デスノート第10話 “疑惑" の英語スクリプトです。

[—Tennis Court—]

Light: I have to admit I was surprised, Ryuga. I never thought you’d ask me to play tennis as a way to get to know each other.

L: Is it a problem for you?

Light: Not at all, but when you first invited me to play,did you know how good I was?

L: Yes. I’ll be fine, though. It’s been a while, but at one time I was actually the British Junior Champion.

Light: If I ask him if he’s British, will he think I’m trying to find out more about him because I’m Kira? Well, can’t hurt to try.

Light: Ryuga, were you raised in the UK?

L: I lived in England for about 5 years, when I was younger. But save your breath. Nothing in that story would reveal L’s true identity, I promise you.

Light: Oh, is that so?

L: Well, since it’s our first match, why don’t we just play single set, first one to six?

Light: That’s fine by me.

L: This is just a friendly game of tennis, nothing more. In and of itself, it won’t determine if Light is Kira. But I know Kira hates to lose.

L: Fifteen love.

Light: Whoa, Ryuga. You sure don’t mess around.

L: He who strikes first wins.



Boss: What do you mean you’re not at liberty to say.

Soichiro: I’m very sorry, sir. We’re under orders from L not to discuss the case with anyone including you.

Boss: I’m not asking for details here, just what you’re doing and where.

Soichiro: I’m very sorry, sir.

Boss: Hm. You know, Yagami, it’s been 4 months since this case came to the public’s attention, and they want results. People are saying that the NPA is incompetent, that L is incompetent.

Soichiro: With all due respect, sir, the rest of the department runs away with their tails between their legs and we’re incompetent? Do you have any idea how many people are left at the task force headquarters these days? If you’re concerned with public opinion, then you’ll want to suppress the fact that most of our detectives would rather let the serial killer roam free than risk their lives. Please excuse me.

Boss: Yagami, what about this L character? Can he be trusted?

Soichiro: In my opinion, he’s a lot more capable than we are. Right now, even as we speak, he’s risking his life.


[—tennis court—]

Student1: Are these two really amateurs? Who are they anyway?

Student2: I think their names are Light Yagami and Hideki Ryuga. These are the same two guys who scored perfect on the exam.

L: Relax, Light. While it’s true that Kira hates losing, it’s also true that most people would rather win than lose. It’s human nature.

Light: Is he going to think that I’m kira if I go for the win? I suppose I could just lose on purpose, but if I’d do, it could work against me. Since he’d expect Kira to want to win, he might also expect me to throw the match to avoid suspicion. I don’t see any way that he can profile me, based on a tennis match. So, I have to assume he has some other goal in mind.

Light: Either way, I’m not going to let him win!

L: Look at that. He’s going for the win.

Judge: That’s 4 games all. Light Yagami to serve.

Ryuk: Haha. And just like that. We’ve got an umpire and a line judge.

Student3: Ah, you won’t believe this. I thought I’d heard the name Light Yagami somewhere before, so I checked. He was the 02, 03 Junior High tennis champion. Apparently during the 3rd year award ceremony, he announced that he was hanging up his racket, and I guess he hasn’t played competitively since.

Student4: Hey, hey. What about my Ryuga? Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed him holding his own against this former junior high champ.

L: I can see the wheels turning, Light Yagami. I’m already in your head.

Light: There’s no way this tennis match would deepen our friendship. This is a token gesture, and an elaborate act to go through so we can say we’re closer.

L: Because I wanted to play tennis with you, you’ll assume that I’m preparing to take a step closer, laying the groundwork to get to know you better.

Light: And then you’re going to try and trap me, by getting me to say something that only Kira would know.

L: However, I’m sure you’ll tell me you need to know if you can trust me first. And of course, the only way to win your trust would be to share what I know about Kira.

Light: If you want me to discuss Kira with you, it only makes sense that I want to ask for proof that you Are in charge of the investigation. And more importantly, that you are really L as you say you are.

L: So it goes without saying that the first thing you are going to want from me is…

Light: Some kind of confirmation from a third party that you really are L, which means…

Light/L: We’ll have to go to the task force headquarters.

Light: In all things, one cannot win with defense alone. To win, you must attack!

Judge: Game and set. Won by Light Yagami. Six games to four!



L: Just as I expected, you beat me.

Light: It’s been a while since I had played that hard. I’m feeling kind of thirsty. Plus there’s something I wanted to ask you about. You wanna go somewhere for a drink?

L: You humored me with the tennis match. The least I can do is answer some of your questions. But before this conversation goes any further, there’s something I must tell you.

Light: What’s that?

L: I suspect that you, Light Yagami, are in fact Kira. Now, if you still wanna ask me something, then please go ahead.

Light: Ha, you think I’m Kira?

L: Well, when I say I suspect you, it’s only a 1% possibility. That aside, I don’t mind telling you that once I’m sure you aren’t Kira and I can verify that your deductive skills are as strong as I think they are, I’d like nothing more than to have you work with me on this investigation.

Light: 1%, huh? That was well-worded.

Because no matter how little he says he suspects me, it means he has grounds to prevent me from meeting anyone of the task force. It was quite the preemptive move on his part. He got me.



Light: This coffee shop is one of my favorites in the area, and if we sit here there’s no chance of anyone overhearing us.

L: Thanks for showing me this place. I can see why you like it.

Light: Not to mention we’re so out-of-the-way here, no one’s gonna give you a hard time about the way you sit.

L: I don’t sit like this because I want to, I have to sit like this. You see, if I were to sit normally, my deductive skills would immediately be reduced by roughly 40%. So, what was it you wanted to ask me?

Light: Right. I’m sure that can wait until you’re convinced that I’m not Kira. So please, let’s talk about whatever you want to.

L: You’re under no obligation to do this, but would you mind submitting yourself to a test of your deductive reasoning skills?

Light: Sure. Why not? Sounds like fun.

L: All right. Then, We can begin by taking a look at these.

L: Photographs of three notes written by prison inmates while under Kira’s control just prior to their deaths. None of this information has been made public. You can take as long as you want to look them over. Please let me know what you think.

Light: Very interesting.

Light: Come on, this is child’s play. There’s a print number on the back of each these photographs. If I ignored this fact and was still able to come up the phrase, “L, do you know gods of death love apples", what would that mean? Clearly if I read it the way Kira intended on my first attempt, I’d only look more suspicious. But the fact that I’m able to solve this silly code isn’t enough on its own to prove that I am Kira.

Light: It would be quite amazing to learn that not only could Kira kill others but could also control his victims’ actions. I think Kira wrote these and it seems he’s encoded a message for you as well, almost as if he’s mocking you. If you align these notes up side by side and take a look at the first letter of every line, it reveals a message. Rearranging it like this gives you: “L, do you know, Gods of Death love apples." But there are obvious print numbers on the back of all these photographs. Arrange it in that order, we get “L, do you know, love apples Gods of Death." Haha, doesn’t sound right, and based on that, it’s hard to believe that Kira would have wanted you to read it this way.

L: That’s incorrect.

Light: Huh?

L: The thing is, there were actually four photographs. When we add this one, it reads, “L, do you know Gods of Death who love apples have red hands."

Light: It’s a fake! I never made any criminal write the letter in this fourth picture. Is he stupid?

Light: But seeing as I only have three photographs to work with, my deduction was perfect.

L: No, it wasn’t.

The truth is, there were four of them. If you’d figured that out, it would have been perfect.

Even though you knew the message was incomplete, you decided that there were only three notes. You never even considered that there might be a fourth. What do you make of that?

Light: Damn him! This wasn’t just about gauging my deductive reasoning skills. He wanted to see what my reaction would be. If I keep falling for his tricks, I’ll be playing right into his hands.

Light: Well, you got me there. I didn’t think of that. In any case, the likelihood this message will lead you to Kira is not very great. Besides, we all know Gods of Death don’t exist.

L: If you were me, faced with someone who might be Kira, how would you go about establishing this person’s innocence or guilt if you need to be absolutely sure?

Light: I would probably try to get him to say something that was never made public in any way, something that only Kira could know. Kind of like what you are doing just now.

L: Truly amazing! What’s incredible is that I’ve asked countless detectives that same question and it took most of them minutes to even come up with an answer. But you…you immediately thought of a scenario in which Kira is speaking directly to the investigator. I’m impressed. You’ll make a fine detective, Light.

Light: Haha, but it’s a bit of a double edged sword. The more impressive my answer is, the more of a suspect I’ll become.

L: Yes. It’s about 3% now. However, it’s made me that much more determined to work with you on this investigation.

L: You see, I’m in a position where, even if you are Kira, it would still be to my benefit to have you working alongside us. Do you know why I’d say that?

Light: If I cooperate with you, there’s a chance I can help the investigation to move forward, and if I’m Kira, I might reveal myself. In other words, whether I’m Kira or not, you stand to gain, either way. It’s a very smart move on your part, but I think you might be getting the wrong idea. It’s true that I do have an interest in the Kira case, and yes, detective work is a hobby of mine. But I know that I’m not Kira, and I certainly don’t want to be killed by him. Besides, what proof you have been able to give me that you yourself aren’t Kira? I mean, it hardly seems fair for just one of us to be investigated, wouldn’t you say? At this point, neither of us can prove that we’re not Kira. However, if you are in fact L, I don’t imagine it would be that hard for you to prove it to me. I think I’d be convinced if, say, my father or someone else from the task force headquarters was able to confirm your identity. If you can’t do that, then I’m afraid I just won’t be able to help you.

L: You sure talk a lot, don’t you, Light? Typical for someone who hates losing. Makes it up 7%, but could he be really him?

L: I don’t remember saying you couldn’t meet anyone from the task force headquarters to verify my identity.

Light: Huh?

L: I’m currently working alongside your father, as well as several other senior detectives from the NPA. Now if I understand you correctly and I take you to task force headquarters, you’ll help us with the investigation. Am I safe in making this assumption?

Light: Does this guy have a death wish? I don’t understand. What is he thinking?

L: Excuse me.

Light: Ah, there goes mine.

L: Yes?

Watari: Ryuzaki, I have some bad news.

Sachiko: Light. Your father is…

L: Light, it’s your..

Light: My father…He had a heart attack!




Sachiko: Okay, see you tomorrow. Have them call home if you need me to bring anything. Light, you take care of him, Okay?

Light: Sure.

Light: So the doctors think stress was the only cause?

Soichiro: Yeah. To be honest I thought it was Kira when I first collapsed, but I’ll be all right. It seems I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard lately.

L: Indeed, it must have added to your stress knowing that Light is a suspect in this investigation.

Light: You actually told my father that?

L: Yes. In fact I’ve told him everything. It’s true he even knows that I am L.

Light: Hm.

Soichiro: That’s correct. This man is L. To protect his identity, we on the task force refer to him as Ryuzaki, but make no mistake. It’s him.

Light: This guy is the real L. My father wouldn’t lie. The very same man who’s been controling the police up to this point. If I get rid of him and the rest of the investigative team…. No, no, let’s face it. It wouldn’t be that simple. There’s no need to rush. I have time to sit back and watch. But for now, I’m the Light Yagami, who is worried for his father.

Soichiro: So, Ryuzaki, now that you had a chance to talk to my son, is he cleared as a suspect?

L: When I say I suspect him, you should know it’s very minor. We’ve gone over this, but I’ll explain it again. Not long ago Kira killed 12 FBI agents who’d come to Japan to assist us. They were instructed to follow people connected to the Japanese police. One of these agents, Raye Penber, exhibited unusual behave before he died.

Light: I understand. And I was one of the people Raye Penber was investigating before he died. It only makes sense I’d be a suspect. No. To be more precise, there’s no one else you could suspect.

L: I find Light’s deductive powers quite impressive. He’s always quick and to the point.

Light: Ryuga, I’d like to help with the investigation. My father has erased any doubts I might’ve had regarding your true identity. Also I’d like nothing more than to catch Kira, so I can prove once and for all that I’m not him.

Soichiro: No, Light. This is the time in your life when you should be studying to become a police officer. It won’t be too late to join us once you’re done.

Light: C’mon, Dad, what are you talking about? Who knows how many years that’ll take? Besides, don’t you remember my promise… that if something ever happened to you, I would find Kira and make sure he gets executed.

Soichiro: I refuse to believe that my son could turn out to be Kira.

L: This doesn’t seem like an act to me. Or if it is, it’s too cheesy.

Soichiro: Light, listen to me. Kira is pure evil. We can all agree on that. But recently I’ve started thinking of this whole situation in a different way. What is truly evil is the power to kill people. And any person who has come to possess this kind of power is cursed. No matter how you use it, no true happiness can be obtained like that, not by killing other people.

L: I think you’re absolutely right. If Kira is just a normal person who somehow obtained this awful power, I would say that he is cursed.

Soichiro: Ryuzaki, I’m sorry for all this trouble, but I’ll be back at work as soon as the doctor’s let me out of here.

Nurse: Excuse me. Visiting hours were over ten minutes ago.


[—outside of the hospital—]

Light: Ryuga, what would it take to get you to believe that I’m not Kira? Please, isn’t there something?

L: If you aren’t Kira, it won’t be necessary. Let things run their course, and the truth will be revealed.

Light: I can’t take this any more. Put yourself in my position. How do you think it feels to be accused of being Kira.

L: It was one of the worst feelings ever.

Light: What if you were to lock me up for a month in a place with no TV or any other kind of access to the outside world and keep a constant watch over me?

L: Would any normal person be willing to go to such extreme measures to clear their name?

L: That’s no good. I can’t do anything that would deprive you of basic human rights. And furthermore, it’s completely nonsense for the investigator to take suggestions from his suspect.

Light: I understand.

L: Don’t worry so much. Be patient. It’ll become apparent to us if you’re not Kira. And listening to that conversation between you and your father, I was almost convinced you might not be him.

Light, please take good care of Mr. Yagami.

Light: Ah, one more thing. I know I agreed to help with the investigation, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do much until my father is healthy again.

L: Yes, of course. Well, then.


Light: Hideki Ryuga..Ryuzaki.. He is the L I’ve been fighting this whole time. What is his real name?

L: Light Yagama. Are you not Kira?

Light: Ryuk.

Ryuk: Huh?

Light: I’ve never once felt cursed since I picked up the death note. In fact the thought never even crossed my mind. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. All thanks to this power, I’m going to create a perfect world.

Ryuk: Honestly I could care less whether you feel cursed or happy to have a notebook. I’ll leave that sentimental crap to you humans. But, normally humans who come into contact with a Shinigami have nothing but misfortune.

Light: That’s interesting. But I have no intentions of repeating that pattern.

Ryuk: Hehe, well, I hope you’re right about that.


[—Meeting at TV—]

Demegawa: What is this crap? Don’t tell me this is your idea of a proposal. Listen. You people must think that just mentioning Kira’s name is enough to get us the ratings we need, huh? Well, you are wrong! Our program gets the ratings because we cover the stories that the other stations won’t touch. If it bleeds, it leads. What I need is a good freaking story, not this crap. Now get out there and find me a story!

Man: But the police won’t talk, sir. It’s been impossible to get details from them lately.

Demegawa: Idiot! I don’t pay you to complain. If they won’t give you anything, then get creative!


Lady: Mr. Demegawa, sir. This is for you.

Demegawa: What is it? So who is this from? Huh? Haha. Now, this is more like it. This is what I call a story. It’s almost too good to be true. A message to the world from Kira. “If you do not broadcast these tapes, I will kill your company’s board of directors one by one." Who wouldn’t air these? If this is for real, our ratings are gonna go through the roof. Holy crap! I’m so excited that I feel like I’m having a heart attack here!