プラネテス 第23話「デブリの群れ」

第23話 “デブリの群れ” / “Debris Cluster”

[—Lunar Orbit—]

MAN: Why can’t we use that satellite? You say it’ll only take 20 or 30 minutes, but we’re the ones who are gonna take the flak for it!

MAN: INTO-mandated work is underway. Thank you for your cooperation.

MAN: This is CD-51. I’m getting a Level 5 interference warning in our Navstar link. Requesting an immediate network check.

MAN: Is something wrong? It’s taking an awfully long time.

MAN: Sorry Control, our new guy botched something up. It won’t be long.

MAN: Just 'cause you are temp. It doesn’t mean you can get careless.

MAN: Yeah, I know. We’re working as fast as we can.

MAN: Look, this is just a regular inspection, so make it snappy. Okay?




MAN: All right. Next, please.


CLAIRE: Wait. We’re not going to the Lunar Station?

YURI: The area around the station is a madhouse because of the security for the Supreme Council meeting. We’ll be flying our missions straight out of the dock.

MAN: Where are you going?

YURI: I’m Yuri Mihairokoh, age 37. I’m with the Debris Section of Technora’s Second Division. And this is–

MAN: Hey.

YURI: You stopped us for questioning, right? This is my fifth time.


[—Lunar Orbital Station—]

WOMAN: Amid intense security, the first extraterrestrial meeting of the Supreme Council is about to be held here on the lunar orbital station. The top item on this session’s agenda is…

YURI: Hello, Fee. It’s getting ridiculous. We were stopped nine times on the way here. Do I look like some kinda dangerous terrorist to you?

FEE: Late… You’re late! “The first extraterrestrial Supreme Council meeting," my ass! The first-world countries are just trying to monopolize lunar resources, right? It’s not like they needed to come all the way to the moon to do that. The political wrangling’s already over, and they’re just gonna rubber-stamp the Chairman’s bill. So they shouldn’t even bother with holding a meeting, that’s all I’m saying. Dividing up the moon’s resources based on countries’ contributions to INTO? Ha! All that means is the guys who shell out the most money get it all. They don’t have to come to the moon to decide that!


[—Smoking room—]

YURI: Feeling better?

FEE: Yeah…

YURI: I’m glad to hear it. Very glad.

FEE: How could they make the whole damn station a nonsmoking zone?

CLAIRE: They were probably fed up with bombs on their smoking rooms.

FEE: Well, they’re going overboard. It looked to me like there were more cops than civilians out there. Geez, where did they find all those–


FEE: Yuri, where did all of those policemen come from?

YURI: The moon. Sea of Tranquility City sent nearly half of their force here.

FEE: Hm… Sorry, you guys go on ahead to the dock without me. I have to see to something. I’ll meet you there [in a bit???].


[—Von Braun—]

ANNOUNCE: Hm? Auxiliary engines will shut down in 90 seconds…

HACHI: I’m here to confirm my status.

GORO: Hm? Everything looks good. Hm? You look like hell, boy. You need to lose that tension in your shoulders. Find a girl or go down to Earth. And do something. Go on home and eat some of your mother’s pork cutlets, and you’ll feel much–

HACHI: It’s Sensei… He’s dead.

GORO: Gigalt is dead?

HACHI: Cancer. Radiation got him.

GORO: He is gone. He’s dead…


[—Moon Surface—]

FEE: I’ve got a really bad feeling about all this. Security in Sea of Tranquility City is really thin right now. Thin enough that they could easily mount an attack, even with a force their size.

DOLF: Attacking the Von Braun or Doctor Locksmith would be one thing, but I’m too inconsequential to be a target.

FEE: You think so?

DOLF: You’re the one who needs to be careful. Remember, you and your people foiled one of their plans.

FEE: Yeah. Well, I guess we’ve got some kind of connection with those guys… Never mind. Sorry I bothered you.

DOLF: Was that all you were calling about?

FEE: Why? Is that strange?

DOLF: Fee. Why don’t you and I–

FEE: Yeah?

DOLF: Forget it. Give my best to your husband and all.

FEE: Sure. I’ll tell them that their favorite old geezer says hi. Bye.


MAN: Anyway, we haven’t heard anything about this from the building owner.

MAN: We’re in a hurry, sir, so we’re just going to let ourselves in.

MAN: Hey! I didn’t say you could come in!

MAN: We were asked to come here and do this work.

MAN: Like I said, we haven’t put in a request for work on the emergency generator!

MAN: But I’m sure that the request was from Galileo Development…

DOLF: Who’s in charge here? I would like to see the work order?

MAN: You must be President Dolf.

CHAD: Dolf! Hey! Somebody call the medical team!

MAN: Be quiet! You just shut up! Do what we tell you! Anyone who disobeys will be shot.



COLIN: Boy, am I glad to see you! All this inspection work on the Von Braun is big hassle. Having two girls along will make it bearable–

WOMAN: Inspector Clifford, sir, there is a phone call for you. Would you please come to the communications room?

COLIN: Oh, what a pain in the ass… I’m sorry, I’ll be right back.

LUCIE: That’s fine, take your time. Oh, but once you’re done, you’ll be sure to hurry back, okay?

COLIN: I’ll do that.

LUCIE: It’s nice when they do as they’re told. Right, Tanabe? You know, you really need to try to cheer up.


LUCIE: Look. I bet he was upset because he just found out that his Sensei had died.




CLAIRE: Due to the Supreme Council meeting, we’ll be flying straight to the mission area without going to the orbital station first.

YURI: Claire. I heard that there was a request to carry some extra cargo. Is that it?


YURI: Where is it from? And why an airtight case?

CLAIRE: I don’t know. And Tanabe isn’t here, so–

YURI: Tanabe, huh? Do you think we were gullible?


YURI: For sending Tanabe and inspection trip to the Von Braun.


YURI: When Hachimaki told us out of the blue that he was quitting the company, he was in a terrible state. It was as if he was deaf to everyone around him. He has built a wall around himself. And he can’t break it on his own. I know all about this. I did the same thing myself. But with that crazy power of hers, we thought that Tanabe might be able to smash it down.

CLAIRE: I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.


[—Von Braun—]

MAN: CS-27, I’m moving your departure time back by an hour. Repeating, CS-27, I’m moving your departure time back by an hour.

CHENG-SHIN: What are you delaying us?

MAN: Our own DS-12 is currently flying along your launch trajectory.

CHENG-SHIN: Why are our courses butting up against each other? We’re in the same company, you know?!

MAN: A bit of communication error. They took off straight from the moon’s surface. I’ll contact you again in an hour. You copy?

CHENG-SHIN: I copy… DS-12, huh? We’re second fiddle to a debris hauler?

MAN: You gotta relax. You’ll make it back to passenger liners in no time.

CHENG-SHIN: Don’t try to make me feel better, okay? I’m gonna go do a cargo check. Sitting around doing nothing is a big waste of time.

MAN: Man, what’s his problem?


[—Supreme Council—]

CLIFFORD: I’m proud to proclaim that the 13th meeting of the INTO Supreme Council is hereby now in session.

MAN: The first Supreme Council meeting to be held off of the Earth has now began, and has a great political significance. It is a symbolic act in which leaders of the world’s nations are meeting in a new frontier that was opened up by global technological advances. Regardless of the meeting’s focus, the division and administration of the lunar surface, many are saying that there is deep significance in the announcement of the meeting itself.



MAN: Okay, the meeting started.

MAN: I’ll be ready in just a second. Got it.

MAN: Okay, go ahead and wake him up.

MAN: Hey! Get up, damn it!

MAN: Sorry, Dolf. We could get everyone’s data but not yours.

MAN: Don’t make any trouble!

CHAD: Be him alone! He’s hurt!

MAN: Do it! Open your eyes, bastard!

MAN: We’re in a hurry. Don’t make things difficult.

MAN: It’s no use. I can’t get a retinal scan.

MAN: I’d prefer to keep the casualties to a minimum, but that will depend on how you cooperate. Understand? What’ll it be?

DOLF: Guarantee our safety, and do whatever you want.

MAN: All right deal. Get the scan. Hey.

MAN: All right. The system’s open.

MAN: Good. Now, send the signal.

MAN: Right.

MAN: We have the catnip in hand. Pass the bag to Black Cat.



FEE: KC-35, KC-35, you have crossed into our orbit. Do you copy? Please respond. Come in, Control, KC-35 has began flying on our trajectory. What’s going on?

MAN: We’ve been trying to hail them, too, but there’s no response.

YURI: What’s up, Fee?

FEE: There’s something fishy about that ship up ahead. Control says that they can’t establish contact with them, either.

YURI: Is it the Space Defense Front?

FEE: Maybe. I’ll take us in closer. Get the Fishbone ready for launch.

YURI: I copy.

FEE: Claire, I need you right now. We’ve got a situation. Go with Yuri, and–


CLAIRE: Hold it.

FEE: Claire?

CLAIRE: Shut up, Fee. We’re commandeering this ship in the name of the Space Defense Front.

FEE: Yuri! You sons of…

CLAIRE: If you resist us, I’ll kill you.



[—Control room—]

MAN: DS-12. DS-12, please respond. You are out of your scheduled orbit. DS-12, you have to correct your course immediately. We are sending you a new orbital data, so reestablish a Navstar link. Do you copy? Come in, please! You must respond! DS-12!

MAN: Hey! Don’t leave your post now! How the hell are we gonna relay our broadcast?!

WOMAN: DA-47, do you read? DA-47, do you read? Please respond. I’m showing a Navstar disconnect alarm here.


MAN: What’s going on?

MAN: We’re getting interference across all regular comm channels. It looks like multi-phasic interference.

MAN: There’s a report from Technora. Debris recovery ship DS-12 is out of its planned orbit.

MAN: Selena TV reports that news ship PV-12 isn’t responding.

MAN: What about all the INTO comm channels?

MAN: Rate of operation is down to 64%. Interference area is spreading.



MAN: Of course, many factors are involved in development.

MAN: Chairman Clifford.

CLIFFORD: Excuse me.

MAN: In the last half hour, six civilian ships near lunar orbit have gone silent and have left their scheduled orbits.

CLIFFORD: So, they’re launching an attack. It’s the Space Defense Front…

MAN: We believe their target to be the Von Braun, I think we should send more patrol ships–

CLIFFORD: – Negative.

MAN: – Sir?

CLIFFORD: Keep your priorities straight. We can always build another spaceship, but the members of this council can’t be replaced.

MAN: Yes, sir.

CLIFFORD: The Von Braun has a functioning tandem mirror engine. If push comes to shove up, they should be able to get away on their own. I’m more worried about those six civilian ships that are missing. The SDF should make its move after our communications are down.

MAN: Could it be a bluff, sir? Give your report.

MAN: Yes, sir. We’ve picked up six EM radiation sources moving into Clementine orbit. We don’t have any details on them yet, but we’ve confirmed there are no registered ships in Clementine orbit at this time.

CLIFFORD: Hm, Clementine orbit, huh? Then we can get the drop on them…


[—Von Braun—]

MAN: This is an emergency transmission. Orders for Cresta 28, Arachne 16, and Scorpion 04 to follow. All ships, change orbit at maximum speed. Apprehend unidentified vessels in Clementine orbit. Repeat, your targets are the unidentified vessels in Clementine orbit.

MAN: It’s no use. Communications are down. Yeah, we’ve lost our Navstar connection.

LOCKSMITH: All right. Start the engine.

MEN: What?

LOCKSMITH: It’s clear that the communication interferences are obviously manmade.

MAN: The Space Defense Front?

LOCKSMITH: Most likely, yes.

MAN: But sir, wouldn’t they target the Supreme Council meeting?

LOCKSMITH: It’s possible, but we should get clear the area just to be safe.

MAN: But we can’t start up the tandem mirror engine without authorization from INTO.

LOCKSMITH: Even when all communications are out? Don’t worry, I’ll take full responsibility.


ANNOUNCE: Attention all hands. Stand by for engine startup. Preparing to enter transfer orbit. All personnels [???] take anti-G precautions and brace for acceleration.


COLIN: Hey, we aren’t supposed to do a flyby for the Supreme Council meeting yet.


MAN: T minus 5 minutes to Clementine orbit.

MAN: We’ll pick up the targets on our optical cameras momentarily.

MAN: More hands, go on red alert. Repeat: red alert. Release safeties on all weapons. Prepare for ship-to-ship combat.

MAN: Roger. Switching to ship-to-ship combat configuration.


CHENG-SHIN: It’s almost time for us to launch.

MAN: We’re still not getting any instructions. Was there supposed to be a flare today?

CHENG-SHIN: There’s no mention of one in the space weather report. Comm interference is at level C. What now?

MAN: We haven’t gotten a cancel order, so let’s go ahead and prep for launch.

MAN: We’ve pinpointed the source of the communication interference. It’s the Navstar at Lagrange 1.

MAN: Retrieval via remote control will be difficult because of reduced functionality. Physical contact will be needed.

MAN: Deploy the special response team now!

MAN: Yes, sir.


[—Von Braun—]

LEONOV: The Tandem mirror engine has just reached critical mass.

GORO: Okay, let’s start the countdown.



MAN: Honestly, these people never learn…

MAN: So what? We’ll just use this for more advertising.

MAN: Perhaps we should use this as an excuse to consider a new space tax?

MAN: Good idea.


MAN: We have the unidentified ship on visual.

MAN: ID code analysis completed. She’s the DA-47.

MAN: Wait, what’s going on here?

MAN: The lead ship is the only real one. The others are dummies!

MAN: She’s a freighter that went missing. This whole things were trick!

SDF: Can you hear me? Good. It’s a distinct pleasure to be with you today. I am with the Space Defense Front. I apologize for interrupting your very important meeting. I have come to you today because there is something about to take place that I would like all of you to see. Oh, and please allow me to monopolize your communications system for a little while. Not to worry, I will return it to you after I’ve done. Now, sit back and enjoy the show. As for the price of admission, well, we will discuss that afterwards.


[—Von Braun—]

GORO: Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero. Ignition.

LEONOV: Ignition.

GORO: What’s wrong? C’mon, Locky, talk to me! What’s going on? The engine shut down!

LOCKSMITH: The shutdown signal…

GORO: The what?

LOCKSMITH: The emergency shutdown system is on. It’s designed to shut down the Von Brawn’s engine remotely in the event that the ship is taken over by terrorists.

GORO: Inspite of the interference?

LOCKSMITH: It looks like it was uploaded before all that started. I wonder if they also stole the biometric data that secures the system…



MAN: Good. The tiger is caught in the net. All that leaves now is the catnip.



FEE: What are you gonna do with a little debris hauler? Are you gonna try ramming 'em?

HAKIM: You stopped this once before, but things are gonna be different this time.

YURI: Claire! Hachimaki’s on the Von Braun, too! Remember?

CLAIRE: Am I supposed to care about that?


[—Von Braun—]

MAN: Now, why would civilian ship be docking with us?

MAN: Hey, you guys have an accident?

HAKIM: We’ll split into two teams. Mine will take control of Locksmith’s office. You’ll head for the bridge, destroying everything you see.

MAN: Hey, what are you people–

MAN: Okay, we’re clear!

CLAIRE: Let’s go.


LOCKSMITH: I swear, the bigwigs really need to start thinking things through more carefully.

MAN: Director Locksmith.

LOCKSMITH: We’ve been boarded, right?

COLIN: That’s right, Hoshino, candidate for rude crew man of the year. God must be awfully fair-minded for a guy like him to have a girlfriend like her.

ANNOUNCE: An unidentified, armed group has just boarded the ship! I say again, an unidentified, armed group has just boarded the ship! All hands, use whatever means you deem necessary to repel them. This is not a drill!


MAN: All ships have begun thrusting on schedule.

MAN: The mice still have the house cat in custody.

MAN: It’s just about time for INTO to make their next move.

MAN: System contamination purging complete. Rebooting now.

MAN: Communication interference is gone.

MAN: The Von Braun is leaving its orbit and is decelerating.

MAN: At this rate, it’ll be pulled in by the moon’s gravity!

MAN: If interference is gone, then access the ship and regain control immediately!

MAN: Yes, sir. Accessing transmission system–

SDF: Not so fast, gentlemen. Suddenly hanging up on someone isn’t nice at all. By the way, we already know what you have in mind. We’ve taken over your primary communications satellites, you see.

CLIFFORD: You seriously think that you can keep the Von Braun under your control for good?!

SDF: Not at all. Your precious Von Braun is going to crash into the moon. And there’s nothing you can do about it. The point of impact will be the moon’s largest population center, Sea of Tranquility City.



WOMAN: Okay, then.

NONO: Dad, Mom, they say I’ll be well enough to go on vacation next week.

NONO’S MOM: Why don’t we all go to the ice crater, then?

NONO: Really, mom? Yahoo!


[—Cargo Ship—]

CHENG-SHIN: It looks like communications have gone out again.

MAN: What the hell is going on?

CHENG-SHIN: While they were back online, I went ahead and downloaded all of our orbital data.

MAN: Oh, well, just so long as we can get our job done…

CHENG-SHIN: Captain, look! Something is wrong!


[—Von Braun—]

LEONOV: Chief, what’re you gonna do with that?!

GORO: What does it look like? I’m gonna fight 'em!

SALLY: But those are armed terrorists out there!

LEONOV: You can’t beat them with makeshift weapons!

GORO: Don’t quibble with me, boy! What’s the matter with you?! It’s a sailor’s job to defend his ship!

LEONOV: All right. Then, go disengage the shutdown signal!


LEONOV: We’ll buy you the time you need.


HACHI: It’s him… That bastard’s here…

HACHI: I’ll use this and… finish him this time. He’s dead.


COLIN: What the hell’s goin on?! The OSA is supposed to be on board this ship!

LUCIE: Let’s get out of here! Head for the docking port!

COLIN: What the hell is my dad thinking?!

TANABE: Knowing Sempai, he’ll defend the ship.

LUCIE: Tanabe!

TANABE: He’s the kind of person who’d fight, even against terrorists. Sempai! Where are you?!


HAKIM: We lost Lee here. We’ll have his office secured soon. Your team should head for Engineering. It sounds like the crew candidates are fighting back with work equipment.

CLAIRE: You mean, with tools? All right, Engineering, we’ll head back there as soon as–

MAN: What’s up?

HAKIM: It’s eh– nothing.

MAN: Look out! This more of them–

HAKIM: Please, don’t shoot me! I surrender! Don’t shoot! I’m through!


HAKIM: Locksmith! We got here too late. I’ll just take a gun off of one of the guards.

HACHI: I couldn’t make up my mind… I couldn’t decide if you were gonna head to the engine room or come here.

HAKIM: Hoshino…

HACHI: So, we meet again… Hakim.