デスノート第33話 “嘲笑”

デスノート第33話 “嘲笑" / Death Note Episode33 “SCORN", 英語スクリプトです。


[—SPK HQ—]

Near: All the pieces have fallen into place. Now that things have come this far, it’s my turn to go to Japan.

Near: Commander Rester.

Rester: Yes.

Near: I’m afraid I need you to return to New York immediately.

Rester: Right now?!

Near: Yes. I’m intending to go to Japan.

Rester: All right. So you’d like me to stay in New York while you are gone?

Near: Not at all.

Rester: Then what’s the point of me coming back there?

Near: Truth is, I’ve never made travel arrangements or boarded a flight on my own before. That’s why I need you to come back, so you can escort me.

Rester: Understood.


[—NPA HQ—]

Matsuda: We got them! Both Yoshida productions and NHN are practically begging us now. The great Misa-misa come back plan was a huge success!

Ide: These days it’s nearly impossible for anyone to get into NHN. But this will get us full access.

Light: Yeah, that’s right. Mogi will be gaining entry as Misa’s manager. It’ll definitely be to our advantage to have someone who can go in and out freely. In the meantime, I’ll continue investigating Takada.


Men: Huh?

Near: This is Near. I want to speak to L.

Light: This is L. What is it you want from us?

Near: I’m following through with my goal to arrest Kira, and that’s why I’m in Japan now.

Light: He is in Japan? Why tell me? He is up to something.

Near: L, I’m presuming you’ve already contacted to Takada for the purpose of your own investigation?

Men: Huh?!

Light: That’s right. In fact I’m investigating her myself at the moment.

Near: I see. For the time being, it’s a given that if you want to get any closer to capturing Kira, we’ll have keep an eye on Kiyomi Takada and NHN in general. I want you to pass on a message; inform her that, as of now, several SPK members have entered Japan in order to catch and arrest Kira.

Light: Huh? But, why do that?

Near: To lure Kira out of hiding.

Men: Huh?

Near: And I also want you to mention the following to her so she’ll relay it to Kira; in total there are only four active members of the SPK, that includes myself. Kira won’t be able to resist such an opportunity. Knowing him, he won’t run. Instead he’ll try to kill us before we get too close. And that’s where I’ll beat him at his own game.

Light: Beat me at my own game, huh? All right Near, if that’s how you wanted, I’ll accept your challenge.

Near: I am in Japan as we speak.

Light: I am in Japan as well.

Near: Then we would be quite close to each other. Who knows we might even have the chance to meet face to face.

Light: I hope so.

Near: Well, that’ll be something to look forward to.

Light: Yes.

Near: When that time comes, we finish this Kira matter once and for all.

Light: Definitely.

Light: It’s all becoming clear to me. From the very beginning, even now, it’s been a one-on-one fight against L. And even though he is dead, the battle’s just shifted to his heirs. Very well, Near, fine. I’ll come out to play if you will. It’s only fair after all. And when we meet, we’ll find out which of us is truly prepared to win and whose wits will prevail. When that happens, this long battle’ll end. And I can finally begin my reign at the top.


[—SPK HQ—]

Near: First, let’s reveal what we know so far. L is Light Yagami, and he’s also Kira. From now, we’ll call him L-Kira. There’s also another one; someone who has the notebook and is currently using it. We’ll call him X-Kira. Judging by the pattern of X-Kira’s killings, he has definitely made the deal and acquired the Shinigami eyes. L-Kira and X-Kira can’t communicate directly. They must be planning to communicate using Takada as a go-between. So, given the situation as it now stands, there are two ways to win against Kira. One, the simple way. We arrange to kill both L-Kira and X-Kira and confiscate the notebook. However, no matter what might happen, we will never resort to that.

Rester: Why not?

Near: That’s not the way we work, commander.

Rester: “We,” sir?

Near: Yes, that’s right. We kill those two and the murders stop, such ex-post facto of justification will not be tolerated. That’s not the way L and I do things. Because that would be an insult. Don’t forget. L entrusted this case to those who came after him.



Light: So Kiyomi, I heard on a news the other day that you were receiving an enormous amount of fan mail everyday.

Takada: Yes. I’m told an average is about 200 letters a day.

Light: 200 letters? Wow, I’m a little jealous.

Takada: Don’t say that, I’m ….


Matsuda: Man, this is kind of boring listening to audio only without any video feed.

Light: I think you should look through them even if they are just letters from fans.

Takada: You are right.


Light’s Memo: “Keep calm as you read this note and ones that follow.” “Make sure not to let the people listening to this conversation hear your reactions.”

Light: The SPK has started to make its move. You have to start thinking about your safety. Instead of only accepting massages from Kira, maybe you should consider making a few demands of your own.

Matsuda: Oh, Light’s getting down to the business!

Light: You shouldn’t only be a spokesperson, your voice should be heard as well. Reach out to Kira. Tell what you think he needs to know.

Memo: “I have a different job for T.” “In order to create the perfect world that Kira has envisioned, I want you to begin judging and punishing people as Kira.”


Takada: Huh?!

Men: Huh?!

Light: It’s all right, Kiyomi. I have faith in you. It’s gonna be OK. If you can do this, I’m sure you’ll be able to send Kira information that you don’t want the SPK to know about.


Takada: … All right, I’ll do it.

Ide: We nailed it!

Matsuda: That’s our Light for ya. He is good.


[—Mikami’s home—]

Mikami: Delete, delete, delete, delete ….

Mikami: Hm? Kiyomi Takada?

Mikami: Yes?

Takada: I have an important message for you. You are to send me a fan letter that I’ll be recognized as yours. You will also enclose something else in the envelope; 5 blank pages from the notebook. Carry on with your judgments and killings as usual until I receive the letter and the pages.

Mikami: And how about after you receive them?

Takada: You have to stop using the real notebook. However, you must continue entering names in a fake notebook.

Mikami: A fake?

Takada: That’s right. Make a notebook that looks as close to the original as possible. And act as if you are killing people by using this decoy.

Mikami: I understand.

Mikami: God, what are you planning? No, it’s not my place to question God. His will is absolute. My job is to do what God wishes.



[—NPA HQ—]

Ide: Eh?! What’s this?

Matsuda: It’s a replacement for “Kira’s Kingdom.”

Ide: God, what’s wrong with these people?


MC: Welcome to the show. “Today Miss Takada” will introduce her 4 new female bodyguards who were selected after a rigorous screening process. The first is the winner of the 22nd World Karate Championships, Miss Tatsumi Ooyama. The second is the former CIA agent, Miss Halle Lidner.

Light: If there is an SPK member among these bodyguards, it would have to be Halle Lidner. Looks like Near’s conducting his own investigation of Takada.


[—SPK HQ—]

TV: A phantom killer who stabbed 6 people in Shinjuku busy ….

Near: Who would I choose to be X-Kira out of all the people in the world?


Takada: Educating our children about the existence of Kira and the meaning of his teachings must be made mandatory. Above all, we must teach our children that Kira is good.

Near: Takada was chosen because she is a strong supporter of Kira. So, that means X-Kira must be someone who knew that Takada was a Kira worshipper; someone who had a close-intimate relationship with her before her selection.

Takada: Also, Kira will not forgive any crime no matter how small. From this point onwards, you should assume that any person alive is a viable target.


Mikami: I’d like to hear Kira’s voice. I want to hear his thoughts once again. We should follow his teachings exactly as Kira ordered. To me, it’s obviously the quickest path to lasting world peace. Youth have a responsibility. I think it’s of the most importance that young people do all they can to contribute. It’s our duty to improve our society. If there are no words or orders from Kira, then we have only one choice; we need to think for ourselves. We need to consider what Kira has told us, determine what he wants most, and make our own decisions from there.

Near: L-Kira is Light Yagami. Could X-Kira be Teru Mikami?

Near: … Everything seems to fit into place.



Misa: That’s what I’ve been asking! So, tell me why I’m not the headliner. You said I was supposed to be the highlight of the East-West pop music festival!

Mogi: Well, while it’s true that you are the highlight, but when it comes to the headliner, it’s a little harder to secure that spot. Hm?

BODYGUARD: That’s why we should be taking precautions.

Misa: Kiyomi Takada.

Misa: What an idiot! She doesn’t even realize that Light is just using her for his investigation!

Mogi: Don’t say that! You might end up dead if she hears you.

Misa: Duh, I know that. That’s why I whispered it quietly.

Misa: Hey! She snickered at me! I’m gonna go kick her!

Mogi: Oh, hang on!


Misa: Ahhhh! Er ….

Lidner: What were you trying to do?!

Misa: Eh, what was I doing?! What about you?! Hmm!

Takada: Lidner, that young lady is actually a very good friend of mine. Please, you shouldn’t be so rough with her.

Lidner: Of course, Miss Takada. Please, excuse me.

Mogi: Misa-misa. Are you all right?

Misa: Hmm, that was so frustrating!!


[—NPA HQ—]

Near: L, this is Near. I have a small request. If Mr. Aizawa is there, would it be possible for me to speak to him for a moment?

Aizawa: Near, this is Aizawa. What is it?

Near: I have a question regarding surveillance for L and Takada’s meetings. Are you recording both audio and video feeds of their conversations?

Aizawa: Eh, No. Only an audio feed right now.

Near: I see. Only wiretaps at the moment. How interesting. Thank you very much.


[—SPK HQ—]

Rester: If they are only using wiretaps, then it’s safe to assume that L-Kira and X-Kira have found a way to contact each other through Takada. Seems like Lidner could be in more danger when they realize.

Near: I knew the risks getting into this. To be blunt, what’s important is that L starts focusing his attention on Lidner and Takada. In the meantime, we’ll use the opportunity to investigate Mikami further.

Rester: Hm. How are things, Gevanni?

Gevanni: Well, about Mikami, it’s strange. It’s ridiculously easy to trail him. He’s not trying to hide or anything. He’s lived at the same place the past 4 years. There’s nothing unusual about him. He also seems to be totally dedicated to his career as a prosecutor. I’m beginning to think he can’t be X-Kira.

Near: No, there is a very high probability that Mikami is X-Kira. Please be very careful. Don’t enter his room yet! Just keep watch over him for now.

Gevanni: Gotcha.


[—Misa’s waiting room—]

Misa: Man, how many meetings do I need to have with NHN, for crying out loud? And seriously, how many times do these people have to tell me “be careful about what you say?!” What was that?!

Mogi: Yes. Yes, of course. I’ll ask her right now.

Mogi: Er, listen, Misa-misa? Takada would like to have dinner with you this evening just the two of you.

Misa: Huh? That Kiyomi, what’s she up to?

Misa: Good idea! The music festival’s MC should have dinner with the main performer at least once. Tell her OK.

Mogi: Hello


[—Takada’s waiting room—]

Lidner: Miss Takada, she has accepted.

Takada: Great. I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and Lidner, please book a nice private room for us. And also, I’d like you to attend the dinner as well.

Lidner: Huh? Yes.



Takada: Misa, I’m sorry to have to invite you to dinner so late at night. I’m afraid it had to wait until after the 9 o’clock news was finished.

Misa: No problem! I don’t mind it at all. I’m a night owl anyway.

Misa: Well, what is it?

Takada: I’m not really sure how to answer a question like that. So, Light must be pretty busy. How do you two manage?

Misa: Why you?! She knows that I can’t see him that much while she can meet him overtime! How dare she?!

Misa: Things are great between us. Light is way more infatuated than he looks at least with me. In fact, he starts clinging to me as soon as he gets in the door every night.

Takada: Woo, I see. It sounds like you are doing well. Thank goodness.

Misa: Yes. Actually I should probably tell you since you are the MC. I’m going to announce my engagement to Light at the pop music festival.

Takada: … Does he know about this?

Misa: Of course he does! It’s an engagement! It’s not as if I’m getting engaged to myself! He proposed to me more than a month ago. It was so romantic! Don’t you think it could be exciting to announce that at the pop music festival, Miss MC?

Takada: … Why not? If you are able to, that is.

Misa: What do you mean if I’m able to?! What, are you not gonna let me announce it? Or maybe it’s something else. Maybe you’re gonna get Kira to kill me!

Takada: Of course not. Only Kira can decide who he is going to punish. I have nothing to do with his decisions. Besides, I’ve always thought of you as a good friend, Misa. You shouldn’t say such terrible things. Anyway, I don’t have any intention of killing anyone no matter how horrible they might be.

Misa: Mm…, well, whatever. I used to really like Kira, too, you know. But I know for sure that Light’s gonna catch him soon. Once he gets caught, it’ll be nothing but bad news for him. And as for you, you’ll probably be … executed!

Lidner: Miss Takada. Are you all right?


Light: Listen Kiyomi, I am the real Kira. Please join me Kiyomi, and you will be the goddess of the new world.


Takada: Miss Amane.

Misa: Yes?

Takada: I find this unpleasant.

Misa: Oh yeah?! I feel the same!

Takada: Obviously this was a bad idea. I should have waited until you grew up and learned a few manners before I invited you to dinner. I suppose I’ll know better next time. Good bye.

Misa: Oh?! I’m older than you, Kiyomi! And anyways, you’re being childish for storming out in the middle of dinner over silly little comments! Ha ha ha!


[—Outside of Restaurant—]

Misa: Hey, Mochi! Thanks for waiting, Mochi! How are ya?!

Mogi: Ar…, are you OK?

Misa: Of course I am, I won after all!

Mogi: Won?

Misa: Yeah, it was easy! Ha ha!


[—SPK HQ—]

Lidner: About tonight’s meeting between Takada and Amane, they just talked about Light Yagami. If you read between the lines, they were arguing over which one was his lover.

Rester: Your thoughts?

Near: All I can determine is this; Light Yagami is popular with the ladies. And, we know that Takada and Amane both adore him.

Rester: Near, please be serious about this.

Near: It is serious. If they’re both truly in love with him, they will not easily betray him. In fact, they’ll likely do whatever he asks.



Woman: Please stop.

Man: Oh, come on now, lady? I mean, wearing the short skirt like that in winter, it’s an invitation.

Woman: Please someone!

Gevanni: Hm? A cell phone?

Gevanni: Mikami’s just taken out a notebook. –

Rester: Hm?!

Mikami: Delete.

Gevanni: He’s writing something in it. Could that be it? He’s getting off the train.

Woman: Aaah!