelings for a human and kill somone else in order to extend the human’s life beyond its natural end, the Shinigami will die?

Misa: That’s right.

Ryuk: Hehe. Good luck trying to find the Shinigami who’d volunteer to do that.

Light: That’s true. I can’t see you ever doing that. By the way, where did you send all those tapes from, the ones that went to the TV stations?

Misa: Let’s see. Osaka the first time, then Tokyo, this other one from Nagano. I took the bullet train every time so that way the police couldn’t pinpoint my location.

Light: All right. One more thing. Do you still have the video tapes and envelopes with your friend’s fingerprints on?

Misa: Uh-hu.

Light: Well you’ll have to dispose of everything that was used to create those videotapes, understand? But before you do, I need you to send one last video and make sure it’s from a place you haven’t used yet. It should say, “I’ve decided to stop searching for Kira. And I’d like to thank the police department for all of its advice. However, I still plan to help Kira in his mission. And I hope that in time he’ll come to see me as an ally. I will start by punishing criminals that Kira has yet to judge. Also, I’ll share my power with others who I feel worthy and I will encourage them to do the same. Together we’ll make this world a better place.”

Misa: Share my power?

Light: We’ll just add that part to throw off their investigation. They suspect that there are already two people with this power, so wouldn’t be a stretch to assume there could be others. And if they believe the numbers are growing, Then they’ll start to panic. Can you do this?

Misa: No need to ask. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I don’t care what it is, 'cause I do anything for you.

Light: There’s one more thing which is very important.

Misa: What’s that?

Light: If you get arrested by the police, or if you’re ever brought in for questioning, you can never mention anything about us or the death note. As long as they don’t get a hold of that notebook, there’s no proof you did anything. Can you promise to say nothing?

Misa: I promise. So this must mean that we’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend now, aren’t we?

Light: Well, sure, I guess.

Misa: Then I’d like to add one condition. You have to go on a date with me at least once a week.

Light: Huuu. Unbelievable! She still doesn’t get it.

Light: We can’t.

Misa: But why?

Light: It looks like I’m gonna have to spell this out for you. L already suspects that I’m Kira. Do you see what I’m saying here?

Misa: No way! L is amazing! I mean, everyone’s been saying that he is getting nowhere with the investigation and that he is completely idiot and stuff.

But he already knows that much?

Light: Anyway, it all worked out well for me. Because thanks to that, I’ve also been able to get close to L.

Misa: Huh? You and L are in contact with each other? Then that’s even more amazing! This is getting so exciting!

Light: Even though he suspects I’m Kira, L figures he’s safe as long as I don’t know his real name. He came right out and told me who he was just to get to me. However, he’s only focusing on me because he has no other suspects. And he has no evidence. At this moment, I’m working with him on the case, and little by little I’m winning his trust.

Misa: Great! So all you have to do is take me to where L is and I can see his real name for you.

Light: I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Listen, it was difficult enough for me to get close to him. Besides, if all of a sudden someone I just met gets too close and at the same time the police detect changes in Kira or the second Kira’s behavior, that person would be suspected of being the second Kira. And of course that’ll put me under even greater suspicion. We can’t allow them to make that connection, which means we can’t appear to be too close to each other. Do you understand what I was saying?

Misa: Well, I think I understand. So is that why we can’t go on dates? We can’t be seen in public because it will look too suspicious?

Light: Look. We need to take the time now to come up with a good plan. Some way that you can see L without letting him know you exist.

Misa: Yeah.

Light: I can’t eliminate L without you. So I’ll call you and see you as often as this situation allows.

Misa: You will?

Light: But, to make sure that our meetings don’t stand out, I have to make sure that I’m seen with other girls, OK?

Misa: Huh? What do you mean? You’re seriously gonna date other girls?

Light: Yeah. More or less.

Misa: I don’t want you to!

Light: Huh?

Misa: If I see you with another girl, I’ll kill her.

Ryuk: Scary.

Light: Look, sweetie.

Ryuk: Sweetie? Hehe.

Light: This is not a game. Both of us are risking our lives to change the world, aren’t we?

Misa: I know that, but I love you more than the world, Light.

Light: It sounds like you are confused.

Maybe it feels that way to you, but you are here because you admire Kira. You don’t even know me. We just met.

Misa: Don’t you believe in love at first sight?

Light: No.

Misa: I admit that everything you said was true. I did want to meet Kira out of gratitude and respect, not love. But from the moment I first saw you, I knew.

Light: What is wrong with this girl?

Ryuk: Popular, as always.

Light: Well, you can show me your love by obeying me. I thought you said it was OK if I used you. A minute ago, you swore you’d do anything I asked.

Misa: Yeah, I did, but I never said you could date other girls. I mean those are two totally different things!

Light: I think you’re forgetting I have both notebooks. If you don’t obey me, I can easily kill you.

Rem: I would never allow that, Light Yagami. If you do anything that results in this girl’s death, the first thing I’ll do is write your name in my death note. I will kill you. I’m sure you realize that I can see her lifespan. If she happens to die before that time, I’ll know it was you who killed her.

Light: But if you were to use your death note to save her, wouldn’t that mean you’d die, too?

Misa: That’s right. If you tried to save me, you would die, too.

Rem: Yes, you are correct. But I’m quite willing to accept that outcome.

Light: Hm. Is this Shinigami serious? This is crazy. And this means from now on…

Sachiko: Light?

Light: Yeah. What is it?

Sachiko: It’s almost 11:30, you know. You really shouldn’t have a girl here this late.

Light: Oh, of course. I guess we lost track of time.

Misa: Sorry Mrs. Yagami.

Misa: I’m really sorry for coming over so late at night. See you later, Light.

Light: Yeah.

Sachiko: Light, you should walk her to the station.

Light: I can’t risk being seen with her in public.

Misa: Oh, no, I’m all right, thanks. Well, good night!

Sachiko: Isn’t she cute?

Sayu: Yeah, I know.

When she got here I wasn’t so sure, but you’re right.

She’s cute, Mom. I like her.

Light: That Shinigami is going to kill me, if I kill that girl? Which means I’m going to have her hang around me until she dies? Not only that, it also mean that I’ll be forced to protect her from being caught by the police for the rest of her life.

Misa: Thanks to you, Rem.

Light really is going to be my knight in shining armor.

Rem: I suppose.

Misa: But you can’t really kill him, OK?


[—Light’s Room—]

Light: For Shinigami to die, they have to use their death note to save the life of a human. A human who they are falling in love with. Ideally, I can kill Rem first. Somone I was controlling would attack Misa forcing Rem to save her, but…No. It would never work. If Misa’s life was put in danger, Rem would immediately suspect me and I’d be the one who gets killed. Huh, as things stand, she’s a bigger nuisance than L is. Oh, she’s famous? Oh, I don’t even wanna imagine what would happen if somone found out about us. Damn it! She is nothing but trouble. What should I do? No, more importantly, I need to think of how I can use Misa’s eyes to help me kill L. If I can eliminate him…


Sayu: Good morning, Light!

Sachiko: Good morning.

Light: Mom, Sayu, could you do me a big favor and keep Misa secret from Dad for now?

Sachiko: All right.

Light: Actually, it’s not just Dad. You can’t tell anyone else about her, either. You see, Misa’s an up and coming model so people can’t know about us.

Sayu: What? Is she really? I thought she was pretty, but I had no idea! That’s pretty impressive even for you, Light. I’ll keep it a secret for 50 bucks!

Sachiko: No, stop it.


Professor: On page number 246…

Light: Misa’s final message should arrive today. Although before it ever gets to the TV station, it will be rerouted to the task force headquarters. I have to go down there at some points so I can see L’s reaction firsthand.

Takada: Light..Light.

Light: Hm?

Takada: I thought you and I were seeing each other. That is, we’re more than just friends, aren’t we?

Light: Yeah. We are.

Takada: Exactly. And that’s the reason why I’m sitting next to you in class. Wouldn’t you agree?

Light: Sure.

Takada: But you don’t look like you’re enjoying being with me. I mean, you haven’t even looked at me once.

Light: That’s not true at all. I guess I was just thinking about how everyone’s gonna be talking about us now to think that I’m actually going out with Miss Takada, the famous Miss Todai. I mean, you are the most beautiful woman at the school.

Ryuk: Haha.

Takada: Why do you even care about stuff like that. Besides, I hate being called Miss Todai or whatever. It’s embarrassing!

Light: Yeah, you’re right. What do you know? She actually likes all the attention We should forget about all that stuff and just go at our own pace.

Takada: Yeah.

[—task force—]

Light: Hello.

L: Oh, come in. Your timing couldn’t be better, actually. We just received a new video message from the second Kira.

Light: Huh? Wow, that didn’t take long.

L: Yes. I believe it’s the last one. Well, take a look at this.

VIDEO: I decided to stop searching for Kira.

And I’d like to thank the police department for their advice. However, I still plan to help Kira in his mission. And I hope that, in time, he’ll come to see me as an ally. I will start by punishing criminals that Kira has yet to judge. Also I will share my power with others who I feel are worthy, and I will encourage them to do the same. Together, we’ll make this world a better place.

L: After watching this, I can only think that Kira and the second Kira have managed to make contact.

Light: What makes you say that?

L: Oh, Come on. Didn’t you sense it? I was sure you’d come to the same conclusion I did after watching this once through. First consider how [he’d come to it / determined he] was to meet Kira, so why sudden change of heart? Now he wants to punish criminals that Kira hasn’t? All he wants out of [???] Kira to see him as an alley? The biggest question, why didn’t he do this to begin with? I’m guessing it’s because he never thought that beforehand. He probably met Kira and was told which criminals he’d be allowed to judge. I suspect the purpose of this message is to hide the fact that they met.

Light: I see. What I found really strange is that unlike Kira, it would be so careless.

L: That’s true. But I would believe that Kira made a mistake this time. Or this is way letting us know they made contact. It would be an effective means of provoking us. The idea of their union is very threatening. However, this is also one last reason to suspect that Light is Kira.

Soichiro: Ryuzaki, what do you mean by that?

L: If Light is Kira, I don’t think this is the message he would have had the second Kira send us. It doesn’t fit. He would have made the second Kira go through with this plan to have me appear on TV, then deny they had ever made contact, letting the second Kira shoulder the blame for my death. He’d make him say something like… “Although I agree not to go through with this, I have come to realize that it was not Kira’s true intention that I stop. I’m positive that the real Kira would want L to die. There’s no way he’d make me stop."

Light: Ryuzaki.

L: Yes, Light?

Light: I think you are mistaken. I would never do that if I were Kira.

L: Why not?

Light: Well, if you are L and I’m Kira, then I’d already know your personality pretty well. L would never agree to appear on TV no matter what threat he was facing. And he wouldn’t allow somone else to die in his place. The L I know would find some way to escape the situation.

L: So, you figured it out.

Soichiro: Look, Light. You’ve got to stop that. I don’t like hearing you say, “If I were Kira," even hypothetically.

Light: Oh, I’m sorry, Dad. I just wanted to let Ryuzaki know exactly what I thought of his plan. I posed that scenario because I wanna help solve this case. It’s the only chance I have to clear my name. Besides, the only reason I feel comfortable saying things like that is because I’m not really Kira.

L: That’s a good point. You are not Kira. That is, it will be a problem if you were Kira. Because….I feel you are the first friend that I’ve ever had.

Ryuk: Wow!

Light: Yeah. I know what you mean. The two of us have a lot in common.

L: Thank you.

Light: And I have missed having you around at school. We should play tennis again, soon.

L: Yes, we should.


Ryuk: A friend! He is your friend? That’s a good thing, isn’t it, Light?

Light: That damn Ryuzaki had no problem figuring out Kira and the second Kira had made contact each other. I’ve got to eliminate him right away.

Ryuk: I see.

Light: The way things are progressing, I can’t afford to be seen with Misa.

Misa: Light!

Misa: I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t wait for two weeks like you said. Actually I was just on my way to your house and I spotted you.

Light: Mm. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been provoked to hit a woman.

Misa: I just wanted to see you so badly.

Light: Well, you might as well come over.

Misa: Yeah!

Mogi: Another girlfriend?

[—Light’s home—]

Sayu: Great to see you, Misa! I saw you in a whole bunch of magazines!

Sachiko: Please, come on in.

Misa: Hum, sorry to drop by like this.

Light: Could you make her some tea, Mom?

[—Light’s room—]

Light: Rem.

Rem: Huh?

Light: You are Misa’s ally, aren’t you?

Rem: Yes. I’d seen her many times from the Shinigami realm and then certain events made me develop feelings for her.

Ryuk: Feelings! But you’re Shinigami! Hehe.

Rem: You don’t like what I said before about how I kill you if you even attempted to kill Misa.

Light: So, if Misa is happy, does that mean you’ll be happy as well?

Rem: I suppose you could say that. I definitely don’t want her to suffer.

Light: As you know, Misa loves me.

Misa: Oh, Light.

Light: Misa.

Misa: Yes.

Light: If I was happy, would that make you happy, too?

Misa: Yes.

Ryuk: Hehe.

Light: Then, could you ask Rem to kill L?

Ryuk: Huh?

Light: Rem said your happiness was important. But what do you think would happen if L caught one of us? It means our happiness would be ruined.

Ryuk: Hahaha. It’s true that the Shinigami are forbidden to give other person’s name to anyone. But then again, there’s no rule that prevents Rem from killing anyone.

Light: That’s right. And if you agreed to kill L, it would only make me love Misa that much more. Plus I’d be grateful to you. Most importantly, the two of us will be happy together.

Misa: Rem, I want Light to love me. And I know we could be happy together. It’s all I have ever wanted.

Light: That’s a shame.

Rem: Fine. As you wish, Light Yagami, but I do not like you. This will not kill me even if it ends up lengthening your life. I will kill L for you. It really makes no difference. He’s just another human to me.

Misa: Hooray! Oh, Rem! Thank you so much! I knew I can count on you.

Light: L will die… That’s all it took.