デスノート 第3話 “取引" の英語スクリプトです。


[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro : All right. Let’s start with the tip line reports.

Man1 : Yes, sir. Up to this point we’ve received 3029 responses about the murders via telephone and e-mail.
Most of these have been curious citizens and prank calls, but there are 14 people who claimed to either know Kira or who have seen him.
All 14 accounts were followed up on and carefully documented.
However, nobody could provide any information that wasn’t already publicly available.
And lastly this week there were additional 21 people who called in claiming to be Kira.
We didn’t wanna rule anything out.
So we followed standard procedure and created files for all 21 of them.

Soichiro : Uh huh. All right. On to the victim reports.

Man2 : Yes, sir.
Upon further investigation, we have confirmed that information of the heart attack victims was in fact publicly available in Japan immediately prior to their deaths.
Also, concerning L’s request that we investigate the time of death of each victim, we found that all of them occurred between the hours of 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. on week days local time with 68% of them occurring between 8 p.m. and12 a.m.
Weekends and holidays appeared to be the exception to this rule as the times of deaths vary much more widely than during the week.

L : That information is extremely relevant for us.
It suggests that, given the times of death, our suspect could very well be a student.
Based on the fact that Kira is only killing criminals, I think it’s safe to assume that he is driven by a very idealistic notion of justice.
It’s highly possible he may even aspire to be some sort of godlike figure.
We’re dealing with the individual who has a very childish concept of right and wrong.
Of course, this is mere speculation at this point, but still I recommend you reexamine any assumptions you’ve made as to whether or not our suspect could be a student.
We must consider every possibility.
I believe that’s the shortest route to finding and arresting Kira.
Please continue with your report.

Soichiro : Hm. Oh right. Does anyone else have something they’d like to add?

Matsuda : Ah, yes, sir.

Soichiro : What is it, Matsuda?

Matsuda : Um. well I’m not saying this to support Kira, or to condone the murders, but in the last few days throughout the world, but especially here in Japan, we’ve observed the dramatic decrease in the number of violent crimes committed.

Soichiro : Well, I suppose it makes sense. We’ve suspected something like that would happen.
Anything else?

Matsuda : No.

Soichiro : Well that about sums up our report for today. L.

L : Thank you everyone.
I feel we’re one step closer to finding Kira.
Before I go, I’m afraid I have one additional request to make.
This is directed to the teams investigating the victims, TV news, and internet, I would like you to go back and take a closer look at the exact way in which the victims’ identities were made public.
Be as thorough as possible.
In particular I want to know if photos of the victims were made available to the public in Japan.
I leave it to you.

Soichiro : Ah..ah..

Matsuda : Chief!

Soichiro : Hm?

Matsuda : You look like you could use one of these.
Sleepy much?

Soichiro : Ah. Thank you.
That’ll do the trick.
I feel all these late nights are starting to take their toll.

Matsuda : About what I said earlier at the meeting.
Well, now that I think about it, I’m sure everyone already knew that.
I wanted to apologize.

Soichiro : What on earth are you talking about?
Nobody says it’ll be easy to speak the truth, but it has to be done.
Especially when it is something that isn’t easy to say.

Matsuda : Ha?

Soichiro : Having said that, if you had gone on to say that we should commend Kira for doing such a great job of reducing violent crime, then yes, I might have a little problem with that.

Matsuda : Oh, no. No, I wouldn’t. That would never happen.

Soichiro : Hahaha. I’m just kidding.


[—Light’s Home—]

Sayu : I knew I can count on you, Light.

Light : Hey, so do you think you’re ready to try a few on your own now?

Sayu : Huh? Yeah. I guess so. Oh, sounds like Dad’s home.

Mom : Welcome home, dear.

Soichiro : Thank you.

Sayu : He’s home really early today.

Light : Hey, why don’t you at least try the last problem by yourself?

Sayu : I will, but maybe after dinner.

Light : Yeah, right.

Ryuk : Helping your sister with her homework, you sure are relaxed.

Light : Of course. If the police try to come after me, I’m pretty confident I’ve got something that’ll give me the advantage.
Hey, glad you can join us for dinner.
You hungry, dad?

Soichiro : Yeah. It’s been a long day.



Soichiro : So, Light, tell me how are your studies going?

Light : Hm? Everything is Okay, I guess.

Sayu : Whatever. He’s at the top of his class.
My big brother is a genius.

Mom : That’s my son we’re all proud of you, Light.

Light : Is everything okay, Dad? You look tired.

Soichiro : Yeah. I’m not able to say too much about it, but this case I’m working on now is really tough.

Ryuk : I see. Well, well. Daddy’s a policeman.
And that must be the reason why you’re so confident?

Light : That’s right. It’s easy for me to hack into Dad’s computer we’re on a home network so I can copy the files I need without leaving a trace.
This way I can keep track of their investigation.
Here we go.

Light : Well, isn’t that interesting? Looks like the police are already beginning to suspect a student.

Ryuk : Hehehe. I guess that means you are in trouble.

Light : If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen.
If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
That sound right to you, Ryuk?

Ryuk : So, what’s your point?

Light : In other words, if I write heart attacks as the cause of death, then I should be able to write down all the details including time of death afterward, shouldn’t I?
Looks like I will be able to provide you with more entertainment now.


[—Death Scene—]

VICTIMS : Ooooh!

OFFICER : Inmate 148, what’s wrong?
Snap out of it!


[—Task Force HQ—]
Soichiro : What? I don’t believe this. Another 23 victims yesterday? Are these confirmed?

Man : Y-yes.

Soichiro : The day before there were another 23 victims.

He’s killing one off every hour on the hour.

Man : Considering that this new pattern has been going on for two weekdays, it does punch some holes in that theory that the suspect is a student.

Man : Maybe not.
Anybody can skip two days a school.

L : You’re missing the point.

Man : Huh?

L : It does appear less likely now that Kira is a student, but that’s not the message he’s sending by doing this.
Ask yourselves. Why every hour and why are all these victims in prisons where they should be discovered immediately.
Why not other criminals like before?
I believe Kira is telling us that not only can he kill from a distance, but he can also determine the time of death.


[—L and Light Thinking—]

L : But something is not right.
As soon as we began to suspect that Kira might be a student, the pacing of the killings changed.
As if to contradict that theory. Coincidence? No. Too convenient.
This can only mean that Kira has access to police information.
It’s obvious now. This is a direct challenge to me.

Light : I’d say L is probably starting to sweat a little by now.
What’ll really make his job difficult is that I’ve deliberately left about 50 criminals alive for times like this.

Ryuk : Oh?

Light : If L is as good as they say, by now he should be starting to suspect someone with connections to the police.

L : So Kira has found a way to obtain information from the task force headquarters.
This is one fact that cannot be ignored.
But what does he get out of all this?
What is he hoping to achieve in the end?

Ryuk : There’s one thing I don’t get.
Showing them you have connections to the police makes it easier for them to find you than when they just suspected you a student.

Light : Well, my real agenda is to get close to L.
So I can eliminate him.

Ryuk : How are you gonna do that?

Light : You still don’t understand human beings.
In this world, there are very few people who actually trust each other.
Then it’s no different for the police, you know.
What’s especially important is that L and the investigators don’t trust each other at all.
Think about it. Could you trust someone whose name and face you don’t even know?
When L discovers that I’m somehow getting confidential information,
he’ll be obligated to start investigating the police to find the source of the leak.
When that happens it’ll only be a matter of time before the police start resenting L.
On the surface it will appear that L and the investigation team are working together to try to catch me.
But in reality, L will investigate the police and they will be investigating L.
I’m not the one who is going to find L.
I can let the police do that for me.
And when they do that’s when I’ll eliminate him.



[—Task Force HQ—]

Soichiro : What’s this about?

Man1 : With all due respect, chief, we are resigning.
We demand that you assign us to a different case.
Otherwise, you can have our badges right here and now.
Soichiro : Why? You are good cops.

Man1 : Isn’t it clear?
It’s because we value our lives, sir.

Man2 : If what L says is true, Kira has some ESP-like power that somehow allows him to kill people indirectly from anywhere.

Man3 : Well, if I were Kira, sir, I’d probably wanna trying to get rid of the people who are trying to catch me.

Man2 : Let’s face it, he knows he will be sentenced to death if he’s caught.

Man1 : We all sat here and watched when L decided to pull that media stunt and challenge Kira to kill him. Well, it was all very impressive at the time, but again L never had to show his face or reveal his name for that matter.
I’m sure you recall L’s last request?
He asked that we take a closer look at how these victims’ identities were made public.
And specifically to determine whether photos of the victims were available to the public prior to their deaths.
Well, it turns out he was right.
Every single one of those victims’ names and photos were broadcast to the Japanese public and then they died.
Unlike someone we know, we are out there investigating this case wearing police IDs with our names and photos on them.
Anybody with a computer can find out who we are.
We don’t hide our faces. We 're out in the open.

Man3 : Sir, the truth is, we could be killed by Kira at any time.

Man1 : For these reasons, we refuse to continue working this case. Excuse us, chief.

Soichiro : Hey, stop. All of you. Hold it right there.


[—Cram School—]

Teacher : In order to solve this problem, we must establish the concept that X squared equals large X.
Now pay attention because this is important.
Before we tackle more complex quadratic equations, we have to start thinking of large X’s values, as simply the multiple of two integers. Now let’s apply this concept to our first problem.


[—L’s room—]

Watari : We’ve brought the FBI to Japan four days ago.
They are fully operational. As requested they are now gathering intel of the police.

L : And this is the complete list?

Watari : Yes.

L : There are 141 people in the police force who have access to classified information regarding the investigation.
I’m sure somewhere in this list of the police officers and the people closest to them, we will find our suspect.


[—On the way home—]

Ryuk : Light, you got a second?

Light : I’ve already told you, Ryuk.
You can’t talk to me in public.
How many times do I have to tell you?

Ryuk : In that case I’ll talk, you just listen.
If you don’t want to hear me, you can plug your ears or something.
First of all, I don’t have anything against you.
I actually think the notebook couldn’t have been picked up by a better person.
I’m here 'cause I have to stick around till the death note is finished or I see you die, whichever comes first.
But make no mistake, Light. I’m not on your side or L’s side.

Light : Yeah. Well, I knew that much already.

Ryuk : You’ll never hear me say anything about whether what you’re doing is right or wrong.
I’m not here to support you or give you my opinion. I’m just a spectator.
But as your roommate I might have a few things to say now and then.

Light : What’s this about, Ryuk?
Why are you telling me all this stuff now anyway?
It’s really not like you.

Ryuk : It’s just that I’m no ally of yous or Kira’s if you prefer, the only reason I’m going to tell you this is because personally it is starting to creep me out.

Light : Get to the point already.

Ryuk : Hahaha. You are being followed by another human.
He’s watching you right now.
It’s really starting to get on my nerves.
I realize there’s no way he can see me, but because I’m always following behind you wherever you go, I feel like I’m constantly being watched.

Light : That’s a problem. I’ll have to get rid of him as soon as possible.


[—Light’s room—]

Light : Who would be following me?
Does this mean L is already starting to suspect the police?
If he’s gonna investigate the police, he’ll need a lot of resources and manpower.
Even if he has as many as 50 people on the case, I don’t see how they could ever figure out that I’m Kira.
I shouldn’t look like anything other than your average high school senior.
But the longer I let this person keep following me, the greater the chance is they’ll figure out who I really am.
Above all, I need my stalker’s name.
Once I figured that out, I can get rid of him for good.

Ryuk : Light. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.
What makes a Shinigami and a human who has a death note different?
Well there are two things.
And why do Shinigami have to write the names of humans in their death notes?
You got any ideas?

Light : Of course not. Why would I know that?
You know, you sure are talkative today.

Ryuk : It’s because we are able to take human life spans for ourselves.

Light : Huh? Wait, what do you mean by that?

Ryuk : Let’s say you have a human who is due to live until the age of sixty and a god of death wrote that this person would die at forty.
Sixty minus forty equals twenty.
Now those twenty years taken from someone in the human world are added to that god of death’s life.

Light : Huh.

Ryuk : So it means that as long as we don’t slack off, even if someone was to shoot us in the head, or stab us in the heart with a knife, a god of death cannot die.
On the other hand, no matter how many names you write in your death note, your life span will not increase.
That is the first difference between gods of death and humans who possess a death note.

Light : Haha. That’s something about Shinigami that I haven’t heard before.
Pretty interesting stuff.

Ryuk : The second difference between us will probably be of even greater interest to you.
Though this has less to do with lengthening life and more to do with cutting it short.

Light : What do you mean cutting it short.

Ryuk : Shinigami can tell what the person’s name is by just looking at their face. We know instantly.
And do you have any idea why?
Because through a Shinigami’s eyes a human’s name can be seen above their head.
Not only that we see their life span as well.

Light : Their name and life span?

Ryuk : That’s right.
I’m able to see your name and life span right now.
If I converted that to human time I could tell you how many years you got left.
But there’s no way I’d ever tell you that.
I may have a big mouth but even I wouldn’t go that far.
Shinigami never have to worry that they won’t be able to kill a person just because they don’t know their name.
And every time we do take a life we always know exactly how many years we are going to receive.
Our eyes just aren’t the same and that is the difference between you and I.
However, if a Shinigami drops his death note and a human picks it up, he can grant that human the eyes of Shinigami, but only if a deal is made, one that has been with us since ancient times.

Light : And what’s the deal?

Ryuk : The price for having the Shinigami’s eyes is half of that person’s remaining life span.
That’s all it is.

Light : Half of my remaining life span.

Ryuk : Yeah. In other words, if you are supposed to live another fifty years, it’ll be twenty five.
If it was one more year, then six months.

Light : I see.
And since you’ve made it clear you’re not on anyone’s side, you won’t help me out.
You wouldn’t just give me the names of people I want to kill.
Basically you are saying that I can’t simply borrow your powers.
I’d have to pay for them.

Ryuk : That’s right.
It’s a key part of the code that all Shinigami are bound by.
I’ll say this once more.
Give me half your remaining life span, and I’ll give you the Shinigami eyes.

Light : If I agree, I’ll be able to know everyone’s name
just by looking at them.
If I had that power, the death note would only be easier to use.

Ryuk : So, what’ll it be, Light?
Is it a deal?


To be continued to #04…