デスノート 第4話 “追跡" の英語スクリプトです



Shinigami1 : Has anyone seen Ryuk around lately?

Shinigami2 : Maybe he was serious about losing his death note.

Shinigami3 : It was probably picked up by some human before he could get to it.

Shinigami4 : No way.
Then he’d be stuck there till the end of that human’s life or until the death note was destroyed.
That could take a while.

Shinigami5 : Yeah. I can’t picture Ryuk doing something so boring.

Shinigami6 : But do you know what?
I actually heard he was carrying two death notes.

Shinigami7 : Seriously why would he need two?

Shinigami5 : Beats me. I’ll never understand that guy.


[—Light’s Room—]

Light : So, the price for receiving the eyes of a Shinigami is no more than half of my remaining life span?
That’s it, right?

Ryuk : Yes. Well then. Do we have a deal or not?

Light : Ryuk. This deal is out of the question.

Ryuk : Huh?

Light : Let’s get this straight.
My plan is to create an ideal new world free from evil and all criminals.
And I intend to reign as a god in that world for a very long time.
I might consider the deal if it lengthened my life, but not if I die sooner.
I figured you of all people should know I wouldn’t take this deal.

Ryuk : Yeah. I still felt I should tell you that the deal existed just in case.
Anyway I’ve done my part.
I don’t need you complaining I didn’t tell you this earlier on.

Light : This is what you call telling me early on?
Don’t you think you’re a little late?
I don’t see why you couldn’t have told me this when we met.
Or better yet, you could have simply included it in the instructions for the death note.

Ryuk : Ah. Good point.
He’s not the slightest bit daunted by the fact that I’m a Shinigami.
He doesn’t suck up to me.
And he seems to have no problem giving me a hard time.

Light : Well.
You’re sure there’s nothing else you want to tell me ahead of time, Shinigami?

Ryuk : No. Nothing else. Nah. Probably.

Light : Really? That’s too bad.

Ryuk : What do you mean?

Light : You know Ryuk, I might have seriously considered the deal if you’d offered me wings instead of eyes.
Just the idea flying around freely in the sky sounds very godlike.
After all it’s been Mankind’s dream since antiquity to be able to fly.

Ryuk : You’d stand out if you sprouted wings and flew around.
Not to mention the police would have no trouble finding you.

Light : I was only joking.
Anyway if I keep bargaining for eyes and wings and whatever else, next thing you know I’m gonna end up becoming a real Shinigami.
Though who knows. I bet that could be pretty interesting.

Ryuk : I wouldn’t worry.
Even without the eyes and the wings, you are already a worthy Shinigami.

The Shinigami realm is slowly rotting.
We lead meaningless and empty lives.
And the only reason we still take human lives is because we are afraid to die ourselves.
The truth of the matter is that we no longer even know why we exist.
In fact I doubt there’s any reason for our existence at all.
What I’m saying is, compared to that, you are becoming a much more impressive Shinigami.

Light : I don’t know about that, I mean, from what you are telling me, it sounds like I’m doing a lot more work than they are.

But I don’t want to be compared to a Shinigami.
I’m a human using this death note to make the world a better place for other humans.
But I wouldn’t necessarily say that the Shinigami realm is meaningless to humans, either.

Ryuk : Huh? Why do you say that?

Light : Well, just think about it.
Whenever a Shinigami like you comes to the human world once every hundred, no more like every thousand years, the human world changes dramatically.
The existence of the Shinigami realm is extremely significant.

Ryuk : Really?

Light : You told me just now that the Shinigami realm is slowly rotting, right?
Well, when you return from this world, why not use what you’ve learned here to try and change it for the better?

Ryuk : Well, Light, I’m not sure why I never noticed this until now, but you are quite the positive thinker.

Light : Haha. Yeah. Of course, I am.
That’s why I’m using the death note to create a better world.
You have to be a positive thinker to even attempt something like this.
That’s it. I got it.

Ryuk : Got what? What is this about?

Light : I think I just figured out how to find the name of the guy who was following me today.

Ryuk : How are you gonna do that?

Light : I’m gonna use the rules of the death note to my advantage.
I already know that if I write down a cause of death, I’ve got 6 minutes and 40 seconds to record the conditions and exact time of death.
First I need to know exactly how far I can go in terms of specifying the details of death.
It should be interesting.


Soichiro : Yeah. It’s me.
Another 6 inmates were found dead last night?
All were heart attacks? It’s him.
What? Huh? Bizarre behavior before they died?
Could you be more specific?
What do you mean?
So they didn’t just die from heart attacks?

Man : No. What I’m saying is they all died of heart attacks but it wasn’t quite that simple.
Before one of them died, he drew a pentagram on the wall of his cell using his own blood.
Another left a letter but it doesn’t seem to be a will or anything meaningful.
And as for the third victim, he escaped from his cell and ran all the way to the staff bathrooms before he died.

L : What is it, Watari?

Watari : Three more heart attack victims.
But the circumstances of their deaths are different from what we’ve seen thus far.

L : What do you mean by different?

Watari : I’m sending you a copy of a letter as well as pictures taken at the scene.

L : OK. It sounds like he was afraid that Kira would find him.
It’s believable that our victim might’ve been genuinely afraid and wrote this.
But we know Kira can control the time of death.
What if he can also determine the actions in the moments leading up to death.
In which case..

L : Chief.

Soichiro : Hm?

L : We can’t release details of these men’s deaths to the media.
As far as they are concerned, these are just heart attacks.
I have reason to believe that Kira was performing some kind of test using these criminals.
If that’s the case, we’d only be giving him the results if this information is leaked to the public.

Soichiro : Right. I understand.

Man1 : So now he is experimenting on his victims?

Man2 : Horrible.

Soichiro : He is playing with people’s lives, as if all this was just a game.
It’s unforgivable.

L : If Kira is really using criminals as test subjects, what is he trying to achieve?


[—Light’s Room—]

Light : Look at this, Ryuk.
I think we are in luck.
The results of yesterday’s little test have already been downloaded onto my Dad’s computer.
And these results are just as I expected.
The Death note will work for what I have in mind.

Ryuk : What do you mean by that?

Light : One of them escaped and ran into the bathroom I had specified in the death note.
Another one drew the same symbol I had drawn in the death note before he died.
And finally, a third wrote the same letter I had written in the death note word for word.
All three did exactly what I intended them to do.
For the other 3 inmates, I purposely wrote conditions that were virtually impossible.

Ryuk : Huh?

Light : With the first one I wrote that he would die in front of the Eiffel tower in one hour.
However, everyone knows that it is physically impossible to go from a prison in Japan to Paris, France in only one hour.
Since this couldn’t happen, he simply died of a heart attack in prison.
The next was supposed to draw an exact picture of L’s face on the prison wall.
This also didn’t happen.
You can’t draw someone you’ve never seen, right?

Ryuk : Make sense.

Light : With the last one I tried something slightly different.
I specified that he would write a note that read “I know that L is suspicious of the Japanese police"
To be honest, I actually expected this one to work.
But it didn’t end up happening.
Which means, it’s impossible to make someone write what they don’t already know.
Or at the very least it has to be the kind of thing they could come up with on their own.
Basically even the death note can’t do the impossible.
But as long as it’s within the realistic limits of what a person might do, I can control them as much as I want before they die.

Ryuk : That’s very clever.
But what’s all this leading to?
What’s the point?

Light : These latest victims will no doubt keep L and the police guessing.
Even as we speak, he’s probably trying to decipher all the clues I left for him.
Especially that little note.
That absolutely meaningless dying message.

L : If Kira used those criminals to conduct an experiment of some sort, it means he’s about to start something.
If he moves now, there’s a good chance that the FBI would notice someone acting suspiciously.
But perhaps he has a different goal in mind altogether.
Could the pentagram and this letter be some kind of message?
Ha! Is this it?

Light :All right. Time for the real thing.

Ryuk : Real thing?

Light : Yesterday on the news they said this drug addict tried to rob a bank but was unsuccessful.
He attacked a few people and then ran away empty-handed.
I’ll use him.
It’s kind of last minute but I’m sure I can find someone.
I’ve got a few people in mind.

Ryuk : A few people? For what?

Light : You’ll see. Believe it or not, I’m actually a rather popular guy, Ryuk.

Yuri : H-hello. Um, Light? Oh, morning.



[—Bus Stop—]

Light : He’s still following me. Perfect.
This whole thing will just be a waste of time if he wasn’t tailing me.

Girl : Light!

Ryuk : A date?

Light : Yeah. It’s a date no matter how you look at it.
I’m sure even my stalker will see it that way.

Ryuk : But this isn’t just a date, is it?
You said that you’d figured out a way to find your stalker’s name.
So tell me, what do you plan on doing?

Light : Huh? C’mon.
Didn’t you see what I wrote in the death note?
I explained it in great detail.

Ryuk : No. Doing that would take all the fun out of it.

Light : In that case, just be patient and watch what happens.

Light : Sorry. Did I keep you waiting?

Girl : No, not at all.
Anyway, I haven’t been to Spaceland since junior high.
I’m so excited.
And the best part is, I have you all to myself.

Light : Uh, yeah.

RAYE : During the week he goes to school and cram school at night.
Dates on his day off.
A normal kid, just a hard working senior in high school.
Chief Yagami’s son, Light Yagami.
No cause for suspicion.
At any rate, I’ll be done with my surveillance today.
And that’ll be it.


Girl : I don’t get it, Light.
Didn’t you say you weren’t going out until entrance exams were over?

Light : That was before I scored No.1 on the national practice exams.

Girl : Ah, you’re such a nerd.


[—Hijacker get on board—]

Light : It’s him. He’s here.
7 passengers excluding him.
No one’s in the way.
Everything should go smoothly.

Driver : Ah!

Hijacker : Stay in your seats unless you want to die.

Girl : Ahh.

RAYE : A bus jacking?
You gotta be kidding me.

Hijacker : Everybody, shut up.
If anybody moves, I’m putting a bullet in their head.
All right driver, you listen to me.
I know you’ve got the number for Spaceland’s office on you.

Driver : OK. This-this is Sasaki, calling from bus 174.

Hijacker : Tell’em what’s goin’ on and no tricks, either.

Driver :My bus’s been hijacked.
And he’s holding a gun to my head.

Hijacker : Give me that.
You heard what he said.
Now you listen up.
Have a female staff member bring all of Spaceland’s cash from yesterday.
I know it’s there.
Have her meet us two bus stops from the park and don’t make me wait.
If you mess with me at all, or try to get the police involved, I swear I’ll kill every one of these passengers.

Light : Yuri, don’t be scared.
As soon as he turns around, I’m gonna grab the gun out of his hand.

RAYE : Don’t be stupid. That’s risky.
If it comes to that, I’ll take care of it.
It’s OK.
We don’t have to pass notes back and forth.
As long as we keep it down, he won’t be able to hear our voices over the sound of the engine.

Light : Do you have any proof that you are not his accomplice?
Why should we trust you?

Girl : Accomplice?

Light : Yes. I’ve read about this before.
The first hijacker comes in like he is working alone.
Meanwhile a second one pretends to be a hostage and stays in the very back just in case something goes wrong.
What’s the matter?

Girl : You-you really think he is one?

RAYE : I..I have no choice.
I’m sure Light Yagami isn’t Kira.
If he was, he could just kill this guy with a heart attack.
Here’s my proof. Take a look.

Light : FBI? I see.
L needed an outsider, so he got the FBI to investigate anyone connected to the Japanese police.
His name is Raye Penber.

Light : I trust you.
And I guess for the time being I won’t bother asking what an FBI agent is doing on the bus in the first place.
Do you have a gun?

RAYE : Yeah. I’ve got one.

Light : So if it comes down to it, I can rely on you, right?

RAYE : Yes.

Hijacker : Shut the hell up, you old hag.
You want me to shoot you right now?

RAYE : That’s right. This guy.
His face was all over the local news just a few days ago.

Hijacker : Look at me when I’m talking to you grandma!

RAYE : Some junkie. He tried to rob a bank, ended up killing three people before he got away.
He’s extremely dangerous.

Light : We are safe.
He won’t shoot us.
In fact, he’s not gonna do anything.

Hijacker : Don’t move, you little punk.
What the hell is that?
Hey, a smart-ass.
You guys were planning something back here, weren’t you?

RAYE : Damn it. If he sees that note from before, he’ll find out that Light was planning to jump him and take his gun away.

Hijacker : Plans for a date, huh?
Stupid kid.

Light : Gotcha.

Hijacker : W-who the hell are you?
You in the very back.
What do you think you’re doing?
Don’t mess with me.
How long have you been hiding back there?

Ryuk : What’s this?
You are talking to me?
So you mean you can actually see me right now?

Hijacker : Stay there, you.
You keep away from me, you freak.

RAYE : This isn’t good! He’s hallucinating.
Everyone, get down!

Ryuk : Oh, I get it.
That little note that Light accidentally dropped was actually torn from the pages of the death note itself.
Since he tricked this guy into touching the paper, he’s the only other one on the bus who can see me.
That’s so smart.

Hijacker : Get away!

Ryuk : Sorry, pal. I’m a Shinigami, so I’m afraid your bullets aren’t gonna kill me.

Hijacker : Ahhhh!

Ryuk : Anyone who touches the death note can see me.
I have to stay till the death note is finished or I see you die, whichever comes first.
And a Shinigami can’t die from being shot.
I’ve said all these things at one time or another.
Well he is the top grade student in the country.
Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
He even used this hijacking as a way to get the guy following him to willingly give up his name.

Hijacker : Stop the bus! Let me off!

Light : 11:45 on the dot.
Everything went just as I planned.
Kiichiro Osoreda. Accidental death.
Boards the 11 :31 Spaceland bound bus near the eastern entrance to the park, holding a loaded gun and attempts to hijack the bus.
He sees a horrific phantom and empties his gun trying to kill it.
Terrified, he flees the bus.
Immediately afterwards at 11:45, he dies when struck by a car.

Light : The death note never fails.
You will be next, Raye Penber.


To be continued to #05…